Players: 1
Online Trophies: 0
Estimated Time to 100%: 3-5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but I recommended two or three
Collectible Trophies: ARCHIVIST and LEGACY
Missable Trophies: ARCHIVIST and LEGACY

Whistleblower Trailer

[top]Useful Links

The Outlast Forum

The Outlast Trophy Guide by ChrisValentine

The Official 100% Difficulty Discussion Thread Here

[top]Tips & Strategies

For the most part, the game is pretty straight forward. Pay attention to the way you've come and any possible escape routes.

Always be on the look out for batteries, as they could save your life. You can use your camera as often as you like, as it's only the Night Vision that drains your battery.

Lockers are good places to hide, as usually the enemies will look in the lockers near you, but not in the one that you're hiding in.

Running and hiding is your best friend, become properly acquainted!


Step 1.
Enjoy the game! Play through on the easiest difficulty "Normal", and concentrate on getting all of the Collectables. The Collectables sadly all need to be collected in one play-through. So bare this in mind.
Learn the game and pay attention to any sections where you die, or where you think could cause you problems on "Insane".
Once you've completed this play-through and have got all of the Collectables, you will have every trophy except; BOWELWHISTLER

Step 2. (Optional)
This is a purely optional play-through on the "Nightmare" difficulty. Playing this difficulty will give you a sense of what "Insane" is going to be like, except on this difficulty, if you die, you can restart at the checkpoints and save your game.

Step 3.
Now, put on your "Big Boy Pants". You've now got to complete the game on "Insane". For more information on this difficulty, read the BOWELWHISTLER Trophy.
Complete this and you'll once again have Outlast back to 100%


Turn off the gas

Story Related
After going through a small Medical Area, you'll come to a Security Guard sitting on the floor next to a door... he'll be telling you to go away. Go through the door and follow the corridor. Now you'll be in front of two computers and four screens. To escape the area seems kind of daunting at first, as you're being chased around by "Saw Man" without really knowing where to go. All the rooms you head into are useless and there's nothing obvious to press... so you'll probably die a few times unless you know what you're doing.

Right, now head into the room and take the left or right corridor, but be careful as chances are "Saw Man" will be blocking your way. If he is, then run back into the main room and take the corridor the other side of the one you just entered. Follow the corridor round and you'll come to an Airlock door with gas inside (this door will be on your left or right, depending on which route you took). At the door look up and quickly press to haul yourself into the ceiling. Drop down the other side and head into the room where you'll see the flashing valve. Turn this and the trophy will ding.

Turn off the electricity

Story Related
This trophy is surprisingly easy. When you get to the open area with the electric fence on the right that's buzzing and sparking, run forward and go through the gate on the left, then go left again and follow the path all the way round and underground. You'll see the lever at the far end of the room, pull it to get the trophy.

Finish the Whistleblower DLC

Simply complete the game on any difficulty to unlock this trophy. BOWELWHISTLER below will have more information about the game.

Finish the DLC in Insane mode

"Insane" difficulty is the same as "Nightmare", but without the ability to restart from checkpoints or save the game... So if you die, that's it... You'll need to start from the beginning, again and again and again until you've ran out of clean underwear.

On Insane, you'll be killed a lot easier. Main "Bosses" will kill you in one hit, and normal enemies will have you dead in just two.

To notch up the difficulty again, you'll only be able to carry two spare batteries, and there's significantly less battery spawn points. If you did the optional playthrough on Nightmare, then remember where the batteries are, as they'll be in the same place.
So take great care when using Night Vision! I suggest turning up the Gamma on the game, to make the pitch black areas, a bit more visible. Possibly even turn the brightness up on your TV.

Follow the video below and you should be fine.

Video by PS4Trophies

Collect all documents

See Legacy below for more information. This particular trophy will pop after collecting thirteen Documents.

Complete all recordings

Since all Documents and/or Notes (Recordings) must be collected in ONE play-through, it's best to get both trophies with one stone... something like that.
I recommend playing the whole game with the camcorder equipped as this way you're less likely to miss anything. Press on the D-Pad to bring up the Notes and to bring up the Documents. Below is the order that you receive them in, so they will be mixed up.

Video by PS4Trophies


Note 1: "If I Die" - The first note will be collected as soon as you pick up the camcorder.

Note 2: "A radio In The Prison" - When you're climbing through the first ventilation shaft, you'll come to a grate looking down at two people talking. Bring out the camcorder and record the conversation.

Note 3: "The Doctors Are Sick" - Soon after you'll be told to press a button to open an Airlock. Start recording and press it.

Document 1: "Resignation Of Waylon Park" - Head through the Airlock that is now open and turn right, following the scared Doctor. Before the "EXIT" sign, go right into the small room and the Document is in front of the boxes and barrels.

Note 4: "In the Cannibal's Kitchen" - In the Kitchen / Canteen area you'll have you squeeze past two bodies (the game will do this for you). Record the guy "feasting" through the window.

Document 2: "Gender Selection In Mount Massive Contractors" - After your first encounter with the "Saw Man", after being told you need to unlock the handcuffs, you'll escape through a hole in the wall and meet a second patient that has "an itch". Head all the way down the corridor and you'll see a computer room on your right, with the Document on the desk.

