Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hours depending on skill level
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: Possibly Fast moving target as it seems to take a few attempts.


"Hunt The Grey Wolf" is pre-order DLC for Sniper Elite III. This may be made as paid DLC at a later date.
The DLC is one extra "bonus" Mission, where you're needed to infiltrate the German-held city of Tobruk in 1942. Once there, you will need to collect intel on whether or not the real Adolf Hitler is making a guest appearance. After acquiring all the intel, you will need to decide on the right approach. Do you assassinate Hitler... or walk away from his "innocent" body double?

[top]Tips & Strategies

In the DLC there's no difficulty trophies, so knock the difficulty down to the easiest to make it quicker, this also means that there's checkpoints. So if you die then you don't have to start from the beginning.

On the easiest difficulty you shouldn't have any trouble, but if you do, just remember to shoot and relocate... shoot and relocate. This makes it harder for the enemy to pin point you.

On the easy difficulties use your binoculars to tag enemies, this way you can keep track of them through walls etc, and will always know where they are. Press to bring up the binoculars and to tag them. This also works for vehicles and you get a red highlighted area of the vehicles vulnerable spots.

If you're trying to hide bodies but want to collect the items (ammo, bandages etc), you can automatically acquire the items when you pick up the bodies, no need to search them first.

As with most shooters, take your time and you'll get through no problem.


All the trophies are earned at the end of the Mission. Make sure you choose a lower difficulty so that the game lets you load previous checkpoints, which will save you a lot of time, as you wont need to replay the whole mission each time.

Once you're given the choice of two Sniper Spots, choose the one closest to the target. After obtaining or failing to get each trophy, press "Options" and Load Last Save (the games autosave / checkpoint) and go for the next trophy or retry the failed one.
  1. First you'll want to go for Herr Charles and pop those man fruits, if you miss then don't worry, just go for one of the kill trophies.
  2. Now it's just a case of going for all seven different kill trophies, these are: Sweating bullets , In the middle , Convenience is key , Saved by the bell , No escape , Grenadier and Fast-moving target
  3. Once you've done all seven kills, you'll unlock ...And stay dead!
  4. Finally, Load Last Save and this time do nothing and let "Hitler" escape. The trophy Threat assessment will pop as the vehicle exits the area.
And that's it! 100% DLC complete


Threat assessment
Observe the target and correctly choose to leave or kill.

Let's see how good your detectives skills are! As you go through the Mission, you'll have to collect a few bits of Intel in the form of letters to find out whether or not the real "Führer" is coming for an "Inspection". After collecting the first three letters you will have to observe a Messenger to see what he does with his letter. He could give it to an Officer or "hide" it somewhere. Once you've acquired all the Intel to make your decision, head to your choice of two Sniper Spots.

This is a spoiler as to whether or not "Hitler" is the real deal...

Toggle Spoiler

Note: You do not have to complete the level to get the trophy.

Sweating bullets
Shoot and kill the target.

Probably one of the easiest assassination trophies. Simply shoot "Hitler" with your rifle at the "meeting"... preferably in the testicles, because why not?!

In the middle
Kill the target with a chain reaction.

From the Sniper Spot closest to "Hitler", aim and shoot one of the trucks on the right. You need to make sure your round goes through the rectangular vents that expose the engine at the front, this will cause a few big explosions and will give you the trophy.

Convenience is key
Kill the target by shooting nearby explosive barrels.

Wait for "Hitler" to leave and follow the vehicle with your rifle, just as it's about to go right round a corner and rocks, you'll see some red barrels perfectly placed to the left of the road. Shoot the barrels as the car passes them to turn "Hitler" into flaming roadkill.

Saved by the bell
Crush the target with a bell.

Choose the Sniper Spot closest to "Hitler". Now aim your rifle directly up from where he is sitting and slightly to the right and you'll see a bell in a broken bell tower. Now, simply shoot the rope... Dong! Trophy!

No escape
Kill the target in the vehicle by shooting its weakspot.

This trophy can be a little bit tricky, but keep at it and you'll eventually get it. Be ready to start firing at the back of the vehicle once it passes under the bridge. You'll be wanting to put two rifle rounds into where a number / registration plate would be on the back of the vehicle. Your first round will take away the protective cover and the second round will hit the fuel tank... Barbecued "Hitler".

Another method is the way shown in the video. Make sure you have a few grenades and then you want to go to the more elevated Sniper Spot. Aim a grenade towards "Hitlers" car and this will cause you to be detected. Throw another grenade just before the cutscene and once the scene finishes, that grenade should explode the car and kill "Hitler" too, giving you both No Escape and Grenadier

Kill the target with a grenade.

This trophy is pretty much all about timing... or luck. Choose the Sniper Spot closest to target. You can either get the party started earlier and shoot some of the guards, causing "Hitler" to escape in the vehicle, or wait out the "meeting" and let him leave more willingly.
As he's getting driven away, quickly run to the other side of the bridge and throw a grenade with into the path of the vehicle, if you timed it correctly it will blow up causing the car to explode too.

Another method is the way shown in the video. Make sure you have a few grenades and then you want to go to the more elevated Sniper Spot. Aim a grenade towards "Hitlers" car and this will cause you to be detected. Throw another grenade just before the cutscene and once the scene finishes, that grenade should explode the car and kill "Hitler" too, giving you both No Escape and Grenadier

Fast-moving target
Shoot the target in his car.

Again, choose the closest Sniper Spot and wait for "Hitler" to get in his vehicle. Now simply shoot him once you have control again.

Note: This trophy could be glitched as it took me a few attempts to the trophy to pop.

...And stay dead!
Kill the target in 7 different ways.

This trophy will pop up once you have killed "Hitler" in all seven ways that have been described in this guide. So once you have all seven kill trophies you'll unlock this one, so it's kinda like a platinum trophy for killers.

Herr Charles
Kill the officer at the meeting with a testicle shot.

Another trophy that can be a bit tricky. Choose to set up from the closest Sniper Spot, you'll want to be aiming for the Officer on the other side of the table to "Hitler". Unless you've got X-ray vision, the Officer's Plums can be a bit hard to hit. As a guideline you'll want to aim just above the bottom of his jacket. Poor Plums

Testicle shot from the other location


Credits go to:
Yoo_Hoo_Sniper for setting up the guide and saving me time by doing the trophy images.
ERICVOLTAGE for doing my banner as always.
The Gaming Freddo for all videos.

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