Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Estimated Time to 100%: 8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: none-all trophies are story related
Glitched Trophies: none

[top]Tips & Strategies

Soma is a survival horror game based around exploration, puzzle solving and stealth.
It is set on an underwater station in the year 2103 after the surface of the Earth has been decimated by a comet collision.
There is no combat in the game, if you encounter any enemy your only option is to hide.
If you are attacked by an enemy you will lose consciousness and wake up in the same area, however if you get hit again you will die and restart from your last checkpoint.
You can heal by interacting with the pods littered around PATHOS-2.
If an enemy is close the screen and sound will become distorted so you should hide until the threat has passed.

There is an Autosave feature but you can also manually save at any time.
Once you leave an area you cannot reenter it but don't worry as the game is very linear, just make sure to always bring your Omnitool with you.
The only place you will need to be careful is when you are heading to TAU after getting your power suit, you will find yourself following a robot, if you let the robot go on without you it will be lost and you will have to load a previous Autosave through Load Game in the main menu.

Your main barrier to progression will be the many puzzles found in the game.
The game will give you few clues on how to progress and for the most part you will be left alone to figure out what to do.
However everything you need to progress is generally close by and there is very little backtracking.
There is no inventory system, if you have picked up something and you can use it in the current circumstances it will appear in your hand.
The puzzles mainly involve interacting with computer screens/fuseboards there are very few fetch quests.
In the below Trophies section I have included the solutions to all of the puzzles that I found tricky or confusing.

If you come across a cracked window have a look around for a nearby fire extinguisher as it can be shattered and traversed.
As a general rule if you find yourself outside follow the lights.

Toggle (crap) torch
No function
Interact (hold and push right stick left-right or up-down to open doors or flick switches)
To throw a held object
Hold to run


All the trophies in this game are directly related to the story and can't be missed, simply finishing the game will unlock all 10 trophies.
In the below Trophies section I have given a brief description of events leading up to the trophy unlocking and solutions to any tricky puzzles.
This information is not intended as a walkthrough for the entire game, if you encounter any problems or become stuck please refer to Walkthrough - SOMA Wiki Guide - IGN.
Here is the order in which the trophies will unlock:
Answering the Cal
Chasing Catherine
Plan B
Killed the Dream I Dreamed
A New You
Endangered Species
Your Expressway to the Stars
The End


Answering the Cal
Talked to Catherine Chun

This is the first trophy you will earn.
Catherine Chun will be your guide for most of the game.
She will first contact you when you restore power to the second area you reach on PATHOS-2.
Once you retrieve the Omnitool you will be able to unlock a previously locked door and crawl through some vents.
You should then disconnect both tentacles from the computer terminal at the window, activate the console on your right and complete the mini game by pressing both buttons until the lines above run green then press the last button to lock them in place.
Once the power has been restored Catherine will contact you over the intercom and the trophy will unlock.

Chasing Catherine
Discovered Lambda

This is the second trophy you will earn.
Lambda is the main hub of PATHOS-2.
After speaking to Catherine in the dome shaped comms room she will advise you to make your way to Lambda.
You will then find yourself outside, follow the lights and use your Omnitool to ride the shuttle from Upsillion B to Lambda.
The trophy will unlock as soon as you clear the Lambda airlock.

Crash-landed on peak Delta

This is the third trophy you will earn.
Once you reach Lambda Catherine will advise you that you need to go to Theta (another section of PATHOS-2).
Use your Omnitool to head back outside, follow the lights to reach a door that won't open, backtrack to a crashed mini sub near the entrance to Lambda to upgrade your Omnitool then head back to open the previously locked door.
You will then come to a large open area, hug the wall of the large cement building in the center to find a ladder.
This will lead you to an emergency shuttle, get this up and running and the trophy will unlock shortly after.

Discovered Theta

This is the fourth trophy you will earn.
After crashing the emergency shuttle have a good look around, you are in a large open underwater area with several buildings.
Your robot friend will follow along behind you and unlock any available doors.
Your main aim is to get the radio antenna up and running in order to hail a cargo zepplin which will take you to Theta.
Near where there is a robot going back and forth saying the same thing over and over you will notice a console.
You can use this console to establish a link with zepplin 049 through channel 5 and turn the dial to yellow.
You must then go back to the console by the landing zone and request transport on no49.
After the zepplin arrives board it and it will take you to Theta, the trophy will unlock as soon as you clear the airlock.

