Players: 1-2 (2 Player Co-Op)
Online Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4 hrs.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


"The last human in the universe has been slain by evil killer robots. As the last remaining humanoid battle droid, you'll be fighting through over 40 arcade levels to finally take on the four giant boss 'bots of the apocalypse."

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Spiderbots are a one-shot kill.
  • Shooting a spiderbot in a level will reward you with perks.
  • In order to perform a Quantum-shift you must have purchased the Speed Boost ability, along with the Quantum Shift upgrade.
  • Press to release a smartbomb.
  • Using your Speed Boost ability during a boss battle will help you tremendously, especially in later levels.
  • Upgrading your Pets abilities will allow for more damage on enemies, making it easier for you, since you'll notice that the Pets also do most of the killing for you.


Step 1: There Is No End!
Your goal for this step is to complete all levels up to level 50 to unlock the final boss trophy, and along the way attempt all of the other trophies.

In this step you will unlock:
  • Ieiunitas
  • Bellum
  • Lues
  • Letum
  • Double Dose

Step 2: Did I Forget Something?
Now it's time to go back and chase some of the trophies that you did not unlock throughout the first step. If you have yet to unlock Max Pet Upgrades keep on playing through the levels until you have unlocked it. As for the rest of the trophies you can start from level 1 to make it a lot easier for yourself.

In this step you will unlock:
  • Healthy Diet
  • Challenge Perfect
  • The Artful Dodger
  • Unexpected Item In Bagging Area
  • Max Pet Upgrades
  • Crufts
  • Supervisory Position


Defeated Ieiunitas

Ieunitas will be the first boss you encounter. You'll come across Ieunitas at the end of level 10. The boss is equipped with 8 guns and 2 searchlights, its head also being a vulnerable part of it's body. In order to defeat the boss, you must destroy all of its 8 guns located on it's bottom, its 2 searchlights located at the top of the boss, and also cause damage on its head until it's health bar depletes. Once you have defeated Ieunitas, this trophy will unlock.

Healthy Diet
Consumed 10 consecutive fruits

This trophy is obtained once you have collected 10 fruit pickups in a row. To do this simply don't ignore any of the fruit, chase after them once they are released. Keep in mind that once a fruit makes contact with a wall, it may ricochet from wall to wall. Once you have collected your 10th fruit, this trophy will unlock.

Defeated Bellum

Bellum will be the second boss you encounter. You'll encounter Bellum at the end of level 20. In order to defeat Bellum, you must destroy all of its guns and rockets. Once Bellum explodes you have defeated the second boss, and this trophy will unlock.

Challenge Perfect
Got 100% on a challenge stage

A challenge stage is a bonus stage in which takes place at the end of certain levels. If you receive an 100% completion, at the end of the challenge stage you'll be rewarded with cash. In order to complete the challenge stage you must shoot all of the spiders that will be moving sporadically up, down and across the stage. Keep in mind that the spiders are a one-shot kill and if a spider makes contact with you, you will lose a shield, so watch your back. If you have shot all of the spiders by the end, you will receive an 100% completion, unlocking this trophy.

The Artful Dodger
Got 100% on a dodge stage

A dodge stage is a bonus stage similar to a challenge stage, but instead of shooting your enemy, you must dodge them. In a dodge stage you must avoid making contact and shooting any of the enemies. The best tip I can give you for a perfect completion, would be to stay in the center since it makes it easier for you to dodge the enemies. Always stay away from the walls, that is where the enemies spawn from. If you have dodged all of the enemies by the end of the stage without making contact or shooting any, this trophy will unlock.

Defeated Lues

Lues will be the third boss you encounter. You'll come across Lues at the end of level 30. The boss shoots all at once, so be careful and stay to one side. Shoot out of all of its guns to cause damage, once it's health bar depletes, you have defeated Lues, and this trophy will unlock.

Double Dose
Defeated two bosses

This trophy is not possible until you have reached the end of level 50. At the end of level 50 you will confront 2 bosses that you must defeat. It may seem difficult, but it really isn't. Having the Speed Boost ability will make this a lot easier for you. Don't get too close to the enemies, and shoot at their guns in order to defeat them. Once both of their health bars have depleted, you have defeated them both and this trophy will unlock.

Unexpected Item In Bagging Area
Quantum-shifted through a boss

In order to achieve this trophy you must purchase the Speed Boost ability along with the Quantum Shift upgrade. The Speed Boost ability will be able to purchase once you complete level 5 and the Quantum Shift upgrade at the end of level 10. Since you have to Quantum-shift through a boss, the first boss you'll encounter after level 10 will be at the end of level 20. Once you have reached the boss fight, when nearby the boss, hold to Quantum- shift through the boss, which will unlock this trophy.

Max Pet Upgrades
Pets can level up, and have maxed Scan Range, Rocket, Laser and Shooty Pet upgrades

This trophy will unlock once you have upgraded all the Pet abilities to the max. Whenever you have have enough cash to purchase the "Pets Level Up" ability do it because you'll need it in order to max out the upgrades. After you purchase the "Pets Level Up" ability, the rest of your cash should be used to purchase the upgrades aside from the shields and smartbombs. Once you have purchased all the upgrades and have them maxed, this trophy will unlock. And just a peace of mind, the more you upgrade your Pets abilities, the less work you have to do.

Didn't let any pets take damage for 10 levels

In order to unlock this trophy you must get through 10 levels without your pet(s) taking damage. Pets will unlock at the end of level 5. If you have enough cash then, purchase the first pet, the Shooty pet, and attempt this trophy then because it's a lot easier in the early levels. Prepare yourself with smartbombs, so if you see your pet is about to take damage, just press to destroy all current enemies. You will know your pet has taken damage when the word "Help!" appears next to them. Once you have gone 10 levels without your pet taking damage, this trophy will unlock.

To make the progression of this trophy easier, if your pet takes damage, simply quit the level and then resume once on the main screen. Doing this will put you back to the last level you were playing on.

Supervisory Position
Beat a level without firing a single shot

This trophy is obtained by beating a level without firing your primary weapon. The best way to do this is to start from level 1. Keep on playing through each level until you have earned enough cash to fill up all 3 slots of Smartbombs. When you have all 3 slots maxed, once the level starts just let all the enemies accumulate avoiding any type of contact with them, then use a Smartbomb. Repeat the same step after you have exploded the first wave of enemies, until you have cleared the level. Once you beat the level without firing your primary weapon, this trophy will unlock.

Defeated Letum

Letum will be the final boss you encounter. You'll come across Letum at the end of level 40. Letum is armed with guns on all sides of its body. A helpful tip that I can provide you with is to circle the boss, shooting at his guns. Make sure to have purchased the Speed Boost ability with the Quantum shift upgrade as that will help a lot, trust me. When you see yourself about to get stuck in a corner, use the Speed Boost ability to prevent that situation. Once Letum's health bar depletes, you have defeated the final boss and this trophy will unlock.

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