Players: 1 (Story) 1-4 (Online Co-op)
Online Trophies: 3 trophies will require you to be online with others, though many others can be earned online or off.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-25 hours depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 with Chapter Select for clean-up
Collectible Trophies: 3
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None reported so far, but beware of the Prime Mode reset (see Covenant of Primus)

[top]Tips & Strategies

Escalation Mode Tips:

Escalation Mode in this game isn't the hardest thing to get through but it can be a little tricky at times. Below are a few pointers that may help you survive one more Wave.

Before You Begin:
- Go to the Character Setup screen and prepare before you ever walk into Escalation, it is better to know what you bring to the table than be surprised by an ability you dislike and no T.E.C.H
- Open your Gear Boxes till you have all weapons, upgrades, and a good supply of T.E.C.H to burn though
- Transformers who can fly trump those on the ground, more maneuverability, faster escapes, and out of some enemies reach. Bottom line flyers live longer.
- Equip a Primary and Heavy weapon you like using. Make sure at least one has a solid magazine size and plenty of ammo, running out mid Wave sucks
- If you choose to equip a HACK make sure you know what you are getting into. Exploding enemies may be great if you are trying to heal your allies or want an XP boost but if you get surrounded it is going to kill you when you take out one guy and they all blow up.
- At least one T.E.C.H should be health based, one offense based, the third is player preference
- You'll need to use different abilities for different trophies and trying them out is a good idea, but when it is time to go for survival pick one that can assist you in either clearing enemies or keeping allies alive and doesn't require you to be right next to the guy to Hover Slam.

In Escalation Mode:
- You have 30 seconds from the time you spawn till the first Wave starts, dash around the map and find as many of the following as you can;
A T.E.C.H and/ or Weapon Station in case you need to reload or change gear
At least one turret, they can direct you to enemies and drastically help in later Waves- find them, use them
Possible enemy spawn points and any choke points where you can take them as they appear from high ground, really helpful in later Waves
Lastly, a health station- this is the lowest priority as you may not need it for the first few Waves and can find it later between them
- Crates contain between 100-500 shards, you see one break it- they respawn every Wave. Quick cash is great for starting cost on turrets, barriers, or other installations
- If you can communicate with other players do so. Establish who has what abilities so you know who to run to if hurt or who to cover if you are the medic.
- Every map has different Wave components. So start small with scappers and soldiers, some replace scappers with swarmers. Some have Titans and some have multiple Heavy Gunners. Find the map with the enemies you prefer to face and you'll have a better chance getting through.
- Use cover, big open areas are deathtraps. Buildings and passages are good as long as you know at least two ways in and out- otherwise they are traps as well
- Leapers suck, they crash land on you and take most of your life, they charge you and take out your Shields, but they can't get you if you are in the air. Take them out in Vehicle Form from the sky
- Titans are easier if you let the turret do a lot of the work and concentrate on the Shield Drones he spawns and shooting his back when he's distracted
- In later Waves Corrosive Installations damage over time can be the difference between a rough 10 minute Wave and a 3 minute clean sweep
- If you need to reload but have no ammo drops and don't want to change weapons find a Weapon Station. Go to the Weapon level you need and select a new weapon then reselect your old weapon for a full reload
- In later levels the Energon Harvester (especially upgraded) is the best Heavy Weapon you could ask for. It you are downed and use it to kill an enemy you will self revive with full health and shields


Start off with Story Mode (difficulty does not matter):
-This will give you a good introduction to many of the guns and abilities of the game as well as how to handle firefights. Learn which weapons you like and which you don't want to use here to make Escalation that much easier.

Move on to Escalation Mode:
-The main priority to survive 15 Waves on a single map and get that out of the way, work on other trophies as you go but priority 1 is to survive.

-If you need to return to certain Chapters to complete objectives, get collectibles, or beat a challenge do it now. Then head into Escalation again and grind out whatever you have left. Once you are done with everything else and are Level 25.....

Activate Prime Mode and receive Platinum :
-Prime Mode resets many of your stats and ALL YOUR COLLECTIBLES. Save it for last to save yourself having to redo a lot of work. Get everything done then unlock it to get your platinum as a reward for your hard work being reset.


Til All Are One!
Earned All Trophies.

Just like every Platinum before it, finish every other trophy and this shiny stat increase will join your digital collection.

Choose your allegiance.

A very easy trophy to start off your list.

Simply choose Escalation from the Main Menu, then select either Quick or Private Match, once the Match setting screen shows up move the highlight down to Choose Faction and change it from 'No Preference' to either Autobots or Decepticons.

You don't even have to start the match once you change the selection the trophy will appear.

Peace through Tyranny
Defeat 250 Autobots.

Another fairly easy trophy to achieve.

Every time you play as the Decepticons your opponents will be Autobots. Once you have defeated 250 this trophy will appear.

Your defeated Autobots in both Story and Escalation Mode are counted for this trophy and your overall number of kills can be tracked in the Challenges menu.

It Was An Honor
Defeat 250 Decepticons or mercenaries.

Another fairly easy trophy to achieve.

Every time you play as the Autobots your opponents will be Decepticons. Once you have defeated 250 this trophy will appear.

Your defeated Decepticons in both Story and Escalation Mode are counted for this trophy and your overall number of kills can be tracked in the Challenges menu.

There is a better than fair chance if you start off playing Story Mode you will earn this trophy long before Peace Trough Tyranny as you play as Autobots much more than Decepticons in the Story Mode.

Short Circuit
Reach Level 5.

Pretty much everything in the game will earn you XP.

As you play Escalation, defeat enemies, and move through Story Mode earning XP you will also complete Challenges and Distinctions which will also earn you more XP.

As with any game all this XP will lead to you leveling up and in turn earning some extra Gear Boxes.
When you reach level 5 you will earn this trophy.

There is no need to rush this trophy as a few of the later trophies require a bit of grinding and you will long pass level 5 on your way to earning them.

If you do feel the need or want to speed up the leveling up process multipliers can be unlocked as T.E.C.H, equipping and using these items will give you a temporary XP boost to your actions.

Reach Level 10.

As with Short Circuit this trophy will come naturally as you play and there is plenty to do in the trophy list that there is really no real to rush this.

Again you can equip T.E.C.H multipliers to advance the the leveling up process faster but there is really no need to.

Once you hit Level 10 the trophy will appear.

You Got The Touch
Reach Level 25.

Level 25 is the max level you can reach before activating Prime Mode and resetting everything. As with the other Level related trophies this one will most likely come naturally as you progress through the game. There is plenty of time to get to this level while working through the other trophies.

As always if you want to accelerate the leveling up process or if you finish the other trophies and need to finish a few levels then equip some multipliers as T.E.C.H.

Covenant of Primus
Activate Prime Mode.

Once you reach Level 25 you will be able to activate Prime Mode. To do this go to the Character setup menu, either from the main menu or Escalation sub-menu and you will see the Prime Mode option illuminated. To activate Prime Mode simply highlight this option and select it with .

It is vitally important to understand that activating Prime Mode resets ALL STATS in the game. This includes all stats related to some of the trophies on this list. If you have already earned a certain trophy this really doesn't matter, but some of the trophies do require a bit of grinding and if you have not already earned them when you activate this all your progress will be lost.

Unlocked levels, characters, and unopened Gear boxes are not effected by this. Yes, this does mean if save a few unneeded gear boxes before activating Prime Mode you will be able to open them afterward to reclaim some lost Abilities, Weapons, or Upgrades.

Itís The Thought That Counts
Open 3 Gear Boxes.

Every time you level up, complete a challenge, and earn a distinction you will unlock Gear Boxes. These Gear Boxes can then be opened up either from the Pause menu or in the Character Setup sub-menu.

