Players 1-2 (Co-op) 2-12 (Multiplayer)
Online Trophies: Yes; You'll try anything once, Competitive streak, Highly decorate.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-45 hours. (Depending on skill and glitches.)
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+ (Clean-up via Chapter Select)
Collectible Trophies: Yes; Casual Reader, Archivist, The gathering, Nesting instinct, A shot in the dark.
Difficulty Trophies: Yes (Stackable); Time to reload, Regular soldier, Hard as nails, True Sniper.
Missable Trophies: No; Mission select is available.
Glitched Trophies: Yes; see the Glitched Trophies & Fixes section below.


Sniper Elite III is a prequel to the sleeper hit Sniper Elite V2, starring American OSS agent Karl Fairburne. Set before his mission to Berlin, we see Fairburne fighting earlier in World War II during the North African Campaign in 1942.

With Europe in Germany's clutches, allied supplies are drying up as the means of sending food and raw materials to the troops have been all but crippled. Fighting to keep these life lines open, Fairburne stumbles across a plan to crush the Allies with the Wonderwaffle; a diabolical plan to produce extremely powerful weapons capable of mass death and destruction.

It's up to Mr. Fairburne and his world-class rifle skills to trek across the desert and stop the Axis power in its tracks.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Situational-Awareness: Before storming into an area, it's always a good idea to creep up and try to mark as many enemies as you can with your binoculars (R3).

Relocating: After firing an unconcealed shot, you can quickly move to a new area near-by and fire from another angle all the while avoiding being spotted.

Sound-Masking: A lot of areas have loud, shot drowning occurrences to cover your shots from enemy ears. Anything from machinery or generators, to passing planes and firing AA Cannons.

Focus & Heart Rate: Steadying your shot is paramount when you want to amass some amazing kills. Make sure your heart rate is around 60 for a full breath meter, and use the R1 button to hold it and focus.

Rocks, rocks, & rocks: Distracting enemies could mean the difference between a giant fire-fight and slipping by unnoticed. If you're in a bit of a jam that you need to slip out of, throwing a rock to get their attentions elsewhere could save you a lot of time and effort when you're sneaking by.

Dealing with Vehicles: Aside from Authentic Difficulty, you any other you can use your binoculars to find the weak spots on armored and regular vehicles. Also. through leveling up, you can unlock Armor-piercing rounds so you can take them out very quickly by equipping them in your load-out.

Load-Outs: Breaching out from choosing gear in V2, you can now assign entire load-outs to further customize your experience and play-style.

[top]Glitched Trophies & Fixes

On August 12, 2014, patch 1.02 for Sniper Elite III was released containing the following notes;

PS3/PS4 Patch Notes

Toggle Spoiler

To those who have their statistics wiped or lost.
  • Campaign, Co-Op & Multiplayer statistics should return to where they were before the wipe.
  • Loss of XP and the retaining of Rank will be adjusted. This means it will show the Rank where you should be, and the XP needed indicates how much XP is needed for the next level. Once the level is reached, leveling will return to normal.
  • Ribbons and Medals that have disappeared should return, and if all have been earned the corresponding trophy should pop.
  • Glitched trophies have been given a new tallying system as you collect things and earn certain kills, and now will pop once the criteria has been met.
  • If you've already met the criteria of the trophy (i.e. all of a certain collectible), I strongly suggest saving those trophies for last as you will have to delete your save and start again to obtain them.
    • This way you can just run through the game later focusing solely on collectibles and things without screwing yourself further.
    • Also remember to back your saves up, if you can, so you can keep everything and replace the temporary stuff with your old saves, if you'd like.

  • The Easy Authentic Glitch is still present as of this update; see True Sniper, for more details.


1) Campaign Completion - First off, complete the campaign on Cadet, Marksman, or Sniper Elite Difficulty. Here it's all about havin' some fun and snagging all of the level specific things, and picking up whatever you find along the way.

2) Collectibles and Obectives - Now that chapter select is open to all missions, you can go back and snag all the little goodies scattered about. If you beat the game on a higher difficulty, here you can lower it to make finding everything an absolute cakewalk.