Document 3: "God And Family" - Once you've decided that things have got too hot for your liking and you've punched through the wall, head through the open door and you'll be in a small Chapel area. Behind the Alter is your next Document.

Note 5: "Varying Effects" - After you're again chased by "Saw Man", you'll jump over a desk and squeeze past some shelves heading towards a red flashing light. Go through the door on the left and you'll be in a room connected to the toilets. You'll hear what sounds like someone's head being flushed down a toilet, so get your camera rolling and open that door!

Document 4: "Lesser Known Ecological Aspects Of Humanity" - You'll eventually find yourself in a room connected to some toilets. You'll hear what sounds like someone's head being flushed down a toilet. So after recording this and getting the "Varying Effects" Note, walk out the toilets and head left through the door. There's a tear in the plastic on the right, so go through this and walk/run towards the locked Airlock door. Now go right into the next bit of torn plastic and follow it round, jump through the broken window and take the corridor slightly to the right. The Document is on a table against the back wall.

Document 5: "Project Walrider Patient Status Report For Frank Manera" - There will be another chase scene which will see you running through rooms and air vents. After you've squeezed through a hole in the wall, just follow the only path and you'll end up in what I guess is a small medical area. On the work top by the sink is your next Document.


Recreation Area

Note 6: "Satisfaction" - Take your camera out as you're walking down the stairs leading to outside, turn right and go through the gate. Film the window on the top left.

Note 7: "This Is What The Game Is" - After getting lost in the fog you'll come to a set of steps that lead left or right. Take the left set of steps and follow the wall on the right and stop when you get to a fence in the wall. Film M.Jordan playing basketball.

Document 6: "The Walrider Delusion" - Once you've selfishly refused to play basketball, you'll climb a ladder to a Watch Tower. Jump through the gap in the fence and you'll be able to enter the open door and grab the Document off the desk.



Note 8: "Down, down, down" - Ah, the sweet taste of Déjà Vu. After you've "acquired" the radio you'll see a "Big Guy" throw someone through a door. Escape from him and you'll have to open a chain gate just after squeezing between some beds. Behind the chain gate there will be a man writing in blood on the wall... this is your cue to bring out the camera and start recording him whilst he speaks.

Document 7: "Miscarried Profits" - After filming the guy writing in blood, drop down the hole the other side of him and then walk through the door ahead of you. The Document is on the desk to the right.


Drying Ground

Document 8: "The Groom" - Once you've jumped through the window to get outside, jump down onto the next part of the roof and then to the ground. Turn around so you're facing the double doors and go through the window on the left. The Document is on the floor to the left.

Document 9: "Kill Us" - Electric fences. Now that you're in an area with electric fences buzzing to your right, you'll see a church in front of you. Inside directly ahead of you, the Document will be on the steps.

Note 9: "Burning Lights" - Once you've turned off the electricity you'll have to backtrack to near the Church and electric fences. If you're recording and you enter the open area, you'll unlock this "Recording / Note".

Note 10: "An Easy Way Out" - Now that you've switched off the power again, you'll have another chase scene and eventually come to an area where you have to jump down into a pond and then climb out using the ladder at the other end. Make sure you have your camera out as you crawl to get under the fence.


Vocational Block

Note 11: "Wise Men" - After your misguided jump across to the walkway you'll be crawling through an attic. Record the man swinging by his neck.

Document 10: "Patient Dennis" - Once you've passed the "Hanging Man", you'll squeeze through the walls and alert some more mental people that will say that you "want to die". Just after, you'll come to a slightly lit area with a cage blocking a hole in the slats. Before moving that, head to the back of the room and you'll see the flashing Document on a bedside table.

Note 12: "What Fresh Hell" - This is one of the most disturbing images in the game... After you've escaped the loonies in the attic, get your camcorder out and you'll soon find what you're looking for. Hint: It's nothing something you want to give birth to!

Note 13: "An Unwilling Bride" - After your sex change, pick up the camera and inspect the comfy hospital bed and surgical tools that made you a pleasant lady.

Document 11: "Project Walrider Patient Status Report For Eddie Gluskin" - After your sex change and escape, you'll end up outside in a Courtyard, the Document is to the right in the direction you need to proceed.

Note 14: "Blue Beard's Wives" - Now that you're back inside, climb up through the ventilation shaft and record the scene as you climb down into the gym, you can't miss this area.

Note 15: A Widower - After you've finished "hanging around" with the other bodies, record the "Widow Maker" bleed from his own trap.



Note 16:
"A Burning Church" - Once you've used the key to open the caged EXIT door you'll follow the corridor and see an orange glow outside. Point your camcorder at the burning church for the Note.

Note 17: "Serve And Protect" - Soon after recording the church, you'll come to a gate with three soldiers talking over a body (look familiar?). Record their conversation.

Document 12: "Beyond Hope" - When you get to the three soldiers standing over a dead body, record them and then follow the corridor round. On your way forward you'll see a lit Office Room with the Document on the desk.

Document 13: "Three Blind Dreamers" - Walk out from the room with white noise playing on the TV (you should remember this room), and turn left, now head into the first room on the right, the Document is on the desk.

Note 18: "Jeremy Blaire" - Down in the main Lobby, that guy (Jeremy Blaire) that found you sending emails will start talking to you from the front door, so start recording straight away and walk towards him... but not too close, until you've got the trophy popping up!

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