Gear Boxes come in several levels, with the only real difference being the amount of stuff in the box, not the rarity of items within.

These boxes are how you will unlock weapons, characters for Escalation, weapon upgrades, T.E.C.H, and Hacks.

Once you have opened 3 of any level this trophy will unlock.

As a little aside, once you have unlocked all or at least all the characters you want, all the weapons and upgrades, and a sizable bit of TECH and Hacks- stop opening Gear Boxes. Instead stockpile a little for after you activate Prime Mode so you'll have a few boxes to help reunlock some items that get taken away from resetting your levels.

Make it through Wave 5 in Escalation.

The first 5 Waves of Escalation are really more of a warm-up where the worst thing you may encounter is a few Shotgunners or possibly Snipers and Sharpshooters.

Use this time to learn the map and where the enemy seems to be spawning from.

If you need more help getting through Escalation see the Tips & Strategies section of this guide.

Double Tough
Make it through Wave 10 in Escalation.

After Wave 5 things will start to pick up, expect Leapers, more Swarmers, Heavy Gunners, and possibly Power Foes to start showing up. As long as you and your team are on your toes there isn't much here that will overwhelm you, but be aware the numbers start increasing along with the stronger foes.

It is vital to use the environment at this point, upgrade installations and find places where the map works in your favor. Cover your partners and hopefully they will cover you, but be smart about revives- don't down yourself to save someone who may not be pulling their weight.

If you need more help getting through Escalation see the Tips & Strategies section of this guide.

Double Tough Hard
Make it through Wave 15 in Escalation.

The last 5 Waves of Escalation are where things amp up. Stronger foes become regular and more numerous, then bigger, baddies foes will also appear. Expect the worst of the worst and if there is an open space on the map look out for a Titan in Wave 11 and 14, possibly even two.

Wave 15 may also contain a very strong Power Foe such as Optimus, Lockdown, or Megatron. These guys are stronger than normal Power Foes and extremely dangerous. Try to hit them from afar and stay away from their weapons and melee range. If you do have the [email protected] they can be useful as allies to work down some enemy numbers.

Installations are your best allies, repair them and keep them in the fight as much as possible. Stay somewhere near your teammates to assist them or give them an chance to cover you.

Also play smart when you get down to the final three opponents don't rush to destroy them, instead make sure there is no Strong foe is still lurking on the map and use this time to repair, upgrade, or reload your gear so you can reevaluate things before the next Wave starts.

If you need more help getting through Escalation see the Tips & Strategies section of this guide.

Hmm, Upgrades
Upgrade any installation to max level in Escalation.

There are several different types of installations in Escalation Mode. To earn this trophy you DO NOT need to buy all the upgrades to max out an installation you simply need to buy the last one to max one of them out.

One of the cheapest installations to max out is the Gun turret, which is only 5000 shards for the final upgrade. It is also an installation that many overlook in favor of Corrosive, Health, or Rockets meaning you may be able to cherry pick it if someone at least activates it before you.

Also beware that after a Wave most installations may need a repair which can cost extra shards, so either have an extra 200-500 shards available or let someone else pay for the repair then purchase the final upgrade.

You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir
Slow down the reverse engineering project.

This takes place in Chapter 11 of the Story Mode.

In this Chapter you will need to find the three Red Highlighted objects Lockdown is attempting to reverse engineer and destroy them.

(1) In the first room of this Chapter you will be on elevated terrain, if you look across the room you will see another area of elevation. The first piece to destroy is on the low ground between these two places and holds an Energon Cube inside it.

(2) In the very next room move down the sloped floor till the room opens to the right, number two is an energy core glowing red in the right hand corner of this opening.

(3) The last is a bit tricky to find. After you take control of Drift and clear out some of Lockdown's forces and Titan will appear and Drift will suggest he and Bumblebee run. While running follow the path up two levels until you see a doorway with two Rocket Troopers peaking from the edges and a few soldier out front. Clear the enemies but do not go through the door. Instead look to the right of the doorway to find the last red machine hiding behind some boxes.

Prefer a video guide, thank PowerPyx:

Make Peace, Not War
Destroy Lockdown's Weapon Caches.

This takes place in Chapter 13, where you will play as Grimlock.

To earn this trophy you will need to destroy 5 Weapon Crates belonging to Lockdown's forces. There are a total of 7 crates though so if you miss one early on you can still get the trophy.

(1) At the very beginning of the Chapter just passed the second archway of the bride is crate number 1 on the right hand side. Look for the Red Highlight and smash it.

(2) Just after you separate from Optimus and start following the alternate path you will find crate number 2 in a small alcove on the right side of the path.

(3) Continue down the path till you reach the Decepticon ambush. Deal with the enemies and head for the marked door, however before going through it turn around to find crate number 3 directly behind you, by the barn-ish looking building. This is also directly in front of where the Titan you fight jumps down.

(4) After you throw the first car to break down the barrier keep following the path till you come to the break in the road. On the road running under the break in crate number 4 off to the right. Drop down and smash it.

(5) The last crate is in the back left corner of the courtyard where the game wants you to destroy three towers. Charge over to smash it and grab the trophy.

Bonus Crates (in case you missed some):

(6) After fighting the Leapers keep following the path till you reach an open area with several buildings and through streets. From here, instead of going to Optimus at the marked point move to the left you'll find a weapon crate just before the destroyed bridge.

(7) From the location on crate 6 turn around and run all the way to the right side of this area, then follow the road left around the corner, number 7 will be right in front of you.

Here's a video guide from PowerPyx showing the first fives locations:

Somebody's Watching Me
Find all the Stalker's Observations.

There are 6 Logs from the Stalker and you will start finding them in Chapter 2 of the game through Chapter 3.

Chapter 2:

(1) At the very beginning of Chapter 2 make your way across the circular platform over the magma. Once across, instead of moving toward the entrance go to the left of the magma waterfall. There you will see a platform, make your way up on it to find the first Audio Log.

(2) Just after you finish controlling Shockwave for the first time and return to Soundwave you will find yourself in a new room. Audio Log number to is located below the platform you are standing on, to get there move straight ahead until the path starts to turn, instead of turning jump off the path onto the pipe directly in front of you (it curves under the platform) Follow the pipe to find the Log along it.

(3) After the Decepticons split up and you regain control of Shockwave look directly up. You should see a platform directly above your head, transform and fly up to it to find a small passage with the next Audio Log.

Chapter 3:

(4) The first Audio Log in this Chapter is halfway through the giant chasm you have to traverse after being seperated from Ironhide. After you leave the small alcove with the weapon station grapple over to the long platform with two shorter platforms (one at each end over it). Move to the small platform at the far end, now instead of going left as the waypoint suggest look to the right to see a small alcove you can grapple up to. Follow the alcove to where there are some weapon refills and drop down the opening in front of them to a small platform below to find Audio Log 4.

(5) After reuniting with Ironhide and fending off a few Insecticons follow the course of the level to a large pit you are supposed to drop down. Don't drop down it, instead move to the back right corner of the room and jump into an alcove against the wall, Audio Log 5 is here to your right.

(6) There is a small trick to the last one. It is located in the control room where you will go to summon a train for the Autobots on the right hand side of the room. HOWEVER you MUST summon the train first, the Log does NOT appear until you use the control panel and call for the train.

Video walkthrough courtesy of PowerPyx:

Make It Rain
Discover the fate of the Entrepreneur.

The Audio Logs for this trophy are in Chapters 7 and Chapter 9 with 6 in total.

