Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes, Crappin' Forte , Fashionista , Toxic Environment , Pick Yourself up by Your Bootstraps , #followbacks , Boy Love Aficionado
Missable Trophies: The Token Experience

[top]Tips & Strategies

Loot everything that you can find. Components are needed for various crafting recipes and anything you don't need can be sold back to vendors around town. Additional components and new artifacts/recipes can also be found at vendors.

Attack an enemy first for a combat advantage that gives you the first turn in battle. You can just run up to an enemy and hit them with to do this. You can also use your abilities prior to battle to deal status effects. Farts will cause Gross Out and Firecrackers will stun them. Combine the two in quick succession to cause an explosion and Burning.

Use status effects whenever possible. Burning, Gross Out, Shock, and Bleeding will all cause damage at the end of an enemy's move, and last multiple turns. If you can combine two or more of these statuses, the enemy will start stacking damages at the end of their turn, which is very useful in harder battles. Chilled causes an enemy to skip their turn. Confuse and Charm make the enemy attack the nearest person in battle, regardless of team.

Use your fart abilities when available. Pause allows you to get in about 4 extra hits on an enemy of your choice. Rewind negates an enemy's movement and ends their turn. Clone grants you a copy of your character with his full move-set. Extra fire power will never not be useful.


Step 1: Playthrough on Mastermind with a Black character
This is the fastest path, as it only requires one playthrough and no other trophies are missable here. It may take a while to master the combat system, but it will be worth it for the final bosses. You should earn: Potty Trained ,An End to Racism , Fashionista , Toxic Environment , Titleist , Diabetes Defender , Chaos Controlled , Invasive Tumor Removal , #followbacks , Through the Bowels of Time , Deep Seated Power ,The Token Experience

Step 2: Collectibles
Here you will focus on the various items scattered around town. They include Toilets, Yaoi drawings, and coins (soDoSoPa only). During this step you should pick up: Crappin' Forte , Epic Artificer , Pick Yourself up by Your Bootstraps , Fully Bloated , Junksmith , Boy Love Aficionado

Step 3: Morgan Freeman
Yeah, he gets his own step based on the difficulty of the fight. Your gear, allies, and abilities will need to be used to their full potential to defeat him. You will pick up Farts Over Freckles here.

Step 4: Cleanup
Here you will pick up any miscellaneous trophies that you may have missed during the story. The most likely are any status kills, ally abilities, or fart-related kills. This final step should net you: Orgy of Power ,Stop, Drop and Roll , Pasta of Prophets , Corporate Wolf , Divine Wind , Call in a Favor , Master Classed , Last Kid Standing , Cosplay Curious , Glitch of Death , Big Knocker , Master Manipulator , Friend Finder , Character Sheet Elite , More Powerful Than You Think


More Powerful Than You Think
Complete all trophies in South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™

Congrats! You've done everything! (Until the DLC drops later this year)

Crappin' Forte
Use every available toilet in South Park and achieve the highest mastery level for each

In the previous game, you were able to play a QTE minigame at various toilets to obtain a "Shit Nugget" for use in battle. The same general concept applies here, but now you can "masterfully" shit at each toilet in South Park. There are varying difficulties, noted by the number of stars. To gain each star in order, you complete the QTE on screen before your "gas" meter empties. These QTE's are a combination of rapid button presses and analog stick movements. A single arrow in a direction just has you hold the stick in that direction, while arrows in two directions call for rapid back and forth movements. After each star is gained, you'll get a chance to gas back up before moving on the the next stage. complete all available stars for the toilet to master it. There are 21 toilets in South Park, with some only becoming available after certain story events. Best of all, none of them are missable!

Video guide courtesy of Powerpyx

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Boy Love Aficionado
Find all Yaoi art pieces

Season 19 saw the rise of Tweek x Craig ("Creek") Yaoi fanart. These... interesting drawing show the budding romance of South Park's 2nd favorite gay couple and are popular enough that they can be found all over town. There are 40 in total, with some only becoming available after specific story events. None of the images are missable, so you can hold off on this step until after the game if you wish.

Video guide courtesy of Powerpyx.

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An End to Racism
Stop racism in South Park

Story Related - Spoilers Below!

