Players: 1

Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 12-15 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Combo Master , Jill of all Trades , My Cabbages!! , Biz-Bender , Talisman Collector
Missable Trophies: Jill of all Trades
Glitched Trophies: None at this time

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Level up your bending as soon as possible. The stronger your combos become, the faster you'll defeat enemies and gain Spirit Points to buy items/Talismans with.
  • Learn what elements to use in various situations. Some are more useful than others against certain enemies/large groups.
  • Try out different Talismans and see which ones suit your playing style.
  • Pay attention to Tutorial prompts on the left side of the screen!


Step 1: Story Mode on Normal
Use this playthrough to familiarize yourself with the controls, as well as figuring out your preferred element. You should earn:
  • Down and Out
  • Escape from the City
  • The Power of Water
  • To the South!
  • Nowhere Else to Go
  • Sure, Come On In
  • That Escalated Quickly
  • The Aftermath

Step 2: Extreme Playthrough

Now it's time to hunker down and take on a challenge worthy of Platinum Games. You will most likely earn:
  • Full-Baked Avatar
  • Be the Leaf
  • Right Back At Ya!
  • Buh-bye!
  • Go in Peace
  • Not a Booster Rocket
  • Hop Hop Hoppity
  • Extreme Avatar
Step 3: Pro-Bending Mode
Pro-Bending is the Avatar universe's most followed sport. You'll need nerves of steel to complete the Ace Tournament. You should earn :
  • Knockout!!
  • Face-Off
  • The Fire Ferrets Strike Again!
Step 4: Collectibles and Cleanup
Here you'll make your final push towards plat, picking up any Vanity items and scrolls you may have missed.
  • Combo Master
  • My Cabbages!!
  • Good Girl!
  • Biz-Bender
  • Talisman Collector
  • Video Game Bender


Video Game Bender
Got all other trophies.

Combat. Pro-bending. Running. Platforming. Only the player can master all four gameplay elements, and bring balance to their trophy collection.

Down and Out
Completed Chapter 1.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

A nice simple tutorial level. You start off by bending all four elements and then end by winning a Pro-Bending match.

Escape from the City
Completed Chapter 2.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

Korra is ambushed and has her bending blocked! Fight your way through downtown Republic City and escape on Naga.

The Power of Water
Completed Chapter 3.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

You've made it to Air Temple Island, where Jinora has tasked you with finding jars of spirit water to bring back your waterbending.

To the South!
Completed Chapter 4.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

Korra must make her way to the Docks to catch a ride to the Southern Water tribe. She'll pick up earthbending along the way.

Nowhere Else to Go
Completed Chapter 5.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

Korra must fight her way to the spirit portal in the middle of a blizzard. A little fire might help.

Sure, Come On In
Completed Chapter 6.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

Korra has finally reached the portal, but is attacked before she can enter. Blow them away with her renewed airbending powers. Now make your way to the Tree of Time.

That Escalated Quickly
Completed Chapter 7.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

Now that Korra has reached the Tree, Hundun is making her hallucinate through 3 distinct arenas. Keep fighting until your eyes glow!

The Aftermath
Completed Chapter 8.

Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

Time for the final showdown! Take your time and whittle away Hundun's health until the final QTE. Then play a relaxing Pro-Bending match as the credits roll.

Extreme Avatar
Completed the game on Extreme difficulty.

Completing the game on Normal unlocks Extreme difficulty. Though the name sounds imposing, it's not unmanageable. There are some big differences between Normal and Extreme, including:
  • Enemies are much stronger, dealing more damage to you while absorbing more of your attacks.
  • More enemies will be present in each encounter.
  • Encounters will now have higher ranked enemies show up sooner than in Normal.
  • Mecha-Tanks become a regular sight. They will often sit on the outskirts of battles, interrupting your combos with long-range attacks.
  • Chests will grant higher level Vanity items.
  • Spirit Points are worth more, allowing you to purchase more expensive Talismans earlier!
But the spike in difficulty in somewhat nullified by the fact that all of your previous playthrough's stats and items carry over. So if you max out your bending and purchase the best talismans prior to finishing Normal, you should be in a great position to breeze through Extreme. A good combination of Talismans for Extreme is:
  • Full Charge, HP 1/2 (300,000 Spirit Points): Fully charges your chi permanently, greatly increasing your elemental powers, but at the cost of half of your health.
  • Charge Armor (160,000 Spirit Points): Prevents all stuns, staggers, and knockbacks when your chi is fully charged. These two are quite useful when paired.
  • Healing (120,000 Spirit Points): You will slowly regenerate health over time. This should counteract your small health bar.
Lastly, keep track of what elements are best suited for each situation. But don't be afraid to mix it up a bit. After all, you are the Avatar.
  • Water is useful for long range strikes.
  • Earth is for slow, but powerful close-quarters attacks.
  • Fire is great for weaker, yet extremely fast close-up attacks.
  • Air is great for contacting multiple enemies when they get too close.