Chapter 7:

(1) After driving the roads to KolKular you will reach an entrance where Jazz jokes about a jetpack. Move past where Jazz is standing in front of the entrance to the dead end of the road. Just off the left side of the road is the first Audio Log kind of pushed back in the corner.

(2) Keep moving till you enter the recycling area (you will here Decepticons complaining about working there through the door). Once you pry open the door move forward up the ramp walkway and follow the back way left up a second ramp way. Move straight ahead and go through the open doorway ahead. Immediately through the doorway look to the left to see the Audio Log resting against some cover.

(3) After leaving the area where you found Audio Log 2 move forward till you have to pry open another door. Follow the course of this new room till it starts to curve left. Just past the first piece of cover on the left is the next is the next Audio Log resting against its backside.

(4) Keep moving till you encounter the first room with laser gate barriers. Blast the connection points to open the gates and move into the room. Move to the ramp way on the left side of the lower area you have walked into and aim through the laser gate to destroy the connection point ahead on the right. Look through the area where a gate was on the right to see another connection point in an area just above you, shoot it and make your way up to this area. Keep following the path to its highest point to find the next Audio Log up here.

(5) Continue on till you reach the room where Cliffjumper is held and Jazz starts talking forcing you to walk. Come into the room but do not head down to the terminal where Jazz is, instead head right past the Burst Rifle leaning against some cover. Keep walking past the next piece of cover on the left to find the next Audio Log leaning on the translucent barrier.

Chapter 9:

(6) After using the computer terminal to find Megatron pry open the marked door. Then follow the path up one floor and move forward till an opening appears on the left. Instead of turning move past the opening to find the last Audio sitting directly on the ground near the right wall.

Video walkthrough courtesy of PowerPyx:

Spoils of War
Listen to all the Veteran's laments.

These Logs are found in Chapter 4, 5 and 6. There are 6 total Audio Logs for this trophy.

Chapter 4:

(1) Move through the level until you are tasked with covering Soundwave from the air, after a Rocket Trooper destroys the bridge. Once transformers fly to the right till you see a platform. Below and to the back of this platform is a small ledge on which you will find Audio Log 1.

Chapter 5:

(2) The next Audio Log is in the Boneyard and is easier to get if you have not activated any of the switches yet (just to avoid a few Flyers). Move past the location of the first beacon switch and follow the path to the right of the obstacle ahead. Around the back of the obstacle is a path that leads up to another beacon switch. Follow this path halfway up and then turn to look back toward the start of this area. You should see a small gap in the foreground in front of you. Air Dash over to this gap, might take a couple tries, and you will find the next Audio Log sitting here on the right.

(3) Just after the room in which Swindle and Sharpshot have a small argument you will see a break in the path, do not drop down this break. Air Dash across to find the next Audio Log and a weapon reload in the hidden alcove across the break.

(4) Once you encounter Cliffjumper and his allies start making your way across the platform. There will be a long straightaway over which Rocket Troopers will be shooting at you. When you get to the circular part of the platform after the straightaway, turn right and follow the path to a small alcove where the next Audio Log is sitting.

Chapter 6:

(5) In the first area of this Chapter move forward to where the first bridge is, cross this bridge and continue to follow the path of this area until you reach a dead end at the other side of the area. The next Audio Log is in this dead end.

(6) Much like in the large area before it once you reach the second large area you need to move forward to the first bridge. Again cross the bridge and continue to follow the path, turning only when forced till you reach a dead with the Audio Log and a Riot Gun. Grab the last Log for the trophy.

Video walkthrough courtesy of PowerPyx:

Snitches Get Stitches
As Drift, destroy all the Anti-Alien Propaganda Billboards.

This takes place in Chapter 1 of the Story Mode.

There are 6 Billboards scattered around the rooftops of Chapter 1

(1) Just after reaching the Weapon Locker at the start of the game you will see the first billboard directly in front of you.

(2) Just after leaving the riverbed you will see two billboards on the right hand side of the walkway. One on a lower building and one on a taller building, only the one on the taller building counts for this trophy.

(3) Is directly above the Subway station after you exit it, turn around and look up.

(4) After destroying the one over the subway station turn directly around and move straight across the courtyard, then through the archway ahead. Once through here you will see the third billboard on a roof to the right.

(5) After meeting up with Optimus and Bumblebee and moving through a hall of destroyed buildings the fifth billboard is directly across from the exit of the holes in the buildings. Look for the word "Aliens" as this billboard blends a tiny bit.

(6) As soon as you turn left in front of the building holding up (5) look above the building in front of you to see number six toting "Not Our War". Destroy it and another trophy down.

Just for the record shooting these billboards will not effect the Challenge "Where Falls My Shadow, Fells My Blade"

Video guide courtesy of PowerPyx:

My Blade Has Tasted Better
As Drift, defeat 25 enemies with the Blade Dash ability.

The Blade Dash is Drift's default ability and is simply activated by pressing whenever the icon is highlighted.

To earn this trophy you just need to defeat 25 enemies using this attack.

Once activated the attack targets any near by enemies on the same level as Drift, and if they are close enough he will dash to another opponent and continue the attack. On the basic enemies this attack is a one hit kill so don't worry about weakening enemies beforehand.

This trophy is counted across all modes of play but is very easy to attain while playing through Chapter 1 of the Story Mode.

Spectacularly Amazing!
As Sideswipe, get through the whole chasm using less than 6 grapples.

This takes place in Chapter 3 of the Story Mode.

About halfway through this Chapter you will be separated from your partner Ironhide and forced to across a large chasm with several junk pillars to grapple to and help you across.
Unfortunately there is no easy way to describe what you need to do to make it across this chasm in under 6 grapples, but hey that's why there's video right!

Note: You cannot get this trophy while going for the Audio Log in this area, clear the chasm, earn the trophy and then replay the Chapter when you want to go for the Log.

Also failing to land on a platform will cause Sideswipe to automatically grapple back up to a ledge, these grapples DO NOT count as part of your 6 and WILL NOT hinder you from getting the trophy, however at certain points they make grapple you up to less than desirable positions. If this happens pause and select Restart from Last Checkpoint to try again.

Thanks to PowerPyx for the great how to video:

Softly Softly Catchee Monkey
As Swindle, defeat Cliffjumper without causing any collateral damage.

This takes place in Chapter 5 of the Story Mode.

At the end of the chapter after chasing Cliffjumper to a dead end you will have a standoff Boss Battle against him. Cliffjumper will be up on a two part ridge with a covered division between them, while you occupy the low ground underneath.

To earn this trophy you will have to defeat Cliffjumper without either of the two ridges being destroyed. You CAN defeat the Rocket Troopers and Soldiers that spawn to assist Cliffjumper, just avoid hitting the terrain as much as possible.

Your best bet for accomplishing this trophy is to use a weapon with a scope when facing Cliffjumper, and honestly a scoped weapon may help with the majority of this Chapter. If you arrive at this battle and do not have a scoped weapon to the right of the point where you enter this fight is a Neutron Rifle and an ammo clip. Take your time hiding behind the terrain and line up your shots on Cliffjumper, as long as the majority of Swindle is behind the barricade they will probably miss you with return fire. After a few shots Cliffjumper will start to use his Cloak ability to try and hide from view, when he does you can either shot again to try and tag him out of it or wait out the Cloak and he will eventually reappear.
After about half of Cliffjumper's life is gone he will leave the ridge and jump down to ground level, at this point it is just a matter of finishing him off to get the trophy.

The game will notify you if you fail this trophy as it is also an in-game Challenge, if you do see a fail message you have to restart the entire Chapter not just the checkpoint to retry.

No One Gets Outta Here Alive!
Destroy everything outside the Gates of Kaon.

This takes place in Chapter 6 of the Story Mode.

