Players: 1
Online Trophies: None.
Estimated 100% Difficulty: 7/10 (You can always refer to the difficulty thread)
Estimated Time to 100%:
20 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 + Cleanup
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Yes, The Fat and the Furious Yemen Drifter
Cheats Disabling Trophies: No, cheats are available after beating the game from the tweaks menu
Difficulty Trophies Stack:
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Helpful Links & Reference

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Special Thanks To

EricVoltage for the awesome main banner.
Shirrako for the speed-run video walkthrough. Please make sure to subscribe to him & like the videos.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Brutal difficulty will give you the most trouble here, so never give up if you're stuck in a checkpoint for a long time. Take a small break and get back at it.
  • Always go for headshots, this will conserve ammo, take out the enemies quicker, and saves your ass through some difficult parts.
  • Cover is your best friend, press behind any obstacle to take cover during gun fights.
  • When taking cover, make sure to pick a spot where you can jump to a cover next to it, or move about. Brutal difficulty enemies tend to throw a lot of grenades at you with pin-point accuracy, this will help you to avoid dying because of a thrown grenade.
  • Always scavenge areas for ammo after the fight is done, making sure you're ready for the next battle.
  • Try finishing areas with stealth attacks, as a character dialog will prompt it. Be as subtle as you possibly can. This will help you get done faster, and save the trouble of having to fight more enemies.
  • Progress through after taking out the first or second wave of enemies. Some spots in the game have an infinite spawn, so enemies will keep coming until you progress.
  • Pay attention to the surroundings and the music in-game. Only go out of cover if you're sure the enemies in that area are all dead. Usually the music changes or a dialog will trigger after you're done fending off the waves of enemies.
  • If you see a spot or a cover point with many enemies behind it, don't be afraid to use your grenades.
  • When the heavy shows up, knock their helmets off with a headshot, and easily kill them. Throwing a grenade at them will slow them from getting close to you.
  • Stand at the back, rather than staying in the middle. Waves of enemies will tend to spawn from everywhere, only progress when its safe.
  • If you get a new gun, and a trophy is required for it, get the kills with it, via restarting checkpoint. This way farming the kills will be easier.
  • Save your strongest weapons and one-shot kill pistols for stronger enemies and heavies, or enemies that need to be taken out fast.
  • Always take out the grenade launcher guys first, then the snipers. Do this as quickly as possible, as they can kill you easily while you're busy shooting at normal enemies.
  • When your health is low and the screen is black & white with a heart-beat sound in the background, never go out of cover. You die really fast; heal up first, then continue on fighting. On brutal, it'll take 1-2 shots to kill you, so play it safe.


Step - 1 -

Start the game on Brutal and finish it, this is the hardest trophy in the game and this DLC trophy list.

Trophies to be earned during this step:
Charted! - Brutal

This step will take you around 15 hours depending on skill.

Step - 2 -

Continuous Speed-Run Mode. Go through the game on speed-run mode, and finish it in under 4 hours 15 minutes.

Trophies to be earned during this step:
Neediest for Speediest
The Fat and the Furious Yemen Drifter

This step will take you around 4 hours.

Step - 3 -

Cleanup and miscellaneous. Simply get any other trophy you might have missed.

Trophies that can be earned during this step:
Supernatural Born Killers
YOLO Deceptively
Leader of the Pack
Cheaters Gonna Cheat

This shouldn't take more than 30 minutes in case you actually require this step.


Charted! - Brutal
Finish the Game on Brutal Without Changing the Difficulty

Brutal is a pain in the backside that will make you want to throw your controller through the TV and stick a fork in your eye. (Which I don't recommend either).

It's the new difficulty introduced in the Remastered version of Uncharted. This difficulty will absolutely test your skill and patience. It is as the name implies... Very "brutal". On this difficulty you die in 1-2 shots, so its one of the more realistic modes for uncharted if you may. You can refer to Tips & Strategies above to help you go through the game.

