Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Online Pass Required for 100%: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to 100%: 3 to 4 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but 2 is a better option.
Collectible Trophies: Educated and Pulitzer
Difficulty Trophies: Lunatic
Missable Trophies: Educated and Pulitzer

[top]Useful Links

The Outlast Forum

The Outlast: Whistleblower DLC Trophy Guide by ChrisValentine

The Official 100% Difficulty Discussion Thread Here

[top]Tips and Strategies

For the most part, the game is pretty straight forward. Pay attention to the way you've come and any possible escape routes.

Always be on the look out for batteries, as they could save your life.
You can use your camera as often as you like, as it's only the Night Vision that drains your battery.

Lockers are good places to hide, as usually the enemies will look in the lockers near you, but not in the one that you're hiding in.

Running and hiding is your best friend, become properly acquainted!


Step 1.
Enjoy the game! Play through on the easiest difficulty "Normal", and concentrate on getting all of the Collectables. The Collectables sadly, all need to be collected in one playthrough. So bare this in mind.
Learn the game and pay attention to any sections where you die, or where you think could cause you problems on "Insane".
Once you've completed this playthrough and have got all of the Collectables, you will have every trophy except; Lunatic

Step 2. (Optional)
This is a purely optional playthrough on the "Nightmare" difficulty. Playing this difficulty will give you a sense of what "Insane" is going to be like, except on this difficulty, if you die, you can restart at the checkpoints and save your game.

Step 3.
Now, put on your "Big Boy Pants". You've now got to complete the game on "Insane". For more information on this difficulty, read the Lunatic Trophy.
Complete this and you'll have got yourself a 100% Complete PS4 Game


Restore power to the Administrative Block

For this trophy, you have to turn back on the power.

In the Basement, you’ll see a Generator, but before you can turn it on, you need to turn on both Pumps and the Breaker.
The two Pumps are in both accessible rooms. But beware that once you turn on one, a crazy guy will burst through the previously locked door.
So you can either run and try to get the other Pump on before he gets into the main room, or hide and wait for him to come to you, then wait until he starts looking elsewhere for you, for you to make your dash to the second Pump.

Once both are on, head through the door that he broke down and follow it to the Electric Room. As soon as you pull the Breaker, the crazy guy will again come looking for you, so hide until he loses interest and slowly follow him out.
Back in the main room, you can now put on the Generator and get your first trophy!

Drain the Sewers

For this trophy, you need to drain the water levels in the Sewer section, so that you can climb down the ladder.

As you get to the first big open area, you’ll see the ladder going down into the water on your right, and opposite that, a blueprint of the drainage pipes.

First off, run ahead and take the first right. Follow the corridor (pay attention to a small grated area on your left, just before following the corridor right). You’ll end up in a room with a valve. Turn it, and quickly run part way back, till you get to the small grate on the floor. Hide in that corner and wait for the big man to walk past you.

Once he’s passed, sprint back into the main room and take the tunnel opposite. Crawl through the small tunnel, then through the gap in the wall and you’ll find the second room with another Valve.

Turn it and your second trophy will pop!

Activate the sprinklers in the Male Ward

Go through the burning Cafeteria and squeeze through the gap in the corridor. The first room on the right has the switch to turn on the Sprinkler, but first you need to turn on the two Valves.

First, beware that that Big Guy is back… It’s still just a game of cat & mouse. Lead him to the other side of where you want to be, then run around objects etc, and get to the Valves.

At the sign for Baths and Laundry, turn right and right again. The Laundry Room is on your, erm... right. Make your way through the Laundry Room and you’ll come to a slightly ajar door with the next Valve.

Head back the way that you came, but this time go right through the central glass area and left towards Baths. You’ll come to a gap that you need to squeeze through. You’ll then find yourself in the Bathing area, with the Valve at the far end.

Turn the Valve and come back the way you went. Go back through the glass room again and back to the room with the Sprinkler Switch.

Trophy number 3!

Collect the key in the Female Ward

After once again seeing Father Martin, he’ll tell you that you’re nearly there.
Follow the corridor around and you’ll come to a room with a Fuse Box. You need three Fuses to activate the Laundry Chute.

So first off, jump through the other window, as opposed to the door. Follow the corridor and you’ll come to a room with a corpse hanging from an upside-down crucifix. Next to him glowing, is your first fuse.

Now head back the way you came, to the Fuse Room, but this time go through the door. Beware that there will be a crazy guy running around this way.
Follow the corridor and you’ll come to a guy in a wheelchair. From here, go right and you'll come to a room with another Fuse. Now go back and run past the guy in the wheelchair. You'll come to a door, in this room is another enemy, so quickly grab the fuse from next to him and run back to the Fuse Room.

