Players: 1-2 (online)

Online Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

While holding , you can use the right analog stick to select units, then direct them to objectives by drawing a line with the left analog stick.

Multiplayer requires a partner, unless you have a PlayStation Vita, in which case you can play on your handheld and match with yourself on your PlayStation 4, using an alt account.


Step 1 - Play
Play through missions 1-60, and unlock World 4 - Torpedo Tropics.

Step 2 - Clean-up
Go back and collect any stickers you missed, along with any remaining trophies, then play through missions 65, 75, and 79 in World 4 to collect the last 3 stickers.

Step 3 - Multiplayer
Grab a friend (or your own Vita) and knock out the 4 quick multiplayer trophies to finish off.


Everything's Ruined
Complete Super Exploding Zoo.

Finish a level with 60 animals for the Hatchery.

At the end of a mission, any unexploded animals you have remaining go to the Hatchery. To earn this trophy, you need to be controlling 60+ animals at the completion of a mission.

To get this done, you're going to want to load up Level 28 (Kaboom Lagoon). When the mission starts, begin by rounding up as many Penguins as you can, and running them through the Green and Brown grass to breed and grow more Penguins, ignoring the aliens until they get too close to the egg. Once you have enough, sweep the map and blow up the aliens. Provided you did it right, you should finish the mission with at least 65 unexploded Penguins.

Destroy everything in a Dynamite Heights level.

To earn this trophy, you'll want to load up Level 43 (Dynamite Heights). Start by building up a sizable army, then take out the aliens closest to your egg. With the immediate danger out of the way, head for one of the Speed Crystals, then start sweeping the map to blow up every little thing you can find, returning to the Crystal every now and then to renew your speed buff. Once you've blown up everything, kill the last few aliens to complete the mission and earn this trophy.

Prepared For The Ark
Finish with exactly 2 of each animal in your herd on Dynamite Heights Level 3.

To earn this trophy, you must complete Level 43 (Dynamite Heights) with a herd containing only pairs of animals.

The key to this trophy is tightly controlling the population of your herd, rather than simply collecting every single animal you can find, as you might normally; add only the animals you need, and avoid picking up new species unless absolutely necessary.

When you're attacking the aliens, make sure to use to select exactly which animals you wish to send to their death, otherwise you might lose one or more of your pairs.

Note: you do not need to complete this mission with a pair of every species in your herd, just those you already have (for example, 2 Lions and 2 Crocodiles).

Baby Boomer
Allow the motherships to spawn 40 babies on Dynamite Heights Level 8.

To earn this trophy, you must be playing Level 48 (Dynamite Heights).

The Motherships are the giant aliens that constantly spawn baby aliens. For this trophy, you need to allow the Motherships in Level 48 enough time to 'spawn' 40 of the little bastards.

Collect all your animals, then start using the breeding grass to grow your herd. Once your herd is large enough, send your Elephants to take out the regular aliens on the far left and and far right sides, then focus your herd on protecting the egg, making sure to leave the Motherships alone.

It's going to take a while for them to spawn 40 little aliens, so don't freak out if the Motherships themselves get dangerously close to your egg before the trophy pops; just be patient, and keep swatting away the spawn until you hear that ding!

You Snooze, You Lose
Aliens ate 56 sleeping animals.

If an Alien gets too close to a sleeping animal, it will 'eat' it. This will happen a lot, especially on the more claustrophobic maps, so I wouldn't worry too much about this.

If you want to get it done quickly, load up level 9 and put down your controller. Allow all the animals to be eaten, then replay as necessary.

Scorched Earth Policy
Destroy everything in the Zoo Hub.

To earn this trophy, you must complete Worlds 1, 2 and 3, thus unlocking World 4 and fully opening up the Hub world. Once you have access to all areas, round up the other animals dotted around the map, and systematically sweep the Hub.

The trophy description says you need to destroy everything in the Hub world, and when they say 'everything', they mean it; every blade of grass, every gate, and every vehicle - if it's not the ground, you should try and blow it up. Once everything is well and truly ruined, this trophy will unlock.

Armed To The Teeth
Stay armed for an entire level.

Holding will 'arm' your herd. To earn this trophy, your herd must be armed for the duration of a mission.

You can do this on any mission you want, so why not just use Level 1. As soon as the mission starts, press and hold , then complete the mission without letting go, until you see the trophy pop.

Hogan's Delight
Breed 100 Baby Crocs.

