Players: 1 (up to 8 online)
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 hours (boosted), otherwise dependent on skill
Online Trophies: Yes (all)
Boostable: Yes (all)


The Abandoned Territories Map Pack features all-new maps on which you can earn valuable supplies to sustain your clan in The Last of Us Multiplayer.
  • Bookstore is the only multiplayer map featuring two levels atop one another, adding a highly unique dose of vertical gameplay.
  • A dark, eerie environment, moonlit and the perfect setting for some serious stealth, the Hometown map will keep you on your toes.
  • Weather the opposing Faction and the random, dynamic dust storm on the Suburbs map.
  • Explore a layered map of urban overgrowth with wild giraffes in the background in the Bus Depot map.

[top]Tips & Strategies

First off, all of these trophies must be earned in Public online matches; Private matches will not get you anywhere.

All of these trophies are boostable, meaning they can be earned through organised play - just not in private games! If you're in the market for some boosting partners, check out The Official Last of Us Clan Thread.

If you're a bit rusty and want some tips or strategies to give you an edge, or if you just plain suck but want to get better, check out the PlayStation Blog's The Last of Us Multiplayer Survival Guide.

In order to increase your chances of survival, your first step should always be buying Armour - press and when in-game to access the shop, where you can buy upgrades and weapons with Parts you have collected (remember, no matter how many Parts you spend during a match, you will get to keep all of them once the match ends).

When The Last of Us' multiplayer first launched, you had the option to search for matches with No Parties, meaning you were never pitted against teams of friends, only individuals. That option is gone for DLC matches, so beware that you could very well be up against well-coordinated teams when playing DLC maps.


Your Loadout can mean the difference between life and death - trophy or no trophy - so a carefully considered Loadout is essential to completing this DLC. Obviously everyone has different preferences and skill in terms of play-style, so your first step should be choose whichever weapons and perks best suit your skill and preferred way of playing. Alternatively, if you're new to The Last of Us Multiplayer, or don't like to customise, choose one of the pre-built loadouts.

Here are a few suggested Custom Loadouts for somewhat experienced players (tweak them if you have more loadout points available):

Survivalist (12 Loadout Points)
Small Firearm: Shorty (a powerful sawed-off shotgun and a great "get out of jail free" card).
Large Firearm: Semi-Auto Rifle (a mid-ranged rifle that is both powerful and accurate).
Perks: Strategist 2 (enemies appear on radar, and you'll know when you've been marked), Crafter 1 (craft supplies like health packs and bombs 75% faster), Fortitude 3 (spawn with a health pack, carry an extra health pack, Bleed Out time is increased by 50%, and you can crawl faster when downed).
Purchasable: None.

Strategy: This Loadout best compliments a team player. Use your Semi-Auto to pick off enemies at range or simply keep them at bay; Use the Shorty for close-quarters situations or for finishing off a downed enemy. Stay with your teammates and watch each other's backs.

Bear Grylls (12 Loadout Points)
Small Firearm: Enforcer (a powerful pistol with high damage and high accuracy).
Large Firearm: Full-Auto Rifle (versatile rifle, deals good damage at medium and short ranges).
Perks: Crafter 1 (craft 75% faster), Collector 1 (earn 10% more parts), Brawler 2 (craft weapons in half the time, crafted weapons have an extra hit, and you gain 10 health with each melee hit), Strategist 1 (know when you've been marked).
Purchasable: None.

Strategy: This is a defensive Loadout designed for independent players, and has everything you need to survive on your own. Use your crafting perks to fashion yourself a weapon early, and spend those extra parts on Armour and upgrades. Strategist will act as an early warning system, letting you know that you've been spotted and that it's time to move. If you find yourself in a close-quarters situation, the life-steal afforded to you by Brawler will help you come out on top.

Ninja (12 Loadout Points)
Small Firearm: Revolver or 9mm (both have their benefits - choose whichever suits you better).
Large Firearm: None.
Perks: Covert Training 2 (invisible to enemy's listen mode while crouching, and spawn with a shiv), Executioner 3 (2 extra shiv uses for every crafted shiv, and earn double parts for shiv kills, special executions, and interrogations), Agility 2 (walk, climb, and crouch walk much faster), Sharp Ears 1 (listen mode lasts 20% longer, and regenerates 15% faster).

Strategy: This is an offensive Loadout designed for independent players who are looking to take the fight to the enemy. The aim of this Loadout is to get up and personal with the enemy. In the early stages, sneak your way around the map collecting supplies, and using them to craft shivs and health packs. Chances are your enemies will be focusing on your teammates, so using listen mode and stealth, sneak your way into flanking positions and attack from behind. Use the extra parts you get from shiv kills to buy upgrades like armour and extra damage for your pistol, which you might need to use if your plans go awry. In keeping with the theme, smoke bombs are also very useful for stunning enemies (opening them up to be shivved), or for covering your hasty retreat.


Complete a match on Bookstore with at least 5 downs or executions

Map Tactics:
Bookstore's 2-tiered layout presents quite a dilemma:
On the one hand, the upstairs area provides a number of great chokepoints with excellent lines of sight, which makes holding your ground not only a viable option, but a recommendable strategy; additionally, the higher ground affords players ample advantage over opponents on the ground.