Plan B
Failed at acquiring the DUNBAT

This is the fifth trophy you will earn.
The DUNBAT is the only submarine that is capable of traveling into the abyss to retrieve the ARK it has been quarantined and you will need to get a security cypher to retrieve it.
In order to do this you will first have to find a working scan in the storage section of Catherine's office.
The only working one is in the second container on your right in the room beside her computer desk.
Insert this card into Catherine computer and select Brendan Wan, then look to the desk behind you and take out another card from the box marked Stimulation Assessments.
Take this second card to the computer in the room with the test chair and transfer the available environments to this card.
Now insert both cards into Catherines's computer to continue the assessment.
Catherine will then advise you to go to Brendan's room in the long staff quarter corridor, look through his computer and listen to his intercom to gain the information you need to continue the assessment.
Doing all this will allow you access the DUNBAT, plug in the console and turn all the knobs to access the submarine.
The trophy will unlock shortly after you enter the tunnel by pushing the moving stairs to allow you push the previously red button.

Killed the Dream I Dreamed
Escaped Theta

This is the sixth trophy you will earn.
The first thing you must do to proceed is run an ARK simulation-firstly attach the power cord to the console to the left of where you placed the Omnitool.
What you must do next is quite confusing, you must match the terms on the left with the terms on the right of the computer screen without going over the allowed total memory.
To proceed press 1,3,4,5,6,8,10 under SYS and 1,5,11 under OBJ.
Once that's done you will find yourself in an area with several rooms and corridors with a deactivated elevator in the center.
To proceed take the fire extinguisher from the wall outside the Medical Laboratory and smash the broken window (second right from the door you used to enter the area, it's the last window in the corridor, you can see a corpse in the back of the room).
Once you jump through the newly broken window loot the body for the chip, take it to the elevator and then to Stromheim's office for an update.
This will allow you ride the elevator down, after some more brief enemy dodging, platforming and flushing the trophy will unlock.

A New You
Changed body at Omicron

This is the seventh trophy you will earn.
In order to retrieve the ARK from the abyss you will need to equip a power suit found at Omicron.
Firstly you must restore power in order to disable the quarantine by interacting with both consoles to discover the password, for me it was 6677 but I believe it to be random.
To restore power you must interact with the large breaker board, there are four lines of four switches,switch the first two on the first row, the first two on the second row, the first on the third row and all four on the last.
Here is an image of how the final board do should look:

Toggle Spoiler

However you discover that the Omnitool won't work, head back outside and scale the old scaffolding at the side of the building to enter.
Once inside head to the dive room be told you need find three objects to mend the power suit.
Firstly you must head to containment room B to remove the lockdown, if you treat the puzzle as a grid starting from the top left corner you should start at 4(horizontal)-C(vertical) and finish at 8-B.
Here is how the final image should look:

Toggle Spoiler

Once that is done you can disable the lockdown on each floor as you need it.
The Cortex Chip is in the robot repair bay on the bottom floor, to get it you must redirect the lasers to the bottom and the chip will eject.
Here is how it should look:

Toggle Spoiler

You should then go to the clean room on the middle floor to retrieve the gel, remember to disable the lockdown for the middle floor first.
In the clean room open the container with the gel and it will eject a faulty chip, take the chip and put it in the middle container on your right and zap it with the laser, put the chip back where you got it and the gel container will open.
The battery pack is in the back of the power room on the top floor, you will have no problems retrieving it.
Once that is all done you should head back down to the dive room, the trophy will unlock as soon as you activate the airlock.

Endangered Species
Met the last person left alive

This is the eighth trophy you will earn.
You will find yourself back outside, follow the blue lights all the way to a power room, when you get there reboot the power and activate the robot in the little shed at the front and send it to TAU.
Follow this robot closely until it disappears, then follow the green lights and then the blue lights until you reach TAU.
Once you get there head to the staff quarters and unlock the door to the Infirmary by using the computer in Dispatches to allow you talk to the last person left alive and unlock the trophy.

Your Expressway to the Stars
Reached the Omega Space Gun

This is the ninth trophy you will earn.
After speaking to Sarah take the ARK down to the Dive Room and send it on its way, you should then follow the ARK until you can't anymore then backtrack a little to find a tunnel entrance.
After entering this tunnel just keep going, there are no more puzzles.
The trophy will unlock when you clear the airlock at the space gun.

The End
They’re not us!

This is the last trophy you will earn.
There are no more puzzles, just a little bit of power source swapping.
Wait until after the final credits roll, follow the path by the water and speak to Catherine for the trophy to unlock and that's your lot.

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