Players: 1

Online Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 100 - 150 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, though 2 is probably recommended if you don't want to play Death March on your first playthrough
Collectible Trophies: Card Collector
Missable Trophies: Full Crew, Assassin of Kings, Card Collector
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Beware, this guide will contain minor spoilers about The Witcher 3. I will try to keep them out for the most part however.
  • Armor and weapons will degrade, visits to the blacksmith as well as armor and weapon repair kits are a great thing to keep in mind.
  • For trophy kill farming, use Devil's Pit in Velen as it's great for quite a few trophies and there's always a good sized group of bandits there. You can make them respawn by travelling to Skellige and back.
  • Meditation will consume alcohol to replenish items, such as potions and bombs. On lower difficulty levels it will also heal you.
  • Oils are great to use for certain specific enemies. If you're having trouble during a contract, craft an oil that matches the enemy type to deal more damage.
  • Do side quests as you get them so you can maximize experience during the main quests.
  • Quests that are greyed out mean that they are 5+ levels below your level, meaning they also will not give XP.
  • If you're struggling at winning in Gwent, try to build up your Monster deck. The Monster deck is probably the best in the game, especially with the Eredin - King of the Wild Hunt leader card that doubles the power of your melee row.
Cheap Kills on Death March

Quote Originally Posted by DropeRj
I would like to contribute with helping people playing the Witcher 3 with an easy method of easy killing almost every enemy even on Death March. Yes, it will annoy a lot of people because its a way to cheap kill almost every enemy of the game, but it's worth telling people.

I discovered it while the game was on patch 1.04, so I don't know if it updates if it will change.

The following video was made in PS4 in patch 1.04.
Basic strategy to cheap kill almost every enemy in the Death March mode.
My Character was level 13 against an Earth elemental of level 24.
I've used the Wyrm Decotion to help at the fight, so you can see my attacks increasing from 150 damage to 280+ damage in the end of the video.
The strategy consist of using fast attacks and the alternative Axii sign mode.
So, press square, hold R2 for alternative axii and release as soon as it appears, square, hold R2, square, and etc...
You can connect the attacks and briefly stun the enemy without loosing the Stamina bar because of the alternative Axii sign.
My Axii alternative sign was 2/3 and my fast attack 5/5.

Extra notes: Tried to use against the Cow monster, but the alternative sign don't stun him, and tried against a high level basilik, but the attacks are much harder to connect because of the basilik flying attack (when you connect an axii while he tries to fly, it can hit you)


Step 1: Play through the game on Death March

Now this is just what I preferred to do, as I did not want to play through Witcher 3 again and spend another 150 hours just so I can complete it twice. Play the game casually on death march, trying to go for most (if not all) of the side quests and contracts, if just to level up. Try to pay attention to merchants that can play gwent to get some of the randomly earned cards, buy them whenever you can and try to do the gwent quests. Make sure you look at Full Crew so you don't miss it!

Step 2: Complete the Contracts and Subplots

Collect all the contracts and sidequests from notice boards around the cities and then complete them. The contracts once you get to the late parts of the game are trivial and you should be just blowing through them. These also net you a few trophies and gear, not to mention gold and experience so they're good to do while you try to get to level 35.

Subplots include the quests from Keira Metz, as well as killing King Radovid and doing quests for Full Crew. These are usually long and easy, and extremely well done plots that almost feel like main quests.

Step 3: Card collection and cleanup

This will be the last stretch before your hard earned . Collect all of the cards you're missing and go for the misc. combat trophies to close this game out.


The Limits of the Possible
Collect all trophies.

Lilac and Gooseberries
Find Yennefer of Vengerberg.

Lilac and Gooseberries
  • Kill all the ghouls
    Geralt and Vesemir, tracking Yennefer, awaken at their campsite to the sight of ghouls. Your first task, naturally, is to deal with the ghouls. Make sure to abuse Quen in fights since the shield is extremely helpful. Once you kill the ghouls, get on your horse and follow Vesemir. You're heading to White Orchard now in hopes of finding Yennefer.
  • Ask travelers about Yennefer
    In the tavern of White Orchard, you'll be tasked with asking around for any clues as to where Yennefer is. Ask the peasants next to you as soon as you're given this task. They won't oblige, so you'll have to use your Axii to jedi mind-trick them into talking. Next talk to another peasant that will be convinced Yennefer is that of fairytales. He'll also teach you about the card game gwent, if you want him to. Have a drink with the last guy, he'll buy you a drink and he actually knows of her. Now head outside to meet with some rascals. Mind trick one with your Axii ability during dialogue so it's a fairer fight, then take out the other two in hand-to-hand combat. Once they're through, get back on your horse and follow the marker to a Nilfgaardian garrison. Here you'll get a griffon contract which you're required to complete.

The Beast of White Orchard
  • Ask a herbalist about buckthorn
    From the garrison, fast travel to the Sawmill which is close to the herbalist. Walk into her hut and ask her about buckthorn. She tells you that buckthorn can be found at the bottom of the riverbed. Head to the water, dive with and use to highlight bushes that contain buckthorn, then head over to one to get some. I recommend doing some side quests to level up before continuing on the main questline (especially if you're on Death March), such as Frying Pan, Spick and Span.
  • Ask the hunter where he found the bodies
    Arrive at the Mislav's hut and use your witcher sense to track him. Follow the red tracks into the forest to find Mislav and he'll want you to help him fight some wild dogs. Kill them and talk to Mislav again and he'll take you to where the bodies were. Use your witcher sense to examine the various things around the site, then follow the footprints out of the area and into a griffon's nest where you'll have to use the witcher sense again to analyze what went down. Once you're done, head back to Vesemir.
  • Kill the griffin
    The game gets you to make Thunderbolt potions prior to setting the trap, as they are extremely effective against the griffin. When you fight the griffin, make sure to use Quen whenever possible, and wail on it while you have a Thunderbolt potion active and your Silver Sword equipped. When it's in the air, shoot it with the crossbow that Vesemir gave you with after equipping it, and the griffin will fall to the ground. Eventually it'll fly to a nearby mill, follow it for the rest of the battle. Once it's dead head back to the Black Ones to end the quest and continue the other.

Lilac and Gooseberries (Continued)
This quest is then ended by entering the tavern in White Orchard and having a scrap with the bandits to defend the bartender inside. This is a good spot for Butcher of Blaviken. The trophy will unlock for this quest after the fight, during the cutscene.

A Friend in Need
Find and free Dandelion.

Dandelion is brought up in the main quest line after finishing the quests Novigrad Dreaming and Broken Flowers, which both consist of running around Novigrad and talking to various people about Dandelion and Ciri's whereabouts. Once those are finished and you meet Priscilla, the hunt for this trophy starts. You will also have to progress the main quest Get Junior before you're able to start this.

Count Reuven's Treasure
After finishing the parts of this quest tied to Get Junior, this quest really starts now.
  • Investigate the site of the break-in using your Witcher Senses
    Look at the three things in the ring, then follow the current through the sewers. You were given an antidote, best equip it now. You get three and one lasts for 6 and a half minutes. The sewers are full of drowners so be ready for some fights. At the end of the current, examine the bottom of a cylinder and you'll be tasked with returning to Dijkstra.
  • Return to the bathhouse and summarize with Dijkstra
    Head out of the sewers and back to the bathhouse. Talk to the Dijkstra and explain what you've found.
  • Look for clues about the thieves in the bathhouse side rooms using your Witcher Senses
    Head to the room on the right and you'll find oil near the bath. Walk around the back of it to find a lid to the supposed bomb. Bingo.
  • Go to Margrave Henckel's house
    Head to the house and use your sword to break the door open. Inside are some footprints that lead upstairs. Pick up the bottle and note on the side table. Go into the room next to the one you're in and place the bottle in the wine rack to open the secret door. Investigate this new room and you'll find a message and some bones. Go downstairs and see who's there. You and Triss devise a plan, using Triss as bait to get to Dandelion.
  • Kill the witcher hunters
    I refused the drink and went straight into fighting. Take the fight with Menge slow, just counterattack and hit him each time, then wait again. If you don't have patience you might have trouble during this part, on Death March at least. Once you kill the two main dudes, head into the other room and kill the rest of the witch hunters. You don't have to kill every single guy in the building, just the everyone in the two rooms. After that, follow Triss. Loot the desk to find a letter from a spy. When that's done, head out the side door, then jump up on the small roofs to escape.
  • Find the drop box using your Witcher Senses; place the holy tome there to signal that you want to meet the spy
    Head around the back of the fire area to find the drop box, then go to the arranged meeting place. Go to the meeting place, hide behind the door and meditate until midnight. After the cutscene, talk to Priscilla to end the quest

Get Junior
After looking through the three Whoreson areas is where I'll start this, as they're basically all "go here, do this, kill him, repeat".
  • Talk to Vernon Roche in the partisan camp
    Head to the entrance and there'll be a funny guy there. If you have delusion at level 2 you can persuade him into letting you in, else it's a fist fight. Just wait for him to attack then counterattack him with . Once he's low, he'll stop the fight and you can walk in to meet Vernon Roche.
  • Meet Roche near the bridge in Oxenfurt
    His contact is at the chess club, so head over there with Roche.
  • Get inside Whoreson's hideout
    March on over to the indicator. Kill the two guards outside, loot the key and walk into the hideout. Inside, slaughter everything that moves. It's easy as the henchmen are very weak. Once they're dead, head inside the biggest building across from the entrance and go upstairs to find Whoreson Junior. Now complete the Ciri mission, it's simple just fight Junior and his men.

The Play's the Thing
  • Tell Priscilla what you've learned about Dudu
    Go back to the tavern and talk to Priscilla about what you've found. You'll make a script and then take it to Irina Renarde. Now you have to recruit people for the play, it's easy as you just have to run around Novigrad talking to people. Talk to Irina again and choose the cast. Then it's time to start the play.

A Poet Under Pressure
  • Use your Witcher Senses to pick up the trail
    Follow the trail, you pass by a group of drowners that you'll have to deal with. You'll get to a camp, ask around for Dandelion. Then it's back on the trail. You will come to a hut, ask the dwarves about how to get in. Head around the back to get inside.
  • Free Dandelion
    Get to ground level and you will have to fight a witch hunter to free Dandelion. You'll unlock the trophy shortly after.

Help Yennefer extract information from Skjall's body.

After completing the main quest Echoes of the Past, you'll get to the part where this really takes place.

Missing Persons
  • Meet Yennefer on Hindarsfjall
    Find a boat and set sail for Hindarsfjall. Once there you'll meet Yennefer and some strange townfolk on your quest to find Ciri. You'll learn of a garden in Lofoten that might contain clues as to where she is. Once you get there, the quest ends.

  • Search for signs of Craven near the sacred tree using your Witcher Senses
    Search around the tree to find footprints and blood. Follow them around the garden and you'll meet with a dead end, so go all the way back around to the other side and you'll find an area with floodgates. Open the middle floodgate with the levers and in this area you'll find a well. Drop down the well, continue a bit further into the cave and you'll find Skjall.

The Calm Before the Storm
  • Try to defeat the warriors of the Wild Hunt
    As Ciri, you're brought to a sauna and basically told that Skjall fancies you. Great. Leave the sauna and go find Skjall in the stables to get ready to leave. As you're about to leave, the Wild Hunt appears and you will have to fight off a small group of warriors. This is really easy due to Ciri being super good, especially since here you learn about her ability to hit multiple people with sneak attacks from her powers. From here, ride your horse away and when the cutscene ends you'll get the trophy.

Family Counselor
Find the baron's wife and daughter.

Family Matters
This quest is unlocked after finishing Bloody Baron, when the baron tells you he knows where Ciri is but wants your help in tracking down his lost family. I suggest, before trying to tackle this quest, doing other side quests and visiting the other villages for contracts and quests so you have an easier time with this one.
  • Find the pellar's hut
    Once the baron tells you where the pellar is, after searching the baron's house for clues as to where his family (and Ciri) may have gone), you see a hut in the forest that's overrun with bandits. The bandits are many, so come prepared. I focussed down the crossbow enemies first as they are the weakest but most hard hitting, then dealt with the others. You can get a fair distance away from the bandits and just unload your crossbow into them from afar if you're having trouble, sometimes the bandits will stand there and accept the bolts. Once they're killed go inside and talk to pellar, he'll tell you that he needs his goat Princess.

A Princess in Distress
  • Find the pellar's goat using the bell and your Witcher Senses
    This is straightforward, just run around in the large circle outlining where Princess is and ring the bell after equipping it and pressing . You'll find it and have to lead it back to the pellar's hut.
  • Defend the goat from the bear
    The bear is a meaty foe, to beat it I abused my Quen and strong attacks : every time you hit the bear, just use to dodge backwards. Rinse and repeat this pattern until the bear is dead. Once it is, bring the goat back to the pellar to end the quest.