On the other hand, all of the supply boxes are located on the lower level, making a prolonged stay on the upper floor untenable, and possibly detrimental, as running out of supplies and ammo while your opponents are free to collect and stockpile both is a very real risk.

It's up to you to balance the two, but I'd strongly recommend spending most of your time on the upper floor.

Bus Depot
Complete a match on Bus Depot with at least 5 downs or executions

Map Tactics:
Bus Depot can be divided into two halves: the Hospital side (which itself is split between the Emergency Wing and the Administration Wing) and the Bus Terminal side; and it's a unique map in that it has not two, but three tiers: both sides share the ground level, but the Hospital has an upper level, while the Bus Terminal has a sub-ground level. The area in between the two is a kill zone, so avoid it like the plague.

The Bus Terminal side offers better cover and fewer lines of sight, so if you're preference is for close-quarters combat, stick to that side.
The Hospital, on the other hand, is more open, and is therefore better suited for mid-range fighting; either side of the the bridge connecting the two wings is good place to defend from, and if you manage to take the bridge itself, you'll have an excellent view of the middle area.

Home Town
Complete a match on Hometown with at least 5 downs or executions

Map Tactics:
If flanking is your thing, then Home Town is your map. There's nowhere safe to hide and, in a cruel twist, all of the vantage points actually make you more vulnerable. The best course of action, if you're to survive this map, is to keep moving. There are great ambush points around each of the four supply boxes, so use those if you're out to ruin someone's day.

If you're low on health, or encounter a mob, running away and weaving between the cover is a good option - Home Town's layout is so labyrinthine that only the best trackers will be able to find you.

The area behind the Pub (the "Pistol Cantina") is a good place to consolidate your team, as it offers plenty of cover without restricting your movement.

Complete a match on Suburbs with at least 5 downs or executions

Map Tactics:
Suburbs is a pretty straightforward map, actually: keep off the streets, stay indoors, and hold the high ground. It's also a dynamic map; periodically, a dust storm will sweep through, limiting visibility outdoors.

If your team is sticking together, the electricity sub-station is a good area to hold: it has 3 points of ingress, but offers plenty of cover, and provides the team that is holding it will all the advantage. It's also right next to a supply box!

Suburbs is a map which favours mid-ranged weapons, with some options for close-quarters combat.

Forsaken Supply Raider
Complete a game of Supply Raid on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot

To unlock this trophy, you simply need to participate in, and finish, a round of Supply Raid on any of the listed maps (Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot).
Winning is not necessary, but it helps!

Supply Raid is a Team Deathmatch mode. Each team begins a match with 20 tickets (or lives), and when one team's tickets are depleted, they will enter sudden death, meaning team members will not respawn upon death.

Supply Raid is the least challenging and most forgiving of the three game modes, so if you're looking for an easier time, choose Supply Raid.

Forsaken Survivalist
Complete a game of Survivors on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot

To unlock this trophy, you simply need to participate in, and finish, a round of Survivors on any of the listed maps (Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot).
Winning is not necessary, but it helps!

Survivors is an elimination-style mode in which players have only one life per round; in a best of seven contest, the first team to win four rounds will be victorious.

Survivors is very much a momentum-based mode, meaning that even the slightest advantage or opening can turn the tide of a skirmish. No respawns adds a greater level of consequence to every decision, and team play is essential for success.

Forsaken Interrogator
Complete a game of Interrogation on Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot

To unlock this trophy, you simply need to participate in, and finish, a round of Interrogation on any of the listed maps (Bookstore, Home Town, Suburbs or Bus Depot) Winning is not necessary, but it helps!

Interrogation is a two-part objective-based game mode where opposing factions must attempt to interrogate members of the other team during the match, in an effort to find and unlock the enemy lockbox, and steal the supplies contained within. To reach the lockbox, a team must first achieve five successful interrogations.

To interrogate an enemy, you must first down them; then, as they're bleeding out, run up to them and press . Alternatively, you can skip straight to the interrogation by attacking an enemy from behind with a shiv.

Interrogating an enemy takes time, and you can be killed while you do it, so take a few seconds to examine your surroundings or wait for back-up from your team-mates before you initiate.

[top]Boosting Guide

Unless you're looking for a challenge, your best bet for earning the Silver map-specific trophies is boosting. To do so, you will need 8 people - 2 teams of 4 players.

Check out the Official Last of Us Clan Thread to find other players willing to boost.

Have each team Party up, and then begin searching for a game at the same time. The game type most conducive to boosting is Survivors.

If you encounter other players while searching, back out (and communicated to the other team to do the same) and then start the search again. Once both teams find each other, they will stay that way unless someone leaves. Vote on the map, making sure that you choose a DLC map.

Since the first team to win four rounds wins the match, each player on team A takes a turn killing team B. When all four players on team A have five kills each, the match will end, and the trophy for that map will unlock for team A.

Alternate winning and losing between the two teams until all trophies have been earned across all maps.


Thanks to ERICVOLTAGE for the banner. Check out his shop here.

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