Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Zero
Missable Trophies: Zero
Glitched Trophies: None reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • At any time you can press and select "How to Play" for tips or how to complete skill shots that will grant bonus points.
  • If you don't need to complete optional objectives for the base game then you shouldn't focus on them at all.
  • Choose the character that you feel most comfortable with for each level and trial.
  • Pegs that have been struck at any point are removed from play.
  • By clearing the orange pegs your multiplier will increase thus having you hit less pegs in order to reach a score total high enough to provide you free balls.

Character Super Shot Abilities
  • Bjorn the unicorn = Super guide - Allows a visual line of the balls direction in two steps x3.
  • Jeffrey the troll = Gigantic boulder - Destroys all pegs in the way of its path x1.
  • Berg the yeti = Ice breathe - Blows cold air onto the pegs on the screen x2 turns.
  • Gnorman the robot = Uber volt - Electrifies multiple pegs lined up in a row horizontally or vertically x1.
  • Luna the robot = Nightshade - Forces blue pegs to disappear so you can directly hit orange and green pegs directly x2.
  • Jimmy the beaver = Multiball - Spawns an additional two balls x1.
  • Windy the fairy = Fairy flock - Spreads out a flock of fairies that provide additional bonus points once hit x1.

Peg Color Representation
  • Orange - Must be removed from the board to clear the level/trial
  • Blue - Distraction or obstacles to block your path of the orange pegs
  • Green - Provides you with a super shot skill
  • Purple - Grants bonus points


Focus on completing each level in Windy the Fairy Master Pack and when that's done, complete each trial as they will now be unlocked. If you do have the base game and need to complete the optional objectives you should also work on those in this DLC as it will certainly help if you're having trouble accomplishing 180 optional objectives.


Fairily Complete
Completed all Hallelujah Hollow levels

Play and complete all 10 levels of Windy the Fairy Master Pack DLC. To complete each level you must clear all the orange pegs before running out of balls. You do not have to complete any of the trials for this trophy. In addition to that you can do any level with any Master you like meaning you don't have to use Windy the fairy in order to unlock this trophy either. You must complete a level before moving onto the next and you also have to complete all the levels before unlocking the trials. Please refer to the tips and strategies if you are having a difficult time deciding which Master's Super Shot would best work for each level.

Although you don't need to accomplish the optional objectives it would be recommended if you haven't fulfilled the 180 completed optional objectives because the DLC offers an additional 30 objectives that are relatively easy.

Viva the Violet
Complete all Hallelujah Hollow trials

To begin the trials you must first complete all 10 levels of Windy the Fairy Master Pack DLC. There are also 10 trials that you need to complete all of which are unlocked once the levels have been completed so you don't need to finish one in order to move onto the next. You will need to complete all but the 10th trial with Windy the fairy. Below is a list of each trial and a description of how you can go about executing them.

Trial 01: Hit the ball on the left spiral first to acquire the fairy bonuses for the next spiral. Now that you did the slide on the left spiral move onto the right spiral and repeat the same process where you will be rewarded with a 10x multiplier in addition to the receiving the Ultra Extreme Fever bonus.
Trial 02: You must first hit both green pegs in order to spawn the bonus point fairies onto the level. As that is finished you just need to clear all 8 fairy pegs (purple) before running out of balls. Attempt to land your ball into the bucket in case you're having trouble.
Trial 03: Clear all the orange pegs to complete the trial. If you can wait until most of the orange pegs are cleared to hit the green peg do so because that will increase your odds of earning an extra ball with the multiplier being raised.
Trial 04:Clear all the orange pegs again only this time without an aimer. Time your shots in order to land your ball in the bucket giving you a free ball.
Trial 05: Clear all the orange pegs to complete the trial. If you can wait until most of the orange pegs are cleared to hit the green peg do so because that will increase your odds of earning an extra ball with the multiplier being raised. Begin by shooting a ball off the bumpers and go from there as the pegs will clear rapidly.
Trial 06: You definitely want to get as many slide bonuses as possible in this trial. Only hit the green pegs after the multiplier has been raised to an appropriate level to make it that much easier to score big points. If you manage to do one of the side slides at the end the ball should land in the center drop zone providing you an additional 100k point tally meaning you have to hit the last orange peg(s) on that slide to reach the fever bonus. If you have pegs separated from one another go for the Free Ball Skillz bonus of bouncing a ball off a peg into the bucket for 5k points.
Trial 07: Clear all the orange pegs with any Master to complete the trial. As a suggestion you may want to hit the green pegs as early as possible so you're not wasting the Super Shot ability unless you are trying to land the ball into the bucket for some extra balls. Gnorman has great Super Shot ability for this trial.
Trial 08: This can be a bit challenging, but you want to hit as many orange pegs as possible before attempting a slide for the bonus points. This is because the more orange pegs cleared the higher the multiplier will increase. You should also try and keep the green pegs for later use to see if you can get the fairy pegs into a slide. Lastly the Free Ball Skillz for bouncing a ball off a peg and into the bucket grants you 5k points each time as well as a free ball.
Trial 09: Do your best not to get any slide bonuses as they begin to tally up quickly. Also as your multiplier increases by clearing more orange pegs try so not to hit any other pegs that will give bonus points for hitting multiple pegs at once. Another skill that begins to tally up is the Free Ball Skill which is bouncing a ball off a peg into the bucket as this grants 5k points each time.
Trial 10: Ricochet a ball off a green peg doing your best to hit it into the bucket for an extra ball. Repeat the process for the remaining 3 green pegs before attempting to hit any of the pegs in the center. To earn a Big Purp bonus you need to hit 3 fairy pegs (purple) in one shot. If you manage to hit all 4 green pegs before hitting any of the center pegs you will have 16 total fairy pegs so this isn't to hard.

Video Demonstration

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Special thanks to Eric and his Electric Banner Shop for the guide banner.
ZackScottGames for the trials video. Be sure to subscribe if the video helped you out.

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