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Resogun, exclusively on the PlayStation 4, is a side-scrolling shooter that is available to play solo or 2 person co-op (soon to have local co-op). The title includes 5 action packed levels each with their own boss and enemy artificial intelligence. The levels of difficulty add a nice change of pace including the master difficulty that ultimately tests your eye coordination as well as your overall skill. Resogun does offer rewards for in game tasks such as saving humans give you boosts, points, shields, overdrive upgrades, and bombs that increase your chances of completing the game. The game also includes leaderboards for those competitive gamers that want to be noticed for their skill.


Players: 1 (2 Online Co-op)
Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 5-8 hours (Up to 15 hours for casual gamers)
Minimum Playthroughs: 3 (1 level on Master)
Collectible Trophies: Yes (1) Humanist
Missable Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All five levels have 3 phases (stages) that can be seen at the bottom of the screen. As you kill enemies the bar will begin to fill up in blue to let you know where you are at in the level and once the bar is filled complete you will begin facing the level boss.
  • Once you start the boss battle another phase bar will be placed at the bottom of the screen, however, this time you must get rid of the bar and this is done by dealing damage to the boss. Everytime you damage the boss the health bar of the boss will begin to decrease.
  • Playing co-op can be a hit or miss depending on your strategies and what you are going for as it can stop your multiplier, draw in more enemies towards you, or be difficult at times to determine which ship is an enemy or your partner if battling in the same area.
  • Playing co-op doesn't restrict you to the same perimeter as one person can be on the direct opposite side as the other.
  • Playing co-op makes the game way easier to kill bosses as you can attack from both directions.
  • When saving humans in co-op only the person saving the human gets the reward.
  • Playing co-op is a huge benefit when attempting to achieve the 1CC since one person can die infinite amount of times as long as 1 person kills off the boss.

  • Difficulty trophies are stackable meaning if you play on the hardest difficulty from the beginning you will unlock the lower difficulty trophies along with it.
  • If you die/blow up while holding a human he/she will then die.
  • If you can master the boost ability the Nemesis can be the best ship for you as it regenerates quickly.


Step One - Play on experienced difficulty solo or co-op whichever you prefer. This will net you a good portion of the trophies which are listed below.
  • Conqueror
  • You have completed basic training!
  • Carry on, nothing to see here
  • Elected official
  • Certified electrician
  • Store no more
  • Winter is not coming
  • Cool trophy!
  • Micromanagement
  • O to the D
  • Denied
  • Savior
  • (1+4)x
  • (5+5)x
  • Let fly!
  • Pilot of Ferox
  • Fire
  • To the max!
  • Power

Step Two - Play on veteran difficulty solo or co-op but solo is advised to unlock master difficulty.
  • The true RESOGUN starts here...
  • (10+1.5+3.5)x
  • Pilot of Phobos
Step Three - Play again on experienced difficulty to unlock.
  • 1CC
  • Pilot of Nemesis

Step Four - Complete a single level on master difficulty.
  • Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike

Step Five - Save the humans and complete the random tasks on rookie difficulty.
  • How do I stop this thing?!
  • Congratulations on your driver's licence!
  • Humanist
  • Savior of Acis
  • Savior of Ceres
  • Savior of Decima
  • Savior of Febris
  • Savior of Mefitis
  • How do I stop this thing?!


I came, I saw, I blew stuff up
Get all trophies

Will unlock once you have earned all bronze, silver, and gold trophies.

Complete all levels

There are a total of five levels that you must finish in order to obtain this. It doesn't matter what difficulty youíre playing on just as long as you complete them solo or during co-op play online.

Five levels that need to be completed are as follows:
  1. Acis
  2. Ceres
  3. Decima
  4. Febris
  5. Mefitis

The trophy will unlock once you have completed the final boss on Mefitis.

If you start solo and decide to play online in the middle of your playthrough be sure to play on the same difficulty you were playing on solo allowing you to unlock the difficulty trophies. Please refer to The true RESOGUN starts here... , Carry on, nothing to see here , You have completed basic training! for more details about those trophies.

You have completed basic training!
Complete all levels on Rookie difficulty

Please view O to the D before playing in this difficulty.

Finish all five levels solo or with a partner (friend) online. This is a good difficulty to start on just to get used to the controls and see the movement of the enemy artificial intelligence. You will also learn how to complete each of the bosses making it easier as you step up in difficulty.