Once inserting all three Fuses, press the Switch for the Chute. The key will drop down into the Laundry Room. So head back down the stairs, making sure you clear the hole in the floor. Then follow the corridors back to the Laundry Room. You’ll come across the bottom of the Chute with the key inside.

As soon as you pick up the key… Trophy!

Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings

Please refer to Pulitzer below.

Finish the game

The last Chapter, you'll find yourself in the Labs under the Asylum.
For the most part, this part is very straight forward and linear, although you will have to do quite a bit of running.
When you finally get to Billy Hope, take the door to your right and follow the story path and you'll end up in the Life Support Room. Turn the Valve in here, then sprint back to Billy Hope's bubble. Run straight past him and head up the stairs on the far side of the room.

Again, follow the corridors and vast amount of stairs, until you reach the room where you have to pull out the cables.
On the way back, you can shortcut and go through a gas shower.

Once you've composed yourself again, hit the Kill Switch on the centre terminal and watch the cutscene.

Get yourself off the floor and head for the exit and...

Collect all documents and complete all recordings

Credit for all videos as always goes to PowerPyx

For this trophy, you need to collect all the Documents and Notes (Recordings). There are 31 of each, so a total of 62 Collectables. You need to collect them all in one playthrough, so if you miss any, you CANNOT use Chapter Select to retrieve missed ones.
I suggest walking around the whole game with your camera out, as there's less chance of you missing anything. For the most part, most conversation or scenes where you think will be a Note, will be.

Chapter 1: Administration Block
Document 1 “The Whistleblower”
You will automatically receive this at the start of the game, just as you’re about to leave your jeep.

Note 1 “Mount Massive Asylum”
As soon as you go through the gate, press to bring the video recorder up and you’ll hear a note being scribbled down.

Document 2 “Project Walrider Patient Status Report For William Hope”
Once inside the building, a message will appear saying, “To squeeze through, move towards the gap”. First head into the first door and collect a spare battery from the desk. Leave the room and go into the second door, where you’ll find the Document on the desk.

Note 2 “I’m Inside”
As you get to the Library, put your camera on. As you walk round, you'll come to a guy hanging and he'll start talking to you. Film the conversation.

Document 3 “Warrant For Seizure”
After your little trip through the window, you’ll be in a big main room. Directly ahead of you is the main desk, with the Document on the inside of the desk by the guard.

Document 4 “Project Walrider Patient Status Report For Chris Walker”
Pick up Document 3 and then go right into the open room with all the computers. Follow the path through and you’ll be in a small storage room, the Document is on the shelf in the right corner.

Note 3 “Broken Men And Dead Television”
After collecting Document 4, head left into the corridor and past the patient in a wheel chair. Open your camera and go into the room and you’ll see three people watching a broken TV screen, you’ll hear the note being jotted down.

Note 4 “The Witness”
Head back to the main room and this time go down the corridor on the opposite side of the main desk. In the toilets on the left, open the middle cubicle.

Document 5 “Project Walrider Profitability Report”
From Note 4, turn left and walk past the Control Room and into the next room on your left, the Document is on the desk.

Note 5 “Big Fucking Guy”
Once you’ve used the keyboard, quickly run and hide in the locker, filming out the gap in the vents.

Document 6 “MKULTRA CIA Hypnotic Homicide”
Down in the Basement, you’ll have to squeeze through a gap in the wall. The Document is just on your right.


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Chapter 2: Prison Block
Note 6 “Father Martin’s Cell”
In your own padded little cell, flick the camera on and face the wall saying “Rest in Peace”

Note 7 “Necromantic”
Leave your Cell and head downstairs. Go through the 4th door on the left and through the gap in the wall. With your camera out, jump on top of the boxes and jump up again, to witness… yeah… not nice.

Document 7 “Father Martin, Finger Painter”
Down the drain, Down the drain… Yeah, at this part, go left and the Document is on the table.

Document 8 “Purge Gate Maintenance Memo”
Once through the second shower, you’ll find your two naked “buddies”. Climb out through the window and edge right until you can climb back up. Now go left and jump through the Security Room, the Document is on the desk to the right.

Note 8 “Total Security”
After grabbing Document 8, jump back through the window and follow the corridor and then head through the broken shower. With the camera out, look down left into the court yard.

Document 9 “Dr. Wernicke Death Certificate”
You’ll get to a corridor with one naked “buddy”, so jump out the window to evade him and climb all the way right, until you can climb back in. Go through the door and go right. When you get to the next room, the Document is on the table on the right.

Document 10 “Dr Wernicke Obituary”
In the Prison Courtyard, you’ll climb up a set of beds. At the top go right and then you have to strafe across the edge of a wall, followed by jumping across to land on the next part of the floor. The Document is in the brightly lit cell on the left.

Note 9 “Walrider”
After grabbing Document 10, you’ll head upstairs and follow the path round and crawl through some cells, until you exit the Block. Put your camera on and follow the blood trail right.


