Players: 1
Estimated Time to 100%: ~10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Let The Good Time Roll!, Shopaholic, Curator of Nightmares, When It's Many Against One...
Glitched Trophies: Wild Rose Dethorned is not unlocking for many people.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Beware, this guide will contain minor spoilers about The Witcher 3 - Hearts of Stone. I will try to keep them out for the most part however.
  • All quests related to this DLC will be marked in blue.
  • Armor and weapons will degrade, visits to the blacksmith as well as armor and weapon repair kits are a great thing to keep in mind.
  • Meditation will consume alcohol to replenish items, such as potions and bombs. On lower difficulty levels it will also heal you.
  • Oils are great to use for certain specific enemies. If you're having trouble during a contract, craft an oil that matches the enemy type to deal more damage.
  • Do side quests as you get them so you can maximize experience during the main quests.
  • Quests that are greyed out mean that they are 5+ levels below your level, meaning they also will not give XP.
  • If you're struggling at winning in Gwent, try to build up your Monster deck. The Monster deck is probably the best in the game, especially with the Eredin - King of the Wild Hunt leader card that doubles the power of your melee row.


I'm Not Kissing That
Kill the prince cursed into a toad.

Evil's Soft First Touches
  • Go see Olgierd von Everec about the contract
    Once acquiring the contract for the monster in the sewers, head over to Olgierd's homestead and have a chat with him. He'll tell you about a toad that proves quite deadly. Set out for the Oxenfurt sewers. Once you get to Oxenfurt a cutscene will trigger with some guards questioning you. They want you to pay a 50g fine, so either do that or refuse the choice is yours. Get by them and head to the ladder leading to the sewers.
  • Search the sewers using your Witcher Senses
    Kill the drowners in the sewers and then do some investigating. Use for the senses, and then interact with everything highlight in red. Head through the door to trigger a cutscene and you'll be talking to Shani. Approach the grate and attack the right side of the wall to crumble it, and move deeper into the sewers. Watch the cutscene and then jump into the hole, killing all of the drowners to continue.
  • Find the monster's lair
    Follow the new objective marker and kill the next batch of drowners. Head right into the tunnel to find a nice-looking lair. Geralt plans to set up some bait using his alcohol and a dead body.
  • Kill the monster
    After the cutscene you will see this ugly mother- and be tasked with killing it. Use Igni to do some hefty damage, and dodge out of it's ranged attacks. You can try swinging at the toad but fire is the best bet for dealing insane amounts of damage. Once he's dead, this trophy will unlock.

Let the Good Times Roll!
Participate in all the activities at the wedding.

This is a semi-missable trophy if you aren't paying attention. You are tasked with having fun in activities at a wedding and if you choose to advance the main objectives of the game you may miss your chance. In any matter, make a save before getting to the wedding in Dead Man's Party.

Dead Man's Party
  • Enter the von Everec family crypt
    After speaking with Shani about the von Everec's, she'll tell you about their family crypt. So head over there and investigate a little. You need to find Vlodimir's coffin, which is located in the main room with a sword holster in front of it. Once you examine it, the family will appear in ghost form to scuffle. Fight them off to meet with Vlodimir. Watch the cutscene and you'll be told that Vlodimir needs to have the night of his life, so take him to a wedding party.
  • Meet Shani by the farm where the wedding will be held
    Ride on up to the objective marker and wait for Shani to arrive. Vlodimir will criticize your attire, so you can choose to steal some clothes or not. I chose to steal a robe to look fancy for the wedding. Vlodimir will have his way with Geralt's body and approach Shani and enter the wedding. Follow Shani to the newlyweds. After the cutscene you will have a slew of activities to take part in, these are what you'll need to complete for the trophy.
  • Pig Herding
    This is the activity located at the pig pen, which requires you to herd pigs into their stables. Simply run at the sides of them to direct them in the desired direction.
  • Fetching a Slipper
    Right across from the pig pen is a pond where this activity is. Dive in the water and use your Witcher Senses to find the red-highlighted shoes in the pond. You can find both shoes fairly close by each other, and easily seen with the senses. Pick them both up and return to the docks.
  • Various Interactions
    There are some activities not broken by cutscenes and just take place in real time, they all have objective markers on them so don't worry. They include talking to women, dancing and drinking around the wedding.
  • Finding the Fire Swallower
    The entertainment has gone missing! Use your Witcher Senses and follow dog prints to the dog house, and past. Follow the trail into the forest and find a broken branch, and nearby his cap. You'll see a red-highlighted noise in the distance, follow that to see the fire swallower and the dog. You can calm it if your Axii sign to mind trick the dog. After the cutscene the fire swallower gets killed by a bear. Oh dear, go back to the wedding and tell them about his fate. You can offer your own services in replacement. Go to the fruit table and get to juggling, you jester, you!
  • Gwent with Halflings
    Now depending on how far you got in the main game's trophy list, I'd wager you might have all the gwent cards in the game. If you do however, then you probably have a pretty mean monster card deck, which makes every game a piece of cake. No matter, just play the gwent games to finish this activity, win or lose.
  • Sit Down
    Climb the ladder on the side of the barn to the second floor area, then sit down on the rug with pillows on it with Shani. You'll talk about absolutely nothing and complete the activity. After all of these, you'll unlock the trophy once Vlodimir is cast away.