There are a grand total of 11 objects you need to destroy in the two areas in front of Kaon to get this trophy. The objects are rather easy to find as they are highlighted RED to indicate they can be destroyed and the game will show a progress bar as you demolish them.

Area 1 Objects: 4 Total

(1-3)- At the beginning of the Chapter you will be tasked with defeating 3 Enforcers (they look kind of like giant Spider robots) next to each of these 3 Enforcers is a RED pipe, shot the pipe to blow up the Enforcers and that's 3 down. You can shot all these pipes from the area before the first bridge if you have a scoped weapon.

(4)- The fourth object is a pipe directly in front and to the right of the starting area for this Chapter. This pipe needs to be shot from a distance as it blows up quite big, but it may be helpful when encountering the Autobot resistance.

Area 2 Objects: 7 Total
(None of the objects in this area can be destroyed until you become Bruticus)

(5-7)- Around the area are 3 standing pillars around the area that look similar to electronic news stands, when you first enter the area you will see them but they will not have the RED highlight, however once you become Bruticus these pillars will highlight and can be easily dispatched will your flamethrower.

(8-11)- The last four objects to destroy are the four bridges in this area that you are required to destroy as Bruticus to advance the game.

Prefer a video guide, thank PowerPyx:

What Could Go Wrong?
As Optimus, complete the rescue of Cliffjumper without using the turret.

This takes place in Chapter 7 of the Story Mode.

At the end of Chapter 7 you will find Cliffjumper imprisoned in Shockwave's lab. When you enter the area Jazz will go to work at a computer terminal and mention he has taken control of a turret across the room. To earn this trophy you need to make your way to the turret to activate the rescue of Cliffjumper but then survive the ensuing fight without using it.

To survive this area you have three objective;
1. Defeat all the enemies
2. Do not allow Jazz to be downed
3. Do not be downed yourself

To prepare for this fight equip the following:

-As your Primary Weapon choose the E.D.K TechVolt, if you have a few upgrades for it all the better.
-As your Heavy Weapon choose the Thermo Rocket Cannon to take out the two ceiling turrets that appear halfway through the fight.
-For T.E.C.H choose the Energon Heal Burst, you can use it next to Jazz to heal him if his life dips into the red.

Thanks to PowerPyx for a video guide for those that prefer:

I'd Like To Leave Here Please
As Jetfire, escape the ruins of Trypticon without taking any damage from the laser gates.

This takes place in Chapter 8 of the Story Mode.

At the end of Chapter 8 Jetfire will have to escape the Trypticon Ruins before a massive laser fires and kills him. To do so you will have to fly through a series of room while a time bar at the top of the screen bleeds away indicating how long till the laser fires.

Do NOT rush this, you have plenty of time to escape and the first few rooms offer no danger of failing this trophy. About halfway through the escape you will come to a room with three red laser gates that turn off and on, from this point on proceed at a moderate pace and take your time to observe the patterns of the gates.

It is VERY IMPORTANT not to get hit by the gates, if the laser fires and kills you then you can restart the section and try again, however if you touch a laser gate you will FAIL the trophy attempt and have to restart the Chapter to get another shot at it. (Restarting the checkpoint will sometimes still read as a failed challenge and even if you make it through okay the game still considers that you failed)

For a video guide of the path ahead credit goes to PowerPyx:

Sting Like A . . .
As Bumblebee, defeat a sniper with a melee attack.

This takes place in Chapter 10 of the Story Mode.

Of all the Chapter trophies this may be the easiest. Near the end of the Chapter, while covering Drift from up on the cliff side a group of Snipers will appear to attack Bumblebee. The Snipers you are looking for look similar to bugs hanging on the walls and fly around to position for a better shot. You will have just come out of a small cave like area when they appear.

To earn this trophy make sure at least one of the Snipers has targeted you and move back into or near the cave entrance and out of the line of fire. The Sniper will move to get a better shot, simply keep out of his line till he repositions on one of the lower walls near you, then run up to them, jump, and melee attack the Sniper.

If the Sniper does not die from the first strike that's fine, it will still cause him to fall off the wall, just continue to melee him on the ground till he explodes and the trophy appears.

Tread Lightly
As Grimlock, prevent Optimus from falling below 50% health while defending him.

This takes place in Chapter 13 of the Story Mode.

At the end of the Chapter Optimus and Bumblebee will attempt to open a passage to the Underground base while charging you and Drift with protecting them.

To accomplish this trophy easily stay in T-Rex form. Use the stampede to run down the basic enemies and a quick melee combo whenever a Heavy Gunner appears.

Don't worry if Optimus takes a few shots, as long as you can keep the enemies off him for a few minutes he will regenerate the lost health.

Video courtesy of PowerPyx:

Give Me The News Doc
Heal 50000 health points amongst you and your allies.

The total for this trophy is cumulative across Story Mode and Escalation Mode. It also includes you and an other AI or real players working with you in those modes. Healing from Repair Sentries, Heal Stations, Heal Beams, Energon pickups, and T.E.C.H use all count for this.

Even still this may be one of the last trophies you earn as 50,000 health points equates to healing from the brink of death roughly 500 times.

Be proactive about your health to make this go faster, pick up Energon whenever you can use the health boost and keep a C.U.R.E.D active to assist in keeping your health high. Use the Heal Beam or Repair Sentry to also build on this a little faster.

Note that the health recovered from reviving a downed player does not seem to count toward this trophy, so heal each other before anyone goes down.

Need . . . Oil . . . Can
Defeat 75 enemies that are slowed.

You will need to be in Escalation Mode to earn this trophy.

Once your Escalation game starts you will notice a few things around the map to help you out, heal stations, turrets, decoys, but the one you are looking for is the Corrosive installation.

Once you find the Corrosive installation you need to earn enough sparks to activate it, and for the purposes of making this trophy much easier upgrade the installation as much as you can. Once activated the installation will produce a large yellowish aura, to earn this trophy you will need to defeat 75 enemies effected by this aura. You will know that the enemy has been effected as the will take on a yellowish, almost burning look to them and when defeated the icon shown for the kill will be a flame rather than whatever weapon you used on them.

Bleeding Edge
Complete the game with a HACK active.

There are two ways to get this trophy done, though one is more reliable that the other.

The first is once you have unlocked a HACK from a Gear Box wait till you get to a Weapon Station in Chapter 14, then while changing weapons and T.E.C.H go to the HACK slot and equip the unlocked HACK to make it active for that Chapter ONLY. Then finish the Chapter and defeat Lockdown without dying. You cannot die in this method as dying will remove the active HACK equipped at the station.

The second method is anytime after you have unlocked a HACK choose Campaign from the Main Menu. Once in the sub menu press and select a HACK to permanently equip to your game. This HACK will only be removed if you replace it at a Weapon Station or come back to this menu and change it. Now select Chapter 14 or whatever Chapter you are continuing from and finish the game.

Once you have successfully completed the game through either method the trophy will unlock.

Of Merit and Distinction
Earn 250 Combat Distinctions.

There are over 100 different Distinctions that can be earned in the game and most of them can be earned multiple times. The majority of the Distinctions need to be earned in Escalation Mode, though some can be worked on in Story Mode. Below is a list of all the Distinctions in the game separated to Escalation Mode only or Cross Mode.

