Players: 1-4 co-op, 2-24 competitive, 1-2 split-screen
Online Trophies: All of them! Besides Heave Ho and Legionnaire of Doom
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-7 hours, depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: Many, many matches
Collectible Trophies: Nope!
Missable Trophies: No sir-ee

[top]Important DLC Note

You might be confused about this, so I'll clarify here: The DLC is already included with the game, it requires no additional purchase! You can work towards these trophies at the same time as you do the core game!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Tips for Gnome Bomb
  • Smash and Grab: Vanquishing a Bomb Carrier drops the bomb for you, and ally, or another enemy to pick up! Take too long to place it, though, and it will disappear and a new one will respawn.
  • I See You!: The current carrier is marked on your screen with a bomb icon. A Plant carrying it will have a green icon, a Zombie will be purple. A normal bomb is currently sitting there with no one to hold it. Know who's in possession of the bomb!
  • Tick... Tick... Tick...: The Gnome Bomb takes 5 seconds to disarm. Make sure you're safe when defusing it!
  • Protect me, Squire!: You can't use your Abilities when carrying the Gnome, only your Primary Weapon. Be sure to have an armed escort or go as fast as possible to the nearest bomb site!
  • Gnome Heals: Picking up the Gnome Bomb refills your health!
  • Instant Gratification: The Gnome bomb plants automatically when you get close to the site!
Tips for Garden Ops
  • A Pot for Every Plant: Keep your Pots filled during the later rounds. Plant Pots are easily Vanquished, but can be very useful in later rounds. You can heal them with Sunflower's Heal Beam!
  • The Plants that stay together, win together: Don't stray too far from the Garden if you can help it. If you go down, you want a Teammate nearby to help you up.
  • Watchful Watcher: Keep an eye on your Garden's health. It can be easy to miss a stray Browncoat chipping away at it.
  • Boss Waves: Chompers are great at dealing with Gargantuars, running around them Chomping them, evading their slams. Ranged characters are best with Yetis, since it can be hard to get close to him. Disco Zombies are the easiest bosses, easily susceptible to many shot to the head.
  • Hit the weak point for massive damage!: Aim for the head! It'll do more damage and give you more coins too!
Check out my guide for the core game to see a character guide!


Since you can earn these trophies along with the main game's, there's a similar roadmap.
1. Play Garden Ops!
Start by playing Garden Ops and finding a character style that fits you! Make sure the map is either 'Port Scallyag' or 'Sharkbite Shores' so you can work towards 500 Pirate Zombies.

2. Play Gardens and Graveyards while you level up Characters!
You'll have to play a lot of Gardens and Graveyards for the platinum, so drop in and whenever you have 'Cactus Canyon' as a map, try for a Perfect Win as a Zombie.

3. Gnome Bomb!

While you do trophies for the main game, don't be afraid to drop into a few Gnome Bomb matches. You can still complete any Challenges you need to level up, so just squeeze in a few matches every now and then.

4. Clean up!

If you haven't hit 500 Pirate Zombies or 15 Gnome Bomb matches, or for some reason haven't Planted the right Plants or summoned the Pirate Zombies, do those to wrap up your 100%!


Legionnaire of Doom
Grow a Doom-shroom, Bamboo Shoot, Fire Peashooter and Ice Peashooter

Throughout either Garden Ops or Gardens and Graveyards on the Plant team, you'll cross glowing flowerpots you can interact with by hitting . Here, you can plant helpful plants that will autonomously defend your garden or whatever position you plant them in.

The way to get Plant Pot Plants are through Sticker Packs from the Sticker Store. Plants appear in all kinds of packs, but if you want them specifically, the best pack to buy would be the $1,000 "Reinforcements" pack.

The four Plants you must get specifically are all locatable in "Reinforcements" packs, although these Plants are somewhat rare. Luckily, the packs are very cheap, so you can buy a few after each match if you want to locate the Plants.