On this mode, the best strategy is to stay under cover. Make sure to pick a cover spot at the furthest back so in your field of vision there's only 1-3 enemies at once. If there are more than that, it's impossible to pop your head out as they WILL kill you. You'll need to absolutely take your time and memorise the shooting pattern of each enemy, so that you only kill him when he stops or he's reloading. Save your grenades for people that are approaching you, and for spots with more 2 enemies in together.

Always go for headshots. Enemies on Brutal drop only 1-4 bullets of ammo each, this will make it VERY difficult to conserve the ammo if you're just going to shoot them. There have been countless times where I just ran out of ammo and died, which will reset you back to the previous checkpoint after spending a lot of time in a single gun-fight. So headshots are very crucial.

Using the corner trick WILL NOT help you here. If you see them, they see you too and are able to shoot you. As for the rest, I advice finishing each part with stealth if possible.

You WILL die A LOT playing on brutal. You just have to be patient and keep going. You'll get stuck on some checkpoints, for a really long time... My best advice for you is to take a break and never give-up. You can always try again later. If you require a walkthrough for any part you can post on the guide or PM me (DarkFox) and I'll provide a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the required part.

Good luck You'll need it .

Supernatural Born Killers
Defeat 5 Djinn With a Sniper Rifle

If you haven't earned this trophy while normally playing the game, load up chapter 21 then equip one-shot kill and infinite ammo, then give yourself any sniper from the weapons menu. Kill the first 5 guys and the trophy is yours.

Note: You don't have to kill them in their Djinn form, you can kill them in human form if you equipped one-shot kill and the kills will still count towards the trophy.

Kill an Enemy While Playing as an Alternate Character Costume Other Than Drake

Completing tasks in Uncharted, like beating a certain level or difficulty, or collecting x number of treasures unlocks bonuses. From the bonuses menu, go to rewards, and then skins. Simply choose any skin other than Drake and equip it, then kill an enemy while in that skin and the trophy is yours. You can attempt this at any given time during the game and will not affect any progression or other trophies.

YOLO Deceptively
Beat the Last Chapter Without Dying on Normal Difficulty or Harder

The last chapter in the game isn't that difficult. Uncharted 3 lacks a boss battle sadly, so this trophy should come with ease given that you follow the tips and walkthrough below.

Load up chapter 22 and set the difficulty to "Normal". These tips are recommended:
  • As soon as the chapter starts, go to the start menu and equip One-shot kill.
  • Equip infinite ammo as well.
  • Take note of the numbers of failed or restarted checkpoints from the statistics menu.
  • Progress carefully through the level, as if you're playing on crushing or brutal.
  • Always take cover, and take out the enemies holding grenade launchers first.
  • There's not much platform in the level, but be careful making a few jumps in the last part.
  • In the last fight just follow the on-screen prompts for the fight. Since the difficulty is low, they will show.
Chapter 22 Walkthrough - At the beginning of the level, just make sure to look to your right as there will be enemies that come down at you holding shotguns. If they are close they will one-shot you with the shotgun, so pay attention. Take out the heavies as they approach on the bridge, even if you have one-shot kill on, these guys will take a lot of bullets to fall. Now after the first fight is done, soon as you go up the stairs look up, there will be a guy there that you'll need to take out. Simply take cover and take out the wave that comes at you no tricks or anything its pretty simple. After meeting with Sully now, the next area when the heavy comes out of that door, ignore everything and look to your left on the far platform there will be a grenade launcher guy which you'll need to take out as soon as he spawns or he'll kill you. Simply take out the enemies, then when you get inside look to your left there will 2 enemies that spawn which you can take out quick. Now from the place that you took out the first grenade launcher guy, carefully move out while aiming at the ledge opposite to you up and turning. You'll take out 2 guys up there, one of them holding RPG-7 and will kill you if you just run out. Now after taking them both out, move more in the same direction while aiming at the opposite side, you'll see 2 guys far ahead which you'll need to take out. Progressing naturally through the level until you reach the stairs where a grenade will be thrown at you, when you move up just make sure you're aiming so you take out the 2 guys there. One of them is holding a shotgun, this is at the place where Sully takes the flare gun. In the last big fight when everything is crumbling on the bridge, always take out the first guy with melee and Drake will get his sniper, but you shouldn't really worry much about that, you should look up to the right, there will be an RPG guy that will kill you if you're not quick enough about that. The rest of the fight is pretty simple, just make sure to check every area prior to progressing through it. During the last part, the only advice I can give you is to carefully jump. Having played the game before at least once, you should have good knowledge of which ledge to jump to. Its really simple and doesn't require any skill. Just jump forward. The fight with Talbot is really easy just follow the on-screen prompts and then jump a couple more platform till the end of the level. The trophy should pop there.

