Online Trophies:none
Estimated Time to 100%:6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs:1
Collectible Trophies: Never forget To those who fell They'll all be remembered
Missable Trophies:none, all chapters are repayable through chapter select
Glitched Trophies:none

[top]Tips & Strategies

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is an action/puzzle game set on the Western Front of World War I.
The action sections involve variously dodging gunfire, stealthily avoiding guards and driving a tank.
The puzzle sections involve various fetch tasks, costume changes, and lever/pulley based problems.
Everything you need to solve these puzzles are within each mission.
None of these puzzles are particularly difficult, once you get a couple out of the way you will know what to expect.
Always be on the lookout for doorways/passageways as many of them are hidden in plain sight.
Approaching the various NPC's and pressing may give you a visual clue as to what you should be doing.
If your dog is with you press to see what his options are, he may have access to an area or object you can't reach.
If you become stuck the game will offer you a hint, press and or to scroll through them.


All trophies can be earned in one playthrough.
However if you miss anything all Chapters can be replayed through Chapters & Collection in the main menu.
All collectables autosave so you can quit immediately if you have to go back for any.
13 of the 20 trophies here are either story based or collectibe related, here are the Chapters you need to look out for to earn the other seven:
Chapter 1 Mission III-Neuve Chapelle, pet the dog to earn Good doggy
Chapter 1 Mission V-Danger from above, avoid taking any damage to earn Taxi Racer
Chapter 2 Mission IV-Ypres, ring the bell 3 times to earn Ypres' wake up call
Chapter 3 Mission I-Prison Camp, collect all 3 laundry bags to earn Helpful Laundryman
Chapter 3 Mission V-The Somme, keep all your soldiers alive to earn Brothers' Keeper
Chapter 4 Mission II-Vimy ridge, shoot the Germany flag to earn King of the hill 145
Chapter 4 Mission V-Saint Mihiel, make no mistakes during the third QTE to earn Healing Hero


Forward, March
Raise the flag at the end of the basic training

Story related and can't be missed.
This will unlock during Chapter 1 Mission I-Casern.

A new friendship is born
Shoot the tractor before it crushes Emile

Story related and can't be missed.
It will unlock during Chapter1 Mission III-Neuve-Chappelle.

It's all fire and death now...
Witness the zeppelin crash

Story related and can't be missed.
It will unlock at the end of Chapter 1 Mission VII-Reims.

A glimmer of hope
Rescue Karl from underneath the zeppelin

Story related and can't be missed.
It will unlock during Chapter 2 Mission V-Crash Site.

Finish the Douaumont Fort mission

Story related and can't be missed.
It will unlock at the end of Chapter 2 Mission VII-Douaumont Fort.

Revenge never meant happiness
Defeat the Baron Von Dorf

Story related and can't be missed.
It will unlock at the end of Chapter 3 Mission V-The Somme.

So close yet so far!
Escape the French army with Anna and Karl

Story related and can't be missed.
It will unlock at the end of Chapter 3 Mission VII-Fight of the bumblebee.

Some will survive...
Save Karl

Story related and can't be missed.
This will unlock at the end of Chapter 4-Mission V Saint Mihiel.

... Some will not
Finish the game

This will unlock after the final credits roll.

Ypres' wake-up call
Ring the bell 3 times in Ypres

Chapter 2 Mission IV-Ypres
Anna will have to hit a bell to dislodge a cog to complete a puzzle.
Hitting it twice will dislodge the cog, hit it again to unlock the trophy.

Helpful Laundryman
Push all the laundry bags

Chapter 3 Mission I-Prison Camp.
After mending the water supply for the soldier trying to have a shower he will give you some braces.
Give these braces to the soldier upstairs in the room where the chef is preparing his radishes and he will give you a first aid kit.
Give this first aid kit to the soldier in the laundry room and he will knock down three laundry sacks.
Collect all three to unlock this trophy.

Brothers' Keeper
Save your entire platoon during the battle of Somme

Chapter 3 Mission V-The Somme
During this mission you will be driving a tank with five of your men running alongside it.
You must keep all five alive to the midway point where you jump to stop dynamite exploding.
When you go back to your tank one of your men will have disappeared, you must make it to the end of the mission with the remaining four.
The first half is the trickiest as the planes fly quite high and are difficult to shoot, for the second half aim high and keep moving and shooting and you'll make it easily.
If you fail you can replay the mission at any time through Chapters & Collection in the main menu.

King of the hill 145
Shoot the German flag with the cannon at Vimy's ridge

Chapter 4 Mission II-Vimy ridge
During this mission Freddie will come to an area with a gun at a flag and a couple of buildings in the background.
There is a lever and a dial at the front of the gun, don't touch the dial but pull the lever to shoot the flag and earn the trophy.
You then have to go into the background to figure out the coordinates of two guns, how you do this doesn't make any sense, aim at 8 & 63 to proceed.

Healing Hero
Save Karl for the third time without making any mistakes

Chapter 4 Mission 5-Saint Mihiel
During this mission Anna will attempt to save Karl three times; firstly at the farm, secondly at the hospital and thirdly after retrieving the first aid kit.
It is during this third attempt that you cannot make any mistakes.
By now you will be well used to this mini game but this one is significantly tougher than any that came before.
If you do make a mistake let Karl bleed out by either deliberately pressing the wrong button or by pressing nothing at all.
If you complete the mini game without unlocking the trophy you will have to replay the mission.
Here is the prompt order:

Toggle Spoiler

Good doggy
Pet the dog

You will first encounter your helpful and friendly dog during Chapter 1 Dark Clouds Mission III-Neuve Chapelle.
You can approach him at any time and press to unlock this trophy, you will also pet him anytime he retrieves something for you.

Taxi Racer
Complete 1 taxi mission without damaging the car

There are 3 opportunities to earn this trophy, you cannot allow your taxi be damaged by anything,
Chapter 1 Mission V-Danger from above
Chapter 2 Mission II-Taxi Cancan
Chapter 3 Mission VII-Fight of the bumblebee
Chapter 1 Mission V-Danger from above is by far the easiest.
Falling bombs are well flagged by a darkening shadow on the ground, machine gun fire will start at one side of the screen and go all the way across, mines are flagged by a skull and crossbow sign.
All obstacles appear in time to the tune of Hungarian Dance No 5 by Brahms.
Don't worry if you don't get it first try, all Chapters can be replayed at any time by accessing Chapters & Collection through the main menu.

Never forget
Find 5 historical items

See They'll all be remembered.

To those who fell
Find 50 historical items

See They'll all be remembered.

They'll all be remembered
Find every single historical item

Historical items are various items of historical interest littered around each chapter of the game.
They will give off a slight glint and you will have to approach them and press to pick up.
Press and during gameplay to check the available historical items in each Chapter.
It is possible to get them all in one playthrough but if you miss any all Chapters can be replayed through Chapters and collection in the main menu.
There are a total 119 to be found.
In the below text guide I have listed them in the order they appear in the collection menu, in the video guides they are shown in the order that they are discovered.
Chapter 1 Dark Clouds text guide

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 2 Broken Earth text guide

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 3 The Poppy Fields text guide

Toggle Spoiler

Chapter 4 Wooden Crosses text guide

Toggle Spoiler

Knowledge is power
Read 30 historical facts

As you play through the game you will be given the option to read various Historical facts.
These will appear in the top right corner of the screen as stack of books with an exclamation mark.
You can press or at any time during gameplay to read through them, scroll through with &.
Resting on one long enough to make the red exclamation mark disappear will mark it as read.
You will have access to 30 of them by the middle of Chapter 2 Mission IV-Ypres.

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