3) Co-op/Challenges/Multiplayer
- Grab a partner and finish the game again, along with the four challenges, and earn all of the multiplayer trophies in private matches if need-be. Here is also where you'll grind out the rest of the XP to reach Rank 31 and separate the men from the boys.

SE III Boosting Threads (PS3) (PS4)

4) Authentic Difficulty - Now that your level knowledge is fresh and all the optional non-sense is out of the way, you can focus on finishing the missions on the hardest difficulty. Stealth and short-cut use is a must. Preferably completed in Co-op.



Platinum Trophy
Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest sniper

Collect all other trophies, this one is all yours.

The Gazala Gallop
Complete Mission 1

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Tubruk on any difficulty.

Complete Mission 2

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Gaberoun on any difficulty.

Through the fire...
Complete Mission 3

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Halfaya Pass on any difficulty.

No refuge
Complete Mission 4

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Fort Rifugo on any difficulty.

In the nick of time
Complete Mission 5

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Siwa Oasis on any difficulty.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte
Complete Mission 6

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Kasserine Pass on any difficulty.

Demolition Man
Complete Mission 7

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Pon Du Fauchs Airfield on any difficulty.

Pest Control Specialist
Complete Mission 8

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the mission Ratte Factory on any difficulty.

Oscar Mike
Relocate 100 times

Unlike the last iteration, once you fire your rifle, the entire freakin' country doesn't immediately know your exact location. It takes a few shots, three to be exact, from the same location for your enemies to zero in on your whereabouts, given you're not in their line of sight.

Once you fire a shot at an enemy, a successful one or otherwise, you have the option to leave the immediate area. This way you can lay down suppressing fire from different angles and go completely unseen. An indicator to a successful relocation occurs when you've left the area, indicated by a distance meter around your mini-map, and a pop-up occurs reading 'Ghost'.

Using this technique is essential to conquering the open missions with your rifle, and should come natural by the completion of the campaign.

Make it go boom
Kill 20 enemies by shooting explosives

This game is littered with explosive things. Barrels, gas cans, mortar shells, you name it, and any explosive will do. If it can explode and kill something, then it'll count toward this trophy. A good tip is to use your binoculars (R3) to spot any explosive targets, as they will glow a bright red once looked over. Keep an eye out for things that go boom, and this should come in no time.

Sniping with friends
Complete the campaign in co-op

After selecting Campaign from the Man Menu, you can find the Cooperative mode in the bottom half. Once you're in the co-op campaign lobby, you can invite a friend, or view any invites a friend has sent. From there you can choose your desired difficulty and playthrough to your two hearts' content.

Also note that this doesn't have to be completed in one go, or even with the same co-op partner. Simply completing the campaign as a team will suffice as the game will keep track of your progress.

Time to reload
Complete the game on Cadet difficulty

See True Sniper.

Regular soldier
Complete the game on Marksman difficulty

See True Sniper.

Hard as nails
Complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty

See True Sniper.

True sniper
Complete the game on Authentic difficulty

In Sniper Elite III, there are four modes of Difficulty, the newest addition being Authentic Difficulty. Though boasted as the toughest, it's not too much of a stretch from V2's Elite mode and by following the Tips & Strategies section, along with having some patience, completing the game at it's hardest shouldn't be a terrible chore. Here are the difficulties, since they stack & can be earned via Co-op, broken down below;
  • Cadet Difficulty stands as the least challenging level. Enemies pose very little threat and bullets go exactly where you shoot them in the absence of any ballistics with full tactical assistance. A weekend warriors delight.
  • Marksman Difficulty contains slightly deadlier enemies, bullets are now affected by gravity, and full assistance is still active.
  • Sniper Elite Difficulty has even harder enemies that will pursue you even further and more ruthlessly. Along with little tactical assistance, bullets are affected by wind as well as gravity as well as it is tougher to steady a shot with holding your breath.
  • Authentic Difficulty offers limited ammunition & resources, brutal enemies, weaker health with zero regeneration, and absolutely no tactical assistance from your HUD. Also zero checkpoints during a mission thus having to restart upon death.

