Players: 1-4 (can be done solo)
Online Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 1.5 hours + ~6 hours of grinding
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Season, plus Clean-up
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

This DLC pack adds the following content:
  • Two Battle-Cars: the over-the-top American muscle car Dominus, and the souped-up Japanese street racer Takumi;
  • Twelve Decals (six for each new vehicle);
  • Two Rocket Boosts - “Nitrous” and “Burnout”;
  • Two Wheel Sets - the soccer ball-themed “Cristiano” and the very-cool “Spinner” set; and
  • Five all-new Paint Finishes - “Brushed Metal,” “Carbon Fiber,” “Metallic Pearl,” “Pearlescent,” and “Wood”.

Note: all content is available from the start - you do not need to unlock any of it.


Step 1 - Setup (1/2)
From the Main Menu, go to Garage and select the Dominus. With your vehicle selected, apply a Decal to it, then apply one of the new Paint Finishes to both the Primary and Accent layers, for both Teams. Lastly, equip the Cristiano Wheels, as well as one of the new Rocket Trails.

Step 2 - Play a Match
It doesn't matter what kind you play, just play one. I personally chose to play an Exhibition match with no bots, so that I didn't have to focus on winning. Simply score a goal (so that you'll win when the timer reaches zero), then start driving around the arena, making sure to boost as much as possible. During the course of this game, make sure to perform a 180° Powerslide (see Drift King for more information).

Step 3 - Setup (2/2)
Return to the Garage and select the Takumi. Apply a decal to it, and one of the new Paint Finishes (making sure to choose one that you have not already used). Lastly, equip the Spinner Wheels.

Step 4 - Play another Match
Same as before - the type of match is irrelevant, and your focus should be on performing a 180° Powerslide, and boosting around as much as possible.

Step 5 - Win a Season Championship
Now that you've tried both new vehicles, select your favourite, and begin a Season. You can make it as long, or as short, as you like. I recommend selecting the 9 week season, with 4 teams in the playoffs; this means you only need to play a total of 11 games. Your aim is to win the Season Championship using either the Dominus or the Takumi (but only one of them - do NOT change vehicle during the Season).

Step 6 - Clean-up/Grinding
All that remains now is grinding out the 100kms of driving on the new Wheels. You can either do this by playing lots of matches (you'll need to play upwards of 100), or by rubber-banding your controller (see An Inch and 62 Miles for more information).


Winning is Winning
Win a Season Championship using Dominus or Takumi in every game

To earn this trophy, you must win a Season Championship using just one of the new cars for the entire duration of the Season, without ever swapping to another vehicle.

Start by going to the Garage from the Main Menu and selecting either the Dominus or the Takumi. Make sure that you're happy with your choice, because you're going to be stuck with it for a little while.

Going back to the Main Menu, select Season mode, and choose to begin a new one. While you can make it as long, or as short, as you like. I recommend selecting the 9 week season, with 4 teams in the playoffs; this means you only need to play a total of 11 games. I also chose to play 4v4, because the more players there are on the field, the less goals will be scored (they're all too busy bumping into one another), resulting in the shortest possible match length.

While you don't have to win every match (just enough to qualify for the top 4), you do need to win both the semi-final and the Championship match. Once you're crowned Champion, this trophy will unlock.

An Inch and 62 Miles
Drive 100 km with either the Cristiano or Spinner Wheels

This trophy will take the longest to earn. It's essentially the same as Far, Far Away ... from the main trophy list, except you don't have to drive as far, and you MUST be using either of the two new Wheel sets - the Christianos, or the Spinners.

You can either do this by playing lots of matches (you'll need to play upwards of 100), or by rubber-banding your controller.

To do the latter, start up an Exhibition match and run the timer out so that the match goes into Overtime. Then, rubber-band both your Left Analog Stick so that it's pulling to the right, and your button so that you're permanently accelerating. If done correctly, your car should just drive around in a perfect circle forever. Leave it running for a few hours (I left it overnight), then when you come back, score a goal to end the match, and earn this trophy.

Note: you MUST complete the match for your stats to be counted.

Ride or Die
Equip both Dominus and Takumi with a new Decal and Paint Finish, then win a game

This trophy has two requirements: customizing the two new vehicles, and then winning a game while using each one.

Start with the Dominus. Select it, then equip any of the Decals. Move over to paint, and select a new Paint Finish (Brushed Metal, Carbon Fiber, Metallic Pearl, Pearlescent, and Wood) for the Primary and Accent categories on both Blue and Orange teams. I set both Primaries to Brushed Metal, and both Accents to Carbon Fiber.

With the decorating out of the way, start up an Exhibition Match, or jump Online, and play until you win.

Once you've tasted victory, return to the Garage.

Select the Takumi and equip any Decal. Just as you did previously, move to the paint category and select some of the new Paint Finishes, but this time make sure to choose different ones to those you chose previously. I set both Primaries to Metallic Pearl, and both Accents to Pearlescent.

Once again, play some more matches until you win, after which this trophy will unlock.

Don't Look Back
Use the Burnout or Nitrous Rocket Boost for a total of 10 minutes

Simply boost for a collective ten minutes while using either of the new Rocket Boosts (Nitrous and Burnout).

Note: the time is cumulative between the two Boosts - I did approximately 9 minutes of boosting using Nitrous, and 1 minute of boosting using Burnout.

You can earn this through natural play, but if you want to grind it out, simply start up a 1v1 Exhibition Match without Bots and just drive around the Arena until it unlocks.

Family, Not Friends
Play a complete game with both Dominus and Takumi

This trophy is simple - just complete a full five minute match with both new vehicles. This can be done online, or offline in Exhibition with bots.

Drift King
Perform a 180 powerslide with both the Cristiano and Spinner Wheels

To earn this trophy you must perform two 180° (one hundred and eighty degree) powerslides. This means that when you complete the powerslide, you must be facing the opposite direction you were facing when you started the slide.

To perform a Powerslide, press and hold while pulling hard on the left Analog stick (left or right).

Do this twice - once with each new set of wheels - to earn this trophy.

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