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Chapter 3: Sewer
Document 11 “The Gospel Of Sand”
Once in the Sewers, you’ll come to a tunnel that you’ve got to crawl through. At the end, you’ll come to 3 different corridors. Take the left one and follow it round. The Document is just round the corner.

Note 10 “The Doctor Is Dead”
After draining the Sewers, you’ll climb down a ladder and have to climb up a second one. At the top, follow the corridor around and you’ll come to a lit area and you’ll walk over 3 circular grates. Just at the end, there’s a door. Put your camera on and open it.

Document 12 “Still Bleeding"
As you're walking on the catwalk, you'll come across a body slumped over a railing. Drop down into the water at the end. Follow the left wall and you'll come to a turning on your left, but instead, jump up onto the catwalk infront of you. Follow the catwalk and the Document is through the door on your left.


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Chapter 4: Male Ward
Note 11 “A Feast For Flies”
In the Sewers you’ll be following signs for the Male Ward. You eventually come to a gap in the wall that you have to squeeze through. Just past the wall, you’ll see a lit stairway to your right. Instead of going up, put on your camera and go straight and look through the door on the left.

Note 12 “Organized Torture”
Once up in the Male Ward, you’ll crawl through a small tunnel and end up in a room with a patient in a straight jacket. Leave him be, and go out the door. Turn your camera on and head into the room to your left.

Document 13 “Project Walrider Cost Report”
After finally getting to the Male Ward, you’ll have to crawl through a hole in the wall and you’ll arrive in an actually Ward, with beds etc. Go to the far end of the room and right to the final bed where the Document will be on the table next to the bed.

Note 13 “Dr. Rick Trager”
After your erm… “consultation”, head back into the big room and over to the patient that’s strapped to a bed. Listen to him talk crap for a minute and he’ll tell you that the Doctor is coming back.
Hide under a bed close by so that you’ve got a good view of the patient. Now sit recording the Doctor having his “chat”.

Document 14 “Request For Reassignment”
Dr. Trager will end up chasing you around the Ward for a bit, until you realise that you have to push a cage out of the way to get through a double door. Then keep running, jump up on the bed and up through the vent.
Drop from the vent and into the toilets, the Document is in the right cubicle.

Note 14 “Death Of Trager”
When you’ve decided that the lift is only meant for one and a half people, turn on your camera.

Document 15 “Persecutorial Delusions”
After speaking to Father Martin through the glass, turn left and follow the corridor right. You'll come to a door leading into a Locker Room, the Document is on the floor at the other side.

Note 15 “Let It Burn”
In the room that’s on fire, you’ll find a guy sitting on a bed. Put your camera on and film him talking.
You should now have unlocked Educated

Document 16 “Psychopathological Proximity Stress Disorder Pamphlet”
Head through the burning Cafeteria and into the corridor. Instead of squeezing through the gap, follow the corridor round to the right. The Document is on the table, next to the guy slumped in a chair by the window.

Note 16 “Fingers”
Once you’ve put out the fire in the Cafeteria, head back through and into the kitchen. Walk left around the work surface. Put your camera on and head into the room, looking at the bowl.


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Chapter 5: Courtyard
Document 17 “MKULTRA Program Excerpt”
Just before heading into the Courtyard, go into the office on the right and the Document is on the desk.

Document 18 “Our Own Personal Calvary”
In the Courtyard, head straight across and up the stairs and you’ll come to the Document on the floor.

Note 17 “The Thing In The Dark”
As you enter the Courtyard, go to the shed on the left and grab the key. Now head back the way you came and follow the path right, round to the next shed, using the key to open the door. Once inside, put your camera on and go right… SURPRISE!

Note 18 “Don’t Drink The Water”
After wandering around the Courtyard, for what seems like forever, you’ll come to an area where you have to crawl through a hole on the floor. Get the camera out and look to the fountain on your right. You may have to go a bit closer to it.


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Chapter 6: Female Ward
Note 19 “The Sound In The Machine
You'll come to an area where Father Martin shouts across to you from the other side of a destroyed room. Follow the story path and you'll come to an area where you have to squeeze through a gap and then jump through a window. You'll hear a noise coming from an open machine. Film looking into the machine.

Document 19 “Walrider And Nightmares”
From Note 19, follow the Laundry Room to the Corridor. You’ll see a sign putting Left for the Stairway, but instead go right, follow that path all the way to the end. The Document is under the stairs.

Note 20 “No Safe Place”
You'll come to a big lit room, with a wheelchair tipped over in the centre, with stairs leading both up and down, with an elevator in the middle. Crouch down and film underneath the elevator.

Document 20 “Project Paperclip Excerpt”
After filming underneath the elevator, take the set of stairs, going down.
At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find yourself in a dark room. The Document is in the far left corner.