Practice using your boost (), overdrive (), and bombs (). Also be sure to use the Ferox ship during this difficulty as you will not want to use this ship during the higher difficulty levels unless you are looking for a serious challenge.

*The maximum multiplayer that can be reached during this difficulty is 5.0.*

Carry on, nothing to see here
Complete all levels on Experienced difficulty

Please refer to How do I stop this thing?! before playing on this difficulty.

Choose the Nemesis ship during this playthrough since it is quick and has multiple sources of damaging and killing enemy ships that prove to be useful at times. Get through the faster pace of gameplay and focus on which enemy ships are tougher and have a better chance at killing you as those you want to take out first but be sure to shoot in both directions to keep from allowing them to close in on you.

*The maximum multiplayer that can be reached during this difficulty is 10.0*

The true RESOGUN starts here...
Complete all levels on Veteran difficulty

Please review trophy Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike , (10+1.5+3.5)x , and 1CC before starting this difficulty as it can save you some time from having to go back and playing the campaign again.

The Phobos is the best ship for this difficulty although it doesn't have great boost or agility it makes up for it's power and overdrive which is more useful throughout the five levels especially during the boss battles. This difficulty might pose a problem to some but donít worry as using continues doesn't interfere with unlocking the difficulty trophy. The enemy ships will be faster and harder to kill, for example, the boss battles may last a bit longer and it will be hard to get in close to do direct damage, so keep that in mind when you reach the end of each level.

Restrain yourself from using your bombs in the earlier levels as you will want them for the final boss granted you donít use a continue as that will start you over with the default settings of 3 lives and 2 bombs.

*The maximum multiplayer that can be reached during this difficulty is 15.0.*

Elected official
Complete Acis

Acis is the first level of the game and will be played as soon as you begin single level or arcade mode granted you havenít played in online multiplayer yet starting on another level first.

Boss Battle

The boss is a large circular ship that has 4 hit points to destroy before opening its capsule where the heart of the ship lies. As with difficulty you only need to destroy two of the barriers outside of the ship which are a gold glowing area. During this time the boss will be shooting off little guns in bursts so it shouldnít be difficult to get in close unless you are playing on one of the harder difficulties. Once the capsule is open you will see another gold glowing area that you need to destroy before blowing away the heart (green area). Inside the capsule the boss will have laser beams going off frequently so be aware of those and use your boost to get around quickly without being hit. What is suggested when you first shoot at the gold glowing area is to use your overdrive ( and ) as it will penetrate to the deep green area unless the blocks do a rotation to where you need to fly around to the other side.

No matter which level you start on you will be given increase powerups allowing your ship to have equal opportunity in blowing up the enemy ships. The only level that you will be starting with absolutely no extra equipment is Acis (1st level).

Certified electrician
Complete Ceres

Ceres is the second level of the campaign that can only be played once you have completed the first level (Acis), however if you are playing online multiplayer and they have unlocked the level you can then play this level before Acis if you wanted.

Boss Battle

This boss can be frustrating at times and is done easiest on co-op just so it cannot block your attack on both sides to destroy the outer perimeter.

This boss again is a circular boss with 4 outside perimeters that need to be taken out first before moving on to the next sequence. The strategy here is to eliminate one side of the glowing areas first leaving the other 2 to be taken whenever you can reach them. The boss shoots little guns (balls) and a laser beam so you need to stay away from those and to do so stay close to it and use your boost to reach the other side hitting the other perimeters once you get there hopefully giving yourself enough time to end the phase.

The next phase is all about staying ahead of the boss. After taking out all 4 perimeter walls, fly to the opposite side of the map waiting for the boss to come towards you. Stay flying ahead of it while using your boost () appropriately. Once the boss stops you will see the long green light looking like a window, shoot it out and use your boost quickly to reach the other side to repeat the previous step of shooting the green light.

No matter which level you start on you will be given increase powerups allowing your ship to have equal opportunity in blowing up the enemy ships. The only level that you will be starting with absolutely no extra equipment is Acis (1st level).

Store no more
Complete Decima

Decima is the third level according to arcade mode and will be played directly after Ceres unless you play another level during multiplayer co-op. Most likely you will begin using your boost and overdrive frequently starting on this level, just try getting through without using any of your bombs.

