Players: 1; 2 online
Online Trophies: 5: Stealth Cookie, Hackification, Piggyback, Traced, Superhighway
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: 5: Read Only, Sanity Check, Clear Signals, Disk Space Full, Geolocated
Missable Trophies: None, free roam is still available upon completing the story.
Glitched Trophies: There are reports of Geolocated popping before the user logs in at all 100 hot-spots. While normally this would be a blessing, it seems to lead to an endless loading screen glitch that requires you to start a new game

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.
Certain trophy descriptions will include story details. While I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum, I recommend proceeding with caution.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • *Trophies are in XMB order*
  • Be stealthy when possible.
  • Use Silenced weapons when possible. It's always better to avoid a gunfight.
  • Use your Skill Points! The y can upgrade everything from Damage you take to how long you can focus. They can also unlock new hacks around the city.
  • Keep moving when under attack! While cover is a great "ally" in gunfights, you can flank enemies if you continue moving. Nothing better than surprising a gunman who thought you were behind a different wall .
  • Unlock the ctOS stations early. They act as fast travel points and reveal side missions and collectibles.
  • Use surroundings to your advantage. Hacking a forklift could be all the distraction you need to slip past a guard.
  • Good Luck...
  • If you have had troubles with the drinking games or getting tailed, Update 1.03 is now available and makes these two tasks considerably easier to accomplish.

[top]Vettes' Highway to Plat

Welcome to WATCH_DOGS! The path to the in this game is fairly straightforward, though a few trophies can cause issues. Let's get started, shall we?

Step 1: Story Mode.

This will open up new side missions and collectibles along the way, so it's best to finish it first. I also recommend unlocking all of the ctOS stations as early as possible, simply to speed up navigation later. In this step, you will earn:
  • Hello World
  • Hard Crash
  • Power Cycle
  • Magic Smoke
  • Family Man
  • Who Is Raymond Kenney?
  • One Down, One to Go
  • Black Hat Trick
  • Bookmarked
  • Clear Signals
  • Vengeance
  • Log Off

Step 2:
Side Missions.

By the end of the story, you'll have unlocked a majority of the Fixer Contracts, Criminal Convoys, and Gang Hideouts. In addition to these, you'll have all Privacy Invasions, Missing Persons, Weapons Trade, ctOS Breaches, and Human Trafficking Missions available to you. Completing all of these will net you:
  • Revoking Client Privileges
  • Saturday Night Special
  • Darkness Looms
  • End of Line
  • System Mangler
  • Basest Base
  • Peephole
  • Road Rage

Step 3: Collectibles.

This step involves checking in at all Wi-fi hotspots, collecting all 8 Burner Phones, scanning all 16 QR codes, and downloading every song. The last one in that list will take the longest, simply because new songs are found randomly on citizens or in shops/news stands. Upon finishing these 4 collectibles, you will earn:
  • Read Only
  • Sanity Check
  • Disk Space Full
  • Geolocated
  • They Call Him The Vigilante

Step 4: Multiplayer Modes

What would a game centered around hacking be without being able to hack other players? At this stage, you should be fairly adept at hacking objects in and around Chicago, so it's time to step up to the big leagues. Racing, tailing (stalker much?), hacking, and even being followed yourself, the multiplayer does add some decent content to the main game. Completing this step will unlock:
  • Traced
  • Superhighway
  • Stealth Cookie
  • Piggyback
  • Hackification
Step 5: Drinking Game
This is the big one. It gets its own step on the list simply due to its frustrating nature and ability to ruin your chance at the plat. Ultimate precision is need to defeat all three Drinking Game opponents around Chicago. Finishing this step will earn you Social Lubricant and a meeting with Alcoholics Anonymous

Step 6: Clean Up

By this point, you're in the home stretch. There are a few miscellaneous trophies remaining, involving Police Scans, Police Chases, interrupting calls, intervening in street crimes, shooting out tires, and maxing out you Upgrade Tree. This final step will earn you:
  • Enforcer
  • Communication Fail
  • Escape Loop
  • Free Radical
  • White Rabbit Object
  • Scanproof
  • Hardware Fail
  • Freeware
  • 100% Clear


100% Clear
This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked.