Easy Authentic Glitch -
Now, there is a way to trick the game, in a glitch, to allow players in co-op to retain some a lot of the tactical assistance that is stripped away in Authentic, making the playthough practically a cakewalk. Follow the steps below to trigger the glitch and a way easier and fun time making it through on the hardest difficulty.

- Start the game up and invite your friend into a co-op lobby.
- Head straight to multiplayer, creating a private game with these specifications;
  • Game Mode - TDM (Team Deathmatch)
  • Score Limit - 100 Points
  • Time Limit - 5 Minutes
  • Ballistic Realism - Limited
  • Damages Type - Rifle One Shots
  • Rifles Only - No
  • Map - Any
- Complete the match as quickly as you can, letting someone win.
- Once finished, head back out to the Main Menu and select Campaign then Cooperative.
- Select the mission where you want to begin and select Authentic under difficulty.
- Both of you ready up, and begin the mission.

If you've completed the steps correctly, you and your partner will regain most of the assistance that comes with the lower difficulties. Returned are the following;
  • Bullet Drop Compensation
  • No Wind Resistance
  • Enemy Tagging
  • Mini-map & Health Indicator
  • One Checkpoint. (Certain missions)
Unfortunately what doesn't change are the damage yields. Enemies are still very lethal and you do not recover any health once damaged. This means you'll have to rely on Health Kits and bandages to stay afloat. Though, if you're in a pinch, you can allow your partner to kill you and immediately revive you to regain your full health bar.

Another important note is that if you both happen to go down and fail a mission then, your co-op partner keeps full assistance, but the host does not. You can still complete the mission, which will return assistance for both persons again, but if that proves too hard, you can always go through the glitch again and start on the particular mission you stopped on.

Casual Reader
Find 50% of the war diaries

See Dedicated solder.

Find all the war diaries

See Dedicated solder.

The gathering
Find all the collectible cards

See Dedicated solder.

Nesting instinct
Find all the Sniper nests

See Dedicated solder.

A shot in the dark
Complete all the long shots

See Dedicated solder.

Nothing is optional
Complete all the optional objectives

Along with your primary duties, optional objectives are sprinkled throughout each mission as you carry about your way. Some are given to you outright, others seem to only show up when you're in a certain area of the mission. So when you're out and about, keep an eye on your map for places you may not have explored.

  1. Earn eight stealth takedowns.
  1. Kill an Officer from the sniper nest.
  2. Disable searchlight.
  3. Destroy motor-patrol.
Halfaya Pass
  1. Locate & kill General Hoesstein.
  2. Sabotage motor-patrol.
  3. Disrupt Communications.
Fort Rifugo
  1. Disable the two searchlights.
  2. Assassinate the Officer (in his car).
Siwa Oasis
  1. Destroy three Flakvierling AA Guns.
  2. Investigate German supply caches.
  3. Make Officer's death look like an accident.
Kasserine Pass
  1. Take out the two Nebelwerfers.
Pon Du Fauchs Airfield
  1. Kill the Radio Engineer.
  2. Destroy the three Bomb Dumps.
  3. Kill all Operators in the control Tower.
Ratte Factory
  1. Collect all four German Advanced Weapon plans.

Dedicated soldier
Complete 100% of the campaign on any difficulty

In order to '100%' the campaign, you meet the following requirements;

- Complete every mission. (Any difficulty)
- Complete all 18 Optional Objectives. (Nothing is optional)
- Collect all 15 weapon parts.
- Collect all 60 War Diaries. (Casual reader, Archivist)
- Collect all 20 Collectible Cards (The Gathering)
- Locate all 22 Sniper Nests (Nesting Instinct)
- Earn all 8 Long Shots (A shot in the dark)

None of the above are missable, and can be found through Mission Select and are immediately saved upon their acquisition. You can die or quit out of a mission instead of having to complete it in its entirety, if you choose, if you have to go back and retrieve something.

All Weapon Parts

Toggle Spoiler

All Diaries, Cards, & Sniper Nests/Long Shots.

Toggle Spoiler

You'll try anything once
Play 1 mission in each mode (campaign, challenges, competitive multiplayer)

Self-explanatory; play and complete a mission in the campaign, a multiplayer match of any type, and a challenge mission of your choice. The amount of games in each area are kept on record in your Statistics.