Buy all the items put on the block at the Borsodis' Auction House.

This trophy is easily missable if you are a cheap man and can't part with 670 crowns. There are only three items to buy before earning the trophy, just make sure you bid on them each time the option arises.

Open Sesame!
  • Sit down when you're ready to take part in the auction
    You can mingle with Vimme's friends or just choose to start the auction part of the quest.
  • Brass Figurine - 300 crowns
  • Painting - 20 crowns
  • Spectacles - 350 crowns

Curator of Nightmares
Recreate all of Iris' nightmares in the Painted World.

This is also a missable trophy because it is possible to miss some of the scene recreations. Make sure you save before starting this quest as there are two missable trophies tied to it.

Scenes From a Marriage
A short ways into the quest, after killing the caretaker and exploring the mansion, you will find the live-less corpse of Iris and have to bury her. Once you do, you will enter the painted world.
  • Look for Iris Von Everec's memories and find a way to restore them
    To the right of where you start is a scene of Iris doing a painting with Olgierd behind her, in a canopy. Loot the painter's palette and put it on the table, then get the book and put it in Olgierd's hands.

    Head to the middle of the area to find Olgierd and Iris frozen. You have to recreate the memory by investigating the area, look around using your Witcher Senses for a glass and then interact with the two and give them it.

    Kill the wraiths and then go inside to find the third memory, a feast at a table. Ignite the two candles nearest Olgierd (leave the one on the end of the table unlit) and then ignite the fireplace to recreate the memory. After that, defeat the wraith and head upstairs. Pick up the bloody towel and put it on the counter next to Olgierd. Then head into the next room and pick up the goblet on the far end of the room, place it on the table in the middle. Next get the bowl of fruit from the back of the room. Put the apples on the right and grapes on the left.

    Head across the house to the next memory, pick up all the items scattered around the room to prepare for the ritual. Place the candles so they surround the circle of the pentagram. The room will then be on fire, examine the snowing painting in the corner. You'll be in the middle of a blizzard, run to the right of the house before the stairs to go into the cellar. Go into the next room, pick up the mug, pipe and marriage letter. Give Olgierd the mug and the father the marriage contract.

    In the next area there's a small dinner setting. Pick up all the items around the room, give the dog the large bowl and the cat the small one, then give the caretaker the food tray. After this, run across to the next room and investigate the letter on the table. You'll be in the same room as the beasts from silent hill now as well. Here's where you can provoke the nightmares into fighting you all at once for When It's Many Against One.... For tips on this section see that trophy. Once they're dead a cutscene will trigger and the mission will end.

Pacta Sunt Servanda
Finish the "Hearts of Stone" expansion.

This is an unmissable trophy, simply finish all the main quests of the DLC to unlock it.

When It's Many Against One…
Provoke all Iris von Everec's Nightmares into fighting you at the same time and defeat them.

This is a missable trophy and can be obtained towards the end of the quest Scenes From A Marriage. At this point you'll be in a room in the painted world and have to face off against multiple Olgierds, but only one at a time. To provoke all of them into fighting you at once, run around behind each one and hit them once. Do this first before attacking any of the others because if you kill one before provoking all you'll void the trophy. Use the Quen sign here whenever it's up as you are going to be drastically outnumbered. Use Igni as well to deal damage to all of them at once. Once you kill them all, the trophy will unlock.

The trick to this is get them all grouped up, then throw all your bombs in the group. They'll all get hurt, then use Igni whenever they get close. Keep dodge away from them and then using Quen whenever you can. Go in for one or two swings of your sword then dodge back out again.

Return to Sender
Kill 3 opponents with their own arrows.

You will need the skill point Arrow Deflection in the Combat category and level it up fully to three. Activate the skill point, then head to the Novigrad Gate fast travel point to find two guards on a bridge with bow and arrows. The trick to this is that you need to use to parry the arrow just before they're about to hit you, and it will send the arrow flying back at the guard dealing massive damage. This may take a few tries but once you kill the two guards, just meditate and they will respawn, so you can get the last kill.

Video Guide by PowerPyx

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Can Quit Anytime I Want
Be under the influence of seven potions or decoctions at the same time.