When you have at least one of the required Plant Pots, planting it in either Gardens and Graveyards or Garden Ops will count it for the trophy. They do not have to be planted in a single session, or even the same mode! Just plant 1 of each throughout your adventures and the trophy will find its way to you.

Ahoy Matey
Summon a Barrel Pirate and Map Pirate Zombie in Gardens & Graveyards

Around the maps of Gardens and Graveyards, on the Zombie team, you should see glowing piles of dirt and bones. Here, you can interact with them using , so you can summon a Zombie ally for the fight!

In order to get additional Zombies, you must buy Sticker Packs from the Store. They'll appear in most packs, but the most ideal pack to maximize your Zombies is the cheap $1,000 "Reinforcements" pack.

Barrel and Map Zombies are rarer than your standard fare of Zombies. While you may easily find each in "Reinforcements" packs, they might appear more throughout the more expensive packs, like the $20,000 "Vengeful Zomboss" pack or the $30,000 "Zomboss Down" pack, the Map Zombie especially. Since you can earn these trophies as you do the main game, I suggest just buying packs you wish and when you come across these Zombies, simply summon them when you're on the Zombie team in Gardens and Graveyards. They don't need to be summoned in a single session, just throughout your adventures.

Gnome Bomber
Pick up a Gnome Bomb

The primary part of the Gnome Bomb game type is carrying the titular Gnome Bomb to designated zones, planting it, then defending it while it counts down to BOOM! This trophy only requires you to finish step one: picking it up.

The easiest way to do this is the Vanquish the current carrier and pick up the bomb yourself. But since you'll be playing more than 15 matches of this mode, you're bound to end up with the bomb at some point, let's be honest.

Running of the Gnomes
Plant 5 Gnome Bombs

What if you find yourself the Gnome Carrier in a match of Gnome Bomb? Well, you'll see icons that show you all intact bomb sites you can bring the Gnome Bomb to. Find the closest one and dash to it! Once you get close enough, the bomb will plant automatically and now you must defend it!

You just need to plant the bomb for this trophy, if it's defused it'll still count.

Defuse the Situation
Defuse 3 Gnome Bombs

If an Enemy places a Gnome Bomb on one of your team's Gardens or Graveyards (if you're a Plant or Zombie respectively), you can disarm it by going up to it and holding .

Don't try to defuse a bomb alone, since Enemies are sure to be close to the site, defending it in hopes of earning a point. Head in with your allies and try to defuse it while they're taking care of the Enemies. Enemies won't know if you're disarming it, so hope they focus on fighting your allies and defuse the bomb.

Try defusing the bomb as a class with higher health, like Chomper or All-Star, so you can take more punishment if you're discovered before the bomb detonates. It takes roughly 5 seconds to disarm the bomb, so try to stay hidden while you're doing it!

Drop That Gnome
Vanquish 10 Enemies while They are Carrying a Gnome Bomb

When an someone picks up the Gnome in Gnome Bomb, they will be marked with either a green or purple bomb icon (for either Plant or Zombie respectively) on your screen. If it's your color, it's a friendly, but if it's the opposite, it's an Enemy! Head to the bomb icon and Vanquish the carrier before they reach a bomb site!

Carriers can't access their Abilities, only their Primary Weapons, so once you find them, you should have the advantage. Use your Abilities to hinder them or get to them quickly, then go in for the KO. Do this 10 times across all Gnome Bomb matches you play for the trophy.

Garden Gnomer
Be on the Winning Team for 15 matches of Gnome Bomb

Gnome Bomb is a fun mode. A Gnome Bomb will appear on the map somewhere, and a Player has to pick it up and take it to the opposing team's Garden or Graveyard, place it, then defend it while it counts down to BA-BOOM! Matches take 15 minutes or however long it take for one team to lose all three sites. Vanquishing a carrier drops the bomb for some other Player to pick up, but if it isn't placed within a minute and a half, it will respawn somewhere else.

For this trophy, you only have to win 15 matches. Play to your character's strengths: Chompers and Scientists are good guardians due to their close-range abilities, Soldiers and Pea-Shooters are great at getting to the Bomb and carrying it, etc.