You've managed to earn every other WATCH_DOGS trophy. Congrats on your new plat.

Hello World
Take down Maurice

Story related. Cannot be missed

You'll start off the mission interrogating a suspect. Eventually, he will make a move toward a baseball bat, triggering a QTE. Pressing will have Aiden perform a melee takedown, subduing Maurice and earning the trophy. Welcome to Chicago.

End of Line
Complete 40 Fixer Contracts

There are 40 contracts throughout the city that allow you to work with various Fixers for some extra spending cash. Keep in mind that there will not be 40 missions unlocked from the start, instead leaving you to discover them via remote profiling as you move about the city. Every mission involves moving a vehicle and are fittingly marked with a blue steering wheel icon. Thankfully, there is some variation between missions. The different types are:
  • Checkpoint Race: A Fixer is trying to evade the cops and needs your help. Your job is to distract them by leading them across a path marked by checkpoint markers. Get to each one before time runs out for additional time to get to the next one. After all checkpoints have been driven through, lose the cops to complete the mission.
  • Multiple vehicle deliveries: As the name implies, your job is to find a vehicle and drive it to a drop-off point within a time limit. Once there, you'll find your next car to deliver. After delivering the third car on time, the mission will end.
  • Hack and Crash: A hacker has broken the rules and must be punished. Follow close behind him to hack into his data. Once done, take out his vehicle and/or subdue him if he runs away.
  • Drop off the "hot" car: There is a vehicle nearby that that a buyer is interested in. The only problem is, you need to steal it. Upon starting it up, the police will begin their pursuit. Lose the cops and deliver the vehicle.
After completing your 40th mission, the trophy will unlock.

Basest Base
Complete every Gang Hideout

Gang Bases are marked with a blue fist icon on your map, and like Fixer Contracts, they are discovered via remote profiling. Much like the bases found in the story mode, these side missions require you to profile a VIP target hidden among a group of enemies. Once done, your job will be to take him down, usually by using non-lethal force. Some missions will have you seek out more than one target (with three being the absolute most), taking each one out at a time. Upon taking down the final VIP, your next task is to escape. This part is obviously much easier if you don't alert the other guards. Successfully leave the area to finish the mission. Complete 15 Gang Bases to earn the trophy.

They Call Him The Vigilante
Complete every Investigation

For this, you will need to complete four different investigations. Luckily, each investigation leads to it's own trophy, which helps keep track of what remains. They are:
  • Human Trafficking: See Revoking Client Privileges for details.
  • Weapons Trade: See Saturday Night Special for details.
  • QR Codes: See Read-only for details.
  • Missing Persons: See Darkness Looms for details.
Upon completing your fourth Investigation, you will earn it's respective trophy as well as this.

Complete every Privacy Invasion

This is what Watch_Dogs is all about: spying on unsuspecting civilians . There are 30 of these quests located around the city marked with an eye symbol. When you reach its location, there will be two types or hacking. One way will have the box unlocked from the beginning, but require you to complete the cliche "connect the streams" video game hack to gain access. The other way will have you search for the proper junction box nearby in order to unlock that location's privacy invasion, which will require no hacking once unlocked. What you'll see on the other side can range from pathetic/awkward to dramatic/heart-wrenching. Upon seeing the 30th Chicago citizen's personal life, the trophy will unlock.

Road Rage
Complete every Criminal Convoy

Criminal Convoys are shown on the map as a blue tire icon ad are discovered via random profiling. In these side missions, you are given a target and must subdue him before he reaches his destination. Like the Gang Hideouts, you often must use non-lethal force to take down the target or risk failing the mission. Upon subduing the target, you must escape from any remaining enemies to complete the mission. Though 18 are required for the trophy, only 17 will be available at first, with #18 unlocking after completing them. This final convoy will involve somebody that may be familiar if you've played Assassin's Creed IV. His last known location was Chicago, where he mysteriously disappeared. Take him down to merge the two stories, and earn the trophy.

Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals

While you travel around the city, you will often be prompted to intervene in Potential Crimes, shown on the map as upside-down blue triangles. When you reach the area, you must begin profiling with and look for either a potential victim or criminal. After you spot one of them, stay hidden nearby and wait. If you don't stay hidden, you may scare off the criminal before he does anything. While this does seem beneficial, it won't earn you progress for the trophy. Eventually, the mugging/stabbing/shooting will begin, and you have to catch and beat down the perpetrator. Even if he manages to complete his crime, you will still earn progress by neutralizing him afterward. Successfully respond to 20 potential crimes to earn the trophy.

Family Man
Complete Act 1

Story related. Cannot be missed

To continue your quest, you must do what all level-headed people on the run from the law would do: walk into a correctional facility and turn yourself in :stare:. While in the pen, you must track down a witness and "persuade" him to not rat you out during questioning. Once you accomplish that, it's time for your escape. Talk about a short prison sentence. After making your way to the parking garage, you'll have a shootout with the police followed by your escape by car. Once you manage to lose the cops, you will receive a call from an old ally and earn the trophy.

Who Is Raymond Kenney?
Complete Act 2

Story related. Cannot be missed

It would seem that you finally found the data you need. There's only one problem... It's heavily encrypted. The only person that could possibly find a way to break the code has been in hiding since he hacked the ctOS a few years back. After looking around in an old warehouse (and being attacked by armed Fixers), you trace his last known position to Pawnee. Unfortunately, another fixer has been listening to your conversation, and tries to beat you to his location. Take him down and escape the gang alert to end Act II and earn the trophy.

One Down, One to Go
Complete Act 3

Story related. Cannot be missed

The data you've been hunting day and night for is within your grasp. All you need to do to get it is waltz into a heavily fortified building teeming with armed guards and a pissed off ex-Marine that wants you dead... Simple, right? As you make your way to the server room, you'll engage in a few altercations with armed thugs. Finish them off, then proceed to hack the server's data files. Once done, you'll make your way towards the roof for your escape. Unfortunately for you, it's never that easy. You'll soon be ambushed by a handful of guards, only to them face off against a heavily armored Elite. Use whatever explosives you have on hand to take him down. Once done, that enraged soldier will come out to face you one-on-one. Best him in the fight to earn the trophy.

Complete Act 4

Story related. Cannot be missed

You finally have the man responsible for the events that set you on road to revenge within your sights. It's time for answers, and then, justice. After the Mayor's speech, follow him into the conference room (via cameras) and listen in on his conversation. After it concludes, it's time to make your way upstairs to where the old man is hiding out. Either sneak past the guards or lay your vengeance upon them. Once you ride the elevator up, look behind the desk to hack into the secret room, open the shutters, and exposing the elder mob boss. He'll taunt you with his bullet-proof glass protection, not knowing what you have the power to do. He is a heartless old man on the outside, so help him become one on the inside. Once done, he will tell his story, finally connecting all the pieces to complete the story. Your antics downstairs have alerted the authorities, so it's time to leave. Escape the police and the trophy is yours.

Log Off
Complete Act 5

Story related. Cannot be missed

It all comes down to this. A friend is dead. A former ally with complete control of the ctOS. Only you can end this madness. You are told via phone call how to re-create the famous Chicago Blackout. The only problem is, the firewall kicks you out in under a second. To override the defense protocol, you'll need to hack 3 ctOS boxes throughout the city. But once again, the simple plan get's complicated. Your waypoints are being hacked, showing multiple new locations that jump from place to place. In order to see through this trickery, concentrate on one at a time and see which one doesn't move that's labelled "hack." Drive in its direction and once there, activate the station. Repeat for the final 2 boxes. Upon completing this task, return to the previously locked down station to upload your new virus, and completely shut down Chicago. Only one location still seems to have power... Head there, and finish the job. Once the credits conclude, you'll be placed back into free-roam and the trophy will unlock.

