Players: 1-4
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No, collect ties at your own will!
Missable Trophies: None, chapter select
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Reach 'n Walk: When you're not moving, the analog sticks control your arms. Remember, the right stick controls height, and the left lateral movement.
  • To-Go Order: You can grab something and walk with it in your hands, but only one thing. Tapping will drop it.
  • Master Ninja: Going into a line of sight of an enemy doesn't immediately kill you, but it will if you stay in it, so run out of sight!
  • Rise Up Above It: Holding or will move your respective legs straight up. Use this when climbing ladders or making generally higher steps.
  • Multiple Arms, Multiple Players: You can earn trophies playing multiplayer, but only for the player who's player 1. This doesn't make any trophy easier, but it makes the game a lot more chaotic fun.


1. Play through the game
Just go through the game. You can get a lot of trophies as you play, and none of them are out of the way, so just know what trophies you need and have fun!

2. Free Play for whatever you missed
Now just use chapter select to clean up whatever you may have missed!


Trickshot-gun wedding
Throw the ring onto Scarlet's finger from a distance.

Chapter: Wedding Bells
Oh happy day! We begin our adventure on Octodad's marriage! And the wedding ring is perhaps the most important symbol of today!

The ring is in the chest on the right of the altar. Fish it out and stand in front of the altar, probably off to the right side where your future wife's hand is being held out. Raise your hand with the right stick, pull back with the left, and toss it by moving forward and releasing . It might take a few tries, but eventually you'll get it!

The Best Man
Get married with the best man on the altar.

Chapter: Wedding Bells
While "walking" down the isle, you might notice a fish flopping around on the groom's side. Grab that guy and take him up to the altar, then place him on the altar. Now grab the ring and give it to Scarlett and the marriage can commence! Make sure he doesn't flop off the altar though!

Trim Your Moustache
Get sucked into the riding mower.

Chapter: Home, Sweet Home
The final task in the backyard will be to hang up a birdhouse. Doing this will cause the chef to attack with his lawn mower, trying to suck in poor Octodad. If you place the house, Octodad will hang on. However, if you toss it up and onto the hook, he will get turned into diced sushi! This might take a few attempts, but you'll get it on the hook eventually!

The Secret Gardener
Orange no-thumbs are the new green thumbs.

Chapter: Home, Sweet Home
Just because you're an octopus doesn't mean you can't garden with the best of them! To earn this trophy, you need to successfully weed your garden in the backyard without stepping on the flowers. I recommend staying along the outside of the garden as much as possible as the path inside can be hard to navigate properly. Holding will give you a bit of extra reach, so use that to your advantage and grab the weeds from afar. This may take a few tries, but you can always reload the checkpoint. Unless you pass with a fail right at the end, then you need to redo the level.

Smokey the Dad
Only you can prevent kitchen fires.

Chapter: Home, Sweet Home
A fireplace in the kitchen? Seem rather unsafe! After the family goes outside, grab the log in the kitchen fireplace and drop it in the sink! Easy as that!

Secret Shopper
Get the Sports Johnson cereal before the lady puts it in her cart.

Chapter: Gervason's Groceries
There's only one box of Sports Johnson cereal in the store, and it's between you and a mom in getting it! Walking in the center aisle where the cereal is triggers a cinematic where she grabs the box, so in order to avoid that, sneak along the left aisle along the frozens side and reach over the aisle to grab the box.

Person-al Shopper
Help all of the shoppers fill their carts.

Chapter: Gervason's Groceries
There's a number of shoppers in the store with empty carts, all you need to do is grab some food from the shelves or kiosks and drop it in their carts! If you walk in front of them, they'll stop moving, so just lower the food in and "walk" to the next cart until you've filled up all the carts!

Oh Captain, My Captain
Visit with several of your crewmen while dressed as the captain.

Chapter: Sea Legs
Once you've put on your amazing human disguise, go down on deck and the crew will notice you (but not care that a new guy has just appeared in the middle of the ocean) and task you with swabbing the deck and raising anchor. After you do both, you can go to the captain's quarters on the back right corner of the deck. Inside there's a new suit and captain hat for you to disguise yourself with. Slap 'em on and no one will be the wiser!

