Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 20+ (very dependent on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: As many as it takes
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

Every 24 hours, the world of Race the Sun is updated and changed, making it impossible to rely on video guides, walkthroughs, or even your own memory of the world's layout.


Step 1 - Level up
Your first goal is to reach level 25 and, in doing that, unlock all the upgrades and modifications for your ship.

Step 2 - Clear Apocalypse
While you unlock Apocalypse at level 11, you'll have a hard time completing it without being at max level, so I advise waiting until you've completed Step 1.

Step 3 - Clean up
While doing the previous two steps, you will undoubtedly have completed some of the score-related trophies, and possibly even one or both of the "perfect region" trophies. If not, they should be a breeze for you now, so focus on them one at a time.


Reach level 3

See Eagle .

Reach level 10

See Eagle .

Reach level 15

See Eagle .

Reach level 20

See Eagle .

Reach level 25

In Race the Sun, you level up by completing challenges (a list of which are available at the pause screen, or at the end of a run). With each level, you receive new unlocks, including ship attachments, pickups, multiplier boosts, and decals.

Level 1 - Nothing
Nothing in life is free!
Level 2 - Energy (Pickup)
Think of it as a speed boost.
Level 3 - Score Multiplier
Collecting 5 Tris will increase your multiplier
Level 4 - Jump (Pickup)
Allows you to jump over obstacles.
Level 5 - Magnet (Attachment)
Collect pickups and tris easier.
Level 6 - Multiplier Upgrade
Starting multiplier is now 2x
Level 7 - World Portal Key
Portals appear in every region after the first, and are far easier to navigate.
Level 8 - Jump Storage (Attachment)
You can now carry 2 Jump charges.
Level 9 - Emergency Portal (Pickup)
Will save you from a lethal crash.
Level 10 - Battery (Attachment)
Survive longer in the shadows.
Level 11 - Apocalypse
A harder game-mode.
Level 12 - Multiplier Upgrade
Starting multiplier is now 3x.
Level 13 - Attachment Slot 2
You can now carry 2 attachments.
Level 14 - Decals (Left Wing)
Cosmetic upgrade.
Level 15 - Portal Storage (Attachment)
Carry 2 Emergency Portals.
Level 16 - Region Warp (Pickup)
Allows you to skip to the end of your current region.
Level 17 - Power Turning (Attachment)
Turn Faster.
Level 18 - Multiplier Upgrade
Starting multiplier is now 4x
Level 19 - Max Jump Storage (Attachment)
Store 3 Jump pickups.
Level 20 - Max Shield Storage (Attachment)
Store 3 Emergency Portals.
Level 21 - Max Magnet (Attachment)
More powerful magnet.
Level 22 - Decals (Right Wing)
Cosmetic Upgrade.
Level 23 - Attachment Slot 3
You can now carry 3 attachments.
Level 24 - Multiplier Upgrade
Starting multiplier is now 5x.
Level 25 - Max Battery (Attachment)
Survive even longer in the shadows.

Reach 100k points in 1 run

See King .

Score 1 million points in 1 run

See King .

Score 5 million points in 1 run

I advise you don't attempt this until you reach level 25. You want to focus on three main things: staying alive, maintaining speed, and collecting Tris. You should choose your ship attachments accordingly. I recommend using Max Magnet, Max Jump Storage, and Power Turning.

While you might think that Emergency Portals are a good idea as well, they're far too rare to be a viable fall-back.

Whenever possible, try to make use of World Portals - you can rack up huge scores, they're much easier and safer to navigate, and completing them will reset the position of the Sun, buying you even more time.

Clear region 4 in Apocalypse

Apocalypse is like normal mode, turned up to 11. There are a ton of additional hazards, traps, and obstacles in your path, and your base movement speed is also increased. To earn this trophy you must clear 4 Regions in this mode.

I advise you don't attempt this until you reach level 25. Completing 4 Regions in Apocalypse will not be easy. In this mode you should focus solely on maintaining speed and surviving; don't even think about your score.

I recommend using Max Jump Storage, Power Turning, and Max Shield Storage to help keep you alive and flying.

Finish 3 "perfect region" in 1 run

See Yeager .

Finish 6 "perfect regions" in 1 run

To earn a "Perfect Region" you must clear a region without a single crash. To earn this trophy, you must clear 6 Regions perfectly in a single run. You'll most likely earn this trophy while going for King .

If you need to attempt this separately, I recommend using Max Jump Storage, Power Turning, and Max Battery. This last one is particularly important, as you may miss a number of pickups in favour of a safer route, meaning the Sun is going to set quicker. Having Max Battery will allow you to keep flying a little longer, which might be the difference between getting a trophy and throwing your controller at the TV.

Collect 50 tris in-air in 1 run

To earn this trophy you need to collect 50 Tris (the score tokens) in one run. In the air. It's quite unlikely that you'll earn this naturally, so you're going to have to focus on getting this one at some stage. To do so, I advise using Max Magnet, Max Jump Storage, and Power Turning.

While you may have trouble finding airborne Tris at first, they become more and more common in later regions.

Touch a cloud

To earn this trophy you need to touch a cloud. You can do this in a couple of ways, though all involve the use of at least one Jump pickup.

Your first option is to launch off a ramp, then at the zenith of your trajectory, activate Jump to gain even more height; if you've leveled up, you can simply use multiple Jumps consecutively to gain maximum height; and lastly, it's possible to gain a lot of height by glancing off certain obstacles in the world, then using Jump to take you the rest of the way.

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