Hard Crash
Perform 10 vehicle take downs

As you progress through the game, opportunities will arise to use hack-able pipe bollards, traffic signals, and even bridges to your advantage. Whether you're chasing down a criminal convoy, on the run from police, or even in an online race, you can use these objects to wreck your enemies. When you successfully take down a vehicle, the camera will normally pan back to show the destruction in slow motion. Doing so 10 times will earn the trophy

Communication Fail
Using non-lethal takedown, stop 10 civilians from calling to report you

Causing mischief in a public area is bound to attract the attention of civilians. If the event is outstanding enough, the concerned citizen may just try to report you to the authorities. Police intervention is not something that will help you however, so you'll have to "interrupt" that phone call. When dealing with unarmed NPCs, you will have to melee them, knocking the phone from their hand before the call is finished. Perform this rude but effective disconnect on 10 separate occasions to earn this trophy.

*Note* Another method is to find a random Blume Agent walking around Chicago and hacking their phone. When you do, they will begin to notify their superiors and give you a chance to interrupt the call.

Tag 100 enemies

This should come through normal play, unless you somehow manage to avoid every enemy in the game. When in profile mode, simply target an enemy and his type/rank symbol will appear on his body. Do this 100 times for a relatively easy trophy.

Power Cycle
Participate in 5 different City Games

City games are not only excellent time wasters, they also grant you money and experience. In addition, some are required for unlocking new abilities on your upgrade tree. There are a variety of different games to play throughout Chicago like:
  • Poker: Standard 7-card game, clear the table to win.
  • Drinking Games: Try to hold your liquor. Your controls will begin drifting around while you try to press the correct buttons. Last longer than your opponent to win.
  • Shell Game: Which cup is the ball under? Guess correctly to win a prize. Win three consecutive rounds to unlock the next level.
Video guide for those having issues with this game.

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  • Slot Machines: Pull the handle and hope you're lucky. Simple as that. Just don't play it for too long, or you'll get a special message from Ubisoft.

Toggle Spoiler

  • VR Phone Game: Your phone becomes a digital laser pistol used to destroy computer generated monsters. Defeat all enemies within the time limit to advance to the next level.
  • Cash Run: A simple parkour game where you run, climb, and jump to reach a cash drop. Get there before time runs out to win.
The best part is that you only need to start a game, so don't worry yourself with winning. The trophy will unlock once you begin your 5th unique game.

Magic Smoke
Kill 4 enemies within a single instance of Focus

Very early on in the game, you will be given access to your skill tree, and then allocate earned skill points to certain new hacking abilities, combat skill, driving perks, and even a crafting tree. What you'll need for this trophy is to grant 1 skill point to the Focus Skill under the Combat section. When armed, pressing will cause everything around Aiden to slow for a limited time. There are further upgrades to increase the amount of time you have before the ability wears off as well. Now that you have the ability, it's time to use it on your enemies. Either find a group of 4 (or more) criminals or attract the attention of the Chicago Police. When they group together, activate focus and blast away (any weapon will work here, but a grenade launcher has a better chance to hit multiple targets.) When the fourth enemy falls, the trophy will unlock.

*Note* There is an opportunity to earn this during the story. Right before Act V begins, you are automatically put into focus mode and tasked with taking down about 8 enemies to protect an ally. You should have plenty of time to take out four enemies before the focus wears off.

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Escape Loop
Escape 15 police chases

Let's face it, in an open world like Watch_Dogs, you're going to attract the attention of the police eventually. When faced with the threat of death (why won't these cops just let you turn yourself in ?) your best bet is to simply run away. While fleeing the scene may be boring compared to battling it out with reinforcements, escaping from the police enough times will get you a trophy. And trophies are good, no? Either use hack-able objects or simply hide in a garage somewhere until they lose your trail. Evade the cops 15 times to unlock the trophy.