Boss Battle

One of the easier bosses for sure as it is a square blocking that shoots fireballs at you in every direction in addition to spawning a large gray square that gets broken up into pieces three separate times if you decide to shoot it. If you decide to shoot the gray square be sure to eliminate all the blocks in the area as they could come up behind you later, however, if you go the easier route which takes less time, you will shoot until the gray square is spawned and you will fly to the other side of the map or go around it without shooting it, keeping it one big block. Doing this will allow you to continue shooting the boss without having to deal with any other objects in the way.

No matter which level you start on you will be given increase powerups allowing your ship to have equal opportunity in blowing up the enemy ships. The only level that you will be starting with absolutely no extra equipment is Acis (1st level).

Winter is not coming
Complete Febris

This is the fourth level in arcade mode unless you play in multiplayer mode co-op which can then even become the first level played. This is not a level you want to get an introduction with as the enemies will be faster and have to be dealt more damage to be destroyed.

Boss Battle

Nothing hard about this boss as you just need to stay ahead of it, use boost when you need to, and avoid it's fireball attack. It can bounce into you so stay far enough ahead of it to where that won't happen.

NOTE: The overdrive hardly does any damage to this boss to where it is practically useless to even use unless you are close to being hit, you have no boost left and you want to use it to prevent from blowing up, use it.

No matter which level you start on you will be given increase powerups allowing your ship to have equal opportunity in blowing up the enemy ships. The only level that you will be starting with absolutely no extra equipment is Acis (1st level).

Cool trophy!
Complete Mefitis

Mefitis is the fifth level that you will play in arcade or by playing single player solo. This trophy can be unlocked on any difficulty with any ship or even while playing online co-op.

Mefitis is a bit different than the other four maps as it has rocks/boulders that float upward from the ground to the sky to prevent you from being able to fly straight through when being chased down by enemies. During the 3rd phase (last) you need to watch out for the large enemies as they will fly through the zone shooting up and down at the same time as other enemies are flying through the zone. This level also contains a lot of lasers that go in every angle so be on the lookout for those.

Boss Battle

Unlike the previous bosses, this boss has a few more phases in addition to being tricky to deal with since some of its attacks can be completely random. The first phase the boss is chasing you so just stay far enough ahead of it to where it won't touch and kill you. Once it starts the second phase, use your boost sparingly as you might need it to get out of trouble if you are stuck in between the lines. All the lines can be shot so never stop shooting at the boss and soon enough it'll break apart and gather together, at this time go use your overdrive on it by pressing and using for the directional flow of it. This should kill it or almost kill it, if not, just use any bombs you have remaining to prevent yourself from having to deal with the circle attacks which are the hardest to avoid. Once this is done you will have one step left and it's the second easiest, just stay behind it, following it while shooting until it dies off.

If you are playing co-op, be on separate sides so one player can get chased and you both can attack without one of you having to worry about being in danger. After the second phase of the up and down lines that turn red, both players follow the boss to where it will setup to attack with its third attack the circle but before that can happen both of you hit for your overdrive and obliterate it. If you reach the boss fast enough you should end the battle right there but if not, again have the two on separate sides of the map so one is being the mouse being chased and the other is the predator chasing the boss both shooting at the target.

Save two humans within a span of one second

Head into a single level on rookie difficulty with the Phobos ship which always obliterates any enemy when shot in an instant. You will want to keep a steady multiplier as you play through the level killing off all the keepers you can to release the humans from their cells. Once you have 2 humans on the platform you can begin the process of earning this trophy.

Method 1 (Natural and Suggested): A more natural way of unlocking this trophy is to wait for multiple humans to be on the ground platform and then picking one up by flying into/over them enabling the carry feature. Once you have this human locked onto your ship follow the green directional arrow to your next arrow being sure you do not travel through a light beam too high (go towards the bottom so it doesn't save your human). Once you come in close range of your next human it would be wise to kill off any enemies in the area or wait until the end of the phase preferably at the end of the phase. At this point you want to shoot at the feet of the human and he/she will begin floating upwards and in the direction you're shooting so you just have to shoot them directly into the green beam and fly or boost through it after the first one makes it through. In this method you can use your bombs to keep the enemies from attacking you if you feel you will die.

Toggle Spoiler

Method 2: Proceed with the detail up above on how to unlock the humans from their cells and after that point pick each human and drop them off outside just below of the green beam area (green arrows pointing upward). Once you drop the second human off at the same point you are going to rapidly press while flying your ship upwards to continuously fly your humans higher and higher until they reach the safe zone. Tapping forces you to throw your human upward which is why you will be pressing it rapidly until they both get in the zone at the same time.