Ghost of Tobruk
Clear the mountain pass without alerting the enemy (Mission 1)

During the prologue mission Torbruk, there are quite a few introductory and scripted sequences to watch and learn from. This means being stealthy here is pretty much a cake walk. Once the mission teaches you to use Stealthy Takedowns, you're pretty much set, as you can sneak up on most of the enemies in the area outside of the mandatory rifle parts.

Just remember that you're only spotted when the rings above the enemies head are completely filled in red. Yellow and even even red before it's solid still isn't a clear sighting on you. If things things get too hairy, you can always reload the checkpoint.

Well, well, well
Hide a body in each of the wells in Gaberoun (Mission 2)

During the mission Gaberoun, there are four dried-up wells scattered about along the level. Once you've managed to discover them, simply pick a dead enemy off of the ground (with X) and chuck them in. The locations are;

- Just past the second Officer target, next to the lake.
- In a camp area north of the previous well.
- North, once more, in the adjacent camp area with enemies.
- Just south of your Motor Pool objective, behind a burnt-out truck.

End of the 'lein'
Find and kill the visiting General (Mission 3)

Taking place in the mission Halfaya Pass, there are a few hoops to jump through before you can assassinate the General. First you have to collect two letters pertaining to the General in the right order.

The first is in a building near the beginning of the mission, in the first town-like area you come to, on the right. The second is further on after taking out the first AA Cannon. The letter is on top of the building with the radio tower on top.

Once they're collected, you should get another Secondary Objective relating to assassinating the General. It'll lead you to the AA Cannon in the far north of the map where he will now be located. Since the Cannon is across a gorge, you can use your binoculars to find him among his peers and take him out.

I Fort this would be difficult
Get to the informant without being spotted (Mission 4)

The mission Fort Rifugo is split up into three parts, essentially. Finding a way into the fort, finding and escaping with the prisoner, and covering the prisoner for a final mad-dash.

Once you're inside the fort, the way to the prisoner is to your right then up a tower. You can use any means to reach him, but silenced weapons and stealth attacks are the very best bet. Enemies are fairly sparse, but there are also bad guys that are stationed above on higher areas that are able to hear you if you get a little too cocky and start to run around.

There are several routes you can take, as the prison has many tunnels and connecting areas. You can also find the Officer with the key, who is located in a tower to the left, past the projector area, and still successfully find the prisoner without being spotted. If you;re having trouble with being noticed, you can always Load Last Save, and the game will restart at the last checkpoint, making it that much more possible.

I Siwa you did there
Make the target officer's death look like an accident (Mission 5)

Nearing the end of the mission Siwa Oasis, you're led to a tall vantage point where you have to tag a specific enemy officer. A good tip here is to eliminate everyone in the area before you ascend the scaffolding. This way when you make your way back down you won't get spotted.

Moving on, three officers will congregate below you and as they speak you can decipher which one is your target. Once it's revealed, he'll finish chatting and make his way to a random room with some intel inside. Follow him, and depending on whether he'll go left or right of where he spoke with his group, he'll eventually make his way next to some explosive material where you will take your shot. Talk about goin' out with a bang.

Double tap
Incapacitate 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds (Mission 6)

In the mission Kasserine Pass, there is only one way to get two trucks close enough together in order to destroy them with your rifle.

First off, you need to destroy the vehicle that drives around in front of the Carved Wall where your main objective is. Once you do, a truck filled with more enemies will rush in, and right now would be a good idea to clear everyone out for later.

Secondly, you need to continue completing your objectives up to destroying the tank. After that you'll make your way back to the Carved Wall outpost, and another truck will have joined the first on the far right side. down the road that they're on is a little building with a vantage point accessible with a ladder.

Take point, and assuming you've cleared everyone out, you can weaken both trucks with a single shot to their weak spots located on the forward quarter-panels, under the hood. (Use your binoculars and the area will glow red, for reference.) Here is a good idea to turn off your kill-cam in your options menu, as watching the truck kill-cam will waste the time you need to fire again.