More than Hot Leaf Juice
Bought your first item at the shop.

At the conclusion of Chapter 2, you'll receive a mysterious message in the level select screen. I wonder who it could be... None other than the Dragon of the West himself, General Iroh! Simply buy any of the items here for the trophy. Perhaps a cup of Jasmine tea, it's his favorite.

Ready for Battle
Equipped your first item on the Korra's Room.

After leaving Iroh's shop for the first time, you will be brought to Korra's room for your next tutorial. Here you can check out your possible combos, change outfits (cosmetic change only ), and equip various items. Simply place one of your purchased items into one of the four slots for this to unlock.

Zhu Li! Do the Thing!
Used your first equipped item.

If you have chosen a consumable item to be equipped during Korra's adventures, you can use it at any time by pressing the corresponding button on the d-pad. If you have a Talisman equipped, the trophy will automatically unlock once you enter a chapter, as they are permanently active while equipped.

Ooooh, Shiny!
Entered the Collection Screen for the first time after finding a treasure.

Upon exiting Korra's Room for the first time, you will be brought to your final in-between area. The Collectible Screen shows all of the various Vanity objects you have collected thus far. If you have found any of the Vanity items during Chapter 2, this will unlock as soon as you enter.

Combo Master
Obtained all combos.

Collectible Trophy

As you level up your bending abilities, new combos will be automatically unlocked for you. Along with these new moves comes an opportunity to purchase new combos in the form of scrolls in Iroh's shop. There are 9 to collect, including:

Name Unlock Condition Cost
Fire Scroll: Somersault Firebending lvl 5 20,000
Fire Scroll: Breath of Fire Somersault and lvl 7 30,000
Water Scroll: Freeze Attack Regain Waterbending 8,000
Water Scroll: Water Whip Waterbending lvl 3 12,000
Water Scroll: Ice Shot Waterbending lvl 5 50,000
Earth Scroll: Rock Kick Earthbending lvl 3 14,000
Earth Scroll: Earthquake Earthbending lvl 5 16,000
Earth Scroll: Stone Pillars Eathbending lvl 7 18,000
Air Scroll: Tornado Fist Airbending lvl 2 40,000
Though there are also bending books for sale, the moves taught here do not count towards the trophy. But some of them are incredibly fun to use (like the Air Scooter ).

Full-Baked Avatar
Maxed out all bending types.

As you battle your enemies with your various elemental attacks, you'll earn XP for them, leveling your powers and gaining new combos.The maximum level for each element is 10, at which point it will read "MAX." There are a few ways of gaining more XP for each element, including:
  • Long combos for additional points.
  • Finishing moves grant a nice point bonus.
  • Equipping the Talisman 2x XP, 1/2 for double points.
*Note* Not only will leveling up your bending open new combos, defeat enemies faster, and unlock new bending scrolls in the shop, it will also improve Bolin and Mako's bending skills in the Pro-Bending mode later.

Talisman Collector
Purchased 12 talismans.

Collectible Trophy

There are a total of 13 Talismans to purchase in Iroh's shop, including one that is unlocked by finishing Pro-Bending on Ace and one for entering a code. They are:

Name Unlock Condition Cost
POW x2, HP 1/2 None 100,000
HP x2, POW 1/2 None 140,000
XP x2, HP 1/2 Regain Waterbending 11,000
SP x2, POW 1/2 None 9,000
Charge Boost None 0
Healing None 120,000
Charge Armor Lvl 2 with any bending 160,000
Speed Up None 70,000
Armor, HP 1/2 None 200,000
Full Charge, HP 1/2 None 300,000
Counter Dodge Complete Pro-Bending (Ace) 0
Two Edged Blade None 100,000
Shadow Fist input 0

Collected every treasure item.