The Fat and the Furious Yemen Drifter
Complete a Continuous Speed Run as Doughnut Drake

- Missable -
For this trophy, when you're going for the continuous speed-run, as soon as you start press the button then go to the Bonuses menu then rewards and skins, choose the Doughnut Drake skin (Fat Drake) and equip it. Simply finish the speed-run mode while having this skin on and the trophy is yours. If you quit to the main menu you'll need to re-equip.

Refer to Neediest for Speediest for tips and walkthrough on how to get the game done in under 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Leader of the Pack
Compare Statistics with Friends

In the remastered version of the game, comparing stats with a friend is a new feature that's been introduced to us.

Press the button then go to Statistics, and press on any of the stats like the number of kills of checkpoints failed and the trophy will pop. Can't get any easier.

Neediest for Speediest
Achieve a Complete Speed Run Time of Less than 4 Hours and 15 Minutes

The Speed-Run mode is a new feature introduced in the Remastered versions of the Uncharted games. I'd recommend attempting the continues speed run mode after beating the game once at least just to get better knowledge of where to go, and enemy placements. Your sole objective should taking the quickest route throughout each chapter.

All you need to do is to beat the game in under 4 hours and 15 minutes. This can be a bit difficult, but you can refer to the tips written here and follow the walkthrough which will make it all easier for you.

Here are a few tips on how to go about it:
  • First things first, set the difficulty to Easy.
  • Start the chapter, and just move towards the objective, having completed the game once, you should know the way.
  • Ignore any gun fights or enemies that you can skip and still progress.
  • When you walk, instead of running with the , keep moving while continuously jumping with , this tends to make Drake move faster. You can cancel the pause that Drakes goes in by tapping it again quickly before landing. I don't advice jumping when going upstairs or downstairs as this will make Drake pause a bit. You can roll with instead.
  • You don't really have to worry about cut-scenes, as the timer will stop during those, you can still skip them if you want.
  • The mini cut-scene are ones with animations that you can't skip, however you shouldn't worry too much about it, as the game is designed to still give you time to complete the objective.
  • When climbing ledges and shimmying, jump around them with instead of just moving about, to make it quicker.
  • In case you die, quickly hit start and quit to main menu.
  • Restarting or failing a checkpoint won't reset your time, so never die or fail a checkpoint.
  • Aim for headshots during gun fights and use Steel-Fist combo, I've found that these are the quickest way to take enemies out.
  • Ignore anything else like treasures or scenery, and just hurry on with the objective.
  • Refrain from using exploits and wall-hacks, these won't earn you the trophy.
Tweaks are disabled in this mode, so you can't equip one-shot kill or fast motion. You'll need to play through the entire game without any cheats.
Below is a complete speed-run walkthrough in which credit goes to Shirrako. If you're stuck on any part or wanna get the timings right you can refer to the video.

Toggle Spoiler

Cheaters Gonna Cheat
Activate a Tweak

Tweaks in Uncharted are like cheats in other games. However the tweaks become available to you after beating the game on a certain difficulty level, then the tweaks unlock for all other difficulties below that one.

It's quite simple and you'll probably have this trophy playing the game normally. Having beaten the game, go to bonuses from the menu, then hit the rewards and choose tweaks. Simply activate ANY tweak by pressing on it and the trophy is yours.

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