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Orgy of Power
Use all Allies' Ultimate powers once during the game, except the Coon's

Super moves are now made available by filling the Ultimate meter at the top of the screen during battle. Each ally has a Super move, with varying damage or secondary effects. You must use every unique Super move besides the Coon's. He doesn't count as he becomes unavailable as an ally after the story concludes. The allies that you must use are listed below, Coon and Friends and Freedom Pals are color coded.
  • Mosquito
  • Captain Diabetes
  • Fast Pass
  • Human Kite
  • Super Craig
  • Call Girl
  • Professor Chaos
  • Tupperware
  • Wonder Tweak
  • Toolshed
  • Mysterion
  • Mysterion (while dead)

Stop, Drop and Roll
Win a combat by using TimeFart Pause to kill all remaining enemies at once before time resumes

During the second day of the story, you will learn to pause time with your fart abilities. When in battle, this move will interrupt an enemy's attack and allow you to move anywhere on the field and get in some free hits on an enemy. These attacks will just be standard punches that deal little damage. If you can pause the final enemy that is near death, you should be able to easily finish them off before time resumes.

The Token Experience
Create a Black character and complete the game on Mastermind Difficulty

The Fractured But Whole introduces a new difficulty scale based on skin color. This in and of itself does not affect gameplay difficulty, but will change NPC dialog towards your character. The gameplay difficulty will be set during you first fight with the sixth graders when heading into town. Set it to Mastermind here and do not at any time lower it during the story, or you will void the trophy. Mastermind gives the computer every advantage and will cause the enemies to fight "smarter."

Ambushes will lead to every enemy attacking before your party as well as using status effects at every chance. You will need to plan your party beforehand, as well as stocking up on healing items and potions or you will quickly be cut down.

Once you are granted your 4th class during the story, choose the Plantmancer so that you gain access to the Nature's Bounty ultimate move. This revives and fully heals all team members, which is an enormous help during the later stages of the game.

Fully Bloated
Unlock all combat TimeFarts

There are four unique farting abilities to earn in the Fractured But Whole (teehee), with three being given to you throughout the course of the main story. The only one you need to worry about is attained by way of a crafting recipe. Head over to Freeman's Tacos to purchase this special recipe. Next, you'll need to gather the 2 specialty ingredients, as well as a standard Tortilla:
  • There is a crank handle that is found when gathering the ingrediants for the spicy shrimp burrito. If you somehow miss it, it is found on the AC unit knocked down by Skeeter's bar. It needs to be taken to the Memberberry Farm in the northeast corner of town (after the 2nd night mission). grind up some juice at the contraption for this ingredient.
  • The last ingredient is from Mrs. Cartman. Talk to her so that you may hand out her "business" cards at Skeeter's Bar. Head back to her when you're done to pick up the Brownies.

Find 10 costume pieces

Making their return from Stick of Truth are costume pieces. Unlike the previous game, these are now just cosmetic changes rather than stat buffs/nerfs. They can be earned from battles, finishing missions, and as always hidden away within the environment's many lootable objects. There is almost o chance for you to miss this trophy unless you actively avoid looting new areas.

Craft 10 distinct recipes

Recipes can be found everywhere from battle to hidden away in the town's many bags and boxes. Yo can even purchase at least one unique recipe from each vendor in town. Go to the crafting section of your phone to see what materials you will need for each recipe. if you already have the required items, hit to create the new item. Do this for 10 unique recipes to pick up an easy trophy.

Death Dodger
Keep an Ally alive for an entire combat while they take twice their max Health in damage

This was one I earned just by trying to keep one of my stronger allies alive during a boss battle. My ally was grossed out and on fire, and thus was losing quite a bit of health each turn regardless of being hit. To keep him alive, I just kept using health items when his health would dip too low. For example, an ally with 50HP would need to take a total of 100 damage points in battle. As long as the ally doesn't faint at any point and has withstood twice their HP worth of damage, the trophy should pop.

Deep Seated Power
Obtain and equip Artifacts to reach 600 Might

Might is determined by the rank and amount of artifacts you have attached to your character and certain artifacts will grant special buffs and nerfs to your abilities. With each new level up, you will earn a new artifact slot, with a maximum of 8 artifact slots (though future dlc may add more) . Higher level artifacts will become available to you as you reach higher crafting ranks and a ton can be found around town and in missions. The most powerful artifacts I have found are rank 105. A full arsenal of rank 75 or higher artifacts will net you this trophy.

Class Warfare
Equip powers from 2 different classes

This can be attained right before your first night mission. You will speak to the Coon to retcon your origin story, allowing you to pool moves from two classes. Once the flashback sequence has ended, you will be prompted to open the Powers menu on your phone. Simply apply at least 1 power from your new class for an easy trophy.