Toggle Spoiler

How do I stop this thing?!
Kill 50 enemies with one boost

Boosting is done by pressing and holding the . This is not only used for speeding your ship around the level faster but also to destroy enemies by flying into them. Each ship has its own boost stats which are seen when choosing your ship but when you are in game your boost will be a small blue meter bar above the ship. You can use all your boost at once or by intervals, however, for this trophy you want to use all your boost in 1 single movement.

To begin this trophy choose to play a single level (Ceres) on experienced difficulty with the Nemesis ship. From here play through the intro of the level without using any of your boost and you will soon destroy your first group of keepers (green glowing enemies) A few seconds later you will have a set from each direction coming towards you in a wave of 3 rows each, wait for them to approach and get close and then use your boost by holding down . Once you got through that set of enemies keep holding down and continue into any other enemies you can destroy.

Please watch the video if you need additional help.

Toggle Spoiler

Congratulations on your driver's licence!
Reach the end-boss of any level using boost only

Easiest way of achieving this is by choosing Rookie difficulty on the first level of Acis with the Nemesis ship with its boosting capabilities.

To boost you use the which has a meter above the ship that is blue. It self regenerates so after being used fly around until it fills the meter back up to where you can boost through as many as possible.

The trophy will pop after you completed all 3 phases and enter the boss battle where you are then allowed to use any weapon choice plus your bombs and overdrive.

*Best way of earning this trophy is to play co-op on Rookie difficulty on the level Acis with any ship. You have 2 choices here you can pick from.*
  1. Just fly around and donít shoot at all, just using your boost again.
  2. Die on purpose at the beginning of the level to ensure you donít shoot at all, this will force you not to use any weapons and make your co-op partner do all the work. Once your partner reaches the end of the third phase your trophy will pop even if you died at the very beginning of the stage.

O to the D
Kill 100 enemies during Overdrive

Overdrive is used by pressing and pressing the left or right in the direction you wish to pulverize the enemies. The best ship for the purpose of overdrive is the Phobos which lasts a good amount of time. Like the boost the overdrive is not unlimited and has a meter when used that is green on the bottom of the ship. The overdrive is not self-generating so you will need to collect the small green orbs that will regenerate your overdrive in addition to saving humans to upgrade it.

The easiest and best place to earn this trophy is at the boss battle of the third level Decima. After you have completed all three phases the boss battle will begin, shortly into the battle of shooting the boss it will begin flashing red so get ready as when the silver (gray) cube appears you want to use your overdrive ( with directional). If you start the overdrive once the cube appears you will get the trophy almost instantly.

Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike
Complete a level on Master difficulty

Master difficulty is unlocked once you have completed the game on veteran difficulty solo, however, you can play with someone who already has this difficulty unlocked and you can join them where you will earn the trophy once the level has been completed meaning the level boss must be defeated.

I would suggest using the Nemesis or the Phobos more so of the Phobos because dealing more damage and getting rid of the enemies quicker will benefit you more than being more agile and quicker. Playing on the Acis level is the best choice where you will begin with 2 bombs and 3 lives.

Master difficulty has a faster pace of gameplay as well as once you destroy an enemy they will shoot at you leaving you to dodge and maneuver around them. If you feel you may get hit use your boost or overdrive to prevent yourself from dying and use your bombs when you are in big trouble or closing in on the end of phase 3. Saving humans is not a priority, in fact I would advise you not to since you are only attempting to complete 1 level.

Doing this co-op will definitely benefit you as either one of you can make it to the end and you will still earn the trophy if you run out of lives and they beat the level.

Complete Arcade mode without losing all lives, on Experienced difficulty

As the trophy states you must play through arcade mode on experienced difficulty or higher. It would be wise for you to play in a co-op game as there is an exploit that can really benefit both players in earning this trophy.

Save as many humans as you can for the purpose of collecting extra lives and extra bombs that you will want to save for the final boss. Try your best not to use any bombs until that final boss during the red line attacks it does as well as the circle attack move. See the Cool trophy! for tips on the final boss.

The exploit of doing the arcade co-op is that one of you can use up all of your lives each level just as long as one of you doesn't die. This is an awesome exploit as you will want your partner to kill theirself if they have 0 or even 1 life left possibly even 2 if they do not have any bombs left. Ideally you want both players to have 2 lives plus their 2 bombs starting the 5th level but it is certainly possible to do it with 0 bombs and 1 life.