Escalation Distinctions:

Survivor-Bronze: Survive 5 Waves (Trophy related)
Survivor- Silver: Survive 10 Waves (Trophy related)
Survivor- Gold: Survive 15 Waves (Trophy related)
Hard Boiled- Bronze: Survive 5 Waves without being downed
Hard Boiled- Silver: Survive 10 Waves without being downed
Hard Boiled- Gold: Survive 15 Waves without being downed
Welcome to the Show: All 3 of your teammates reload their ammo at your Ammo Supply Core. (Must be at same time)
Ratchet: Heal more than 5000 health points with the Heal Beam during 1 Wave
Untouchable: Absorb 5000 points of damage with the Shield in 1 Wave
Property Investor: Buy, Upgrade, or Repair 5 installations before a Wave starts (Any Wave, save your money and know where the ones you want are)
Last Laugh: Defeat an enemy while downed (Use the Energon Harvester to also get a Second Wind doing this, counts as a revive as well)
First Blood: Get the first kill in an Escalation Map (Wave 1 only)
It's Not Your Fault: Defeat 3 or more enemies in one Hover Slam (hit a spawn point)
Cool Your Boots: A teammate defeated an enemy you affected with slow (Corrosive installation, activate one and let other work there)
Shake it Off Champ: Heal a teammate whose health is critical or in the red
On Your Feet: Revive a Teammate (counts if you revive yourself)
What Are you Guys Doing?: Revive 3 teammates in a single Wave (Counts if you revive your self three times in a Wave)
Patience: Revive 15 teammates in one match (Can all be self)
I said...On Your feet: Revive the Most Teammates in one Match
M.V.T: Get the highest score in a match
Don't Worry, I got this: Revive all your teammates at some point during a match (across all Waves, but must be at least once each)
Buff Assist: Have a Buff on a player that kills an enemy (Hive Mind works really well)
Team Titan: Have a buff on a player that kills a Titan (E.D.U)
Turret Upgrade: Upgrade a turret
Turret Online: Activate a turret
Barrier Upgrade: Upgrade a barrier
Barrier Online: Activate a barrier
Decoy Upgrade: Upgrade a decoy
Decoy Online: Activate a decoy
Turret Repair: Repair a turret
Barrier Repair: Repair a Barrier
Decoy Repair: Repair a decoy
Revenge: Kill an enemy that downed a teammate
Comeback: Defeat the enemy that downed you
Bullet in the Can: defeat an enemy with a headshot from long range (Scoped Rifles)
Longshot: Defeat an enemy at long range (Scoped Rifles)
Marked for Termination: Defeat an Enemy with E.D.U. is on
Eye in the Sky: Defeat 5 while E.D.U is on
Overmind: Defeat an Enemy while Hive Mind is active
Mastermind: Defeat 5 under Hive Mind
Assist: Get a kill assist
I Gots What You need: Gave of 1000+ rounds of ammo in one Wave with Ammo Supply Core
Pacifist: Complete a Wave with 0 Kills or Assist
Team Player: Earn the most assist in a Round
Dun Goofed: Complete a Wave as the only one who was downed
Our Hero!: Complete a Wave as the Last Man Standing
Banana Peel: Have the most Downs in a Round
Bloodthirsty: Earn the most kills in a Round
Medic!: Have the most Heals in a Round
Do No Harm: Heal more than 7500 points in a single Round
Kills Before Heals: Kill 50+ without being downed
Heals Before Kills: Heal 2500+ without being downed
Mostly Harmless: Get 50+ assist without being downed
Smart Bomber: Get 25+ Multi Kills without being downed
Risky Business: Defeat an Enemy while at critical health (Red life bar)
Succubus: Absorb 1500 health points in one Wave with the Energon Harvester
Bunny Hopper: Jump an extraordinary amount of times without dying
Neutron Assault Rifle Monster: Deal 10000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Path Blaster Monster: Deal 7500 damage in one life with listed weapon
Photon Burst Rifle Monster: Deal 7500 damage in one life with listed weapon
Scatter Blaster Monster: Deal 3000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Riot Cannon Monster: Deal 10000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Subsonic Repeater Monster: Deal 7500 damage in one life with listed weapon
E.D.K. TechVolt Monster: Deal 3000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Nucleon Charge Rifle Monster: Deal 5000 damage in one life with listed weapon
X18 Scrapmaker Monster: Deal 5000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Thermo Rocket Cannon Monster: Deal 5000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Gear Shredder Monster: Deal 6000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Energon Harvester Monster: Deal 5000 damage in one life with listed weapon
A-4 Pulsar Cannon Monster: Deal 2500 damage in one life with listed weapon
Chaos-Rift Combustor Monster: Deal 3500 damage in one life with listed weapon
Corrosive Slime Cannon Monster: Deal 3500 damage in one life with listed weapon
Throwback Blaster Monster: Deal 5000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Sling Shock Monster: Deal 5000 damage in one life with listed weapon
Throwback damage Monster: Deal 5000 damage in one life with the Shield Throw ability
Of One Mind: A teammate earns a kill under the effects of YOUR Hive Mind
No Fate But What We Make: A teammate kills an enemy targeted by YOUR E.D.U

Cross Mode Distinctions:

Impressive Explosive Display: Destroy 3 or more enemies with Guided Cluster Grenades (set them near an enemy spawn point)
Headshot: Defeat an enemy with a headshot
Ganked: Defeat three enemies in a row after using Cloak (Chapter 4)
T.E.C.Hed Up: Defeat an enemy with T.E.C.H. (or under its effect)
Skill Kill: Defeat an enemy with an ability
E.D.K. Techvolt Tri-Kill: Get 3 kills in quick succession with the Techvolt (Chapter 7, protecting Cliffjumper)
E.D.K. TechVolt Quad-Kill: Same as above just make it four guys.
E.D.K. TechVolt Penta-Kill: 5 downed quickly, as above
A-4 Pulsar Tri-Kill: Same as TechVolt, just a different weapon
A-4 Pulsar Quad-Kill: Same as TechVolt, just a different weapon
A-4 Pulsar Penta-Kill: Same as TechVolt, just a different weapon
Chaos-Rift Combustor Tri-Kill: Same as TechVolt, just a different weapon
Chaos-Rift Combustor Quad-Kill: Same as TechVolt, just a different weapon
Chaos-Rift Combustor Penta-Kill: Same as TechVolt, just a different weapon
Thunder Blast Tri-Kill: Get 3 at once with the Thunder Blast Ability (Chapter 2 as Shockwave)
Thunder Blast Quad-Kill: 4 at once this time (Chapter 2 or 8, or in Escalation use it on a group of Swarmers)
Thunder Blast Penta-Kill: 5 together, same as 4
Gambler Tri-Kill: Use the Path Blaster to get 3 quick kills once the Gambler upgrade has been purchased
Gambler Quad-Kill: Use the Path Blaster to get 4 quick kills once the Gambler upgrade has been purchased
Gambler Penta-Kill: Use the Path Blaster to get 5 quick kills once the Gambler upgrade has been purchased
Sling Shot Tri-Kill: Get 3 quick kills with the Sling Shot
Sling Shot Quad-Kill: Get 4 quick kills with the Sling Shot
Sling Shot Penta-Kill: Get 5 quick kills with the Sling Shot
Gear Shredder Tri-Kill: Get 3 quick kills with the Gear Shredder (Easiest in Chapter 2 against the insecticon minions)
Corrosive Slime Tri-Kill: Get 3 quick kills with the Slime Cannon (Easiest in Chapter 2 against the insecticon minions)
Corrosive Slime Quad-Kill: Get 4 quick kills with the Slime Cannon (Easiest in Chapter 2 against the insecticon minions)
Corrosive Slime Penta-Kill: Get 5 quick kills with the Slime Cannon (Easiest in Chapter 2 against the insecticon minions)
From the Shadows: Defeat an enemy after Decloaking (Escalation of Chapter 4)
Kinetic Capacitor Shield Throwback Tri-Kill: Kill 3 quickly with the Shield Throwback
Kinetic Capacitor Shield Throwback Quad-Kill: Kill 4 quickly with the Shield Throwback
Kinetic Capacitor Shield Throwback Penta-Kill: Kill 5 quickly with the Shield Throwback
Explosive Path Tri-Kill: 3 quick kills with the Explosive Path ability (Chapter 6 as Bruticus)
Explosive Path Quad-Kill: 4 quick kills with the Explosive Path ability (Chapter 6 as Bruticus)
Explosive Path Penta-Kill: 5 quick kills with the Explosive Path ability (Chapter 6 as Bruticus)

Challenge Accepted
Complete 50 Challenges.