Collectible Trophy

There are 25 possible Vanity items to be found by opening chests throughout the game. There are 9 Rank C items, 7 Rank B items, 5 Rank A items, 3 Rank S items, and only 1 Rank SS item. They are:

Cabbage (C) Wanted Poster (C) Water Tribe Necklace (B) Blue Spirit Mask (B) Rally Invitation (A)
Yuan (C) Exterminator Pack (C) Airbender Head Shaver (B) Telescope (A) Airbender Glider Staff (S)
Fried Fish (C) Flower Basket (C) Papaya Melon (B) Radio (A) Amon's Mask (S)
Earth Kingdom Dice (C) Pentapus (C) Tui and La (B) Gramophone Player (A) Pai Sho Peice (S)
Dragon Kite (C) Mover Poster (B) Stuffed Animal (B) Electrified Glove (A) Wan's Tea Pot (SS)

Toggle Spoiler

You should get a majority of the C-A ranked items from normal play, but the S and SS items take a different strategy. For these, you'll need to unleash your most devastating and fastest combos on the large chests to unlock them. For starters, you should be playing on Extreme, as the rarer Vanity items are more common here. Next, you'll want to make sure your bending is maxed out. Finally, you'll want to equip a few particular Talismans to maximize the damage you deal. They are:
  • POW x2, HP 1/2 (100,000 Spirit Points): Doubles your attack strength. Massive damage boost.
  • Full Charge (300,000 Spirit Points): Fully charges your chi permanently. Increases your elemental powers.
  • Shadow Fist (0 Spirit Points, to unlock while in Iroh's Shop): Adds extra hits to your combos.
With these items equipped, your combo strength will be off the charts, allowing you to easily nab these four elusive Vanity items.

*Note* You need to check the Treasures screen for the trophy to finally unlock!

Be the Leaf
Dodged 100 times.

Combat Related

Yet another trophy that you should earn without trying, especially on Extreme. Dodging helps keep you alive on the higher difficulties, so don't be afraid to use it. If you want a small defensive boost, you can always equip the Counter Dodge Talisman to jump behind an enemy when you dodge. It's not necessary for the trophy, but it looks cool and lets you sneak attack your enemies.

Right Back At Ya!
Countered 100 times.

Combat Related

You will use this ability most during your Extreme run and in the Ace Pro-Bending tournament. By countering your opponent's attack, you not only avoid damage but send it back toward your enemy with increased power. This is incredibly useful against large "boss" enemies and for knocking back opponents in Pro-Bending matches.

Kung Fu Master
Went into Clash Mode 10 times.

Combat Related

Clash mode can be triggered randomly during close up fights with benders, blocking large enemy attacks, and countering Chi-blockers on motorcycles. When done correctly, you will be greeted with a rapid Quick-Time-Event in which you will either move the / in a certain direction or rapidly press . There are plenty of opportunities to earn this during the course of one playthrough, as there are a ton of Mecha-Tanks, Large Spirits, and Chi-cycles to counter.

Performed 100 Finishing Moves.

Combat Related

As you continue to beat up the bad guys, you may notice that they will occasionally show a prompt above their heads when at low health. By following this prompt, you will perform a special finishing move that will not only grant you bonus Spirit Points/XP, but also may take out a nearby enemy or two! This can also help take large chunks of health from Bosses.

Go in Peace
Spirit-bended 200 dark spirits.

Combat Related

Similar to normal finishing moves, you are able to peacefully finish off you spirit enemies when at low health. Rather than a prompt however, they will glow gold, allowing you to free any spirits in the vicinity in that same state, rather than just one at a time like normal finishers. If you miss this during your first playthrough, you can always play Chapter 6 over until you earn it.

Not a Booster Rocket
Went into Avatar State 10 times.

Combat Related

During Chapter 7, you will regain control of the Avatar State, an immensely powerful state in which all of the Avatar's past lives give knowledge and strength to the current Avatar during a time of great need (or to win an air scooter race). To enter the avatar state, you'll need to perform combos in which you use multiple elements to vanquish foes, slowly filling a meter in the center of your elemental "wheel." When the meter is full, it will begin to glow and you may activate it by pressing / at the same time. Another easy way to enter the Avatar State is to purchase the Awakening item from Iroh's shop for 4,000 Spirit Points.

Good Girl!
Completed a Naga Running sequence without hitting anything.