Moving on, after they're weakened, focus your shot and fire on the first and quickly looking over to shoot the second. They will explode almost simultaneously winning you a trucktacular scene of destruction.

Three birds, one stone
Destroy all 3 bomb dumps at the same time (Mission 7)

In the mission Point Du Fahs Airfield, there are three Bomb Dumps in the east of the map. When you approach them, you'll earn the Secondary Objective, even the one for the Comm Tower near-by.

In the camp next to them (Also in the camp at the bottom of the Comm Tower, and in the tower itself) are some rocket launchers, or Panzerschrecks, to be exact. From the Dump-camp you can fire a rocket and take out two at the same time, but in order to snag the third simultaneously, you have to be a little cheeky. Here are some solutions;

- One way to handle all three is to lay a land-mine in front of the the first dump, which is also in the path of the patrolling armored vehicle, then position yourself to fire a rocket at the other two. When the vehicle trips your trap immediately fire, and all three will go up in a blaze of glory.

- Another way, if you've already cleared the area thoroughly, you can set a charge of dynamite in the first Dump, and ignite it with your Flint & Steel. Wait until the very last second of the fuse and, like above, fire on the other two Bomb Dumps.

- A third way, and kind of silly way, is to chuck a grenade at a Dump, and then once more fire on the other two.

Long way down
Throw an enemy off one of the bridges (Mission 8)

In the very beginning of the mission Ratte Factory, you'll come off of some steep paths and reach the manufacturing areas embedded in the canyon walls. You'll immediately notice the half-dozen bridges stretching back n' forth. The first one comes up very, very early, and after clearing the area out a bit, all you have to do is find a lucky contestant, pick his body up, and wave goodbye as you hurl his corpse to the canyon floor.

Advantage: Sniper
Get 30 kills from sniper nests

Across all of the missions are 22 sniper nests hiding about. In each particular mission you can find them on your map all times as little white rectangles with points on top at either end.

If you're diligent enough you can rack thirty kills up by the end of the campaign, but if push comes to shove, there is a covering sequence at the end of the mission Pont Du Fachs Airfield where you can rack up more than half of the required amount in very little time.

Definitely no "90-day wonder"
Attain a rank of Sergeant (level 11)

See Officer Material.

Officer material
Attain a rank of Second Lieutenant (level 31)

XP can be earned over all modes of gameplay and there isn't a shortage of things to do in order to earn some. A good tip is to stack accolades so that you can earn a heap of points just from one kill. Things like masking Shots with firing from a Snipers Nest can net you big payouts along with other things you can manage to fit in all at once. You'll need all the points you can get seeing how Rank 31 is capped at 102,000 XP.

If need be, you can grind out XP in the mission Siwa Oasis. Firstly make sure your loadout includes a Panzerschreck. Now start the mission and equip the Panzerschreck, then run into the rice patty ahead and make a save file right there. When you Load Last Save, you'll see a truck passing on the right. Blow it up for the 100XP, and load the save again.

Keep it up until you see fit, really. After getting into a good rhythm, I clocked in at around 1000XP per minute. So obviously, the faster you are, the faster you rank up.

Through the looking glass
Kill 10 snipers before they see you

Hidden among the high elevations of the mission are very talented enemy snipers, not as skilled as yourself, of course. The telltale sign of an enemy sniper, in the daylight, is the reflection of their scope in the sunlight or moolight. When you come across a new area, take a moment behind cover and scan high areas, buildings, and cliffs for any glimmers of anyone trying to pick you off from afar.

Once you've spotted one, be sure to mark them with your binoculars (R3) and take your time to creep out from cover to take your shot. Some patience is key to catching them off guard, and you're only spotted if their rings turn completely red. Keeping that in mind, you'll turn into a Desert Ghost in no time.

A quick way to spot a couple in a matter of no time is to load up the mission Pon Du Fauchs Airfield. Straight from the beginning of the mission, you can head left around some boulders then right between the two aircraft hangars. From in between those two hangars, you can spot two enemy snipers perched on the rocks directly across the map. Pick those two off, restart the mission, and rinse and repeat to your hearts content.