Below you will find a list of all the challenges in the game, you can also see this list under the Extras heading of the main menu.

You will need to complete 50 Challenges to earn this trophy but it does not have to be 50 different Challenges as you can earn each Challenge multiple times. When you go to this menu you will see a number above the challenges you have completed indicating the number of times you have completed that particular challenge as well as a progress bar below to indicate how close you are to completing that challenge either again or for the first time.


Short Circuit- Reach Level 5
Perfect- Reach Level 10
You got the Touch- Reach Level 25
It's the Thought that Counts- Open 3 Gear Boxes
Peace Through Tyranny- Defeat 250 Autobots
It was an Honor- Defeat 250 Decepticons
Roach Motel- Defeat 100 Insecticons
Challenge Accepted- Complete 50 Challenges
Loadsa Money- Earn 25,000 Energon Shards
Oil Spilled- Destroy 4 Fuel Tankers in Chapter 1
Snitches get Stitches- Shoot the 6 Anti-Alien Propaganda Billboards in Chapter 1
My Blade has Tasted Better- Defeat 25 Enemies with the Blade Dash Ability
Where Falls My Shadow, Fells My Blade- Use only Melee and Blade Dash in Chapter 1
Spectacularly Amazing- Get through the Whole Chasm in less than 6 grapples
Cyberton History X- Grapple Stomp an Insecticon
Entomologist- In one hunt take out one of each kind of Insecticon with the Gear Shredder
Don't Turn Your Back- Take Out Ironside with a Stealth Attack
Softly Softly Catchee Monkey- Defeat Cliffjumper without causing any collateral damage
Off the Grid- Destroy the 3 Enforcers before they detect you
No One Gets Out of Here Alive!- Destroy everything outside the Gates of Kaon
I'd Like to Leave Here Please- Escape the ruins of Trypticon without taking damage from the Laser Gates
Knockout- Run Over 4 Decepticons on the road to Kolkular
What Could Go Wrong?- Complete the Rescue of Cliffjumper without using the Turret
Sting Like A....- Defeat a Sniper with a melee attack
You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir- Slow Down the Reverse Engineering Project
Stockholm Syndrome- Use the V32.CYBR [email protected] to convert enemies for 2 betrayal kills
Too Quick for you- Destroy 2 Dark Spark charging towers during 1 charging phase
Make Peace, Not War- Destroy Lockdown's Weapon Caches
Wimps is for Lunch- Execute 2 Leapers in T-Rex form
Tread Lightly- Prevent Optimus from falling below 50% health while defending him
Entrapment- Don't get hit by any lasers in the underground base
Pardon Me, Coming Through- Stampede over 25 enemies in T-Rex form
Bleeding Edge- Complete the game with a HACK equipped
Welcome to Earth!- Defeat Lockdown
Neutron Assault Rifle Prime- Defeat 100 enemies with listed weapon
Path Blaster Prime- Defeat 75 enemies with listed weapon
Photon Burst Rifle Prime- Defeat 75 enemies with listed weapon
Scatter Blaster Prime- Defeat 30 enemies with listed weapon
Fire Scatter Blaster Prime- Defeat 15 Enemies with the Scatter Blaster Fire Upgrade
Riot Cannon Prime- Defeat 100 enemies with listed weapon
Subsonic Repeater Prime- Defeat 75 enemies with listed weapon
E.D.K. Techvolt Prime- Earn 30 Multi kills with listed weapon
Nucleon Charge Rifle Prime- Defeat 50 enemies with listed weapon
Charged Nucleon Charge Rifle Prime- Get 100 Fully-Charged kills with listed weapon
Aces and Eights- Earn 30 Multi Kills with the Gambler upgrade on the Path Blaster
X18 Scrapmaker Prime- Defeat 50 enemies with listed weapon
Thermo Rocket Cannon Prime- Defeat 50 enemies with listed weapon
Gear Shredder Prime- Defeat 60 enemies with listed weapon
Rick O'Shea- Get 30 Richochet kills with the Gear Shredder
Energon Harvester Prime- Defeat 50 enemies with listed weapon
A-4 Pulsar Cannon Prime- Earn 25 Multi kills with the A-4 Pulsar Cannon
V32.CYBR [email protected] Prime- Earn 10 Betrayal Kills with listed weapon
Chaos-Rift Combustor Prime- Earn 35 Multi kills with the listed weapon
Corrosive Slime Cannon Prime- Get 35 damage-over-time kills with the listed weapon
Throwback Blaster Prime- Defeat 50 enemies with listed weapon
Sling Shock Prime- Defeat 50 enemies with listed weapon
Of Merit and Distinction- Earn 250 Combat Distinction
Mjolnir- Get 10 Multi kills with the Sling Shot
Give Me the News Doc- Heal 50,000 heath points amongst you and your allies
Need...Oil...Can- Defeat 75 enemies that are slowed
Sliced and Diced- Get 25 Multi kills with the gear Shredder
Watch Your Step- Get 25 Multi kills with the Corrosive Slime Cannon
Marked for Destruction- Defeat 50 enemies marked with E.D.U
Turret Buddy- Defeat 25 enemies with the Battle Sentry
Shadow Company- Decloak and Defeat 25 enemies
Tormenta- Use the Thunder Blast to earn 35 Multi kills
Scrapped- Use the Explosive Path to defeat 35 enemies
I Hope you have Health Insurance- Heal 15,000 points with your Heal Beam
Thumbs Up Soldier!- Use the Kinetic Shield to defeat 35 enemies
I Love that Little Guy- Defeat 25 enemies with the Battle Drone
Battle Buddies- Defeat 100 Enemies with the Battle Sentry and Battle Drone
Healing.Exe- Repair 5000 points with the repair Sentry
Wrench.Exe- Repair 5000 points of damage with C.U.R.E.D.
With a Little Help From my friends- Repair 10,000 points of damage with C.U.R.E.D and the Repair Sentry
Right Back at Ya- Get 25 Multi kills with the Kinetic Capacitor Shield throwback damage
Lich- Absorb 15,000 points of heath with the Energon Harvester
Junk Yard- Use Explosive Path to earn 15 Multi kills
What Does This Do?- Use 50 T.E.C.H
Scourge of the Leapers- Defeat 5 Leapers
Scourge of the Titans- Defeat 5 Titans
Scourge of the Soldiers- Defeat 100 Soldiers
Scourge of the Rocket Troopers- Defeat 100 Rocket Troopers
Scourge of the Shotgunners- Defeat 75 Shotgunners
Full Metal Jacket- Reload 1000 times
Wrench Up- Repair 25 installations
Road Rage- Defeat 100 enemies as a vechile
Quartermaster- Resupply 250 times with the ammo supply Core
Hmm, Upgrades- Buy or Upgrade 25 installations
Rise From the Grave- Revive 50 fallen allies
Just According to Keikaku- You/ Teammates defeat 75 enemies while under the effects of the Hive Mind
Global Positioning Slayer- You/ Teammates defeat 75 enemies with under the effects of the E.D.U
Audiophile- Collect all the Audio logs in the game
Spoils of War- Listen to all the Veteran's Laments
Make it Rain- Discover the fate of the Entrepreneur
Somebody's Watching Me- Collect all the Audio Logs of the Stalker

Blasters! Blasters! Blasters!
Unlock every weapon.