Heave Ho
Vanquish 500 Pirate Zombies

There are only two modes in which you can Vanquish Pirate Zombies: Gardens and Graveyards on the Plant team, or in Garden Ops on either the 'Port Scallywag' or 'Sharkbite Shores' maps. Playing in Gardens and Graveyards isn't map-specific, but it requires your opponent(s) to not only have either Map or Barrel Zombies, but actually summon them. Since this can be a painfully long process, the best mode is obviously Garden Ops.

Not every Zombie on 'Port Scallywag' or 'Sharkbite Shores' is considered a Pirate Zombie. Pirate Zombie are those themed around Pirates. They're easy to discern from the rest. The main Browncoat varieties will look like Browncoat types, just with Pirate coats and hats. Regular Browncoats will have Pirate bandanas, Coneheads will have Piratey cones, and Bucketheads will wear wooden buckets. In addition, Map Pirates and Barrel Pirates will appear instead of Newspaper Grumps and Coffin Zombies.

500 sounds like a lot, but it's really not too much. the best thing to do is just choose the Pirate maps as you do Garden Ops for core game trophies.

The Last Second
Defuse a Gnome Bomb with Less Than 3 Seconds Remaining

When an enemy plants a Gnome bomb on one of your sites in Gnome Bomb, you can defuse it by going up to it and holding for it counts down to 0 seconds from 30. It takes about 5 seconds to successfully defuse.

For this trophy, the timer has to be at 3 seconds remaining or less when you defuse it, so you need to start defusing it between 6 and 8 seconds before detonation. This can be tricky since by that time, most of the other team will be around the site, defending it.

The best way to get this trophy is to not intentionally wait next to the site until the timer ticks down, since you're most likely to be Vanquished before that can happen. And if you're too late, another Teammate might have gotten to the bomb first and will be credited with the defuse. The best way to get this is to run for the bomb and hope you make it with enough time left to defuse it. It's almost easier to treat the bomb as any other every time, just running to defuse it. The window for this trophy is somewhat limited, but you should get an opportunity somewhere in the 15+ matches you'll have to play.

Like Defuse the Situation, a character with lots of health is great for this trophy, like the Chomper or All-Star, so you can survive more damage if caught defusing.

Hole In One
Push the Golf-Bomb into the Hole in Cactus Canyon

'Cactus Canyon' is a Garden Ops map. In order for this trophy, you must get a Perfect Win on the Zombie team.

You can't specify a map when joining Gardens and Graveyards, so you have to play until the map is played. The teams will switch after every completed match, so if you start a Plant, finish the match and see if you become a Zombie.

There's 2 parts to a Perfect Win on 'Cactus Canyon':
  1. Capture 6 Gardens: Like any Gardens and Graveyards match, as a Zombie, your primary goal is to take over the Plants' Garden. Attack as a horde with your Teammates, and stay in the zone as long as you can. If there are no Engineers on your team, change to one to make sure your team can use Teleporters to attack the Garden faster. Soldiers and All-Stars should lead the charge in, and Scientists should keep them healed and taking down Plants with their close range. You have to capture the first 6 Gardens successfully. Play as a team and you will succeed.
  2. Push the Golf-Bomb: After the initial 6 Gardens, you have to shoot the golf ball on top of the hut on the golf course. Once it's down, you need to push it all the way into the hole on the other side of the course. You have about 2 minutes, but there are two checkpoints on the way that will give a 1:30 time bonus if you can make it there. At least one Zombie should always be pushing the bomb, and the others should be alternating between helping and fending off the Plants. The Plants will amass to try and stop you, so be alert for any Corn Strikes or Chili Bean Bombs that could KO all Zombies participating. I suggest switching to All-Stars since their health and firepower makes them ideal for pushing the bomb and defending it. Use lots of attacks that can affect groups, like Imp Punts, Sonic Grenades, and ZPGs. You don't have to be pushing the ball when it reaches the end, just be on the team that does it.

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