Farts Over Freckles
Pick a fight with Morgan Freeman and defeat him

Morgan Freeman is an optional battle that you should not attempt until the very end of the game and to make the process less of a chore, turn down the difficulty. He is by far the toughest fight in the game, with a whopping 9999 health and devastating attacks. He will attempt to inflict a multitude of status effects to your party including Burning, Gross Out, and Charmed. keep in mind that he will not fight a black character, so change your race with PC Principal and change the difficulty to Easy before attempting the fight if you have already earned The Token Experience on this playthrough. I highly recommend setting up the Plantmancer's Ultimate regardless of your party choices, as the ability to completely revive your entire party will definitely come in handy. During my bout, I used the Twin time fart to give myself an additional fighter with my same moveset whenever possible. In a pinch, you can always use your Summons to help out. Remember that you can only call each one once per battle, so use these as a last resort here. As for party lineup, you should pick whatever suits your play style the best, but somethings to consider:
  • Human Kite is good for quick healing and shielding. He really only has the one attack, but it has range.
  • Mosquito is weak but can heal himself as he attacks. Gross out can also slowly drain enemy health.
  • Call Girl can hit from anywhere on the field. It's not a strong attack, but range can keep you alive.
  • Chaos can summon an additional minion to deal minimal damage for 3 turns, but every bit helps here.
  • Fast Pass can hit from range and even turn invisible for a turn. Maybe enough to avoid an attack.

Video guide courtesy of Powerpyx.

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Toxic Environment
Loot 100 Biohazard items

Another trophy that I got without really trying. I normally loot and hit any items that respawn throughout town, as well as finding and using all the town's toilets, so many of the hazardous items will come from general play. If you want to grind for it, you can always just continuously use a toilet. Regardless of if you master the toilet, you will be given a piece of waste.

Pasta of Prophets
Craft a macaroni picture for Moses

After completing Father Maxxi's side quest, he will give you a macaroni picture to help you in future battles. Once you have it, you will be able to craft up to 9 more of your own with one Macaroni and 5 pieces of scrap. These items are very helpful in tougher battles, as Moses will completely heal all party members that are still "alive."

Corporate Wolf
Reach the highest economic value on your Character Sheet

After helping Professor Chaos with his sidequest to get a bank loan, you will be able to play the minigame again to increase your own economic level. The game is similar to wheel of fortune, where each space on the wheel has a particular prize. After this prize is won, that space becomes a Bankrupt slot. Land on this without a redo bonus and you drop one economic level. Each Prize has an accompanying bonus, listed below. The goal of this minigame is to earn enough money to reach the next economic level. You are aiming for the "0.01%" rating.
  • Tech Stocks - Inside Trader: Stop the wheel on whatever tile is currently lit up (if you have the reflexes for it)
  • Real Estate - Taxpayer Bailout: Next Bankruptcy is nullified.
  • Gold - Gold4Ca$h: All Bankrupt spaces turn to Gold for that turn.
  • Credit Default Swap - Market Manipulation: Press to stop as the wheel spins.
  • Index Fund - Short Sell: Swaps Bankrupcty spots for cash and vice versa.

Become mutual followers with 10 people in South Park

The citizens of South Park are known to be slaves to modern social media. Coonstagram is the social network of choice this time around. Simply ask for a selfie to become mutual followers with that person. Some NPCs are available from the start, but others will need a sidequest or two before snapping a pic. There are plenty of people in South Park, so you should have no issue with this even at the start of the game.

Divine Wind
Successfully Fartkour to the Lofts at SoDoSoPa rooftop and back down again

After the events of the 2nd night, you will be able to return to SoDoSoPa through Kenny's backyard. Unlike the night before, a small pinwheel is now in place for the first leg of the Fartkour course. The path is not difficult, and should only take a minute to reach the top. One of Mr. Slave's kitties is up here as well if you want to finish his sidequest. After you land safely at the bottom, the trophy is yours.

Video guide courtesy of Powerpyx.

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Last Kid Standing
Win while 3 Allies are downed at the end of combat

This is not tremendously difficult unless you are good at the game's combat system. I ended up with one enemy remaining with low health and 2 allies at one point. I then just wasted their turns and let the enemy take free shots until they were dead, then finished off the last guy myself. You may get this legitimately during the harder battles later on if playing on Mastermind difficulty.

Reach the highest rank on 1 title in your Character Sheet

This popped up randomly as I just poked around through town. Titles are various side challenges that grant xp once you reach a new rank of said challenge. Some Titles have only one rank, while others like the Coonstagram follower one can have as many as 9. As easy one from early on would be for defeating 15 Raisins Girls or 6th Graders.

Cosplay Curious
Wear costume pieces from 3 different sets at once

Very simple. In your costume section of your phone, just pick 3 non-matching costume pieces to create your own unique hero outfit and pick up a very easy trophy.If, for whatever reason you don't have 3 non-matching pieces, you can easily craft some if you have the cloth and recipes, or head to any vendor to pick one up.