The only way to unlock weapons is to get them from the Gear Boxes, and unfortunately it is completely random what weapon you get from what Gear Box. Keep leveling up and completing Challenges to earn more Gear Boxes for a better chance at acquiring your needed weapons. If you do get duplicate weapons the game will convert them to either T.E.C.H or Hacks.

The Weapons in the game include:

Primary Weapons: Neutron Assault Rifle, Path Blaster, E.D.K. TechVolt, Scatter Blaster, Subsonic Repeater, Photon Burst Rifle, Nucleon Charge Rifle, Riot Cannon, Throwback Blaster

Heavy Weapons: Thermo Rocket Cannon, Corrosive Slime Cannon, Energon Harvester, Gear Shredder, Chaos- Rift Combustor, A-4 Pulsar Cannon, X18 Scrapmaker, V32.CYBR [email protected], Sling Shock

This Weapon of Iron & Wood
Fully upgrade a primary weapon.

To fully unlock a Primary Weapon you will need 4 Weapon Upgrades for that specific weapon. The only way to do that is to find them randomly in Gear Boxes.

So again this is just a matter of playing the game, leveling up, and completing Challenges.

When you get an upgrade for a weapon go to the weapon through one of the selection menus and you will see a notice that an upgrade is available for that particular weapon. Press to access the Upgrade menu, select one of the available upgrades (3 available at first, then once those are unlocked the fourth will be available), and press to confirm. Once all four upgrades are unlocked for one Primary weapon the trophy will appear.

Defeat 50 enemies by siphoning their health away with the Energon Harvester.

This trophy is a little misleading in its description. Anytime you defeat an enemy with the Energon Harvester you technically drain their Energon from them to you, even if you have full health at the time. So really all you have to do for this one is equip the Energon Harvester (either once you find it or unlock it) and use it to take down 50 enemies.

Energon Harvester Self Revive Trick:
In Escalation Mode it is not always possible for another player to get to you once you have been downed to revive you, especially if there are a few enemies running around trying to finish you off. However if you have the Energon Harvester when you are downed and use it to take out an opponent the game will grant you an instant revive and near full health.

Y U Heff 2 B Mad?
Use the V32.Cybr [email protected] on a Power Foe and have them defeat an enemy.

This trophy can ONLY be earned in the Escalation Mode of the game.

A Power Foe is the named foes (Ex. Bumblebee, Hardshell, Optimus Prime, Megatron) that randomly spawn after surviving at least 5 Waves in Escalation. You'll know of their arrival at the start of the Wave as their name and a life bar will appear in the top center of the screen.

To earn this trophy you will need to find the Power Foe once they have spawned and zap them with the [email protected] (which you will need to equip prior to the start of the game, or at a weapon locker when you see him arrive). Once you have hit them with the shot they will have a TEMPORARY (important to note) change of heart and will fight for you against some of the enemies in the Wave.

Don't just shot the Power Foe and abandon him as he will attack foes at random and may not succeed in defeating one during their first trip to your side, so you may need to tag them a second time for them to get the job done.

One last note about Power Foes, they are much stronger than normal foes. So approach with a bit of caution and try not to get to close as most of them have a spinning melee attack that can do serious damage to you bot.

Shadow Company
Defeat 25 enemies after using the Cloak ability.

To earn this trophy you need to have the Cloak ability equipped, then use it by pressing , and finally once Cloaked approach an enemy and attack them resulting in a kill before they have a chance to recover. Do this 25 times and the trophy is yours.

Even before you unlock the Cloak ability you may be able to begin working on this trophy as during Chapter 4 while playing as Sharpshot you will have the use of this ability. Sharpshot can also approach enemies, while Cloaked, from the rear and a prompt will appear indicating he can attach an explosive to their back resulting in a guaranteed kill.

When trying to for a decloaking kill it is best to have either hit the enemy slightly before to make sure a melee or second attack will finish them off, or have a powerful weapon equipped to make sure the first blow is the final blow (Like the Riot Gun, Path Blaster, or Energon Harvester).

Thumbs Up Soldier!
Defeat 35 enemies using throwback damage from the Kinetic Capacitor Shield ability.

For this trophy you need to have the Kinetic Capacitor Shield ability equipped, then in a fire fight activate the Shield with , and use it to absorb incoming enemy fire. Once it has absorbed enough the Shield's icon will begin to flash indicating it is full, aim at an enemy robot and press to sling the shield at them with explosive results.

The Shield's blast radius is fairly wide so it is easy to pick up Multi kills with this weapon and use it as a brief respite to recover your personal shields in a fight. Once you have defeated 35 enemies with this weapon the trophy is yours.

The best places to work this out are Chapters 7 and 9 when playing as Optimus Prime as he has the skill already equipped. There are plenty of enemies in these Chapters to finish out the trophy and they are for the most part spaced enough that will have time to recover the Shield between enemy waves and may only need to take out one or two manually.

Marked for Destruction
Defeat 50 enemies marked with E.D.U.

When the E.D.U is active small red arrows will appear on the screen to indicate the location of the enemies. Follow the arrows and defeat the enemies they point to, once you have done it to 50 of them- poof trophy.

The upside is you DO NOT have to equip this ability to work on this, as long as anyone in your party activates the ability the kills you do will count toward the trophy. You also get a bit of an attack boost while this is activate to make taking out enemies a little bit easier.

Turret Buddy
Defeat 25 enemies with your Battle Sentry.

One important difference to remember is the is the Battle Sentry is stationary compared to the Battle Drone T.E.C.H. So it is important to place it at places where enemies will be forced to pass it, but hopefully not overwhelm it.

The Battle Sentry also does better against weaker enemies like the Soldiers or Scappers. Soooo, probably not best to place it out there in hope of taking out a Titan.

The Battle Sentry is great in early Escalation Waves to control spawn points of enemies and if used effectively you can knock out 25 enemies in the first three or four Waves.

You can also work on this in Chapter 5 and 6 as Swindle has the Battle Sentry ability.

Repair 5000 points of damage with your Repair Sentry.

To be clear this only count life healed with the stationary Repair Sentry and not the C.U.R.E.D repair sentry.

This is another ability that can be unlocked from the Gear Boxes and equipped for use in Escalation Mode. This trophy will count units repaired to your or your allies, so if a player takes damage get near them and deploy the sentry to help them out and reach your total faster. It is also advisable to deploy the sentry when trying to hold off incoming enemies as from a spawn points as it will heal constantly as the fire fight ensues.

Be careful about deploying the sentry in direct combat with stronger enemies as they may target it down and not allow it to do much assisting. Also remember that once completely healed by the Sentry you can dismiss it which will reduce the cooldown time before it can be respawned.

Resupply 250 times with the Ammo Supply Core.

The Ammo Supply Core can only be equipped to use in Escalation Mode. A resupply is simply whenever you get back a few rounds while standing in the Supply Core's field of influence.

Needless to say though you can do this trophy solo it will go much faster if you have a few people in you Escalation party to also take advantage of your Ammo Core.

Keep using the Resupply whenever you need to, between Waves or if your ammo gets low mid fight and you will reach 250 rather quickly. Also make sure to reload your weapon when resupplying to make sure you can get back the most ammo possible.

Totally OP
Defeat 100 enemies with the Riot Cannon.

There are a few areas in Story Mode where you will come across the Riot Gun, otherwise you will need to unlock it from a Gear Box to be allowed to equip it and begin working on this trophy.