Now just walk in front of all the crew members on deck as well as those by the helm (up the stairs next to the captain's room) and they'll acknowledge your captainhood! Make sure you get the coffee guy from the beginning too! To get him, ninja your way across the beam that connects the captain's quarters to the crates at the other end of the ship where you began.

Band of Blubbers
Rescue five of your brethren from an awful fate.

Chapter: Sea Legs
Ah, the open air of a fishing boat at sea in a storm! Nothing quite like the smell, honestly. Why not lessen the smell by tossing a few of the cods on the conveyor belt into the sea where they belong? The conveyor belt is infinite, so just grab any five fish and release them to sea!

Head Otter
Wear the sea otter head.

Chapter: World of Kelp
An octopus disguised as a man disguised as an otter? Awesome. After using the otter to block the urchins like a goalie, move your arm to its head and take it, then place it over your own. Really simple.

Dunk Tank
Come on and slam and welcome to the Amazon.

Chapter: Amazon Arcade
Oh dear, the piranha tank has sprung a leak! Before fixing it, grab a basketball from the Dolphin Dunk game. Take it down to the tank and plug the first hole with it for an easy trophy.

Stay True to Yourself
Sneak to the cafeteria without the use of a disguise.

Chapter: Silent but Dadly
Your suit may be gone, but who needs it, really? This trophy dares you to be naked throughout the whole level, which means no disguises!

After opening the gift store, looking for the mostly-overturned recycling bin across from the door. Sneak under it and stealth your way into the ladies room instead of making your own marine biologist disguise.

Later, you'll be prompted to wear a shark suit. Don't. Instead, head through to the main shark tank room. Flop over the railing and head right. Sneak behind the wheeled tank to avoid the one biologist, then move ahead. This next part involves just dashing for the stairs. You'll be a little caught, be you should be able to make it up without dying. If you do, the trophy will be yours as you enter the tray return!

Poor Workplace Etiquette
Go the extra mile in ruining the break room (and Joe's reputation).

Chapter: Silent but Dadly
After sneaking through the ladies' room vent, you end up in the break room. Time to mess things up with a little fire!

You only need to burn one thing for the objective, but you need to burn everything for the trophy! You need to place something on an activated stove top, close the microwave with something inside, and open the Foreman grill and place something on it. Once everything has been smoked, the trophy will unlock!

Dancing in the Dark
Complete the Deep Sea dance challenge without missing a step.

Chapter: The Deep Sea
Time to get down and funky! Shortly after beginning the level, you will be presented with a dance floor. A bunch of tiles will illuminate and you need to step on each one before time is up. Keep your movement fast and ready to move, it's not too brutal if you take fast, short steps. If you fail, you need to restart the checkpoint, you have to get it with the objective. You'll get it!

Secrets of the Deep
Reveal the pride of the aquarium's jellyfish collection.

Chapter: The Deep Sea
About halfway through the level, you'll see a marine biologist. From him, head into the left corner and shake up your light to reveal a bounty of shiny, rainbow jellies! It's really that simple, you might find them on accident.

Stairs with Attitude
Climb the escalators in less than 30 seconds.

Chapter: The Deep Sea
At the end of the level, you'll be tasked with climbing two sets of down-moving escalators. The key to getting up quickly is lifting your leg high, then stepping forward, and repeat. You need to quickly tap the buttons so Susie can climb too, but the buttons aren't necessary for the trophy, just go back for the buttons. Once you get the legwork down, it's not too hard.

No Cutsies
We have rules for a reason.

Chapter: Aquatic Fun Center
The aquarium is a dangerous place for an octopus, so it's important to blend in! Meaning that following rules is most important, which includes waiting in line. After Scarlett gives you the coupon for the aquarium, carefully walk in between the velvet-roped lines. If you mess with the people a little it's ok, you just need to make sure that you're the last person getting a ticket.

Independent Woman
Scarlet plugs the cafeteria fountain spouts without your help.

Chapter: Hot Concessions
I don't want to spoil anything, so check the spoiler when you reach the cafeteria!

Toggle Spoiler

Au Naturel
Nothing left to hide.

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
You'll get this after completing Sea Legs.

World's Best Dad
Beat the game.

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
You'll get this after completing Hot Concessions

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