Players: 1 or 2 co-op

Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: About 3-5 hours (could be less or more depending on skill and if done solo or co-op)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Commando & 1 Protector game mode
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A

[top]Let Me Enlighten You About This DLC

This video offers gameplay footage from both the Challengers and Defenders DLC of which is included with the season pass if you have made the great decision in purchasing it. Defenders, however, add an all new Commando mode placing you, the player, as the human against the hoard of enemies that come crashing down with the mass amount of boss fights. This will indeed be difficult for any player solo so be sure to team up with a partner to make it the distance of completing the mode (phase 20).

The other game mode unlocked with this DLC is Protector mode, similar to Survival mode from the Heroes DLC. Here you will be flying around destroying enemy combatants while rescuing humans and returning them to a pad. Unlike Survival mode, the humans will not be trapped in pods instead falling from the sky. You will collect human upgrades allowing you to carry up to the maximum human capacity of 10 humans making this go fairly quick if you are able to reach those limits. Lastly at the end of each phase you will be met with a boss, this one is a large mothership UFO that can potentially kill you in the first sighting so this becomes more exciting as you encounter it.

[top]Pro Tips

Protector Mode:
  • Cannot express it enough that playing cooperatively you will get much further.
  • Create and use a custom ship adjusting it to your play style.
  • When you earn a Super Boost it does not go into effect until you use your boos, however this can become an extended boost if you continue to kill combatants.
  • When you earn a Super Overdrive it does not go into effect until you use your Overdrive to eliminate as many enemies as you can.
  • If you use the Overdrive on the UFO Mothership (The Destroyer) before you kill it off use the remaining duration of the Overdrive on the enemies as there are feats that require you to have kills with the overdrive weapon system.
  • Break the humans out of the box if they're above land allowing you to use your boost around the map and turn them in much quicker.
  • If you pick-up the teleporter token you can use it by pressing . Do this when you are at full capacity with your humans and have plenty more around the stage though.
  • Each time a building structure has been filled with humans you will earn a token of power-ups or weapon upgrades.
  • By returning the humans when the Destroyer is overhead you will greatly deal a large quantity of damage to the ship and possibly destroy it.

Commando Mode:
  • Cannot express it enough that playing cooperatively you will get much further.
  • Playing co-op during the boss battle have one commando go left and one go right forcing the boss to attack primarily at one commando.
  • If you have any bombs during the final boss of phase 20 wait until you are about to get hit by the fireballs because the bomb will get rid of each of them leaving a clear battlefield.
  • If you're going after the leader-board ranks collecting the bonuses by jumping up into the air instead of gathering them on the ground as it will largely increase your multiplier and points earned for each one.
  • Stand to the outside left or right to have the meteors come to your position instead of falling onto the house. They act like homing missiles, however, once they begin falling from the sky they will not switch paths.
  • is to boost (regenerates quickly so you have the ability to use this often)
  • is to jump
  • is the standard bomb

The Official PS4 Resogun Boosting Thread


Step One: Play protector mode (very similar to survival mode) and work towards killing 10 destroyers naturally unlocking the other two Protector trophies along the way.
  • Flipper
  • Boosted!
  • Destruction Preventer

Step Two: Play and complete Commando mode (20 phases). You should most definitely hit up the boosting thread for a great Resogun player because you'll need them as this is extremely difficult to complete solo.
  • I need your Headband, Sunglasses and Minigun
  • There's someone in my house eating my birthday cake
  • I eat asteroids for breakfast


Flip the level 6 times in Protector mode

To flip the level in Protector Mode you must release, collect, and save the humans by returning them to the green launch pad (green pad with the green particle effect which adds a swift blue arrow pointing down when a human(s) is held).

Each time you fill up the community with humans the map will flip. The number of humans needed is shown by the white outline clear silhouettes at the building structures. Once all silhouettes are filled in with green you will earn a bonus token followed by the level flipping from city like environment to a lava environment. As expected each time the map is flipped you will need more humans to fill up the building structures before flipping the level once again.

Player beware that you will want to destroy the UFO Mothership (The Destroyer) before it takes off because it will destroy the buildings your humans are in forcing you to rebuild those houses by adding more humans whereas if you destroyed the destroyer you could be putting those humans towards the next set of buildings not having to re-do what you have done already.

Every time you flip the level the launch pad will move, so always be on the look out for the three symbolic lights going into the sky to ensure you're returning the humans in the right direction. These lights are pointed into the sky from the community of where the humans build and live.