Hidden and dangerous
Complete a campaign mission without being seen (excluding Tobruk)

The key to this trophy is the little suspicion ring above an enemy. Remember, you're only spotted if the the ring is completely filled red. You're safe even if it's yellow and the red is almost around but not quite, though you might need to skedaddle.

Something also to note is that some missions are impossible or extremely tough to go 100% stealthy. That's due to having objectives that make you take out a tank of some sort. Once you disable one, its meter goes red immediately, and there's really no way around it; just blow it up and carry on.

Good choices would be Gaberoun, Fort Rifugo, or Ratte Factory.

Competitive streak
Play 10 competitive multiplayer matches

In multiplayer, for this trophy's sake, simply completing 10 matches of any type well net you its award. You can choose any of the game-types below, as long as you complete the match. The number of matches you've finished will be kept in your game's Statistics.

- Team Deathmatch
- Deathmatch
- Team Distance King
- Distance King
- No Cross

An ode to Rube Goldberg
Get 20 chain reaction explosive kills

Unlike Make it go boom, you need to use the more indirect approach to killing with explosions. This means only kills caused by the explosions of vehicles, equipment, and the like count. For example, several times during the campaign you'll be able to eliminate enemy artillery or trucks by shooting their weaknesses. The explosion caused by target itself will surely take out whoever is near-by.

A good tip is to throw grenades at trucks that enemies are standing or patrolling by. They'll be distracted by the noise it makes when it hits the vehicle, and by the time they realize it's their doom, the truck is already shrapnel.

Tag 100 enemies or vehicles

Tagging enemies in an area is paramount to your success in this game. Having their blips on your map at all times is key to staying low-key and literally getting away with murder. Simply whip out your binoculars with R3 and press R2 to tag an enemy as you glance over them. Very easy and achieved through natural gameplay.

This is my rifle...
Customize 1 rifle

You can customize your individual weapons in your load-outs once you've collected parts to do so.

Once you have a part, go you your loadout and select customize over your rifle. You can change just about anything once you have the bits to do so, so even if the part barely changes the guns' appearance or performance, once it's switched out, back out to the load-out screen to save it.

Prepared for any eventuality
Create and save 4 loadouts

As soon as you start the game you have access to four load-out selections; Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. They are all exactly identical and are waiting for you to do with them as you want.

Though the reason to have these options is to have better setups for different situations, you can simply switch out one little thing, like a greande for the dynamite, in each load-out and save it for this easy trophy.

These are a few of my favourite things
Get a kill with each offensive item

Though some of these are unlocked as you level up, you can simply use them as you earn them if you'd like. The offensive items are as follows;

- Rifle
- Knife (Close-Quarters kill)
- Grenade
- Land Mine
- Dynamite/TNT
- Trip Mine
- S-Mine (Bouncing Betty)

If need be, in your load-out screen, you can fit one of every item to take with you into a mission so you don't have to mess around with too much and get away with everything all at once.

Tactical distractor
Distract 20 enemies with flint or rocks

Distracting enemies is a wonderful tool when you're just trying to sneak by. By holding the L1 button, you can select your rocks from the weapon wheel and keep it as your grenade/projectile slot. That means you can snipe and shoot, and still throw a rock for a distraction by holding the R1 button. Keep throwing rocks, and it'll come through natural gameplay.

Wait for it
Kill 10 enemies with flint-triggered detonations

This can be a little tricky, but also hilarious. Firstly, you need a load-out with a healthy amount TNT. Now, that you're equipped, the most fruitful opportunities are when enemies are bunched tightly together; i.e. around campfires or something. I suggest playing on Cadet Difficulty so you can sneak up very close to them and plant the Dynamite and light it with your Flint & Steel without them noticing.

The ignition itself will startle the enemies and they'll check out the ruckus shortly, so make sure you use rule of thumb when placing your charge. Once the fuse runs out, the dynamite will detonate, adding some kills to your collection.

Double the distance
Snipe enemies over a cumulative distance of a double marathon

At around 84,000 meters, this is definitely a feat that will take a while to achieve. Even after finishing the campaign once, you should be clocked in about half-way there. Luckily, this is accumulative over all areas of the game; Campaign, Challenges, and Multiplayer. Every shot you take will be counted and added your Statistics page under your Combat Record. Once you've gone though hell and back, you'll have earned this trophy.