If you have no free skill points available I recommend buying a Potion of Clearance from an alchemist (the druids in Gedyneith sell these, in Skellige). This respecs all of your skill points so you can reassign them. Now some essential skills for this trophy are:
  • Heightened Tolerance - (5/5) Increases potion overdose threshold by 25% & Potion duration time +25%
  • Acquired Tolerance - (3/3) Every known level 1, 2 or 3 alchemy formula increases maximum Toxicity by 1 & Potion duraction time +15%
  • Metabolism Boosts - (1/1) If available, Adrenaline Points will be consumed to reduce the Toxicity cost of drinking potions by 33% per point. Does not affect mutagen decoctions.
  • Metabolic Control - (1/1) Increases maximum Toxicity by 30 points.
Once you have these, you will have a total of 211 toxicity points. Now for the potions, go to a herbalist and buy and/or make the following potions if you don't already have some of them (green = potion, purple = decoction):
  • Pops' Mold Antidote - 26 Toxicity
  • Drowner Pheromones - 15 Toxicity
  • Thunderbolt - 25 Toxicity
  • Cat - 15 Toxicity
  • Maribor Forest - 20 Toxicity
  • Tawny Owl - 20 Toxicity
  • Doppler Decoction (Or any other decoction you can make) - 70 Toxicity
This adds up to little under 211 toxicity, meaning you'll be able to have all 7 of these going at once.

Wild Rose Dethorned
Defeat all the fallen knights and loot their campsites.

Trophy has been patched, should unlock after 8 bandit camp clears

To get this trophy you have to do a few things. First, kill everyone in 8 new bandit camps around the map, go to 1 new abandoned site and help 1 person in distress. Each of these have Fallen Knights in them, which you will have to take out. Once the knights are all dead, the trophy will unlock.

Bandit Camp Locations:
  • North of Upper Mill in the North East of the map
  • South from that one is a place called Zuetzer Castle with a bandit camp just north of it
  • Southeast from the last one is this next one
  • Southeast of Est Tayiar is another bandit camp
  • West of the Erde fast travel point
  • Southwest of the Hunter's Cottage at the top of the map
  • North of the Garin Estate is this one
  • Right beside the last is this camp

Location of 7 Bandit Camps Video by DaveyHasselhoff

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I Wore Ofieri Before It Was Cool
Collect all available Ofieri armor and horse gear, and at least one Ofieri sword.

To get this trophy you simply need to acquire all the pieces of gear possible in the Ofieri set: armor, steel swords and horse gear. You'll need to finish the Treasure Hunt From Ofier's Distant Shores and interact with an Ofieri merchant.

Ofieri Stock Saddle: To the far East of the Garin Estate where you first meet Olgierd is a fast travel point called Upper Mill. Here is an Ofieri merchant that sells gear and if you race him, he gives you this saddle when you win.
Ofieri Armor Set: All 4 diagrams for the armor can be found in the Treasure Hunt From Ofier's Distant Shores. Completing the quest will mean you have all necessary armor diagrams. All you need to do then is purchase/craft the armors.
Ofieri Steel Sword: Can be purchased by the Ofieri merchant in Upper Mill.
Ofieri Horse Saddlebags and Blinders: THIS HAS BEEN PATCHED. You can now buy the saddlebags and blinders from the Ofieri Merchant in Upper Mill.

Kill 20 cows.

A great place to get this trophy is just south of the Garin Estate, which is a fast travel post located south of the homestead of Olgierd von Everic. This location is called Marvin's Farmstead, and houses roughly 12 cows. You can slaughter the cows, wait a day and come back to see that all the cows have respawned. Have at it, you sick creeps.

Rad Steez, Bro!
Slide downhill uninterrupted for at least 10 seconds.

Travel to the Skellige Isles and go to the fast travel post called Distillery. The post is on the edge of a cliff, so jump off and start sliding down the mountain side. About halfway down is where you'll want to actually start the slide as the initial bit is not steep enough to slide for 10 seconds. Slide down the mountain to earn this easy trophy.

Video Guide by Powerpyx

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Killed It
Win a round of gwent with a total strength of at least 187.

I recommend having already completed the main game's trophy set so you have all the gwent cards in the game. Now you'll want to have a full monster deck, take out all the weather cards, all the low attack cards like nekkers, ghouls, and all the other 2-3 damage cards. Take out the commander's horns as well, as we'll use the leader card to double the front row of cards that the monster deck has. Your deck should be stacked so when playing gwent, you'll draw all the cards that can summon their brethren. Once you get all the vampires, crones and arachnids in your hand, play them all and double the strength of your close-combat row with the leader cards that does this. May take a few tries but it's not too difficult to pull off.

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