Image of the house structure and when you will earn a power-up.

Toggle Spoiler

Hold Super Boost for 15 seconds in Protector mode

The Super Boost is a new pick-up available only in Protector Mode. Like other pick-ups this will appear randomly as you save the humanS by dropping them off at the launch pad (green pad the green particle effect which adds a swift blue arrow pointing down when a human is being held).

⚄ When you acquire a Super Boost/Overdrive the meter bar will turn purple. Don't worry about using it right away because it doesn't require you to use it within a particular time limit. Only once it has been used will it begin to drain your meter. Wait until the stage is filled with enemies so you can manage to circle around the stage in one direction multiple times which is done by destroying enemies during your Super Boost (pressing and holding ). If you kill an abundance of enemies you will get an extension on your boost allowing you to use it for longer periods of time.

There is a trick to always obtaining the pick-up you want as it is going through the randomizer stage and that is to use your Overdrive weapon system slowing down time essentially waiting for the pick-up to reach the item you want and collecting it. The down side to this trick is of course you will need to use your Overdrive and if you collect a Super Overdrive while in Overdrive already it will continue to run down the meter anyway.

Ship with Super Boost

Toggle Spoiler

Destruction Preventer
Kill 10 Destroyers in one run in Protector mode

It is important you know that you do not have to rescue humans while attempting the unlock this trophy although a couple flips would be beneficial to acquire weapon upgrades. The enemies will progressively get harder no matter the circumstance so keep that in mind as you fight through the days. Other than that you can keep letting the Destroyer countdown hit zero to where it appears destroying it by using your weapon, overdrive, bomb, or by placing humans in the launch pad forcing an amplitude of power rushing up to the ship.

The Destroyer will appear as the count down hits 0 unless you deposit humans into the launch pad flipping the map which will have the Destroyer spawn in on the other side once the launch pad designated area has been reset. Take out the City Destroyer before it does just that, destroys your city buildings. After a few iterations the Destroyer will begin firing the pellets and rockets at you so you need to be swift using that agility to maneuver without being hit.

Destroy 10 of them in one session to unlock the trophy. This does not appear to unlock while playing in co-op for the person that is dead. The Ferox or Nemesis weapon system is best from my opinion, but setup a custom ship with a high stat in boost as it'll be highly used throughout Protector Mode. Keep in mind the Ferox weapon shoots at greater distances and is more powerful than the Nemesis system as has the ability to target multiple ships high and low while you aim in the center making is useful for those laser enemies you come across.

Countdown timer of the Destroyer (red triangle between the day and multiplier)

Toggle Spoiler

I need your Headband, Sunglasses and Minigun
Get Headband, Sunglasses and Minigun in one run in Commando mode

This can be earned during the early phases of Commando or during the last few phases depending on the power-up randomizer. The power-ups are only dropped once you or your co-op partner have destroyed the purple cargo ship flying over head which can be seen from phase 3 and on.

There are six different power-ups consisting of:
  • Hammer - only appears when your house has been hit and if repairs the house
  • Shield - shields your house from being hit until the shield deactivates and provides you a shield for only one hit
  • Bomb - destroys just about everything on the level besides the late bosses, however it still deals massive damage
  • Headband - provides you with a speed up shooting your weapon twice as fast
  • Sunglasses - slows down time
  • Mini-gun - obliterates absolutely everything on the stage with a colorful pattern

Each power-up only lasts for a short duration so make the best of it, but also be aware of your surroundings when they end. You will know when they will end by the overdrive meter (the green below your ship), once it is depleted so will your power-up. If you're playing co-op one person can continuously fire wasting the mini-gun where the other person can not shoot loosing the overdrive at a slower rate.

Once you have acquired the headband, sunglasses, and mini-gun in one game you will earn this trophy...You will not have to wait for the game to end as the trophy will unlock as you collect the third and final power-up needed.

As a side note try to destroy the cargo ship in close proximity of your house so you will not need to run out into the dangerous areas of the map leaving your house vulnerable.

There's someone in my house eating my birthday cake
Keep your house undamaged for 5 minutes in Commando mode

First off this is much easier done while playing co-op as solo makes this a rough go, but it is still possible so whichever way you prefer. If you need a co-op partner please go up to the Pro Tips to see the link for the boosting thread. In co-op you can easily get through all 20 phases without ever having your house hit so keep that in mind.