To earn this trophy, you need to Breed a total of 100 Crocodiles. Thankfully, it's 100 cumulatively; you don't have to do it all in one mission.

Load up Level 26 (Kaboom Lagoon). As soon as the mission starts, grab the Crocodile to the left, then send your Penguin to attack one of the aliens. Run your Crocodile through the breeding grass to swell your ranks until it's all gone, then finish the mission (either complete it or fail it, it doesn't matter) and replay it until the trophy pops.

Failure Is An Option
Fail by using your last animal to blow up a wall.

In Level 2 (Gunpowder Gardens), send your Penguin straight down into the orange wall and press to detonate.

A Small Victory
Finish a level with just baby animals alive.

You can earn this trophy in any mission that has breeding grass. For it's simplicity, I prefer to use Level 26 (Kaboom Lagoon).

Collect a herd, then run them through the breeding grass to increase your numbers. Once your herd is just shy of the size required to win, take out all but one of the aliens; this should leave you with just 1-2 animals surviving. Take your survivors to the spawning grass (the grass that creates the babies), then send the surviving adults to attack the alien. You should now have a herd consisting entirely of babies, and a single alien enemy on reduced health (1-2 bars is preferable). With your herd and your enemy prepped, take your herd to the growing grass and run them through one at a time, until you have exactly enough to kill the alien without any spare, then send them to attack. If you've done it correctly, this trophy will unlock as soon as the last alien is destroyed.

Mindless Violence
Vandalise all the cars.

To earn this trophy, you need to destroy all the cars in the carpark, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Hub world.

Note: you will earn this trophy while working towards Scorched Earth Policy .

What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing.
Fail a level by deploying a special skill animal as your final animal.

Load up Level 21 (Kaboom Lagoon), then, without waking any other animals, place your Lion on a podium to earn this trophy.

I Will Survive
Survive your own rampage and then defeat opponent on their rampage.

Once a multiplayer match has gone on for more than roughly 30 seconds, the player with the larger herd will begin to 'rampage' (sort of like sudden death). A 'rampaging' herd moves faster and does more damage, but loses one of its number every few seconds. A short while later, the rampage will end, and the other herd will begin to rampage. To earn this trophy, you must run out the clock on your rampage, then wipe our your opponent's herd during their rampage.

God Loves A Coward
Force a draw in VS mode with only 1 animal left.

In a multiplayer match, if both players have any animals remaining in their herd when the match timer reaches zero, the result is a draw. To earn this trophy, you must force a draw with only 1 animal remaining in your herd (the size of your opponent's herd is irrelevant).

Tip: to cull your herd, press to detonate an animal; you can do this repeatedly until you have just one left.

What Does This Switch Do? Ah.....
Defeat an opponent using Rhinos.

To earn this trophy, grab a partner and head to VS. Mode. Create a game, and set the number of rounds to 1. Choose any of the maps depicted below, then launch the lobby and find your partner.

To earn this trophy, you need to destroy the last animal in your opponent's herd with a Rhino. Rhinos are only found on the maps pictured below.

When the match begins, simply stand on one of the buttons on the map, and have your opponent stand in the path of a Rhino.

Note: only the host can earn this trophy.

Defeat an opponent using Pandas.

To earn this trophy, grab a partner and head to VS. Mode. Create a game, and set the number of rounds to 1. Choose the map depicted below, then launch the lobby and find your partner.

To earn this trophy, you need to destroy the last animal in your opponent's herd with a Panda. Pandas are only found on the map pictured below, and even then only in a rare variation.

The variation you're looking for has 4 wooden crates in the corners of the central arena, and a single red button in the very center. Pressing that red button will release 4 Pandas into the arena.

Keep wiping out and replaying the map until this variation appears, then step on the red button and have your opponent place their herd in the path of a Panda.

Note: only the host can earn this trophy.

Sticky Start
Collect your first sticker!

See Come To A Sticky Ending .

Come To A Sticky Ending
Collect all the stickers!

There are 5 stickers in each world (3 found in levels, 2 in the hub world), adding up to a total of 20. At any time, you can view your progress by visiting the Souvenirs Stand in the hub world.
  • In Gunpowder Gardens you will find them in levels 7, 12, and 18;
  • In Kaboom Lagoon you will find them in levels 23, 29, and 40;
  • In Dynamite Heights you will find them in levels 42, 54, 57; and
  • In Torpedo Tropics you will find them in levels 65, 75, and 79.

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