With the newest edition of DLC, House Marquee thought they would change the game to make it more difficult for the players by making up new rules. Multiplayer will never be the same since the two partners will now be sharing lives and bombs. With that said Heroes DLC is made for players who love the game and want to play it consistently as it becomes very addictive and hard to put the controller down when you want to reach the goal of day 10 at least! Survival Mode is exactly as it says staying alive and saving humans with just 1 life and 1 bomb. You will find this rewarding as you progress rather quickly through the days which are put in 3 separate areas (morning, afternoon, and evening). The other game mode to come with the Heroes DLC is Demolition which is complete pandemonium with balls fling around you high and low eventually hitting you.


Players: 1 (2 local co-op or online multiplayer)
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2 - 5 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Demolition & several Survival
Collectible Trophies: Yes (1) You have recovered

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • If playing in multiplayer Survival whoever is hosting is who the Sentinel will spawn next to each game.
  • If you die and your partner in multiplayer completes the requirements for the trophies you will not unlock the trophy.
  • If you collect a shield in Survival and then a power shield (allows your ship to move faster) your next shield will be activated like a bomb unless you lose your shield. When playing multiplayer only one person needs to have the power shield in order for the third shield to be an instant bomb.
  • When playing is Survival if you see the power-up furiously changing you can hit overdrive to slow down time and have more time to collide with it to get what you are in need of.
  • Playing multiplayer forces you to share bombs.
  • Use the Ship Editor to customize your ship.
  • Leaving a power-up in Survival until the next power-up arrives after collecting the amount of humans needed it will turn it into a multiplier.
  • You lose multiplier if a human dies.
  • If you use a clock and destroy the Sentinel at the same time the clock is in use the bomb wave will not eliminate all the enemies within the level.


Step 1: Play Demolition Mode

I came in like a Resogun
Don't make me pull the trigger!

Step 2: Play through Survival mode

You have recovered
Don't leave me!
Live to die another day

Step 3: Continue playing Survival and save more humans!

Save the last humans


You have recovered
Collect a Fallen Hero in Survival mode

Begin by playing in Survival Mode single player and die on purpose shortly into the game about 30 seconds in is great. Once you die restart and go back into the game this time around the time you died is when you'll be able to collect a fallen hero (white translucent ship) so be around your ship during that time. You'll know where your ship is as there will be a moment placed on the ground level with a number in which you are placed on the leaderboard.

At the designated time, your previous ship will light up white and start to hover into the air as you hear the female voice in the game say "Fallen Hero Detected" and once this happens go into the ship as you would with a human thus unlocking this beautiful trophy.

You don't want to get to far into Survival before doing this as you will need to hit that time of the day again which is why it's better to die early on rather than later in day 5 or so.

In the spoiler below is an image illustrating how to pick up a fallen hero.

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Don't make me pull the trigger!
Survive for 5 minutes in Demolition mode

First off go into Ship Editor and customize a ship to give maximum agility or use a ship with the highest agility since there is no boost within this game mode.

Once you start, stay in the area you start out in without hitting the ball at all. You want to evade the flying enemies that come to attack you and once they are bundled up, charge up, and kill them off at once. It will take awhile for more enemies to spawn so you can stay in this area without having to worry about the balls coming in contact with your ship and more aware of your surroundings.

If you like go in the opposite direction of your ball at the start and just get a little more extra space by destroying the boxes on that end but BEWARE you do not hit an extra ball or supercharge as it will send off a ball making it much harder to survive for the intended 5 minutes.

This cannot be done in multiplayer.

Below is a video of me demonstrating how I explained it and I hope it helps.

Toggle Spoiler

Save the last humans
Lifetime total of 1,000 humans saved in Survival mode

This is a cumulative trophy and only counts humans saved in survival mode as the description states. Humans will be parachuting down from the sky so you will need to rescue them from the new enemy ships that are able to kill them when falling, but also if they are on the ground they can be captured by the U.F.O. looking ships and brought to the top of the screen where you will than lose them too.

Bridges do get destroyed and when they do the humans are likely to go from parachuting to death if you do not get to them in time. Be aware of the green arrow icon to see where the closest human is to you in addition to which human is blinking red so you can get to them as fast as possible.

After every Sentinel is killed a large fat ship is seen coming from above and flying across the top of the level in which you want to kill it as soon as possible because it carries 3 humans in the earlier days and more later on as you progress in the days.

If playing in multiplayer mode the humans saved by the other player will not be counted towards your humans saved. You need to save the humans yourself in order for them to be counted.

You can check your stats by going to the Main Menu ----> Options ----> Statistics and scroll down until you see Survival which is below Mefitis Single Level and above Demolition. Here your stats are kept and will tell you how many humans you have saved thus far.

I came in like a Resogun
Accumulate a total Wrecking combo of 1,000 in Demolition mode

You gain a wrecking combo by destroying the yellow blocks and enemies with your ball. Your initial ball will be to the right of the start and will have a pulsing icon around it. Press and hold down one of your trigger buttons and aim your ball with the red line. Do this as needed as the ball will come full circle to where you can burst your ship and hit the ball(s) again. Once you see a ball coming to you it may be good timing to start triggering your burst before you collide and die instantly at least you could get off a burst before they hit you.