If you're playing co-op and both you and your partner are alive attack the boss from both sides.

Official Resogun Boosting Thread for those without a partner.

Save all humans

Each level (5) has 10 humans that need to be saved in order to unlock this trophy. They can be done in any order just as long as you save each human at least once. This does not mean save 10 overall it means you need to save human 1, 2, 3, etc until all 10 have been collected.

This trophy does not always unlock by playing through the stages over and over again until you have collected each human once, so be aware of that which is why I will recommend you collect and save all 10 humans in each stage at one time.

Always keep your eyes on the top of the screen where the multiplier is (in the center in the image below it is set at 1.00x). You want to keep growing your multiplier as there is at least one human in each level that is unlocked by multiplier (please see the videos below and descriptions for which humans and what # human they are). You can see when a human is up for being released by looking to the left of the multiplier, you will see 10 silhouettes that are transparent from the beginning. When a human is set to be released it will begin flashing green and if a human dies it will then turn red, both being filled solid.

It would be easier to play on rookie difficulty while saving the humans just because it is easier to stay alive and not worry about losing your multiplier so long as you always have an enemy on the screen. This could cause an issue in some instances, for example, if you die and need that multiplier quick to unlock the human and this is where you would want to play on a higher difficulty since the multiplier will add up much faster and that is recommend for those with skill in the game.

You unlock humans by having a high multiplier (see videos and which humans in which level unlock by multiplier) or killing the keepers. Sometimes keeps have to be killed in a certain order which is known by the blinking green light around them and not the others so be sure to shoot one at a time which is about 5 of them during the sequence. Keepers that don't need to be killed in sequence are generally on a line that flows through the map being detected easily, however, there are few instances where the keepers are flying through the map in the center around the level.

Humans die by not killing all the keepers that appear on screen, killing keepers out of order, not having a high multiplier, if an evader beams it up and leaves the map before you can destroy it, shooting them off the map, or dying yourself while carrying a human.

Savior of Acis
(7th & 9th multiplier)

Toggle Spoiler

Savior of Ceres (8th kill order & 9th multiplier)

Toggle Spoiler

Savior of Decima (4th & 6th kill order, 9th multiplier)

Toggle Spoiler

Savior of Febris (2nd = kill order, 9th = multiplier)

Toggle Spoiler

Savior of Mefitis (7th = multiplier, 8th = multiplier, 10th human is kill order from top to bottom)

Toggle Spoiler

Save a human from Abductor's beam

For this trophy you must first release a human from their cell by killing the keepers or by having a high enough multiplier depending on what is needed for that particular human. Once a human is released and running on the ground platform DO NOT pick them up, instead wait for the abductors to come through and pick them up. Abductors look like UFO's and once they begin beaming up a human it will say human is in danger or something along those lines and this is where you want to eliminate the abductor, sending the human crashing back down to ground level.

Savior of Acis
Save all humans on Acis

Please refer to the Humanist above for in depth details.

Savior of Ceres
Save all humans on Ceres

Please refer to the Humanist above for in depth details.

Savior of Decima
Save all humans on Decima

Please refer to the Humanist above for in depth details.

Savior of Febris
Save all humans on Febris

Please refer to the Humanist above for in depth details.

Savior of Mefitis
Save all humans on Mefitis

Please refer to the Humanist above for in depth details.

Save a human

To save a human you need to kill the keepers (enemies with a glowing green flash around them) that have a set path or by having a high enough multiplier that will also release the humans from their cells. Once out of the cell, follow the direction of the green arrow placed next to your ship and fly into/over the human and bring them into the ports that are shown above with the green lights or green arrows pointing upward to the sky from the middle of the map. There are a few of these in each level.

Get a multiplier of 5x

This can be earned on any difficulty. The highest multiplier that can be earned in this difficulty is 5.

Please refer to (10+1.5+3.5)x for more details on unlocking this trophy.

Get a multiplier of 10x

This can be earned on experienced difficulty or higher. The highest multiplier that can be earned in this difficulty is 10.

Please refer to (10+1.5+3.5)x for more details on unlocking this trophy.

Get a multiplier of 15x

This can be on veteran or master difficulty. The highest multiplier that can be earned in veteran difficulty is 15 whereas you can reach 20 during master. At the top of your screen you will see the multiplier where it has three stages of importance. Green = Safe, Yellow = Warning, and Red = Danger. These are used to determine where you stand at your multiplier resetting because after red it gets reset and you will need to start all over.