Family Matters (Continued)
Now the pellar will tell you about botchlings and you'll get a glossary page about them to read. Go back to the baron's castle and you'll see that it's been set ablaze. Run to it and you'll be given the option to free the horses trapped in the blazing stable. It's easy, so choose to do it. Run to the ladder on the side of the barn and use it to get inside, jump over the barrels and get to the stable area. The door to open is behind the collapsed roof, just go around the rubble to open the door and trigger a cutscene.
  • Defeat the baron in a fistfight
    Just block his punches and use a counterattack whenever he swings at you to open up his defences, then just punch him over and over until he blocks you again, repeat this process until you get to the cutscene.
  • Follow the baron/protect the baron from the wraiths
    You'll have to follow the baron to where he buried his (spoiler alert) late unborn daughter/botchling, and from here you'll have a choice. Either attack him or turn the botchling into a lubberkin. I highly recommend turning it into a lubberkin as it's much easier (on Death March). Now you'll have to protect the baron as you walk back to his castle. You'll need to defend against 2 waves of wraiths, just use Quen and light attacks. Dodge when your shield breaks and cast it again when your stamina regens. Do this for both fights and you'll be fine.
  • Follow the lubberkin
    This comes after you summon the lubberkin where the botchling was buried by waiting. The spirit of the lubberkin will lead you to where you want to go, as it tries to find its family. On the way you'll find drowners and you'll be taken to a hut in the middle of nowhere. Use your witcher senses to confirm that you're going the right way, then go back to following the lubberkin. All of the enemies along the way except for the Rotfiends near the horse carcass which you have to examine. Do this and then go back to following the lubberkin. You'll arrive at a fisherman's hut.
  • Talk to the baron about his family
    This is just a cutscene telling the baron that Tamara is in Oxenfurt. After the cutscene you'll play as Ciri as you did previously. This is just a simple horse race against the baron, beat it to move on. Now travel to Oxenfurt and follow the objective marker to a house. Tamara will tell you that she doesn't want to go back to the baron, so go back and tell the baron. From here you have to do the Kiera Metz questline.

Hunting a Witch
  • Find the witch's hut
    Her hut has a bunch of villagers outside it, begging her to help them. The hut is located just outside of Midcopse, a little north east of the village. Watch the cutscene and enter the hut, then you'll find a portal to where Kiera is and she'll tell you that she knows where Ciri is. This will start Wandering in the Dark.

Wandering in the Dark
  • Use your Witcher Senses to find Keira
    You'll get to a cave where members of the Wild Hunt are, so you know they are hunting Ciri as well. You'll then have to go through a portal and be separated from Keira. You are know in Drowner territory, there are two groups of three Drowners in this area that you'll have to take care of. The second one is a little easier as I just stood above where you enter the area and shot my crossbow at them. Once you're moved past that though, you can hear Keira with your Witcher Sense and you'll be led to an area with rat nests that Keira is trapped in. Use Igni or a bomb to destroy the nests and be reunited with Keira.
  • Explore the elven ruins and look for information about the mage
    You're told to follow swallow symbols through the cave. There are a few wraiths in this area that aren't that hard, they also are in an area with flammable gas, you can ignite it if you want some fun. Battle your way through them and continue along the path of the swallows to get to a portal. Now just continue exploring the caves and you'll meet up with the Wild Hunt guys again.
  • Kill the creatures emerging from the rift
    Keira will be trying to close the rifts but hounds will come out of them until she does. Use Igni and Quen primarily, and use attacks and dodges to fight them. Make sure you stay within Keira's magical barrier or risk dying to the cold coming from the rifts. The three rift fights are all the same.
  • Fight the guardian
    The guardian is a golem and can be beaten with your shield sign and heavy attacks mixed with dodges. Repeat the pattern until the guardian falls and you'll come to another area where golems like the one you just beat are frozen. You'll then have to fight a Wild Hunt warrior.
  • Fight the Wild Hunt warrior
    This fight is special because it's a bastard to beat. Use Quen religiously and heavy attacks, then dodge when he swings at you. Repeat this and he will then enter a frozen state where he will regenerate his health and more hounds like you fought earlier will spawn from a rift. Killing the hounds faster will stop the regen of the Wild Hunt warrior, so speed here is a must. He will only enter this frozen state twice, so after two you're on the home stretch. Just repeat the earlier pattern until the warrior falls (this fight took me a few tries on Death March, you can wait on the ledge above where you meet him and just regenerate your health that way). Once you beat him you'll have to look for a way out of the cave and then the quest is over.

Ladies in the Woods
  • Find the Crones of Crookback Bog
    Once you get to the bog, run to the objective marker and use your Witcher Senses on a statue. Now just follow the trail with your senses, you'll come to a small village. After the cutscene go into the house and talk to the boy inside. Gran is creepy so you have to talk to the other children to learn anything. Now it's time to cheat at hide and seek and find the children with your super op Witcher Senses. Three of them you find by following footprints, the other is hiding in a haystack. Once that's done, the kid will tell your where Johnny is.
  • Look for Johnny in the swamp using your Witcher Sense
    You'll be given a marker that has some drowners nearby, so take care of them before search with your senses. Using your senses you'll find Johnny's footprints that you'll now have to follow. You'll come to a burrow where Johnny is hiding inside.
  • Follow Johnny
    Lucky for us, Johnny leads us right to a pack of more Drowners, so take them out. There are some bee hives near this area that you can burn for honeycombs, which you can use to get health back. Once you've dealt with the drowners you have to follow Johnny more. He'll lead you to a raven's nest, inside is a bottle that you have to give him. Kill the harpies around the nest and bring the bottle back to him. Pesky ol' Johnny will again try to lead you back to the village through a drowner infested area, so defeat them again, then follow him back to the village. Gran is eventually pushed into helping you out. And like all things in this game, you will only get help from the Ladies if you help them by killing a beast.

The Whispering Hillock
You have to follow the quest marker and use your Witcher Senses to find a cave and inside is a thing you must help.
  • Find the bones of the spirit trapped beneath the Whispering Hillock using your Witcher Senses
    You'll have to first take out the drowners located throughout the area in which the bones are. Once you kill them just find the tombstone with your senses to find the bones. Next just find a horse for the spirit which is simple enough, just go to the indicator and use Axii to mount a horse. Bring the horse back and you'll finish the quest.

Family Matters (Continued)
Now you have to let the man know you finished the quest and he'll help you.
  • Tell the baron what you've learned about Anna
    Travel back to the baron's castle and trigger the cutscene. Then you'll get to play as Ciri and have to kill the Basilisk. The fight is easy, even on Death March (since Ciri is op compared to Geralt). Baron will get taken to the top of the castle and you have to climb up on a ledge, triggering a cutscene, and save him. You will learn that Ciri went to Novigrad from this cutscene. At the end of it the trophy will pop.

Something More
Find Ciri.

This is after you deal with the ugliest man alive, you get information as to where Ciri is: The Isle of Mists. So, travel to Skellige to start this line of quests.

The Isle of Mists
  • Travel to the Isle of Mists
    You'll need to get a boat first, grab one and then set sail for the isle of mists. Once you get there just follow the firefly. It'll take you to a hut, knock on the door and start a dialogue.
  • Look for Ivo in the cave
    From the hut, go down the path near the water and fight the two bilge hags. Then laugh as Ivo falls to his death.
  • Look for Gaspard near the lighthouse
    You'll be close to the lighthouse from Ivo, go there and up the ladders. Gaspard is at the top next to a chest. Talk to him. Now you have to lead him back to the hut, killing the foglets along the way.
  • Look for Ferenc along the coast
    Fenec's body is in the swamp near the fiend. Interact with it and then return to the hut. At the end of the cutscene the trophy will unlock.

Visit Tir ná Lia and convince Ge'els to betray Eredin.

Through Time and Space
During Final Preparations, you will get this quest after talking to Avallac'h.
  • Follow Avallac'h
    Follow him into the cellar of the nearby store. Break the wall down to reveal a portal and be transported to another world.
  • Find the next passage
    You're now in the most beautifully destroyed planet I've seen in a video game. Follow Avallac'h through the desert. When you get to the passage after a nice sightseeing tour, sand crabs will be alerted to your presence. It's time to kill some sand crabs. The fight is rather trivial, depending on your level, but the crabs are endless. Once the portal opens, jump through to be transported to a new area.
  • Find the next passage
    Run around to see a portal on the other side of a long stretch, then head through the path. There is deadly gas here that Geralt will take damage from if he runs out of air, finding some place high to jump onto will cause your breath to come back. At the end of the first stretch is a place of power if you want a free skill point. Continue along this way to the right and drop down. You'll have to cross this red plant-infested area as quickly as possible. Remember that there are ledges along this way that you can climb on if you need to catch your breath. Now just make a run for the portal.
  • Find the next passage
    You're transported to a water world, great. Luckily the portal is right in front of you, so just swim ahead to it. Now you're taken to a cold area. Use Aard on the ice that blocks your path. Now you have to run along the mountain while trying to find cover to hide from the snowstorm. The areas that are black are areas you can rest in if you are low. There's a nice string of black areas that you should aim for while running down the mountain. You will come to a hut, once outside you see a lighthouse you have to get to. Run down the path and inside the hut you'll find two hounds of the wild hunt. Kill them and move forward. If you're like me you might have to wait for your health to regen before heading out again. Continue along the narrow area to come to an open area right before the lighthouse. There are a few hounds here so be prepared. You can huddle up next to the fires to quickly heal you. Kill them then run to the lighthouse to find Avallac'h. Next go through the portal to then new world: Tir ná Lia.
  • Follow Avallac'h
    Follow him and walk over to talk to Ge'els and watch the cutscene and unlock the trophy.

The King is Dead
Defeat Eredin.

Battle Preparations
This quest is received after completing Final Preparations.
  • Meet Avallac'h on the ship
    After talking to Yennefer, talk to Avallac and set sail.

The Sunstone
  • Ask Crach where Ermion is
    Since you should already be in the Kaer Trolde Harbor, go up the stairs near the docks and find Crach an Craite to ask him about Ermion.
  • Talk to Ermion
    Crach tells you that Ermion is with Madman Lugos, who has his own keep now. Travel to Kaer Muire and find Lugos and Ermion. Run over to where they're talking to start the cutscene. Lugos will send his men on you so you have to fight against a mob of soldiers. Once you kill them all follow Ermion out of Lugos' territory to start the conversation.
  • Talk to the bard known as Eyvind
    Head to Arinbjorn and walk to the cliffs to talk to Eyvind. Once you're done, go talk to Yennefer.
  • Meet Philippa in the elven ruins
    Go to the ruins to find Philippa, now you'll have to explore the ruins with her. Inside there will be a group of drowners and a siren, so take them out. There's a place of power here if you want a free skill point. Up ahead is a golem that takes a few hits to kill. Just stay behind it and deal massive damage and you will be fine. You will come to a mirror puzzle. Set it up so that the light hits the middle one, and the middle mirror goes to the one most north, and direct that mirror to the last one and switch the last mirror to set it up correctly. There are some ghosts here so be careful but they're easy for the most part.
  • Examine the Sunstone
    Go back to Philippa and examine the sunstone.

Child of the Elder Blood
  • Travel to the island where Avallac'h's laboratory is located
    When you get there, talk to Yennefer at the door. She'll try to open the door, which spawns a golem that you will have to fight. Similar to the last golem, just stay behind it and you should be good to go.
  • Explore Avallac'h's laboratory using your Witcher Senses
    Head to the basement and take a look at the family tree on the wall. From the basement, go through the door that's down there and into a makeup room to find a woman. After the conversation, go outside to talk to Ciri. You can choose to go with Ciri to visit Skjall's grave or not, whichever you feel is necessary (I went for the lulz) but at the end you'll finish this quest.

Veni Vidi Vigo
  • Sneak onto the emperor's flagship under cover of darkness
    Go to the ship in the middle of the fleet and interact with it's anchor to get on the boat. You'll have to swim onto the boat because they'll shoot a boat down. You'll get Fringilla and go through a portal back to the docks.

Battle Preparations (Continued)
  • Let Avallac'h know everything's ready
    Since you're at the docks now, go and talk to Arallac'h and let him know about your adventures.

On Thin Ice
  • Defeat Caranthir
    Now playing as Ciri, you have to get to Caranthir and kill him to end the trap. Ciri one shots Wild Hunt Warriors so just breeze by them. Run through the path killing/one shotting anything in your way. You'll get to him quickly enough. Sadly you can't just one hit Caranthir, he's still easy though. This fight doesn't take strategy, just keep hitting him and using your special ability until he loses about a quarter of his health and you'll trigger a cutscene.
  • Kill Caranthir
    Now as Geralt, the real fight takes place. He actually doesn't take a whole lot of damage before going down. Time your dodges well to dodge the orbs he throws at you and run at him while dodging to get some free hits in. He eventually will spawn Ice Elementals, you can choose to ignore them as they aren't a huge threat as long as you dodge their attacks. Using Quen and Igni is a must here. You can use the Ice Elementals as a shield for the orbs Caranthir throws at you to kill them, too. Caranthir actually glitched for me and just stopped moving altogether, accepting my blows as if he wasn't there and was just a piece of the scenery. Anyway, once he's low enough a cutscene will come. After the cutscene just hold to swim to the surface.
  • Board the Naglfar
    Run past all the monster as they just keep spawning until you do. Simply run all the way to the end of the path and get onto the ship.
  • Kill Eredin
    Eredin is weak to Igni and use Quen whenever it is broken. Make sure you try to keep him in a fiery state. You have to dodge his attacks because he'll just chain hit you into oblivion. Eventually he'll open a portal and throw you in and you'll fight in a different area, an open battlefield near the Naglfar. If you hit Eredin in the back you WILL crit every strike, so abuse this if you dodge his attack and he's still trying to combo the air. When he gets low, he'll open another portal and you will have to run through it. Do so and you'll be taken back to the Naglfar. Now just finish him off since he'll be low at this point.