If you've ever played Temple Run, you'll feel right at home in the Naga mini games. Korra's faithful Polarbear-dog has to run her across Republic city/ the polar tundra without taking too much damage. you can accomplish this by changing "lanes" to avoid obstacles like cars and rocks, jump over pits, and slide under overhangs. It may be a good idea to save this until you have unlocked firebending, as by that point you'll be able to blast obstacles out of your way, double jump, and shield yourself from damage. If you can make it to the end without contacting anything along the course, the trophy is yours.

*Note* the first running segment at the end of Chapter 2 is by far the easiest to attempt this on.

Got 10 knock-outs in Pro-bending matches.

A Knockout in Pro-Bending is when you knock all 3 opponents out of the back of the ring in one round, automatically winning the entire match for your team. This is quite easy to do on the lower difficulties, so it shouldn't cause too much trouble as you should be trying for Knockouts anyway. Win ten matches via Knockout to earn the trophy.

Won a Face-Off in a Pro-bending match.

A Face-Off occurs when neither team has advanced at least one zone when time expires. The tie breaker is a 1 on 1 match on a raised ring in the center of the main ring. The first player to be knocked off of this platform will lose the round for his/her team. The key here is to redirect your opponent's attack, as it does double the normal damage if it hits. If you can succeed in a Face-Off, you will not only give your team a win for the round, but also earn a new trophy.

The Fire Ferrets Strike Again!
Completed the highest difficulty of Pro-bending.

If you're new to the Avatar universe/only watched the adventures of the Gaang in Last Airbender, you may be wondering, "what is pro-bending?" Pro-Bending is the Avatar universe's equivalent to boxing/MMA, featuring 3v3 battles with each team containing a firebender, waterbender, and earthbender, all trying to gain territory/ knock opponents out of the ring.

Rules and Strategies

Tie-Breaker (Round)
If a round ends in a tie (neither team gaining a zone), one player from each team will meet for 1v1 Face-Off in a raised section at the center of the ring. The first player to knock the other out of the ring wins that round for his/her team.

Winning Matches
A match can consist of up to 3 rounds, with a victory awarded to the team with the most round wins (by gaining territory before time expires) after 3, winning a tie-breaker round, or via a Knockout. Because a Knockout can win the match at any point, a team must still play a 3rd round, even if they've won the previous two.

Pro-Bending's highest level is Ace, but you'll need to slog through Easy and Captain before you make the final plunge. Try to aim for knockouts in the early rounds, as it is the fastest way to win a match and move on to the next opponent. Keep in mind that Round 5 of Ace is the most difficult challenge you will face, with relentless opponents blocking and redirecting your attacks while striking at you with ultimate precision. You'll need to bring your A-game to these final fights, dodging and redirecting attacks whenever possible to knock you opponents back.

Jill of all Trades
Completed all tutorials.

Missable Trophy

Tutorials will pop up every so often throughout the story to explain certain moves. When you complete the action for each tutorial, it will be marked with a red slash through the button prompt on the left side of the screen. Be careful not to exit an area without completing all of the available tutorials, or you will miss the trophy at the end of the game. This is easiest to miss during Chapter 1 in the first fight, as "Switch Elements /" is only available for a few seconds before a cutscene is triggered. If you don't miss any of the other tutorials, you will earn this when you first trigger the Avatar State in Chapter 7.

*Note* If you miss this trophy, you will have to start a new game to give it a second try, as tutorials no longer appear in subsequent playthroughs. Make sure you have either finished everything else/backed up your save before attempting this.

My Cabbages!!
Collected 10 cabbages.

Collectible Trophy

The cabbage merchant from Avatar The Last Airbender's legacy lives on...

Cabbages are Rank C Vanity items that can be found in chests on Normal difficulty or lower. Though they can be found in any chest, it is easier to farm them in Chapter 7. You will be battling three Mecha-Tanks at the Republic City docks, as well as about 20 Chi-blockers. Before you take out the Mecha-Tanks, focus on the individual Chi-blockers first. The final one that you defeat will always drop a Cabbage, so do this and then allow yourself to be killed. Continue repeating the process until you have all 10.

*Note* Keep in mind that you MUST complete the chapter for the Cabbages to count!

Hop Hop Hoppity
Jumped 100 times.

Combat Related

You should pick this up during your first playthrough, especially if you have trouble with the platforming sections in Republic City and the South Pole. If you want to get it over with quickly, you can just hop in place 100 times.



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