A good way to rack up distance quickly, if needed, is to load up the mission Pon Du Fauchs Airfield on Cadet and grind using the longshot in the mission. (See Dedicated solider for exact location.) Once you're in position mark the target, but don't kill him. Instead, save your game then kill the target. This way, you can pause the game then Load From Last Save over and over and the distance will still accumulate.

Conserving oxygen
Hold your breath for an hour

When you scope in on your rifle, you can Focus your shot with R1. The meter on the left side of your reticle indicates how much longer you can hold your breath to steady your shot.

Doubling your efforts from the previous game is just like what's required for the distance trophy. After campaign completion, you'll have around 25-30 minutes worth of held breath, and also like the distance one, its accumulative over all games modes. Just make sure to use it as often as you can; whenever, where ever and you'll have this in spades.

The Everyman
Complete all the challenge missions

The Challenges, which can be selected from the Main Menu, are split into modes each with two maps;

- Solo/Co-op Survival
  1. Hellfire!
  2. Beachhead
- Overwatch
  1. Tiger Hunt
  2. Radio Silence
Though the option to do these by your lonesome is there, they can be quite lengthy doing them by yourself. The Survival modes alone are five rounds containing three waves a piece of increasingly harder enemies. Best bet is to play though on Cadet Difficulty. This way you're not over burdened, and with a Co-op partner, you'll make mincemeat of these things in no time.

Highly decorated
Earn 1 of every ribbon in competitive multiplayer

During multiplayer matches, you can earn ribbons for performance as you play along. You can keep track of your progress in your Combat Record under Statistics in the menus. Though this can be a bit luck based, as players skills differ from person to person, just note that they can be boosted in setup private matches and also stack if you happen to accomplish two tasks at the same time. There are 18 ribbons and they are as follows;

Ribbon Description
No Scope Kill 5 enemies while aiming down the sights of a rifle.
Trapper Kill 3 enemies with traps.
Castrato Get 3 testicle shots.
Demolition Man Kill an enemy by shooting TNT or a mine.
Long Distance Killer Kill 3 enemies over 150m away while scoped.
One Bullet Can... Get the match-winning shot.
Semi-Automatic Specialist Kill 5 enemies with a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
Tagger Get 3 tag assists.
Kill Streak Kill 5 enemies without dying
Grenadier Kill 3 enemies with grenades.
Sprinter Kill a sprinting target while scoped.
Operative Kill 7 enemies with an SMG or a Pistol.
Survivalist Complete a match without dying.
Steady Aim Kill 5 enemies while in Empty Lung.
Long Shot Have the longest shot in a match.
Head Hunter Get 5 headshots.
Bolt-Action Specialst Kill 5 enemies with a bolt action sniper rifle.
Streaker Perform 3 consecutive Kill Streaks without dying.
(15 Kill Streak)

Complete a mission after losing over 500 units of health

Even on the lower difficulties, it's really hard to finish a level after taking this much damage because you honestly can't run into that much trouble that you can make work. The best way to accomplish this is to, one, play on Cadet Difficulty. Then pick any mission you like and find an area where you can fall just far enough to take damage. Simply rinse and repeat, seeing that your heath will regenerate the last cell when damaged.

When you've found a cozy spot to grind this out, it'll take 30-35 goes to beat yourself senseless enough. Once you're satisfied torturing your poor guy proceed through the mission and complete it. Only upon mission success will this pop.

Charlie's Challenge
Get a testicle-shot from over 100m away

The key here lies solely in finding a clear standing over a 100 meters away. A lot of enemies are patrolling and guarding; weaving in and out of waist-high cover, protecting those precious family jewels. Once you find a lucky soul, be sure to tag them with your binoculars (R3), then aim for their groin.

Playing on the higher difficulties, you'll obviously have to compensate to wind direction and bullet drop when taking your shot. It will only count if the bullet-cam slows to render the testicles and having one or both shattered by your round. Unfortunately, there's no trophy for holding your crotch and cringing aterward.

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