Passed the Trial
Finish the game on any difficulty.

Will unlock upon completion of the game.

Ran the Gauntlet
Finish the game on the "Blood and Broken Bones!" or "Death March!" difficulty levels.

This trophy is stackable with Death March difficulty. See Walked the Path for more details.

Walked the Path
Finish the game on the "Death March!" difficulty level.

Death March is available from the beginning of the game, so you should start your first playthrough on it. The hardest part of the game is right in the beginning, until about 15-20 hours you will probably have a hard time playing on this difficulty. Enemies are much harder, require more hits and deal more damage. This mode is really going to test your combat skills.

Death March Tips

  • Dodging attacks in this difficulty is a must. Use to dodge with no stamina loss and to do a longer dash with stamina loss.
  • When against humans, always block and try to counterattack. You're virtually untouchable while blocking with .
  • Using Quen every single time it's up and when it breaks, it's a great way to stay alive longer. The other signs are much less important.
  • You should get the skills: Sun and Stars (General), Rage Management (General), Adrenaline Burst (General), Focus (General), and Undying (Combat). With these skills I felt very overpowered and almost invincible.
  • Do side quests as soon as you get them, main quests are set at a high level to force you to do this. Doing side quests is also a great place for loot and experience points to level up so the main quests don't crush you so hard.

Geralt: The Professional
Complete all witcher contracts.

Witcher contracts can be acquired by visiting Notice Boards across the lands and picking up the notices on them. You'll get side quests and witcher contracts through this. To make sure you get all the contracts, go around the map hitting every notice board picking up the contracts. The contracts just consist of dealing with a monster, killing it to rid the land of its misfortunes brought by the monster. Time for some good ol' monster hunting.

Devil by the Well
White Orchard | Suggested level 2

This contract can be found in the town of White Orchard on the notice board. To really start it you have to go talk to Odolan about the contract, he'll tell you that a witch is haunting the well where they get their water from, so you have to deal with it. He'll tell you that the witch only comes around at a certain time, being noon (it's a noonwitch).
  • Find evidence of the spirit's presence using your Witcher Senses
    When you get to the well at noon, you'll see that a witch is around but you have to confirm this using your senses. Look in the houses for clues as to whether or not the well is truly haunted, then examine the well to find a dead body in the water bucket. Gross. You also figure out that the witch is bound to the well by some means, so you have to find something that belonged to her.
  • Go down the well and look for something that belonged to the dead woman using your Witcher Senses
    Jump down the well and swim to the land in there. Along the path to the exit you'll find a bracelet that belonged to the witch, pick it up and get out of the cave to prepare for the fight. You have to burn the body that you found in the water bucket and the bracelet to actually spawn the witch.
  • Defeat the noonwraith
    To easily fight the noonwraith, use Yrden, the trap. When the wraith is in the trap you deal massive amounts of damage to it, use this to your advantage. If you're good at dodging, you don't need to use your shield sign during this fight until the noonwraith retreats and sends her lesser wraiths after you. Pop Quen and deal with the lesser wraiths to make the noonwraith come back, then just finish her off while using Yrden. Once she's dead, collect a trophy and go back to Odolan to finish this contract.

Woodland Beast
Velen | Suggested level 6

  • Examine the site where the transport was attacked using your Witcher Senses
    Go to the indicator and you'll find a caravan with three dead bodies around. Examine the boxes, bodies and footprints, then follow the footprints. You're led to a group of drowners, so take them out. You'll come to an archer in a tree. From here you can choose whether to kill the bandits or let them live. You'll get a nice reward if you choose to kill them, but it doesn't matter which you choose as you'll still complete the contract.

Velen | Suggested level 8
Unlocks Shrieker

  • Investigate the site of the monster's attack using your Witcher Senses
    Head over to the objective indicator and use your senses to examine the area. Examine the tracks and follow the blood trail. You'll come to a cave where you have to use a bomb to drive out the shrieker. Make sure you have the necessary ingredients to craft a bomb, then toss one in the cave. Once you craft them once you can meditate to get more.
  • Chase down the monster
    Run out of the cave now and you'll see it flying. Chase it and it'll land. Like usual, abuse Quen and strong attacks and this fight is a piece of cake. Like the griffin fight you can shoot down the shrieker while it's flying to get it to fall with your crossbow.

Patrol Gone Missing
Velen | Suggested level 7

  • Search the area using your Witcher Senses/Kill the draconid
    Follow the tracks to a dead body that was poisoned. You'll then follow the prints to a Wyvern, though it's pretty weak. Once you kill it, return to the Nilfgaardian camp and end the contract.

Merry Ol' Widow
Velen | Suggested level 10

  • Explore the cemetery using your Witcher Senses
    After getting this contract and talking to the gravedigger, head to the cemetery and kill the pack of rabid dogs there. Now you'll have to investigate the area. Examine each grave that can be examined, and you'll find a scent to follow. You're led to a hut filled with tools and human bones, take the skulls to force it back to the cemetery.
  • Put the skulls in the cemetery and wait for the grave hag to come
    Head back to the cemetery and put the skulls in the building, after using the shrine in the middle and you'll trigger the grave hag.
  • Kill the grave hag
    Use your Quen sign and strong attacks, dodging whenever you're about to be hit. Follow this pattern and this fight isn't too hard. The rabid dogs had raw meat that you can loot and eat for health if you're getting low during this fight, I recommend munching on some raw meat. Once it's dead, loot the trophy then head back to the gravedigger for your reward.

Jenny O' The Woods
Velen | Suggested level 10

  • Interrogate the witnesses/Search the nearby fields using your Witcher Senses
    Talk to Agneta, she'll describe Jenny o' the Woods to you. Now go to the fields and investigate to find barefoot tracks and some fabric. Follow the tracks and you'll find a knife with dried blood on it. Follow more tracks and you'll find a letter in a shallow grave. Read it, then go back to the ealdorman to ask him about what you found.
  • Find the lovers' meeting spot
    Head to the camp in the woods, the meeting spot, and burn the assassin blade in the campfire to lure the wraith out. You have to make sure it's not day time as the wraith will only come out at night.
  • Kill the monster
    Yrden counters this wraith extremely hard, so get it in the trap to deal massive damage. Without the trap you'll deal barely any damage to it. Get her in the trap then use quick attacks to get her health down while trying to dodge her attacks. It seems like she doesn't attack often when she's in the trap, use this to your advantage. Eventually she'll spawn level 1 night wraiths, joy, just one-shot them and you'll be back fighting Jenny. Once she's dead go and collect your reward.

Swamp Thing
Velen | Suggested level 12

  • Find out what's killing people in the fog
    Through the fog you'll find an area infested with drowners (best enemy in the game, right?). Take them out before continuing. Now it's time to head through the deadly fog. Examine the two dead bodies near the cabin using your senses.
  • Navigate the illusions to find the foglet
    Head over to a large rock in this area, you can use your Eye on it to reveal a cave behind it. Go inside to find the foglet (not the first one that's just in the cave for some reason).
  • Kill the foglet
    Now foglets are annoying because they can go semi-invisible, then just strike from nowhere. Use when he's invisible as time to regenerate your stamina, use Quen and attack him when he comes out of invisibility. If you have necrophage oil, use it here to pack a mean punch against this foglet. Do note that when the foglet comes out of invisibility it strikes twice, so you'll take at least one hit if you have your shield on. As a result, always get away from it if it's becoming visible. Loot the monster then return for your reward.

An Elusive Thief
Novigrad | Suggested level 13
Unlocks The Doppler Effect

  • Follow the imp using your Witcher Senses
    To the left of the merchant are some tracks. Examine them and follow the trail to some loot. You will also find the end of paw prints and the start of foot prints. You will follow these to an open house which you have to search. On the table is a letter, read it. Once you do, head upstairs to find a pile of clothes and bones to find a scent, which you now have to follow to a Temple Guard and an Elf.
  • Catch the doppler
    This isn't even a chase, just sprint to him and press to grab him.
  • Defeat the doppler
    The doppler will clone you so you're basically fighting yourself, however this fight is really easy. Once he gets to half health, you can make a choice of whether to spare him or kill him. Kill him or set him free, both are easy and both complete the contract. Once you're done, head back to the merchant for your reward.

The Griffin from the Highlands
Velen | Suggested level 24

This will be slightly tied to the quest Master Armorer, as you need the acid from this monster for crafting.
  • Find the archgriffin using your Witcher Senses and kill it
    Investigate the crime scene, all of it, then follow the trail up to the hill. On the hill will be the archgriffin, which is just a harder version of the griffin from the beginning of the game. I found it rather easy but I was level 27 at the time, but just use the technique from the other griffin fight in this: when the griffin leaves the ground shoot it down and it'll be stunned for a few seconds. Use fast attacks on the griffin and it'll be dead in no time. Take a trophy and deliver it to the quartermaster for your reward.

In the Heart of the Woods
Skellige | Suggested level 22
Unlocks Woodland Spirit

This is a weird one since it's listed as a sidequest instead of a contract, but it unlocks the contract trophy so I don't know.
  • Examine the tracks in the woods using your Witcher Senses and find out what's killing the villagers of Fayrlund
    After talking to everyone about the leshen, you'll have to track it in the woods. Once you've learned about it, go back and talk to Sven. You know that there is a villager marked by the spirit that will keep it from dying.
  • Find the person marked by the leshen by using your Witcher Senses
    Look for Hilde, as she is the one marked by the leshen. Once finding her report back to Sven to inform him on your findings. Now you're tasked with destroying all the totems. You need only walk to them and strike them with a sword to break them.
  • Find the leshen by using your Witcher Senses to follow the sounds it makes
    Just walk to the indicator to trigger a cutscene and find the leshen immediately. Kill the wolves quick, then focus on the leshen. It's weak to fire so use Igni whenever possible. Honestly if you're level is high enough this fight is easy.

The Apiarian Phantom
Novigrad | Suggested level 14

  • Follow the halfling
    After inquiring about the notice, follow the halflings as they show you where the phantom was. When you get there, examine the area for clues with your senses. Follow the footprints. When the footprints end head down farther along the side of the river to pick up the prints again. It leads to a cave, go around the building to the basement.
  • Defeat the hound of the Wild Hunt
    It'll run out of the basement and you have to chase it down on Roach. You can shoot the hound with your crossbow to get it to stop so you can kill it. The fight is easy so once it's dead return to the halflings for your reward.

Deadly Delights
Novigrad | Suggested level 15

  • Get information from the medic
    Go to the docks and talk to the medic there, ask him about the dead guards.
  • Examine the crime scene using your Witcher Senses
    Find the hoof prints and follow them to the brothel. Head inside and ask about it.
  • Confront the succubus
    Go to the house marked on your map and go up the stairs to open the door. The fight is easy, just wail on her until she dies. When she does, collect your trophy and go back to the guard for your reward.

Doors Slamming Shut
Novigrad | Suggested level 24
Unlocks Ashes to Ashes

  • Travel to the haunted mansion
    Go to the mansion and investigate the inside with your Witcher Senses. Look at the food on the table, then the salt on the floor, then head downstairs. Downstairs, use Aard on the wall to break it open, revealing a secret area. In here, loot the desk on the other end of the area across the water and read the journal. Then go into the water and around the right and on the wall is a lever, pull it to open the door in the other part of the room.
  • Kill the earth elemental
    Use Aard all around this room, on the supports and on the relic, and the earth elemental's shield will deactivate. The earth elemental is really weak to swords so just whack it until it's dead, take the trophy and return to Kurt for your reward.

The Creature From the Oxenfurt Forest
Novigrad | Suggested level 35

  • Examine where the monster attacked using your Witcher Senses
    Examine the body and blood in the initial indicator, then it'll become bigger. There will be an arm on a rock and next to it a blood trail. Follow it to a dead end and conclude that the ravens picked the area clean, so head forward a little and follow the ravens to the griffin.
  • Kill the griffin
    At this point you should be an experienced griffin killer. When it's in the air, shoot it to make it fall down. On the ground just swing your sword at it repeatedly until it dies. Make sure you dodge his attacks or you may be in for a bad time, depending on your difficulty. Once he's dead, take your trophy and head back for your reward.

