Players: 1, 2 Online
Online Trophies: T-Bone: Tag Team
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Difficulty Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Use Eugene whenever possible. Its stun upgrade will drop any enemy in one hit, saving you ammo and health.
  • Stay stealthy. No need for any unnecessary firefights.
  • Upgrade your hacking skills once you have enough skill points (earned from leveling up). They can do everything from increasing your phone battery to unlocking new hack-able objects.


Step 1: Campaign
The first thing you should do is run through the campaign. It involves completing only 10 missions, and you unlock Eugene during Act II. You should pick up:
  • T-Bone: Friends in Need
  • T-Bone: No Easy Fix
  • T-Bone: Pest Control
Step 2: Street Sweeps/ Driving contracts/ Co-op Missions
Now you can work your way through the most tedious part of the DLC. There are 3 new types of side missions called Street Sweeps. They include taking down particular gang members, downloading info from laptops, or blowing up dangerous munitions. They can be performed for either the Chicago South Club, Pawnee Militia, of Fixers. Driving missions are back with a few new variations. Override requires you to drive through checkpoints while maintaining top speed, and Escort has you protect another vehicle as it moves toward its destination.
  • T-Bone: Mob Ruled
  • T-Bone: Second Amendment
  • T-Bone: Unfixable
  • T-Bone: Full Circuit
  • T-Bone: Tag Team
Step 3: Investigations/Clean up
Your final step will see you running around Chicago one last time to complete the Fox Hunt and Council of Daves investigations. If you have'nt by this point, you'll need to get 4 enemy kills with one RC car explosion. You'll need to be in a mission area for this, so you'll have to find another street sweep.
  • T-Bone: Looking for Trouble
  • T-Bone: Negative Eugenics


T-Bone: Friends in Need
Complete Act 1

Story related. Cannot be missed.

There are 3 missions in Act I. In the third and final mission, you'll be tasked with escaping from a high-security server building. You have a cool new toy at your disposal, the RC car Eugene. Eugene can fit through air vents and other small spaces to sneak past guards, and even take them down with a stun gun! After escaping the building, you'll get a phone call to end the mission.

T-Bone: No Easy Fix
Complete Act 2

Story related. Cannot be missed.

Act II contains four missions. In its final mission, you will need to track down the man responsible for current problems throughout Chicago. After following a vehicle to an old warehouse, you'll be tasked with hacking a computer to find out your adversary's plans. Naturally, it's rigged to an alarm, bringing wave after wave of guards to your location. Complete the download and fight your way out to end the mission.

T-Bone: Pest Control
Complete Act 3

Story related. Cannot be missed.

It's come down to this: You vs. Deadmau5 Defalt. In order to finally confront the neon-clad hacker, you'll have to work your way through his lair. Once you finally "meet" him, he will judge you for your actions that caused the 2003 blackout and decide your punishment. Take a deep breath, this is it.

T-Bone: Mob Ruled
Complete 20 Chicago South Club contracts

See T-Bone: Unfixable for details.

T-Bone: Second Amendment
Complete 20 Militia contracts

See T-Bone: Unfixable for details.

T-Bone: Unfixable
Complete 20 Fixer contracts

New to Bad Blood are Street Sweeps (marked in orange). The police are trying to thin out violence caused by the Chicago South Club, Pawnee Militia, and local Fixer groups. To do so, you'll be tasked with interrupting their plans in a variety of way.
  • Weapons cache (explosion icon): The militia has supplied high-explosives to the group. Blow up all caches before they are used to harm civilians.
  • Hack Phone: A member of the group has sensitive info on his phone. Steal it without killing anyone.
  • Knock down: A few members are planning something big, knock them out to send a message.
  • Download files from laptops: The group has a few laptops nearby with evidence on the hard drives. Steal the info and escape from the reinforcements.
  • Single laptops download: Run in, steal the info, and escape.
All five of these mission types are available for each of the 3 groups, so pay attention to the main logo that appears when you hover over the mission on your map (weave for South Club, deer head for Militia, skull key for Fixers.)

There is one mission for each group every few hours that you can repeat over and over again! It is signified by the normal orange icon with white signal bars to either side. These are hourly challenges where you compete with online players for the highest score. Keep an eye out for these, as they can be the fastest route to completing 20 missions for each group.

T-Bone: Full Circuit
Complete 29 driving missions

Driving contracts make their return from the main game with some new variants. You'll need to complete 29 of them for the trophy.
  • Overdrive: You must drive as fast as possible through the checkpoints. If you slow down too much, you'll fail.
  • Escort: An informant needs protection on his/her way to the police. Fixers will attempt to destroy the informant's car. Don't let their damage meter run out!
  • Download: Back from the main game, download missions require you to drive close behind another vehicle to download its data. Simple enough.
  • Delivery: The Police need a vehicle brought in as evidence, don't let it get damaged (it's pretty much made of aluminum foil).

T-Bone: Tag Team
Complete 10 coop missions

Another new mode for Bad Blood is co-op Street Sweeps. They are marked on your map with purple skull icons on your map. In online street sweep mode, you will join another player and complete any of the street sweeps that are currently available. They have the same mission parameters as the single player variety, so the only difference is there are now two people that can fail the objective . Like with the other street sweeps trophies, look for the daily challenge variety so you can get this over with as soon as possible. You can play these in either a public or private lobby.

T-Bone: Looking for Trouble
Complete all side investigations

There are 2 types of Investigations in Bad Blood: Council of Daves (5) and Fox Hunt (5).

Council of Daves missions are marked on your map with a white skull icon. They are centered around a plot to weed out members of DedSec. As you progress further into the convoluted scheme, you'll eventually be called in to save some people up in Pawnee. Once you've successfully protected them, scan the phone on the heavy trooper to end the mission.
Fox Hunt missions are shown as the CtOS logoon your map. This Investigation wraps up Aiden Pearce's story after the events of Watch_Dogs. He's one the run from Blume, who've decided to send a small army of Fixers after him. They're getting close to picking up his trail, and it's up to you to throw them off. In the end, you'll be paying a visit to the homes of a few of Aiden's acquaintances to intercept the hitmen heading their way. After stopping the third attack, you'll get a call from an old friend, and the trophy will unlock.

T-Bone: Negative Eugenics
Kill 4 enemies at once by blowing up the RC Car

This may cause some issues, as not only are there not many chances you'll get with 4 or more enemies close together, you also have to complete 15 of the militia contracts before you can unlock the detonator add-on for Eugene. Another rather annoying requirement is that you can only deploy Eugene within red mission areas, so you'll need to do this during the campaign or in the middle of one of the various street sweeps. Try to blow up Eugene near a vehicle to chain the explosions and increase the blast radius. If you can manage to kill at least four enemies in the resulting explosion, the trophy will unlock.

[top]Special thanks to

ERICVOLTAGE for yet another great banner.

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