Your house is in the center of the stage showing you the health meter of it which can actually take 10 hits from any of the enemy ships. Not only will the meter begin to decrease at it gets hit by something it will also have a sound cue informing you each time it gets hits. If you do have an active shield it will protect the house so that will not count against you for the trophy.

The five minutes has to be continuum/straight and not accumulative throughout the entire game mode. Lasting five minutes will have you around phase seven. Best done from phase one and on as they have the least amount of enemies and easier bosses compared to the later rounds. Also shoot down the Cargo ships to acquire power-ups to help you keep your house safe and to defeat the boss easier.

I eat asteroids for breakfast
Complete Commando mode

Commando mode consists of 20 phases each having a boss at the end of the phase in addition to a house that must be protected. The house can only take 10 hits unless you pick up a house repair power-up from the cargo ship drop. If you get hit once you will die unless you have an active shield which only lasts a short duration and can only protect you from being hit once. Completing Commando Mode solo is not something a novice should be attempting so if you're not an expert or at least really good you should find a co-op partner from the boosting thread found in the Pro Tips above. To give some insight if you have a house with full health alone you may lose your house during phase 20 as it is truly chaotic not giving you much breathing room to fight and evade.

It will take around 20 minutes to complete Commando Mode all together so it shouldn't take long to accomplish this task unless you keep dying. If the house gets completely destroyed or you die you must start from the beginning once again. If you decide to play co-op and only one of you make it to the final boss and destroys it you both will earn the trophy.

Best Way To Deal With Enemies & Going Through The Phases:
Cubes - These can be tricky if you do not get rid of them completely. These are the purple cube blocks from the vanilla game and other game modes that break apart into smaller pieces. It is important to get rid of the smaller pieces because when the stage fills up with multiple enemies it's hard to keep track of where they are in addition to when you reach the boss fight you won't want to be destroying them as you fight the boss.

-Appear from about midway into Commando mode and do not move. Careful they don't fall on you if you shoot the ones on the top as they will come crashing down onto the ground beneath them.

The Meteor
- These primarily focus within the proximity of the player(s) so wherever you stand they will follow. They are easily destroyed without much fuss as they fly down pretty slow compared to other quick enemy types.

The Cargo Ship
- Flies across the top of the screen from left to right or right to left. They provide power-ups only if you are able to destroy them. In the later rounds they will drop parts of their ship onto the land you stand on which can also kill you so beware!

Boss Meteor
- Starts from phase one increasing in speed and outgoing fire pellets with a wide spread. You will see similar versions as you reach the later phases, but they won't be by themselves.

Small Jumpers
- They will spawn from early rounds up to the last round starting from the outside perimeters moving toward your house most in groups. They don't shoot any pellets so you don't have to rush destroying them right away.

- You can either do a double jump over them and shoot their back end or boost into their shield while firing. Mini-guns will kill them without having to jump behind them as well.

- Slow, but tough obstacle enemies that you don't encounter to often. Shoot them or boost into them before they hit your house of course.

Large Spitting Jumpers
- Similar to the small jumpers, however these ones take up a large portion of your stage and spit out fire pellets in a spread beneath them.

- These little buggers will start from the sky and crash down to the stage floor. Swing your weapon fire back and fourth to protect your house during these times while using the small breaks in time to shoot the enemies coming from the left or right.
Homing Rockets - Begin appearing in the last quarter of Commando and dive down to your position or the house so make these a first priority of anything else is on screen.

Secondary Bosses
- Sway back and fourth on the stage while dropping down a level each pass they make while spraying fire pellets. You can stay to the edge of the stage until phase 17 where you will need to avoid the pellets by using boost to run to the opposite side or jump into the air.

Laser Shooters
- Another enemy type you will not encounter much but they are tricky when you do see them. They will come in from the sides of the stage shooting a laser straight down increasingly getting closer to you.
City Destroyer (Mothership) - Hopefully you have some bombs during this encounter for when all the fire pellets come out so you can use a bomb destroying them all as well as inflicting damage upon the Destroyer itself. It would take about 5 bombs to kill the destroyer without firing at it with your primary weapon. It will shoot a laser straight down while moving from left to right so be cautious and use your boost in small increments to hit those fine clear areas.


Big thanks to 00Highway00 and Pancake_Model for playing numerous hours with me and providing tips.

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