Skellige | Suggested level 28

  • Talk to the victims' mother
    After talking to the village elder, talk to the victim's mother to get permission on examining the crime scene.
  • Examine the victims' bodies using your Witcher Senses
    Walk over to the bodies and simply examine them with . Now head outside and go to the site of the attack to search for monster tracks. Look for the cow, and near it, cow's blood. Follow the trail of cow's blood. Once you get to the dog, go back to the village elder to talk about bait.
  • Guide the sheep to the forktail's nest
    Now for possibly the most annoying part of this game, guiding the sheep to the nest for bait. Run behind the sheep to kind of steer it in the direction you want, or just to watch it stop and run backwards.
  • Kill the forktail
    The forktail is a lot like the griffin in that it is really easy to kill once you get the pattern down. Shoot it out of the air to get it to crash land, then wail on it with swords of fury until it dies. When it does, collect the trophy and get your reward.

The Mystery of the Byways Murders
Velen | Suggested level 22
Unlocks Fearless Vampire Slayer

  • Deal with the ghouls prowling the village
    Set out for the Byways to find a village ransacked by ghouls. Take them out and you will find the surviving villagers come out of their houses.
  • Explore the village using your Witcher Senses
    Examine all the dead bodies of animals and you will get to a dead human, which will have a scent trail. Follow the scent to the house at the end of the village. Get the key from the villager that talks to you. Go inside to find the secret entrance to the cave. Inside, head to the main, big area of the cave.
  • Find and kill the ekimmara
    Vampires are weak to fire, so using Devil's Puffball or Igni here is recommended. When it's invisible, it's invincible and can't be hit, so wait for it to come out of invisibility. When it does, just wait on it. You can also use Vampire Oil if you're having trouble killing this monster. Once you do though, take the trophy and head back for your reward.

Missing Brother
Velen | Suggested level 33

  • Find the missing brother in the mine near the Inn at the Crossroads
    Travel to the area indicated on your map to get to the mine. Head inside and explore it with your Witcher Senses. Inside you'll find fresh blood but no bodies. Continue along to hear that something's woke up from your presence. You'll find the bodies on the right. In this area, go up the ladder to find a Farmer's Wide. To the left of one of the tunnels will be a small room with nothing but water in it, it's a pool that you can jump in and dive through to swim to another part of the cave. In here there are eggs to destroy, so break all 12 of them. Continue walking through this area destroying the eggs and you'll come to some arachas.
  • Kill the arachas
    There will be the mother arachas and some small young ones, just focus on the mother. It's weak to Insectoid Oil and Golden Oriole potions, use them if you wish, then take the mother out with swings of your sword. Be careful as the mother will spray poison at you as one of its attacks. Once it's dead, take your trophy and head back for your reward.

Mysterious Tracks
Velen | Suggested level 20

  • Search the forest using your Witcher Senses
    You'll find tracks at the indicator on your map, so you have to follow them. Follow them to the tree with fur stuck on the side of it to find a scent to follow. You'll follow the scent to a 90 degree vertical angle into a cave, so you need to find another way inside. Walk up the left of the entrance then jump inside. You'll find a fiend, examine it then explore the cave.
  • Prepare some bait based on the alchemy formula
    The formula requires a Fiend Dung and Crow's Eye (2). Craft it, then equip it and pour it over the hill. Once you do so, go back into the cave and wait for the monster.
  • Kill the chort
    The chort is weak to Devil's Puffball bombs and Relict Oil, use those if you feel you're having a tough time. Stay behind the chort so it won't be able to deal damage to you. The fight all in all is rather easy if you're a higher level so you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

Phantom of the Trade Route
Velen | Suggested level 23

  • Find the missing caravan
    The caravan cart is broken on the track leading to the indicator on your map. Examine the area with your Witcher Senses. You'll catch the scent of the wine that spilled from the barrel, so follow the scent trail. Follow it all the way to the cave, then head inside of it. Once inside you'll talk to some people holding out in the cave.
  • Find the wyvern's nest
    Go around the back of the cave and walk up the path to the top of the hill, exiting the cave. At the top you'll find two wyverns, rather easy to kill but there's two so watch your back, I suppose. Once you take them out Geralt will realize that these weren't the problem, a Royal Wyvern is. Destroy the nests and a cutscene will trigger that sends the wyvern out to play. The Royal Wyverns are weak to the Aard sign, Draconid Oil, Grapeshot bombs and Golden Oriole potions. Use these if you're having trouble. Like any flying enemy in this game, a crossbow bolt will cause them to land on their face. They are then open to free hits for a few seconds. Use Aard to basically stun it for a couple seconds too, then flail your sword around to kill it. Take your trophy and then collect your reward.

Missing Son
Skellige | Suggested level 29
Unlocks Fiend or Foe?

  • Examine the castle ruins using your Witcher Senses
    At the top of the castle is a fiend, fight it (Igni works pretty well against fiends) and at half health it'll hypnotize you and run off like a coward. You'll then have to find his lair using your Witcher Senses. In the middle of the area you'll find tracks indicating which way he went, follow the tracks. Follow the tracks through the small village and just outside of it you'll meet up with the fiend once more.
  • Kill the fiend
    Fiends are weak to fire so using igni, Samum or Devil's Puffball bombs are a good idea. Relict Oil also hurts the fiend, use these items if you're having a tough time with this fiend. When his eye goes red, he'll try to hypnotize you. He's open to free hits here since he won't be attacking you. You may get hypnotized but it'll just be you and the fiend in a small, fogged out area of where you were. Once he's dead, take your trophy and search for the missing brother. He'll be right where the fiend was when you found him in the lair, on the left upon entering it. Collect your reward.

The White Lady
Novigrad | Suggested level 16

  • Look for the bodies of the White Lady's victims using your Witcher Senses
    Go to the indicator on your map and look for the campfire, the two bodies are laying around it. Examine the three bodies and the alcohol bottles, then the tracks near one of the bodies. Follow the tracks to the ruined tower, then investigate it. Go down the stairs, kill the ghoul then examine the body. You'll come up with a theory on what happened: a noonwraith. Talk to the widow again to explain this theory.
  • Throw the silver dagger into the fire to lure the noonwraith
    Head back to the campfire and interact with the campfire to lure the noonwraith. Now if you remember from the first contract we got, noonwraiths are extremely weak against Yrden, the trap sign. Lure her into this trap and wail on her to really hurt her health bar. Similar to the first contract, the noonwraith spawns other wraiths as its health gets lower, but they are only level 1 wraiths so it's not a challenge. Once you kill her, take your trophy then collect your reward.

The Oxenfurt Drunk
Novigrad | Suggested level 26

  • Talk to the witness
    Head to the tavern and talk to the drunk lady inside. You can choose to use Axii or pay for another bottle of alcohol. The Axii option gets you 40xp and lets you keep 30g if you're stingy like that.
  • Examine the site where the monster as seen using your Witcher Senses
    The witness points you to just outside the tavern, head out and on the other side of the wall near the entrance is a bracelet you will spot with your senses.
  • Talk to the medic
    Near the shore is where the medic resides. Talk to him about the monster's victims. He'll let you inside, reluctantly, so you can examine the bodies. Examine both of them and deduce that a vampire did these attacks. Now go back to the tavern and get drunk to bait out the vampire. You'll need at least 50g for this (shouldn't be a problem, I hope).
  • Walk around near the tavern in order to provoke the katakan
    Now that you're hammered, walk around the streets of Novigrad singing verses to lure the vampire out. He won't hear you at first so you'll have to try this in a few different areas. The third area is where you'll find the vampire.
  • Kill the katakan
    After hitting the vampire once, he'll retreat like the pussy he is. Track it down using your senses and you'll be able to visually see the vampire's sounds. You will track it to a hut on the outskirts of Oxenfurt. Around the side of it is a ladder, climb up it to get inside. Now for the actual fight. Vampires are extremely weak to Igni, so use that whenever you can and keep hitting it with your sword to kill it with ease. Loot his trophy and his key so you can exit the hut, then return for your reward.

Lord of the Wood
Novigrad | Suggested level 25

  • Talk to the witnesses
    Talk to the lumberjack in the same tavern you talk to the contract giver.
  • Find the woodcutter's hut where Hotsch is staying
    Go to the hut and examine the wagon tracks, then follow the tracks. Take out the nekkers along the track. You'll find the wagon on the track, examine the area. Look at the blood on the ground and near it the footprints. Follow the footprints. You'll find a dwarf that suffocated. Head back to the wagon and follow other tracks to find a dwarf that bled to death. Near the wagon is a rock with claw marks on it, examine this to deduce that you're dealing with a leshen.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to follow the sounds and find the leshen's totem
    Using your senses you can see that there are sounds, marked by the red colour, that you need to go to, to see if it's a totem so you can destroy it. There are false trails and one real totem. You'll have to go to each indicator before getting to the totem. Once you get there, use a sword to break it. This will trigger the leshen to come out.
  • Kill the leshen
    Leshens are weak to fire so use Igni a lot. Dimeritium bombs and Relict Oil can also be used to weaken the leshen. Dodge his attacks and cast Igni to stagger him a little, then unleash your sword into its face to kill it. Take your trophy then collect your reward to finish the contract.

Strange Beast
Skellige | Suggested level 16

  • Investigate the ambush site using your Witcher Senses
    Examine the halved body and the blood near the cart where the ambush was. Find the tracks and follow them into the woods. They lead to a cave, so head inside and explore it. Kill the nekkers inside, you'll get to the main area of the cave and have to kill the nekkers to lure out the leader.
  • Kill the pack leader
    Hagubmen are weak to Northern Wind bombs and Ogroid Oil, if you need them. When you deal enough damage to him, he'll retreat and send his nekker minions on you, take them out quickly to bring the pack leader back out. Once you kill the leader, take your trophy and collect your reward.

The Phantom of Eldberg
Skellige | Suggested level 17

  • Investigate the isle of Eldberg and find Mikkjal, the lighthouse keeper
    Head over to the lighthouse isle. You'll see that the whole isle is full of mist and overtaken by wraiths. Follow the indicator on the map to the hut and knock on the door. Now go to the lighthouse and head up the first ladder and examine the bookcase to find a letter to the lighthouse keeper. Read it. On the outside of the lighthouse there will be symbols that keep the spectres there. Go back to the lighthouse keeper and explain the situation.
  • Kill the penitent
    Now you really can't deal a whole lot of damage before Mikkjal lights the brazier. Just go defensive before he does, since it's almost useless trying to attack it. It'll spawn wraiths that you'll have to take out too, so watch out for those. Once the brazier is lit, go to down attacking the penitent. It's weak to Yrden so use that sign to deal more damage. Once it's dead, take your trophy run back to the tavern to collect your reward.

Muire D'yaeblen
Skellige | Suggested level 18

  • Talk to the witnesses about the drowners' attacks
    Simply talk to the witnesses around the Kaer Trolde harbor about the attacks to get some information on them.
  • Investigate the place where the drowners were seen using your Witcher Senses
    Go to the first area on your map that's indicated and examine the dead body to find a scent. Follow the scent out into the water and around the rocks to find an underwater entrance to the lair. Inside, kill the drowners and beware the poison scattered throughout the cave. From the entrance go left and then right again to find the lair. Examine the corpses and the boats to deduce that this isn't a drowner's lair.
  • Prepare a potion using drowner pheromones and use it to hide your scent
    In the Alchemy section of the menu, go to potions and craft a potion called Drowner pheromones. It requires a Puffball, Dwarven Spirit, Drowner Brain, and Sewant Mushrooms. All of these are common items that you shouldn't need to search for. Once you craft it, use it and hide in the cave for the Water Hag.
  • Kill the water hag
    The Water Hag will be accompanied by some Drowners, take them out first. She's weak to Igni and Quen, as well as Necrophage Oil and Northern Wind bombs. Use these to your advantage to kill the water hag. She's overall not too hard, once you kill her well, you know the drill by now. Take a trophy then collect your reward to end the contract.

Here Comes the Groom
Skellige | Suggested level 19

  • Talk to Britt
    Head up to the small hill where Britt is and talk to her.
  • Explore the caves Britt mentioned using your Witcher Senses
    Go inside the cave and examine the large wreckage/shrine in the middle of the caves. Then you'll have to find Melusine. Kill the nekkers and make your way through the cave to make your way outside of it and onto the hill. You'll find a dead body and the monster.
  • Kill the monster
    You can get Melusine to instantly ground by using Axii on her, then you can execute her. For me this insta-killed her but I was level 35 by this point so you may not have the same results. Just use axii when she's in the air and then widdle her health down until you kill her. When you do, head back with your trophy to get your reward and, if this was your last contract like it was mine, this trophy as well.

Complete the subplot about choosing Skellige's ruler.

This trophy is another subplot, just consisting of four side quests on picking Skellige's ruler.