Chaos Controlled
Foil the plans of Professor Chaos

Story Related - Spoilers Below!

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Call in a Favor
Use a Summon

Another simple one, but also somewhat hidden. During a character's turn in battle, you can choose one of their 3 normal attacks (or Ultimate if the meter is full) or use an item by pressing :u: on the dpad. If you have a Summon item available, use it to call in a bigger friend to help deal damage or heal your party. The four Summons are:
  • Macaroni picture: Summons Moses to heal your party.
  • Cheesing vial: Gerald flies in to bomb the enemy.
  • HAM radio: Jimbo and Ned show up to.. IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!!!
  • Burner phone: Classi (with the dick hangin' down off the "I" that fucks the "L" outta the "A.S.S.") runs over a line of enemies.

Invasive Tumor Removal
Defeat Mutant Cousin Kyle

Story Related - Spoilers Below!

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Master Classed
Equip powers from 4 different classes

After the Coon finally gives in and grants access to your 4th hero class, you will be able to assign powers from the new class to your character. For this all you need is to apply one move form each available class (including the Ultimate) and confirm the selections. Easy as 1 2 3.

Epic Artificer
Craft an Artifact with a Might value of 75 or more

As you progress, you will happen upon new and more powerful artifacts, as well as crafting recipes for them. You can purchase some high level recipes from vendors if your crafting rank is high enough as well. Once you have one of at least level 75, simply find the ingredients or purchase them to craft your new artifact.

Glitch of Death
Use TimeFart Glitch to cause a status-effected enemy to lose their turn and die at turn's end

Another one that I got without thinking of. I had an enemy suffering from burning and gross out near death. As he attacked, I used a fart ability to negate it as the character nearest him was near death himself. The enemy was stalled, and the double damage from both status effects was enough to finish him off.

Through the Bowels of Time
Survive the farts of future past

Story Related - Spoilers below!

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Diabetes Defender
Defend a helpless child from a drunk lunatic

Story Related - Spoilers Below!

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Big Knocker
Kill an enemy by knocking another enemy into them

I managed to pick this up in the first battle of the game. Certain moves grant a knock back bonus if the enemy is hit into something or someone else. If their health is low enough, the knock back should grant enough of a damage boost that it kills them outright. A few of the first battles have enemies lined up like this, allowing for a couple chance at this early on.

Character Sheet Elite
Reach the highest rank on 5 titles in your Character Sheet

This was one that I picked up when xp grinding in random battles. The 5 titles related to defeating specific enemies are the easiest to get, they are:
  • Sixth Graders: Available from the start. Found all around town.
  • Raisins Girls: After helping Mosquito. Found in Downtown and to the right of Raisins.
  • Hobos: After 2nd night. Found in SoDoSoPa and near the playground.
  • Ninja: After a side mission above Kenny's house. Sneak attack throughout town afterwards.
  • Crab People: After Call Girl's side mission. Can be found around Stark's Pond.

Master Manipulator
Confuse or charm an enemy into defeating another enemy

For this you will obviously require somebody on your team top have a move that puts Charm or Confused on an enemy. These status effects will caused an afflicted enemy to attack the nearest person in combat, regardless of what side they fight for. If you can drop one of these statuses on an enemy near another that is close to death, they should finish them off for you, netting another trophy.

Friend Finder
Acquire and unlock all Summons

There are four new summon-able allies in this title. While one of them is story related, the other three you will need to unlock by performing tasks around town. The Summons are:
  • Moses: Earned after meeting with Father Maxxi.
  • Gerald: Found on top of Kenny's house after Fartkour. Talk to him if you have a cheesing vial.
  • Jimbo and Ned: Talk to Jimbo to find out her left his wallet on a table at the strip club. Find it and return it to him.
  • Classi: Earned after the events at the Police Station on the 3rd night.

Potty Trained
Use a toilet and achieve the highest mastery level

As far as I know, this is unmissable. You start the game on the toilet in your house. It only has a one star rating, and you have to complete the movement to continue the game. Regardless, this will come naturally on the way towards Crappin' Forte

Pick Yourself up by Your Bootstraps
Collect all loot in the Homeless Camp at SoDoSoPa

Can anybody spare some... change? During your second night, you will sneak through SoDoSoPa to get to the U-Stor-It. After fending off the homeless people in the area, you will be free to move around and pick up items. Along with the usual boxes and bags, this area is littered with small silver coins. pick up every one of them for the trophy.

Video guide courtesy of Powerpyx

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