Document 21 “You Promised Me A Rose Garden”
At some stage, after grabbing the Laundry Chute Key, you’re going to fall through the floor. Go to the other side of the room and climb up the beds. You’ll then come to the other side of hole that you fell through. Go through into the next room. The Document is on a bed in the far left.

Note 21 “Lies”
Once you’ve grabbed Document 21, head out the room and follow the Corridor right. Put on your camera and you’ll come to a room on your right, lit with candles and “LIE” on the wall.


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Chapter 7: Return to the Administration Block
Document 22 “Billy’s Dream”
As you’re crawling through the vents, you’ll see a corpse blocking the exit to the vent. But just before you get to him, there’s a turning right. Follow the vent right and drop down into the room. The Document is on the table.

Document 23 “The Spirit Breach”
Once you’ve pushed the corpse out of the vent, drop down, turn left and go into the room on your left. The Document is on the desk in the far right corner.

Note 22 “The Wernicke Exit Interview”
In the Theatre, a documentary will start playing. Put on your camera and turn around and watch the film till you hear the notepad scribble.

Document 24 “Necrotizing Facilities”
After grabbing the key in the Theatre, head down the stairs and in the room straight ahead of you, on the boxes, is the Document.

Note 23 “Static Prayer”
Once you’ve gained access to the key from the Theatre and unlocked the door. Work your way through the kitchen and the corridors. Just before having to squeeze through a gap in the wall, put on your camera and film the guy praying to the TV.

Document 25 “The Gospel Of Judas”
In the corridor with multiple rooms, head to room B329. The Document is on the desk.

Note 24 “The Passion Of Father Martin”
Turn the camera on as you get to the Chapel. Walk up to the key and just film and listen to what he has to say.


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Chapter 8: Underground Lab
Note 25 “Under the Mountain”
After your little trip in the lift, you’ll go down a bright white corridor (hint: don’t put on night vision if you value your eyesight) but do have the camera on as you walk through the door.

Document 26 “The Pride Of Wisdom”
As above, once you’re through the door, walk around the main desk and you’ll see the Document.

Document 27 “Variant Postmortem”
Follow the white corridor and you’ll come to two rooms on your left. Go into the second lab and the Document is on the desk.

Note 26 “Morphogenic Formula"
In one of the white corridors, you'll come to two gas cylinders next to a sign for A Block. Run down the corridor and you'll vault over some crates, then take the green gas shower on your right. Put your camera on and wall into the room and film the Whiteboard.

Note 27 “Death Of The Soldier”
This will come as party of the storyline.

Document 28 “Gods And Monsters”
You’ll be chased by the Ghost and then you’ll go through a gas shower. At the other side, you’ll be in at at an alarm to C Block. A Security Guard will be dead on the desk, holding the Document.

Note 28 “Wernicke’s Machine”
Once you’ve got Document 28, follow the corridor with your camera on. You’ll arrive at two heavy doors that automatically open. As you step inside, you’ll get the note.

Document 29 “Morphogenic Engine Chamber Precautions”
After going through the big automatic doors, head down the stairs and directly ahead of you on the machine, is the Document.

Note 29 “Billy Hope”
Grab the Document and then film Billy in the ball to the left.

Note 30 “Life Support”
After filming Billy, run through the only door and down the corridor. Put your camera on and walk through the door at the end and you’ll grab yet another note.

Document 30 “The Modern Prometheus”
Once in the Life Support Room, head up the stairs and into the first observing/computer room. The Document is on the desk.

Document 31 “Permission To Proceed”
After being chased again by the Ghost, you’ll run up a few million stairs. At the top, turn left and you’ll see the Document.

Note 31 “Death Of Hope”
Once the screen comes up with "New Objective: Get Out", pull out your camera and film the bloody bubble.


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Finish the game in Insane mode

"Insane" difficulty is the same as "Nightmare", but without the ability to restart from checkpoints or save the game... So if you die, that's it... You'll need to start from the beginning, again and again and again until you've ran out of clean underwear.

On Insane, you'll be killed a lot easier. Main "Bosses" will kill you in one hit, and normal enemies will have you dead, in just two.

To notch up the difficulty again, you'll only be able to carry two spare batteries, and there's significantly less battery spawn points. If you did the optional playthrough on Nightmare, then remember where the batteries are, as they'll be in the same place.
So take great care when using Night Vision! I suggest turning up the Gamma on the game, to make the pitch black areas, a bit more visible. Possibly even turn the brightness up on your TV.

Thanks to PowerPyx's video, you can "study" where you need to go. As the enemies will always be in the same place and follow the same route.
One "Saving Grace" of the Insane Mode, is that if... when, you die, you'll have wasted less than an hour.

"Insane" Speedrun by PowerPyx

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