  • Ask Udalryk where Cerys is
    Head to the building and watch the cutscene.
  • Look for Cerys in the abandoned home using your Witcher Senses
    Go to the abandoned house and follow the tracks to find Cerys.
  • Find the sword named Brokvar
    Go to the basement of the house to find the sword on a desk. When you find it, bring it back to Cerys. Now take Cerys back to Udalryk. You will take to bury the sword where Udalryk's brother died, so head out there and then return to him. You find out that in order to save Udalryk you have to trick the hym.
  • Search the house and find a way to drive off the hym
    Just look around the house and Cerys will come up with a plan. When the time comes, throw the baby into the oven and kill the guards. Then the quest will be finished

The Lord of Undvik
  • Sail to the island of Undvik and search for Hjalmar
    Grab a boat and head to the island. Once there you'll find that some horrific event happened and it's up to you to find out what. Along the way to the indicator you'll find crime scenes that you'll have to examine that are really just sub-objectives not really affecting the main objective. So look around the areas as you go along, and you'll make it to a cave. Traverse the cave and you'll find another camp, this time with more clues.
  • Find Hjalmar
    Inside the building is a mean group of three Devourers, be ready for the fight as it's a rather tough, depending on difficulty. The bonus is that getting them low on health will just cause them to explode, though be sure to stray away from it. Kill them and in the room they were in examine the body. Then follow the tracks outside. You'll follow them to a village where a man is attacking sirens, this man is Hjalmar.
  • Find a way to the giant's lair
    Follow Hjalmar. You'll come to a cave, head inside and follow the path to the right. Find the key to the cell, which is to the left of the giant in a chest. Make sure you don't walk on snow or you will wake the giant. Free him and start the fight with the giant. Honestly since you have two other guys with you this fight is so easy, the giant for me was distracting 90% of the time so he never hit me. He also never seemed to hit Vigi so I don't know, maybe it glitched for me.

King's Gambit
  • Collect your reward from Crach an Craite
    Go back to Kaer Trode and inside, follow Arnvald. Go through the dining hall to his chambers at the back. He'll give you Fate, an extremely good silver sword. Now in the dining hall there are some rabid bears that you have to deal with. Igni is great against them, as is strong attacks. Abuse these and you'll have an easy time. I chose to help Cerys investigate as that seemed more logical. This choice will determine who the ruler will be.
  • Examine the crime scene using your Witcher Senses
    Examine one of the bears to find that they are lycanthropes. Investigate the horns and whatnot to find a scent of mead, then follow the scent to a horn and you'll find mead spiked with human blood. Now get Hjort to examine the mead.
  • Follow Cerys to the cellar
    Just follow her to the cellar and then examine the mead barrels and the rest of the cellar. The one to examine is on the right wall. Someone's trying to kill you! Quick, head to the other end of the cellar and use Aard on the barrels blocking the doorway. You're in a tunnel now and Cerys will lead the way. Once you're out, go back to the cellar door and find some footprints to follow. At the end of the trail is a piece of Arnvald's tunic, that bugger! Go catch him.
  • Chase Arnvald
    On your horse, just follow Arnvald. Once you get close to him, strike him with your sword to knock him off. Then just watch the cutscene to finish the quest.

This is a cutscene showing your choice of ruler.
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Assassin of Kings
Take part in the assassination of King Radovid.

Missable Trophy

This trophy consists of many quests leading up to the assassination of King Radovid. Do these as soon as you get them as this trophy is very missable. Making the wrong dialogue choice in Blindingly Obvious will cause you to miss this as well.

Redania's Most Wanted
This quest appears after you finish Get Junior.
  • Talk to the witch hunters in front of Philippa's hideout
    Head over to the hideout and chat up the hunters.
  • Open Philippa's hideout
    Go down into the cave and to the right of the purple door is a missing tile that you can activate to get through. Kill the nekkers in here and you will find an inactive portal. Use Aard on the lamp on the wall to activate it. Stubborn ol' witch hunter, if you don't have a delusion level 2 you have to fight the witch hunter for the crystal. Beat him and get the crystal, place it and activate it like you did before to open another portal. You will get to another inactive portal, this time those rascally nekkers got the crystal, go down the tunnel and kill them to recover it. Head through the portal to find a fire golem. Poke it with strong attacks, use Aard or Quen (or both) and repeat this strategy.
  • Search Philippa's quarters using your Witcher Senses
    Once you kill the fire elemental, head inside the room and examine the things there. Once you find the crystal and are done in the room, head out and talk to both Triss and King Radovid about your findings.

An Eye for an Eye
This quest appears after you finish Get Junior.
  • Meet Roche at his camp
    Start off the quest by talking to Roche, then meet him at Hanged Man's Tree.
  • Save Ves
    Run to the village quickly as Ves is fighting two groups of Nilfgaadrian troops. If Ves dies, the quest will fail. Be quick, though the troops aren't too hard to fight. Kill the first group of guards that doesn't have Ves then head over to Ves and kill those. Once you finish this, the quest will end.

A Matter of Life and Death
You must complete A Poet Under Pressure first.
  • Meet the Vegelbuds' servant at the first market
    Ask around the market about trout to find the right guy. Then you have to follow him. Kill all the bandits along the way. Buy an outfit for the ball, if you want, or just two masks. You'll have to give Triss her mask when you buy it.
  • Meet Ingrid Vegelbud
    Make sure you get the cards from playing in the tournament on the right before finishing this. Now head over to Ingrid to trigger a cutscene.
  • Find Albert Vegelbud
    He's wearing a panther mask, he's in the farthest circle, talking up some ladies. You have to wait, so go to the bench with Triss. She'll get drunk off her ass and run through the hedge maze, so you have to chase her to the fountain. After the cutscene, you get ambushed by a group of witch hunters that you need to fight. Once done go to the stables.

Now or Never
  • Follow Triss to Berthold and Anisse's hideout
    Follow Trist, once you get to the hideout there will be guards inside. Now I'm not sure if it's possible to save the two mages, but it doesn't matter what happens to them, I let them die. Now follow Triss to the Kingfisher, then follow her around some more.
  • Find a path through the sewers
    With Triss, just head through the one path through the sewers killing the enemies as you go along. Just remember that you can break walls if they're cracked, you'll have to do this a few times. After killing the rats, follow the path and head up the stairs on the left through the door. Then you'll find a Katakan, use Quen, spam for fast attacks and drink a Thunderbolt potion, then just trap it in a never ending fury of attacks. Kill it and you'll be at the docks.
  • Kill the witch hunters
    At the docks, hunters will come out to play. Since they're outnumbered it's an easy fight. Now for a cutscene. You MUST tell Triss to stay here, and that you love her if you want Full Crew. Triss will go to Kaer Morhen after the cutscene.

A Deadly Plot
  • Talk to the Redanian liaison
    Go to the objective marker to find Gregor.
  • Find the shoemaker's wagon
    The wagon is on the trail, then use your senses to find tracks. You'll follow them to a rock troll. Once you talk to him, head into his cave to find the shoemaker. You can choose to fight the trolls or not, I didn't as they were kicking my ass. Then just escort Thaler out of the cave.

Blindingly Obvious
This quest appears much, much later on in the story, near the end of it actually. After talking to Triss during Final Preparations you will start this quest. You must always choose the first dialogue options when they come up at the end.
  • Go to the bathhouse with Triss
    When you get there, Philippa will be going mental. Now you have to catch her. Kill the henchmen that've been brainwashed. When you do, go to the other side of the bathhouse and drop down the latter. Down here there will be two more henchmen in the way, so deal with them. Past them is a troll that is also in your way, but it's just Bart so you can talk to him or you can fight him since he's really easy to beat. Once he's dead run through the sewers to Philippa. And now you'll have to fight a Fire Elemental. Using Aard will put out his fires and is extremely effective against these guys, then hit him repeatedly until he falls.
  • Sneak up on Philippa without making too much noise
    This objective makes no sense as you can just run up to her and trigger a cutscene without sneaking at all, so do that. NOW, you must choose these dialogue options: I need her; Tell you what the emperor's after if you let us go; Heard it from Emhyr himself; Let her talk.

Reason of State
  • Meet Dijkstra, Roche and Thaler in the portside warehouse
    Go to the warehouse door and knock for entry.
  • Lure Radovid from his ship
    Now that the plan has been discussed, go to Radovid's ship. Philippa will give you her ring to help seal Radovid's trust in you. Talk to the soldier outside the boat and say that you want an audience.
  • Kill Radovid
    Take out his soldiers that stand in your way. There is a huge army between you and Radovid so be prepared for a fight. Once you get to Radovid, watch the cutscene to unlock the trophy.
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Friends With Benefits
Complete the subplot involving Keira Metz.

I've already outlined the first part of this subplot in Family Counselor, so this will continue once her main quests are finished and the side quests start.

A Towerful of Mice
  • Find a way to get to Fyke Isle
    Fyke Isle is a Drowner/Rotfiend infested shithole that you can only get to by boat or swim. Once you get there, run past all the enemies if you're a weak little bitch (like me) to get to the tower on the island.
  • Explore the tower
    You can use the lamp you got from Keira to play ghost messages within the tower, they're a free source of XP so I recommend doing it. There's some pretty good loot in this tower so I recommend you actually explore it. Get to the top and there will be a lever to pull and open a secret passageway. Inside the doorway, go up the stairs to get to Alexander's laboratory.
  • Use Keira's lamp to investigate Alexander's laboratory
    Use and the magic lamp to trigger a cutscene at the top of the tower.
  • Take Annabelle to Graham
    You've learned now that the only way to lift the curse is to make sure Annabelle and Graham forgive each other and if Graham buries her bones. Graham is right new the island, in Oreton. Go to the house and knock on the door. After the cutscene you can go back into Graham's house to see that you've just freed a Pesta wraith. Yay. Now it's also time to tell Keira that you've lifted the curse on Fyke Isle.

A Favor for a Friend
  • Find the ingredients from the missing transport using your Witcher Senses
    Head to the area on the map and use your senses on the road to find wagon tracks. Follow them south to get on a trail. You'll follow it to a wagon that veered off the road. Loot the package for Keira and head back to her. She'll tell you that you have to wait to see what she's been working on. She offers to go on a date, score!
  • Race Keira to the meadows
    Now that you're both on horseback, it's time to race her for some reason. You can get away with galloping most of the way there, stopping occasionally to regenerate the horse's stamina.
  • Find Keira using your Witcher Senses
    Keira is basically leaving you a trail of clothing. Follow the trail and you'll find Keira near the waterside. Now for the sexy times; the prize was well worth it. However, we aren't done yet.

For the Advancement of Learning
  • Find out what Keira's doing in the tower on Fyke Isle
    Fast travel to Fyke Isle to get to the tower, triggering a cutscene. Now, you can either choose to let Keira go to Radovid or stay and fight her to prevent that. The former option is incredibly easier as the fight with Keira is pretty difficult. I recommend sending Keira to Kaer Morhen for Keira's safety (it's safer for her there). This trophy will unlock when the cutscene ends and she portals herself away. Keira HAS to go to Kaer Morhen for Full Crew.

Full Crew
Bring all possible allies to Kaer Morhen for the battle against the Hunt.

Missable Trophy

Throughout the game will be people that you can send to Kaer Morhen for various reasons. This trophy can be missed easily if you don't know that they count for this trophy, or if you don't know that they can be sent to Kaer Morhen in general. Every single person on this list must be talked to and convinced to go back to Kaer Morhen.

  • Keira Metz - For the Advancement of Learning (see Friends with Benefits). DO NOT FIGHT HER. You have to choose the dialogue option at the end "It's suicide", if you choose the other one you'll fight Keira and she won't go to Kaer Morhen. After choosing It's suicide, you can also choose to send her to Kaer Morhen.
  • Vernon Roche & Ves - An Eye for an Eye (see Assassin of Kings). Once you finish his quest, talk to him again during Brothers in Arms: Novigrad to get him to join Kaer Morhen.
  • Triss Merigold - A Matter of Life and Death and Now or Never (see Assassin of Kings). You must tell Triss that you love her so that she will stay, then tell her to go to Novigrad at the end of Now or Never. If you don't, you will miss Triss for this trophy.
  • Zoltan - Just talk to him during Brothers in Arms: Novigrad.
  • Ermion - Just talk to him during Brothers in Arms: Skellige.
  • Hjalmar - Complete Kingmaker. Choice doesn't matter but if you don't choose to help either of them in King's Gambit you'll miss this chance.
Allies not needed for the trophy
  • Letho - The Fall of the House of Reardon, complete this quest and during you'll meet Letho, who will give you another quest afterwards. At the end tell him to meet you at Kaer Morhen.
  • Dijkstra - He won't feel obligated to come.
  • Crach - Can't leave his castle.
  • Cerys - Sends Hjalmar instead.
  • Emperor Emhyr Var Emreis - Will send his troops to Kaer Morhen but they must be commanded by General Voorhis, which Geralt doesn't like.
  • Folan & Vigi - Lord of Undik, must free/help both of them during the quest (hard to miss in the quest), they will come when you invite Hjalmar to Kaer Morhen.
Confirmation on the following would be appreciated:
Quote Originally Posted by AlecDawesome View Post
I think you can have any 7 allies for the Full Crew trophy. I didn't have Triss but had Letho and the trophy popped for me
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Acquire all the Abilities in one tree.

The easiest tree is the General tree for this movie since there's only 10 skill points in need of completing it. Just get 10 skill points and put them in the general tree, the skills do not need to be activated for this trophy.

The Enemy of My Enemy
Use the Axii Sign to force one opponent to kill another. Do this 20 times.