Playing on veteran from arcade mode you should be able to unlock this trophy on the second stage granted you do not die or lose your multiplier.
  • Use the Nemesis ship as it will destroy the enemy personnel slower, allowing you to gradually raise your multiplier faster than you would by destroying them quicker.
  • Picking up or saving a human resets your multiplier to green.
  • Reaching the boss stage of each level stops the multiplier (dying at the boss will make it start over).
  • Try not to use your bombs as it will destroy every enemy on the map and you donít know how fast a new enemy will appear and where.
  • Shooting the power up refreshes your multiplier state to green.
  • When enemies are scarce on the level shoot them slowly until more start to spawn so you wonít have your multiplier reset.
  • Boost becomes extremely important so use it wisely as some enemies could be far away where boost is needed.
  • Overdrive is useful when is a tight space, however, be sure to leave enemies on the map as well to keep your multiplier going.
This can be done in Master difficulty if you have some luck or skill since the multiplier goes up faster allowing you to master only the 1st stage, however, the enemies are harder so it's at your demise.

Let fly!
Throw a human to the escape pod

This can be done on any level, any difficulty, and any ship of your preference, but as usual the first level Acis would be the easiest. You need to first save one of the humans by killing the set of keepers or by having a high enough multiplier that lets the human escape from their box and when that happens a green arrow will point you in the direction of the human with the fastest route.

To pick them up with your ship, fly into/over them and they will be placed below your ship dangling in mid-air. You will then need to travel to the floating platforms with the green light above them (also underneath of them is a green arrow pointing upwards). Don't fly through it but as you fly close to it press and let your human into the green arrows and once done your trophy will unlock. If you throw the human too low it will not save the human and instead the human will go to the platform below to be picked up again.

Pilot of Ferox
Complete the game with Ferox

You get to choose your ship after you choose the difficulty in which you want to play on unless you are joining a multiplayer game where you will then choose your ship from the beginning. Simply complete all the levels on any difficulty whether it is by arcade or picking single level gameplay, just as long as you finish each of the levels. This has to be done at once so when playing be sure to play in arcade mode!

From my point of view this is the worst (3rd best) ship to choose from out of the 3 just because it doesn't really benefit you much.

The stats of the Ferox are as follows:

Pilot of Nemesis
Complete the game with Nemesis

You get to choose your ship after you choose the difficulty in which you want to play on unless you are joining a multiplayer game where you will then choose your ship from the beginning. Simply complete all the levels on any difficulty whether it is by arcade or picking single level gameplay, just as long as you finish each of the levels. This has to be done at once so when playing be sure to play in arcade mode!

From my point of view this is the 2nd best ship in the game as it is very quick and the boost comes in handy in tough times especially with the bosses but is very weak compared to the Phobos & Ferox.

The stats of the Nemesis are as follows:

Pilot of Phobos
Complete the game with Phobos

You get to choose your ship after you choose the difficulty in which you want to play on unless you are joining a multiplayer game where you will then choose your ship from the beginning. Simply complete all the levels on any difficulty whether it is by arcade or picking single level gameplay, just as long as you finish each of the levels. This has to be done at once so when playing be sure to play in arcade mode!

From my point of view this is the best ship to use in all situations including the saving human trophies. Just use the Nemesis for the specific boost trophy and use the Phobos for the overdrive trophy. The Phobos is extremely powerful making it easy to decimate the enemies, however, it is super slow so a couple of the battles could be an issue if you don't use your boost frequently.

The stats of the Phobos are as follows:

To the max!
Fully upgrade the ship

Please refer to Fire and Power for the further details on unlocking this trophy.

Fully upgrade the main gun

Play in arcade mode to unlock this trophy as you will slowly upgrade your gun by destroying the green circular power ups that will leave a green cross that you will need to fly into which will upgrade your ships main gun. By playing through arcade mode from beginning to end this should come naturally.

Fully upgrade the overdrive

Playing in arcade mode, this should unlock naturally by the time you reach the last (5th) level granted you are saving humans. This is a bit harder than upgrading the full gun since you need to keep your multiplier up and kill the keepers so you can rescue the humans. Once you have saved enough humans that upgrade your overdrive you will earn this trophy. This can be unlocked before the final level if you are saving a good amount of humans.


Thanks to Pancake Model for the guide banner.
Thanks to PS4Trophies for several videos used in this guide.
Thanks to OddRyan for a video in this guide.

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