The upgrades for the Riot Gun don't do much to help with this until you unlock and access the fourth and final upgrade Planet Buster. This upgrade will cause the last round in the clip to explode with widespread devastating effect taking out all nearby foes in the process.

Use the gun often once you have it and 100 kills will come very quickly.

To earn the trophy faster equip the gun, especially if all upgrades are unlocked, and join Escalation Mode. Find an active enemy spawn point and open fire. The riot Gun has a sizable area of effect so it should take out most enemies as they appear and the Planet Buster round will clean out visible and still spawning troopers behind the protective barrier of the point.

I Hope You Have Insurance
Heal 15000 health points with your Heal Beam.

You must be in Escalation Mode with at least one other player to work on this trophy.

Healing 15,000 health points does take a bit of time. But it is important to note that this is not just Life points but can also be used replenish an allies Shield level if it goes down and that will also count toward this trophy.

Even still this trophy can be a bit tricky to wear down and may be one of the longer ones to try and earn but a few things can help it go a little faster:

- Watch you allies Life bars and move quickly if they start to fall, especially if it goes red.
- Look for Players who like to rush enemy spawn points and tag them with the beam as they go in to recoup health as they lose it Ramboing the enemy.
- Stay close to at least one player during the rounds in case they need a quick heal to add to your ongoing total.

Use Explosive Path to defeat 35 enemies.

Yes, you can equip this and use it in Escalation to work on this. However there is a far easier way to earn this trophy.

Bruticus has the Explosive Path ability in Chapter 6 and is significantly more powerful than any of the enemies he's facing. Use the move liberally during your time as him and don't leave the area until the trophy appears, and the Path is strong enough to take out the Titans in this area in one shot.

Use Thunder Blast to earn 35 multi kills.

Of the kill trophies this is probably the most difficult only because of the limited range of the attack. While trying to get two or more enemies in front of you they tend to try and get a bit of distance making them harder to hit.

You can equip the Thunder Blast to your Escalation to try and get some kills there, you will also get a few chances to use the attack in Story Mode when playing as either Shockwave or Jetfire.

For the Multi Kill to count at least two robots must be destroyed by the attack, once you trigger the attack look just above your characters Life/ Shield bars and a few 'X' symbols should appear, each indicating a kill. If there are two or more you are good and it counts, only one no good try again.

You can farm this trophy with easy kills in Chapter 2 just after you gain control of Shockwave. A small group of insecticons will appear giving you a good chance at picking up a few Multi Kills. Once you get a few pause and select Restart at Last Checkpoint to start the section over again and respawn the enemies.

Loadsa Money
Earn 25000 Energon Shards.

You earn Energon Shards in Escalation mode as it is the currency you will use to buy and repair installations.

Everything you do in Escalation results in Shards being earned, kills by you, kills by installations, assist, even healing others all earn you Energon Shards. Your current number of Energon Shards is displayed above your weapon information bar on the lower right of the screen. Energon Shards reset for every session of Escalation, but the total cumulative number carries over for the trophy.

It is possible to earn 25,000 Shards in one run if you play aggressively and smart, taking out the bulk of the enemies. However since you will need to play Escalation a few times for several different trophies there is really no need to rush getting this as it will most likely come through natural gameplay.

What Does This Do?
Use 50 T.E.C.H.

To begin you unlock T.E.C.H by opening Gear Boxes, then you can equip T.E.C.H at any T.E.C.H (a gear icon) station in the game, and assign it to one of three directional inputs. Some T.E.C.H is incredibly useful while others, not so much. Below is a list of the 14 different T.E.C.Hs and a brief description of how they might help you out. You will earn plenty of T.E.C.H from the Gear Boxes, and many duplicate items convert to it so be liberal in using them. Once you have used T.E.C.H a total of 50 times the trophy will appear.

T.E.C.H items

Energon Heal Burst
- A localized heal rush that grants the user and those directly around them a rapid increase in Energon regeneration, last only a few seconds but great in tight life or death moments. Good in later Waves of Escalation to heal while getting to cover.

Energon Recharger
-Similar to heal burst, but the effect is limited to user and is slightly stronger. Same usage as Heal Burst, but better if the foe is stronger (Ex. Titans, Power Foes).

Dimensional Decimator
-Destructive bomb that creates a gravitational suction pulling all basic nearby enemies within, and stunning larger enemies for concentrated attacks. Best used for crowd control.

Guided Cluster Grenades
-A Group of three Grenades that lie in wait for enemies to approach then seek them out before exploding. Best used to set traps at choke points, spawn areas, or for crowd control.

Battle Drone
-Similar to the Battle Sentry, but more mobile. A small reinforcement agent that follows the player and targets nearby enemies with its guns. Best used to assist player against almost all enemies and can be used as a distraction against larger foes. Only one drone may be active at a time.

Diffraction Barrier
-Deployable, stationary, barrier. Blocks incoming enemy fire but does not stop enemy movement. Best used to delay enemy advancement or halt fire while activating a heal station or reviving a fallen ally, maintain proactive visual while using.

Vehicle Booster
-Boost all stats and armor temporarily while in Vehicle form only. Useful only if player is more comfortable in Vehicle form than Robot form or is out of Primary and Heavy ammo.

Shield Restore Booster
-Instant Shield recharge for user only. Useful in heavy combat, later Escalation Waves, to enable last stand or stand ground situations. Also useful for retreats to cover when needed.

x2-x6 Multipliers (5 total)
-Increases the user's earn XP level by the indicated amount, can be tactically useful as leveling up in an Escalation Wave will replenish health and shield. Otherwise purely useful to advance level faster if desired.

-Possibly the most useful T.E.C.H, a small mobile health drone that follows the players and heals nearby allies OR installations that have taken damage. Though helpful in most combat situations effects of the drone become more delayed as it takes damage. Only one drone may be active at a time.

It's Not A Sprint
Drive or Fly 26 miles (42km).

At first glance 26 miles sounds like a bit of a grind, but this is actually a fairly small distance in the grand scheme of the game.

Every transformer in the game has a Vehicle Mode accessible by pressing and every movement done in this mode counts toward this trophy. Between stampeding as Grimlock, flying as Jetfire, or racing as Optimus among others you will put a sizable dent in this trophy's progress through natural gameplay. To finish this one off change forms when moving around the map in Escalation Mode or when traveling straightaways and small distances in Story Mode.

Full Metal Jacket
Reload 1000 times.

This is recorded against all play modes in the games and counts both manual and automatic reloads.

Some weapons have shorter magazines than others and have to reload more often. But in all honestly between the Story Mode and Escalation you will be hard pressed not to just come by this trophy through natural gameplay.

If you are looking to speed it up just make sure to manually reload your weapon after each enemy encounter.

Welcome to Earth!
Defeat Lockdown.

You will earn this trophy by completing the Story Mode and defeating the final boss Lockdown.

Lockdown can be a little difficult to face but things can help turn the tide in your favor:

-Melee attacks are supposed to 'stun' Lockdown, a better description is if you can tag him with a melee attack Lockdown will often try to melee back. Hit him then dash out and you will have a chance to get a few rounds into him while he combos the air.

-Lockdown will constantly teleport around while you are trying to tag him with your ranged weapons. As such high damage weapons like the Riot Gun (especially with the Planet Buster upgrade) can do sizable damage even if only one shot or the shockwave of a shot are all the get him.

-When Lockdown raises up one leg and rears both arms back he is about to use the Dark Spark to slow time. Immediately get clear of him by dashing away and continue to dash back while firing rounds at Lockdown. You can also dash away and then jump to burn some of the time by being out of range of Lockdown's melee attack, but beware you may fall right on Lockdown's attack when time resumes and may need to dash away again.

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