You will need at the very least 7 points in the Signs category before being able to attempt this trophy. Put 6 skill points into the tree to unlock the next row, on this row at the end for the Axii sign is a skill called Puppet. You should put 3 points in that (bringing the total to 9 skill points needed for this trophy) so that your opponent deals more damage while under your control.

To make someone fight for you with the Axii sign, first activate the Puppet ability and then hold down to cast the alternative Axii sign, which is the puppet ability. From here just watch your puppet attack your opponents. I recommend doing this in bandit camps where the bandits are all low levels so there's no problem getting kills. Once you get 20 kills like this, the trophy will unlock.

Humpty Dumpty
Kill 10 opponents by knocking them off somewhere high with the Aard Sign.

A really easy way to get this trophy is to go to the Devil's Pit in Velen. Right near the entrance is an area that you can push people off of really easily, as there's a fair drop right below. Play on Just the Story so that opponents die if they fall off the ledge, even if it's not so high it seems like they'll die regardless.

So go to the area near the doors of the Devil's Pit and wait for bandits to come around you. Block their attacks to make them stagger backwards in the direction of the fall, then when they're right on the edge use Aard to push them off the ledge and kill them. Repeat this 10 times, respawning the bandit camp by travelling to Skellige and back.

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Environmentally Unfriendly
Kill 50 opponents using the environment (e.g. swamp gas, insects or objects).

You can try to bother with the insects, gas and whatnot but the easiest way to do this trophy is through executions. For whatever reason, executions count towards this trophy. So, using the Axii sign you can stun an enemy then walk up to them and insta-kill them to add to your count on this. You can also use your crossbow on a harpy to get it to fall, then press when it's on the ground to insta-kill it as these count too. You might get this without trying if you use the Axii sign a lot (hell, I didn't use it a lot but I killed a lot of harpies).

Kaer Morhen Trained
Perform 10 effective counterattacks in a row without getting hit or parrying.

To counterattack, you have to press as soon as someone is about to hit you (humans). You can easily see when you're supposed to press by looking at the enemy's health bar, it'll have redness underneath when they're going to attack. This trophy can be easily done while you're fighting a single enemy with swords. Just repeatedly counterattack over and over until you get the trophy.

Can't Touch This!
Kill 5 foes in a fight without taking damage (except for Toxicity) and without using the Quen Sign.

This may seem like a daunting task but I found an excellent area to get this in, even on Death March I managed to nab this trophy on my first try. During the quest Get Junior, there will be a large fight in a bathhouse. You'll be equipped with a mace and have no armor against 7-8 dudes, but most will be distracted by your allies so you'll really be 1v1ing multiple enemies, at least I was. Try to pick off stragglers and remember to parry with and counterattack when they're about to strike so you don't get hit. This area prevents you from using Signs as well, so you can't be tempted.

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That Is the Evilest Thing…
Ignite the gas produced by a Dragon's Dream bomb using a burning opponent. Do this 10 times.

Before you start this, you must first go to the Herbalist Hut outside of Novigrad and purchase the Dragon's Dream bomb schematic and craft them. The build cost is Saltpeter (1) and Phosphorus (2). You can buy the ingredients from the herbalist here as well. The bomb explodes when ignited, so you can see why this trophy exists.

Next find a group of enemies, the bandit camp Devil's Pit in Velen works wonders for farming trophies such as this. Use Igni or any other way you have of setting people on fire (Devil's Puffball works), then throw the Dragon's Dream grenade on them to make them explode and ignite the gas. Repeat until you have done this 10 times. You can make that bandit camp respawn by travelling to Skellige and back.

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Fill all mutagen slots.

Mutagens are acquired by crafting them, killing monsters and collecting them, or buying them from merchants. They each have their own buffs: Red gives you extra attack damage, Green gives you vitality, and Blue gives you increased sign intensity.

The earliest you can unlock this trophy is level 28 as there are four mutagen slots to fill, each unlocking after a level and the last is unlocked after level 28. Once you get there, just put four into the slots.

Butcher of Blaviken
Kill at least 5 opponents in under 10 seconds.

This isn't as hard as it sounds, a good place to do this is in the main quest Lilac and Gooseberries, near the end of it when you're in the tavern of White Orchard. In the quest you'll be challenged by a group of bandits inside the tavern as part of the main quest, they will all be level two and have minimal weapons; wooden sticks for most and one with an axe. Just take out your sword and start wailing away, your sword swipes will hit more than one enemy at a time with , allowing you to take out the crowd very quickly. I did it here on Death March difficulty. The use of Igni also makes this trophy easier.

Triple Threat
Kill 3 opponents in one fight using 3 different methods (swords, bombs, crossbow, Signs, etc.).

I managed to do this early on in the game, during the main quest The Nilfgaardian Connection. When you're in the tavern after getting to Velen, there will be some bandits working for the Baron, the ruler of Velen. You can choose to fight them through dialogue options, just provoke them by saying "Don't, or I'll kill you" or something to that effect. This will trigger a fight with three people. Now, what I used was:
  1. Igni
  2. Steel Sword
  3. Crossbow
Each weapon just has to have the killing blow on the enemies, it's not that you can only damage them with each respective weapon. Lower the health of your opponents with your sword, then when one is low use Igni, finish another off with your sword and continuously press to fire your crossbow until the last one dies.

Defeat Olaf, the Skellige champion of unarmed combat.

This is tied to the trophy Brawl Master. Olaf is the last fist fighter in Skellige, you must defeat the three others tied to the quest Fists of Fury: Skellige. You must talk to the bookie and then enter the arena.

So plot twist: Olaf is a bear. Great, you can't really block or counterattack his hits at all, so you must dodge them. The easiest way to do damage is to get behind him and dish out small blows with quick attacks, then use to dodge away from his attacks. Honestly as long as you're level 29 or so (I was 29 at the time) this fight is really easy since Olaf is level 25.

Make an opponent suffer from bleeding, poisoning and burning simultaneously. Do this 10 times.

There are a few ways to do this trophy but the absolute easiest is to get both the Dancing Star and Devil's Puffball bombs from the Herbalist at the Herbalist Hut outside of Novigrad. These are poison bombs and fire bombs respectively. Lastly, get Broadhead Bolts from any blacksmith, most sell them, as they have a 100% bleeding chance on your crossbow. Now the real task is finding some opponents to farm this on. You can also set the difficulty to Death March if you want to let the enemies have more health, this helps them not die as quickly so you can get all three off easier.

A good place to farm this is in the Devil's Pit in Velen, since there are a lot of bandits there. Use the Broadhead Bolts first, then Devil's Puffball and lastly the Dancing Star bomb. You can meditate to replenish your bombs when you run out, so go to the camp and kill some bandits, run out and meditate then go back in. If you fast travel to another area (Skellige, etc.) the bandits will respawn. Once you reach 10 this trophy will unlock. You don't have to actually kill the bandit, just make them suffer these 3 effects.

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Master Marksman
Kill 50 human and nonhuman opponents by striking them in the head with a crossbow bolt.

Just to be clear, this means humans as well as things like dwarves and elves, no monster count towards this trophy. Using your crossbow to get a headshot is no easy task since you'll probably do it very rarely by accident. Getting 50 is a challenge, luckily there's an easy way to farm this trophy. Using Axii, you can stun someone so that they drop their head for you (do this when they're at low health) making it extremely easy to hit. Sheathing your blade will make your crossbow deal more damage so make sure you do that. You can just go to each bandit camp and kill people like this over and over until you pop the trophy.

What Was That?
Attack, counter, cast a Sign and throw a bomb (in any order) in under 4 seconds.

You can do this in any fight where you have bombs, really. Make sure you craft some bombs before looking for an enemy, if you have crafted some but are out you can meditate for more. Now find an enemy (human, with a sword) and wait for him to attack. Counterattack with , then attack with , cast a Sign and then just toss a bomb . I recommend leaving the bomb till last since it will knock you back/stun you.

Even Odds
Kill 2 monsters you have a contract on without using Signs, potions, mutagens, oils or bombs.

Since I recommend you start the game off on Death March difficulty, this trophy seems like no small feat. Monsters in contracts are mean and take a lot of abuse before finally going down. I strongly suggest you wait to complete all contracts and go for this trophy AFTER finishing the game and getting Walked the Path and then switching the difficulty down to Just The Story so you will have an easier time closing the game out.

Now then, onto the monsters. Probably the easiest monster to do this with even on Death March would be the Doppler during the contract An Elusive Thief in Novigrad. He doesn't fight back if you choose to kill him, at least not for me, so make sure you just use your sword. No signs, potions or oils, nothing special.

The next monster you can choose just by going through your Witcher Contracts and picking a low level contract. If the contract is a really low level then the monster will be a breeze to kill. My lowest was Deadly Delights in Novigrad, so I recommend doing this one since it recommends you be level 15 and at the end of the game I was level 32.

Discover 100 fast travel points.

Fast travel points are discovered when you walk near a site in which you can travel. Finding 100 will come while you're doing main quests and side quests, so you shouldn't have to actively search for areas in which to discover. However most fast travel points are listed on the map as Undiscovered Location so if you are trying to get this trophy with little success, search for those instead. You should have about 60 in Velen/Novigrad, then 9 or 10 from White Orchard, 1 from Vizima and then around 30 from Skellige for this.

Pest Control
Destroy all monster nests in the Velen / Novigrad region, or in Skellige.

Monster nests can be destroyed with bombs, and should be for Fire in the Hole. Since this trophy gives you an option, it's best to kill the five monster nests in Skellige than both Novigrad and Velen. They are scattered all throughout Skellige, here's a video on where they are located:

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Card Collector
Acquire all gwent cards available in the base version of the game.

Missable Trophy
Missable Cards:

Check the above link for info on the missable Gwent cards in the game. Gwent cards are obtained through either beating your opponent in a game of gwent or simply buying them from traders. You earn one gwent card for the first time you beat an opponent, you cannot farm wins for random cards. As a result, I recommend building a deck as quickly as possible (through purchases) and trying to play every merchant and blacksmith (the two traders that usually always play gwent) whenever possible.

To avoid missing some of the cards, make a save BEFORE these quests: A Matter of Life and Death and High Stakes. Completing each mission without getting each card from them will result in a missed card and you will have no way to get them back unless you reload a save.

There are gwent specific quests, labelled in your journal as "Gwent: ", doing these will net you a lot of cards that can only be obtained during these quests. There aren't very many gwent quests but you must do each of them in order to get all the cards. There is a total of 120 unique cards in the game, you do not need every single duplicate (there are 199 cards total).

Cards like those in the Monster and Scioa'Tael deck that have the ability Muster means you need to collect every variation of that card. This is only for the cards that have muster, other duplicates that you don't need are things like Mahakaman Defender (just need one), Vrihedd Brigade Veteran, etc. The muster cards include:

Scioa'Tael Muster Cards
  • Dwarven Skirmisher
  • Elven Skirmisher
  • Havekar Smuggler
Monster Muster Cards
  • Vampires
  • Crones
  • Ghouls
  • Nekkers
  • Arachas

Northern Realms Deck
Perk: Draw a card from your deck whenever you win a round

Card Strength Type Location
Foltest - King of Temeria - Leader Start the game with it.
Foltest - Lord Commander of the North - Leader Bought from Elsa or the merchant outside of the tavern in White Orchard.
Foltest The Steel Forged - Leader During High Stakes, won in the tournament.
Foltest The Seigemaster - Leader Beat the Nilfgaardian Nobleman in Vizima.
Philippa Eilhart 10 Hero/Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Vernon Roche 10 Hero/Melee Won from Hadko in Midcopse, Velen during the Gwent Quests.
Esterad Thyssen 10 Hero/Melee Won from Dijkstra during the Gwent Quests.
John Natalis 10 Hero/Melee Won from Ravvy during A Dangerous Game.
Thaler 1 - (Spy) Bought from the innkeeper of Arinbjorn, Skellige.
Redanian Foot Soldier 1 Melee Start the game with it.
Poor Fucking Infantry 1 Melee Start the game with it.
Kaedwini Siege Expert 1 Siege Start the game with it.
Yarpen Zigrin 2 Melee Start the game with it.
Sigismund Dijkstra 4 Melee (Spy) Won or taken from the Bloody Baron during the Gwent Quests.
Sheldon Skaggs 4 Ranged Start the game with it.
Blue Stripes Commando 4 Melee Bought from the Quartermaster Store near the Baron's house in Crow's Perch, Velen.
Sabrina Gevissig 4 Ranged Start the game with it.
Ves 5 Melee Start the game with it.
Siegfried of Denesle 5 Melee Start the game with it.
Prince Stennis 5 Melee (Spy) Start the game with it.
Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter 5 Ranged Bought from Merchant in Midcopse, Velen.
Keira Metz 5 Ranged Start the game with it.
Dun Banner Medic 5 Siege Start the game with it.
Sile de Tansarville 5 Ranged Start the game with it.
Siege Tower 6 Siege Earned randomly through wins.
Dethmold 6 Ranged Start the game with it.
Trebuchet 6 Siege Start the game with it.
Ballista 6 Siege Start the game with it.
Catapult 8 Siege Bought from the merchant in Passiflora brothel, Novigrad.