Your ball may collide into extra balls, supercharged balls, or fire balls and this could be a blessing in some cases, but not in all because these balls can kill you if they collide with your ship. You cannot come in contact with anything while playing in Demolition mode or you will die.

Your wrecking combo appears at the top left of the HUD (screen) when playing so be sure to check that out as you progress.

This cannot be done in multiplayer.

Maybe this video can help those out having some problems.

Toggle Spoiler

Live to die another day
Survive to see the dawn of the 5th day in Survival mode

Use the Ship Editor to customize a ship to your preferred style of play and not worry about the visuals. The weapon system becomes important here as there are a lot of different enemies within survival mode and each system has their strengths and weaknesses.

The goal of Survival is to survive, yet you want to save as many humans as possible and as quick as possible because the faster you unlock your weapon upgrade to 100% you will then only be unlocking power-ups like the bridge restore, supercharge, bombs, clock, and shields. These all become very important in the later rounds. If you do not pick a power-up shortly after it has been placed in the level it will turn into a multiplier not giving you much help when going after the trophy.

You need to go in with a plan if you want to destroy the smaller weaker enemies or go for the larger ones that take up a lot of space making it hard to get through the level. It also depends on if you like to travel towards the top or bottom of the level.

Ferox Weapon System is weak in the earlier rounds, but as you gather the weapon upgrades the ships weapon shoots very quick and has a further reach of any of the three ships in terms of being able to hit an enemy from a distance and this is a very powerful tactic within Survival when killing the Sentinel or any of the enemies that shoot at you. Once fully upgraded this system also has a nice spread so you don't necessarily have to worry about being hit from below or above your ship.

Nemesis Weapon System
is weak in the earlier days until the weapons system is at 100%. It should only be used when attacking smaller enemies and not the larger more powerful ones. The nice thing about the Nemesis weapons is that it has a homing missile that is always shooting at other enemies while you target a specific one.

Phobos Weapon System is powerful and can obliterate enemies up close quickly. The weapon system has a wide spread and is ideal for shooting enemies close by without having to worry so much about dying from being collided with. The only negative effect of this weapon system is the distance as it is short and can not do damage far away causing you to get blocked in quickly by enemies.

Kill the Sentinel as fast as you can when it is within the environment as an instant bomb will clear the level in addition to it making it easier to collect the humans on the ground. Just be careful you do not fly into any enemies of fire bullets as they could still kill you if the bomb wave hasn't reached them yet.

Use your attributes wisely during the game mode as it can save or break you. Using boost to get away from a mass amount of enemies and getting to a safer area is wise as well as using your overdrive to clear out enemies instead of using a bomb which will clear a level that is super useful in the later days. Use bombs in the later days to help you reach day 5 but preferably when the Sentinel is out in attack mode.

If playing in multiplayer mode and you die but your partner continues on and reaches day 5 you will not obtain the trophy. You must make it to day 5 alive in order to achiever this trophy.


Clock - Known as a time out that pauses gameplay for the enemies and allows you to attack enemies at free will for a limited time. You can still get hit and die when this power-up is being used.

Super Charge -
Gives you a limited shield with a speed boost allowing you to fly around the level without being hit instant killing all enemies including the sentinels.

Bomb -
Destroys the level as a whole pushing out on both sides so you could still be hit or killed if you get hit by an enemy before the wave gets around to that area.

Shield (1, 2, 3) -
The first shield gives you a basic shield that protects you from getting hit and dying This is blue in color with no special effects.. The second shield is the first one with a speed boost. The second shield has a blue spiral inside the shield. The third is a bomb that goes off immediately and these have to earned simultaneously without being hit.

Bridge Restore -
At the end of each distinct section of the day a bride will be destroyed seen by the bridge glowing and destroying followed by the bomb soundcue. The destruction of the bombs enables the humans to fall straight to death if you do not get to them in time. By collecting this power-up you will restore the bridges therefore the humans cannot fall straight down when parachuting down.

Weapon Upgrade - Upgrades your weapon system until it reaches 100% and after that you receives more power-up of the other kinds.

Multiplier -
Increases your multiplier increasing your end score total.

Video starting at 3-2 if it helps to have a little bit earlier video.

Toggle Spoiler

Video of level 4-1 through 8-3 that 00Highway00 and I did.

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Don't leave me!
Destroy 10 consecutive Sentinels before they escape in Survival mode

The Sentinel comes out 3x a day once at the end of each time period (morning, afternoon, evening). Besides visually seeing one you can see the health bar displayed at the bottom of the HUD that let's you know they are somewhere in the environment. If you do not get to them quick enough they will float up and off the screen and this begins to happen when the lights around it turn red. This will still set you to the next time period just without the instant bomb to eliminate the enemies ont he screen.

You have to kill 10 Sentinels in one game of Survival each one getting tougher as you progress through the days. You can kill them by using boost, overdrive, bombs, weapon system, supercharge power-up.

If playing in multiplayer either person can destroy the Sentinel just as long as the person going for the trophy is alive when the 10th one is destroyed. If you have killed each one you will unlock this right before day 5.

Here is an image of the Sentinel when they first appear in the 1st stage with the Health Bar

Toggle Spoiler


Big thanks to Pancake Model for the banner.
Thanks to 00Highway00 for allowing me to upload our gameplay.

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