Nilfgaardian Empire Deck
Perk: Win whenever there is a draw

Card Strength Type Location
Emhyr var Emreis - His Imperial Majesty - Leader Start the game with it.
Emhyr var Emreis - Emperor of Nilfgaard - Leader Bought from the innkeeper in Inn of the Crossroads, Novigrad.
Emhyr var Emreis - The White Flame Dancing on the Graves of His Foes - Leader Complete the quest Gwent: Skellige Style.
Emhyr var Emreis - The Relentless - Leader Won during High Stakes quest, in the tournament.
Tibor Eggebracht 10 Hero/Ranged Won during the Gwent Quests from Olivier in the Kingfisher Inn.
Letho of Gulet 10 Hero/Melee Won during the Gwent Quests from the boatbuilder of Oreton.
Morvran Voorhis 10 Siege Won during the Gwent Quests from Marquise Serenity in Passiflora.
Menno Coehoorn 10 Hero/Melee Bought from the innkeeper at Inn of the Crossroads, Novigrad.
Siege Technician 0 Siege Bought from the innkeeper at the Golden Sturgeon, Novigrad.
Etolian Auxiliary Archers 1 Ranged Bought from a merchant in Midcopse, Velen
Albrich 2 Ranged Bought from a merchant in Crow's Perch, Velen.
Sweers 2 Ranged Bought from a merchant in Claywich Village, Velen. This area is south of Crow's Perch and you must free the merchant from his cage on the island to the east.
Nausicaa Cavalry Rider 2 Melee Bought from a merchant in Crow's Perch, Velen.
Vreemde 2 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Rotten Mangonel 3 Siege Earned randomly through wins.
Morteisen 3 Melee Bought from a merchant in Midcopse, Velen.
Puttkammer 3 Ranged Bought from a merchant in Claywich Village, Velen. This area is south of Crow's Perch and you must free the merchant from his cage on the island to the east.
Impera Brigade Guard 3 Melee Bought from a merchant in Crow's Perch, Velen.
Vanhemar 4 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Vattier de Rideaux 4 Melee (Spy) Earned randomly through wins.
Rainfarn 4 Melee Bought from a merchant in Midcopse, Velen.
Cynthia 4 Ranged Bought from the Quartermaster's Shop near the Bloody Baron's house in Crow's Perch, Velen.
Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion 5 Siege Bought from a merchant in Crow's Perch, Velen.
Young Emissary 5 Melee Bought from the innkeeper in Cunny of the Goose, Novigrad.
Renuald Aep Matsen 5 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Siege Engineer 6 Siege Bought from the innkeeper at Inn of the Crossroads, Novigrad.
Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach 6 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Fringilla Vigo 6 Ranged During A Dangerous Game in Caesar Bilzen's house.
Assire var Anahid 6 Ranged Earned randomly from wins.
Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen 7 Melee (Spy) Earned randomly through wins.
Stefan Skellen 9 Melee (Spy) Earned randomly through wins.
Heavy Zerrikanian Fire Scorpion 10 Siege Bought from the merchant in Midcopse, Velen.
Black Infantry Archer 10 Ranged Bought from the merchant in Midcopse, Velen.

Scoia'Tael Deck
Perk: You decide who goes first at the start of a battle

Card Strength Type Location
Francesca - Pureblood Elf - Leader Start the game with it.
Francesca The Beautiful - Leader Finish the quest Gwent: Big City Players.
Francesca - Daisy of The Valley - Leader Bought from the innkeeper in Cunny of the Goose, Novigrad.
Francesca - Queen of Dol Blathanna - Leader During High Stakes, won during the tournament.
Saesenthessis 10 Hero/Ranged Won from Vernon Roche during the Gwent Quests.
Iorveth 10 Hero/Ranged Given by a druid after completing Shock Therapy.
Isengrim Faoiltiarnah 10 Hero/Melee Found in Zed's home during the quest A Dangerous Game.
Eithne 10 Hero/Ranged Won from Zoltan during the Gwent Quests.
Havekar Healer 0 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Riordain 1 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Toruviel 2 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Elven Skirmisher 2 Ranged Bought from the innkeeper of Urialla Village, Skellige (may only appear at 4pm).
Dwarven Skirmisher 3 Melee Bought from Stejpan in The Alchemy Inn, Oxenfurt in Novigrad.
Ciaran aep Easnillien 3 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Vrihedd Brigade Recruit 4 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Dol Blathanna Archer 4 Ranged Bought from the merchant in Passiflora brothel, Novigrad.
Havekar Smuggler 5 Melee (Spy) Bought from the merchant in Seven Cats Inn, Novigrad.
Mahakaman Defender 5 Melee Bought from the merchant in Seven Cats Inn, Novigrad.
Vrihedd Brigade Veteran 5 Melee Bought from Olivier in the Kingfisher Inn, Novigrad.
Dennis Cranmer 6 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Filavandrel 6 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Ida Emean 6 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Yaevinn 6 Melee Bought from Sjusta in Kaer Trolde Harbor, Skellige.
Barclay Els 6 Melee Bought from the innkeeper of Golden Sturgeon, Novigrad.
Dol Blathanna Scout 6 Melee Bought from the innkeeper of Golden Sturgeon, Novigrad.
Milva 10 Ranged Win at the ball during the quest A Matter of Life and Death. Currently missable if you didn't do the gwent tournament.

Monsters Deck
Perk: One randomly-chose Monsters Unit Card stays on the battlefield after each round

Card Strength Type Location
Eredin - Commander of the Red Riders - Leader Start the game with it.
Eredin - Bringer of Death - Leader Complete the quest Gwent Players: Velen.
Eredin - Destroyer of Worlds - Leader Won during the tournament in High Stakes.
Eredin - King of The Wild Hunt - Leader Bought from the innkeeper in Kaer Trolde Harbor, Skellige.
Kayran 8 Hero/Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Leshen 10 Hero/Ranged Won from Ermion during quest Gwent: Skellige Style
Imlerith 10 Hero/Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Draug 10 Hero/Melee Won from Crach an Craite during Gwent: Skellige Style.
Ghoul 1 Melee Bought from the innkeeper of Harviken, Skellige.
Nekker 2 Melee Bought from the innkeeper of Harviken, Skellige.
Wyvern 2 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Foglet 2 Melee Bought from innkeeper in Svorlag, Skellige.
Celaeno Harpy 2 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Gargoyle 2 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Cockatrice 2 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Harpy 2 Ranged Bought from the innkeeper of Harviken, Skellige.
Endrega 2 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Vampire: Bruxa 4 Melee Win at the ball during A Matter of Life and Death. Currently missable if you didn't do the gwent tournament.
Vampire: Fleder 4 Melee Bought from innkeeper in Harviken, Skellige.
Vampire: Garkain 4 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Vampire: Ekimmara 4 Melee Bought from the innkeeper in Svorlag, Skellige.
Arachas 4 Melee Bought from the innkeeper in Arinbjorn, Skellige.
Botchling 4 Melee Bought from the innkeeper in Kaer Trolde Harbor, Skellige.
Forktail 5 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Plague Maiden 5 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Griffin 5 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Werewolf 5 Melee Bought from the innkeeper at Urialla Village, Skellige.
Frightener 5 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Ice Giant 5 Siege Bought from the innkeeper at Svorlag, Skellige.
Grave Hag 5 Ranged Earned randomly through wins.
Vampire: Katakan 5 Melee Won from Madman Lugos during quest Gwent: Skellige Style.
Crone: Whispess 6 Melee Bought from the innkeeper at Arinbjorn, Skellige.
Crone: Brewess 6 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Crone: Weavess 6 Melee Won from the Old Sage during quest Gwent: Velen Players.
Arachas Behemoth 6 Siege Earned randomly through wins.
Fire Elemental 6 Siege Earned randomly through wins.
Fiend 6 Melee Bought from the innkeeper at Arinbjorn, Skellige.
Earth Elemental 6 Siege Bought from the innkeeper at Kaer Trolde, Skellige.

Neutral & Special Cards

Card Strength Type Location
Biting Frost - Special Start the game with it.
Impenetrable Fog - Special Start the game with it.
Torrential Rain - Special Start the game with it.
Clear Weather - Special Start the game with it.
Decoy - Special Bought from Quartermaster's Shop near the Bloody Baron's house in Crow's Perch, Velen.
Scorch - Special Bought from the innkeeper at Cunny of the Goose, Novigrad.
Commander’s Horn - Special Bought from the innkeeper at Inn at the Crossroads, Novigrad.
Geralt of Rivia 15 Hero/Melee Won from Thaler during quest Gwent: Big City Players.
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon 15 Hero/Melee Bought from Scoia'Tael trader in the Novigrad Forest (found during Gwent: Big City Players).
Yennefer of Vengerberg 7 Hero/Ranged Bought from Stejpan in The Alchemy Inn, Oxenfurt, Novigrad.
Triss Merigold 7 Hero/Ranged Won from Lambert during quest Gwent: Old Pals.
Avallac’h 0 Melee (Spy) Won from Gremita during quest Gwent: Skellige Style.
Dandelion 2 Melee Win at the ball during A Matter of Life and Death. Currently missable if you didn't do the gwent tournament.
Zoltan Chivay 5 Melee Won from the Scholar during the prologue in White Orchard. This card is currently missable and impossible to get after you leave White Orchard. Waiting on patch to fix this.
Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff 5 Melee Earned randomly through wins.
Vesemir 6 Melee Won from Vivaldi during quest Gwent: Big City Players.
Villentretenmerth 7 Melee Earned randomly through wins.

Gwent Master
Defeat Tybalt and win the gwent tournament held at the Passiflora.

This is quest High Stakes. Pay 1000 coin to enter in Passiflora. Mingle with the other contestants and the party will start. Now I suggests doing this as the last Gwent quests you have (except Gwent: Old Pals since Lambert will be played later). Only do this quest when you have a good deck. You're first tasked with playing Bernard Tulle, who uses a Northern Realms deck. He's pretty easy (I had a decent deck). When you win you can save so it doesn't matter if you lose the next one. Meet Sasha on the balcony then return for round 2.

Now you're against Sasha. She uses a Nilfgaardian deck (damn, that's what I use). Again, I found her rather easy with my awesome Nilfgaardian deck, so you should be okay if you follow what I have.

In round 3 you'll be against Finneas, however you can't save inbetween so you will have to load a save from before beating Sasha if you lose this game. He uses a Scoia'Tael deck. Once you beat him he'll get salty and you have to beat him in a fist fight. He's fast, so be quick with blocks.

And last, you'll be against Count Tybalt. He uses a Monster deck and he's super annoying. I had to switch to Northern Realms for this as the passive perk of the deck is better for monsters than Nilfgaardian Empire is. He's not too hard, so once you beat him you'll get the trophy. Here's the Nilfgaardan deck I used (my Northern Realms deck is very similar):

Nilfgaardian Empire Deck

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Let's Cook!
Learn 12 potion formulae.

You get formulae for potions from merchants and by looting them. Alchemy shops usually carry some and you get a few from the Keira Metz subplot. I'd honestly not worry too much about this trophy as you'll come across plenty more than 12 formulae for potion crafting. I hit 12 when I was still level 10 in Velen.

Collect the formulae for 6 different bomb types.

In Velen, go to the Herbalist Hut near Oxenfurt. Talk to the herbalist inside to buy: Devil's Puffball; Dimeritium bomb; Dragon's Dream; Enhanced Grapeshot; and Moon Dust. They cost roughly 40g so you should be good to go once you get to the hut if you have 200g at least.

Read 30 books, journals or other documents.

Whenever you get a contract, a letter or a book from a quest or notice board, they go to your Usable Items menu. In this menu you can choose to read each document, counting towards this trophy. You'll get this soon enough, once you have 30 documents just read through all of them and you'll get the trophy without too much of a hassle.

Armed and Dangerous
Find and equip all the elements of one set of witcher gear.

To get a full set of equipment you must find the 6-7 diagrams needed, then craft each individual item of the gear set. You'll need the materials for all the items, you can get steel ingots from dismantling steel swords and silver ingots from dismantling silver ingots. The rest can be looted from monsters during missions, make sure you always loot anything you come across. You can also loot bandit camps and monster nests for easy loot. If you don't want to get all of the gear sets and you want the trophy quickly, I recommend collecting the Griffin School gear set since it's the easiest, and doesn't have a crossbow (the others require the crossbow but this set doesn't have one, meaning it has one less item to craft).

Griffin School Witcher Gear Set
Location: Velen

  • Griffin Steel Sword
    Diagram Location: Northeast of where the bridge guards are when you have to travel to Skellige is a place called Hindhold. Head up here and deal with the monster nest, and at the top inside a room on a skeleton is the diagram.
    Ingredients: Monster Eye; Steel Ingots (2); Leather Straps; Monster Brain
  • Griffin Silver Sword
    Diagram Location: Northwest of the Harpy Feeding Ground is a keep called Lornruk. You have to kill the Wyvern at the top of it before you can acquire the diagram, but it's an easy fight so you shouldn't have too much of a problem. There's a chest at the top that contains this diagram. To actually get inside, you have to swim in the water through a cave and climb up a ladder.
    Ingredients: Monster Brain; Silver Ingots (3); Leather Straps; Fifth Essence
  • Griffin Armor
    Diagram Location: Northwest from Downwarren is a monster den called Dragonslayer's Grotto. In here, at the end of it is a chest containing the rest of the diagrams for this set.
    Ingredients: Leather Straps (5), Hardened Leather (2), Shirt, Meteorite Silver Plate, Monster Eye (2)
  • Griffin Trousers
    Diagram Location: With the Griffin Armor.
    Ingredients: Leather Scraps (4), Cured Leather, Silk (2), Meteorite Ore, Monster Blood
  • Griffin Gauntlets
    Diagram Location: With the Griffin Armor.
    Ingredients: Thread (2), Meteorite Ore, Leather Scraps (4), Leather Straps (2), Powered Monster Tissue (4)
  • Griffin Boots
    Diagram Location: With the Griffin Armor.
    Ingredients: Leather Scraps (4), Meteorite Ore, Hardened Leather, Thread (3), Monster Essence
Video Guide by PowerPyx

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Feline School Witcher Gear Set
Location: Novigrad

  • Feline Silver Sword
    Diagram Location: Travel to Est Tayiar in the Novigrad/Velen region, this is where you search for Philippa Eilhart and don't find her (the cave with portals in the story). Before entering the cave itself, across from the entrance is a wall. You'll notice on your map that there appears to be a secret area here. Use Aard to break the wall and collect the sword diagram.
    Ingredients: Monster Eye, Silver Ingot (2), Leather Straps (2), Ruby Dust
  • Feline Steel Sword
    Diagram Location: Travel to Drahim Castle, which is near Cunny of the Goose. Break the door to the castle and head to the bottom level to find a lootable chest with this diagram inside.
    Ingredients: Monster Saliva, Iron Ingot (4), Leather Straps, Ruby Dust
  • Feline Crossbow
    Diagram Location: West from the last diagram, travel to the Lighthouse then swim to the island that's near it, to the west. Near the shores of this island is a ship that's deserted and partially flooded. Climb aboard and head to the lower level of the ship to find a chest with this diagram in it.
    Ingredients: Wax, Monster Bone, Hardened Timber (2), Monster Hair, Dark Iron Ore
  • Feline Trousers
    Diagram Location: In the northernmost part of the Novigrad city, near Electors' Square, go west to the edge of the city to get to a cliffside with a path going around the outside of the city. On the map the path starts directly west of the fast travel sign to Electors' Square. Follow this to a cave. Inside the cave take the first left path, you don't have to kill the golem inside as the path starts in the same room as the golem. Head down this path to an area with statues and levers. Turn the levers so that each of the statues faces the middle area. Once you do, the middle floor will open to reveal a watery pool. Use your crossbow to take out the drowners down here. Go to the bottom of the pool to find a laboratory key. Now go back to the main room you found the golem in, kill it and use the key to unlock the door at the back of the room. Inside kill the Mad Kiyan, he uses a sword so just parry his attacks and hit him when he's open for it. Once he's dead, loot his corpse to find the rest of the diagrams.
    Ingredients: Leather Scraps (4), Cured Leather, Silk (2), Timber, Monster Brain
  • Feline Gauntlets
    Diagram Location: With the trousers.
    Ingredients: Timber, Dark Iron Ore, Cured Leather (2), Nails (2), Monster Tooth (2)
  • Feline Armor
    Diagram Location: With the trousers.
    Ingredients: Hardened Timber (2), Hardened Leather (2), Shirt, Dark Steel Plate, Powered Monster Tissue
  • Feline Boots
    Diagram Location: With the trousers.
    Ingredients: Hardened Timber, Dark Iron Ore, Hardened Leather (2), Leather Straps (2), Monster Eye (2)
Video Guide by PowerPyx

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Ursine School Witcher Gear Set
Location: Skellige

  • Ursine Steel Sword
    Diagram Location: Southeast of Fyresdal is a place called Ruined Inn, it's near a monster nest. Up the hill from the fast travel sign, go up the hill and go to the burned down and destroyed house. Use Aard on the beams covering the stairs leading to a basement, kill the wraiths and enter the room near the stairs on the side to find a chest with the diagram inside.
    Ingredients: Monster Tongue, Steel Ingot (2), Leather Straps (2), Monster Essence
  • Ursine Silver Sword
    Diagram Location: East of Kaer Trolde Harbor, on the other side of the mountain range, is a small town called Rogne. There's a path from Rogne that leads to a Guarded Treasure in the northern mountain range (you can see this from your map that there's a little area there). Go to the Guarded Treasure that's there and you'll find two Gargoyles and an Ice Elemental. Take them out and from the path you entered the fort from, go through to nearest right doorway to find a skeleton with this diagram in its bones.
    Ingredients: Powdered Monster Tissue, Silver Ingot (3), Leather Straps, Monster Brain
  • Ursine Crossbow
    Diagram Location: Southwest of Svorlag is a place called Old Watchtower. Travel there, then follow the very visible path on your map to the shores south of where the watchtower is. There will be a cave here. Inside the cave take the first right to jump up the ledge, follow the small path around to the left and jump the gap between where you are and the next ledge to find a crossbow diagram.
    Ingredients: Resin, Monster Bone, Hardened Timber (2), Monster Hair (2), Dark Iron Ore
  • Ursine Armor
    Diagram Location: Travel to the Urailla Harbor and north of where you are will be ruined area that has a visible path leading to it from the harbor. You'll know your on the right path if you get to the Trail of Yngvar's Fang fast travel marker. Head through this path and when it ends, go right onto the rock formation and jump up to make your way around. Keep following this path until you get to the fortress. Inside, head down the stairs to the lowest level and go right. Kill the wraith and on the back right wall is a lever. Pull it to release more wraiths and to open the a prison sell to your left that has no floor. Jump down, head through the path then take the stairs up about halfway until the left wall opens up. Head through this new path, jump on the ledges to get to a hole in the way leading to a throne room. Jump inside to find the last of the diagrams.
    Ingredients: Linen (4), Hardened Leather (2), Shirt, Dark Steel Plate, Monster Bone
  • Ursine Boots
    Diagram Location: With the Ursine Armor.
    Ingredients: Fur Scrap, Dark Iron Ore, Hardened Leather (2), String (2), Monster Blood
  • Ursine Gauntlets
    Diagram Location: With the Ursine Armor.
    Ingredients: Leather Straps (2), Dark Iron Ore, Cured Leather (2), Silver (3), Monster Tongue (2)
  • Ursine Trousers
    Diagram Location: With the Ursine Armor.
    Ingredients: Leather Scraps (2), Cured Leather, Silk (2), Silver (5), Monster Liver
Video Guide by PowerPyx

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Power Overwhelming
Have all possible Place of Power bonuses active at the same time.

Places of Power are small shrines found around the world that increase one of your sign's intensities and give you a free skill point. For this trophy, you need to have 5 activated at any one time. You only need 5 since there are only 5 signs to have amplified, there are far more than 5 scattered throughout the areas. These bonuses only stay active for 30 minutes, so that's your window for getting all 5 at once. Shrines can be activated more than once so if you already have one of these you can still activate it along with the others for the trophy.
  • Yrden - In White Orchard, travel to Woesong Bring and follow the river to the next path that crosses the bridge. From here, go southwest and you will find a place of power (near the Abandoned Village).
  • Quen - Back in the Abandoned Village of White Orchard, head southwest until you get to the next place of power.
  • Axii - From here, head north to the Sawmill of White Orchard. Then head to north more up the road and the the east is the next place of power.
  • Igni - At the last place of power, head east to the bridge and cross it. Now north of here is a nearby cemetery, and outside of the cemetery is the next place of power.
  • Aard - From the cemetery, head north to a nearby monster nest that is also right beside the last place of power.
Video Guide by PowerPyx

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Brawl Master
Complete all fistfighting quests in Velen, Skellige and Novigrad.

You can find notices about fist fights on notice boards, there's a set amount for each area. Fist fights are easy, just wait for the opponent to go for a strike then press to counterattack. This will stagger them, making them open to hits. Repeat this process to win.

Velen Fist Fighters
  • The Smithy
  • Fishgulper
  • Jonas
  • Sergeant
Novigrad Fist Fighters
  • Georgius Georg
  • Archibald O'Neill
  • Iron Mortimer
  • Tailor
Skellige Fist Fighters
  • Valgard
  • Einar
  • Grim
  • Olaf
Champion Fist Fighter
Must complete the sidequest Master of the Arena to unlock the arena and fight the champion of champions. To finish the quest you have to let the wraith beat you in a fight.
  • Errant Troll

Fast and Furious
Win all the horse races in the game.

You can find race quests through notice boards or just roaming around the map. Races earn you valuable loot for your horse as well as some good coin. I recommend buying a good saddle so you get some increased stamina on your horse. To easily win races, just double tap to gallop and if you have enough stamina you'll maybe have to stop once or twice to gain stamina back.

All Race Locations
  • Velen - Crow's Perch (3)
  • Novigrad - Vegelbud Residence (3)
  • Novigrad - Hierarch Square
  • Skellige - Rannvaig
  • Skellige - Fayrlund
  • Skellige - Blandare
  • Skellige - Larvik
Video Guide by PowerPyx

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Reach character development level 35.

This is a trophy you will not have to pay attention to until much later. If you're going for every witcher contract and really every other subplot trophy you will hit level 35 with little problems. By the end of the game I was level 32, almost 33, and had about 15 more contracts left to do for the rest of the levels I needed. From level 1-9 you need 1000 XP to get to the next level, from 10-19 you need 1500 XP and from 20-35 you need 2000 XP to get to the next level. Killing enemies does give you a small amount of experience as well, but not enough to make farming kills worth it. Just do all the quests in your quest log at the end of the game and you will hit 35 easily.

Fire in the Hole
Destroy 10 monster nests using bombs.

When you're going for Pest Control, you can work towards this trophy as well by destroying the nests with bombs. Destroying all the monster nests in Skellige will get you halfway to this trophy, so go to Velen and destroy nests there. Monster nests are usually marked as Undiscovered Locations until you get close to them, then they are marked on the map until you destroy them. Also, once you craft a bomb the first time you can replenish them by meditating. This trophy just takes some hunting around in either Velen or Novigrad once you're finished with Pest Control. You will also come across a few monster nests through doing the other trophies as well.

Fist of the South Star
Defeat an opponent in a fistfight without taking any damage.

I was able to get this during the fist fight against Madman Lugos, in Skellige during the main quest The King is Dead - Long Live the King. Madman Lugos, the jarl, will be causing a ruckus that you can stop by fighting him. The main goal here is just to counterattack every time he's about to hit you, you'll know when to block when his health bar turns red for a second. Then he's open for 3-4 punches before he'll block again. Rinse and repeat, you can get this trophy much earlier on in the game but I found that this was a nice place for it.

Geralt and Friends
Win a round of gwent using only neutral cards.

Neutral cards are cards not tied to any faction; you can use them in any deck. This trophy requires a bit of luck and some nice deck building. Now the easiest way to do this is get a lot of neutral hero cards (Geralt, Triss, Yennefer, etc.) as well as any other neutral cards that are easy to come by (Vesemir, Dandelion) and any weather effects. I got lucky and sometimes when you're against a Monster Deck player, if they win the first round they have a small chance of passing immediately on the second round, so you can play one neutral card and win the round. You just have to win the round for this trophy, not the whole match.

All In
Play three hero cards in one round of gwent and win the match.

The first part of this trophy would be to get at least 3 hero cards in your Gwent deck. Hero cards are cards that have an orange border, with an emblem around their card number. I had 6 before attempting this trophy. Now it's all about luck. You need to be dealt with 3 hero cards at the start, luckily this means this trophy is easily farmable assuming you have a lot of hero cards. While collecting cards, I got these hero cards that I put in my Nilfgaardian Empire Deck. They were: Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon; Yennefer of Vengerberg; Letho of Gulet; Menno Coehoorn; Morvran Voorhis; Tibor Eggebracht. I strongly recommend the Nilfgaardian deck since four of the ones I listed were Nilfgaardian only. You have to play all three in the same round as well, you can't play one in one round, then two in the other. Also you have to win, I made sure I could win the first round before putting my three hero cards in the second round, just to be safe.

Complete the contract on the shrieker.

See Geralt: The Professional for details on this trophy.

Fearless Vampire Slayer
Complete the contract on Sarasti.

See Geralt: The Professional for details on this trophy.

Woodland Spirit
Complete the contract on the Woodland Spirit.

See Geralt: The Professional for details on this trophy.

Fiend or Foe?
Complete the contract on Morvudd.

See Geralt: The Professional for details on this trophy.

Ashes to Ashes
Complete the contract on Therazane.

See Geralt: The Professional for details on this trophy.

The Doppler Effect
Resolve the doppler problem in Novigrad.

See Geralt: The Professional for details on this trophy.


  • Thanks to PowerPyx for making numerous video guides and allowing use of them in this guide. You can visit his website here:
  • DropeRj for some tips on how to have an easier time killing things on Death March.

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