Free Radical
Escape a level 5 police chase

As you run around Chicago, you are bound to alert the police at some point. If you feel like escalating the situation, you can begin shooting at police long enough that you earn a level 5 police chase. At this point, the cops want you dead, and will stop at (almost) nothing to ensure that you are killed. Now that you are so popular with the authorities, it's time to make your escape.
  • The easy way involves finding a parking garage or other structure with a closing door and hiding there until the heat dies down.
  • The more difficult (not to mention time consuming) way would be to lead them in a car chase, utilizing the hack-able objects throughout the city as roadblocks and other means of escape until your notoriety level wears off.
As soon as the chase ends, the trophy will pop.

The "easy' method walkthrough

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White Rabbit Object
Escape 15 police scans

If you break the law in front of civilians, one or more of them will try to report you to the authorities. If their call is completed, the cops will not be sent right away. Before that can happen, they utilize a ctOS scan to attempt to triangulate your position. Unless you want to deal with the police, you might want to start running (or driving, much faster that way ). If you are within the circular yellow search zone, a percentage in the bottom left corner will begin to fill. If it reaches 100%, the scan will end and the cops will begin chasing you. To avoid this, race away from the scan zone. Disrupting it with an interference blast from your phone helps by halting the scan and even lowering it by around 10-15 percent. Your goal is to reach 0% for the scan. Stay at 0% long enough and the scan will end, leaving you free to do as you please.

Escape a level 5 police scan

Like White Rabbit Object, you have to evade a ctOS scan. But this time it will be much more difficult, and you'll need to work a little bit harder to set it up. To start, find a large group of people and begin shooting them. At some point, one will call the cops. Silence him/her immediately, as you don't want the call to go through until you have a level 5 rating built up. At this point, let somebody complete the 911 call and hop on a motorcycle. Bring up your map, set a waypoint on the other side, and begin racing towards it. On your way there, you will begin building up your scan percentage. Active your jammer and continue driving. Keep using the jammer every time your percentage starts going up. Once you're at 0% long enough, you will escape the level 5 scan and the trophy will unlock.

As always, a visual guide

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Hardware Fail
Shoot out a tire on 15 different vehicles

A good trophy to help relieve stress. Simply shoot one tire on 15 different vehicles. Though it is very likely that you'll blow out 15 tires just by playing the story and side missions, there's no need to wait. You can just walk down the road shooting the tires off of parked cars if you want to. After the 15th car's tire is flattened, the trophy will pop.

Black Hat Trick
Kill 3 enemies with a single IED

In order to earn this, you obviously must be in possession of at least 1 IED (bought from Tobias for $300 each). Now that you have your explosives, it's time to get the attention of the police. Cause general mayhem by shooting near civilians to have a squad car or two called to your location. Once the two cars get close to each other, throw the IED and set it off. Each cop car will always carry 2 officers, netting you 4 kills and the trophy with room to spare.

*Note* There is a point in the story where you must set up an ambush. There will be spots that cars will show up in that you are told to place explosives at. When the vehicle arrives, detonate it. Some of these cars will be carrying 3 enemies, leading to an easy shot at the trophy without tarnishing your reputation by killing cops.

Once again, Powerpyx with the video guide.

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Revoking Client Privileges
Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation

Human Trafficking Missions become available after Act 2 Chapter 12. They appear as a symbol of a person on your map. When you reach one's location, you will be tasked with finding and scanning a briefcase. When you have discovered 10 briefcases, the Investigation Mission will become available. Once Completed, the quest line will show 11/11 and the trophy will pop.

*Note* This Investigation Mission is required for They Call Him The Vigilante

Saturday Night Special
Complete the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation

These 10 side missions show up as a cross-hair symbol on your map. Your goal is to find the hidden weapons cache nearby (it's always in a garage.) You normally have look around for a hack-able junction box to unlock the door where the weapon and an audio log are held. Upon finding the 10th weapon cache, you will unlock the Investigation Mission. Once at the location, you'll have to engage in 3 waves of enemy gunfights, with the final wave bringing in Heavies and Commandos. Once you have cleared them all out, Tobias will call to congratulate you and your trophy will unlock.

*Note* This Investigation Mission is required for They Call Him The Vigilante

Sanity Check
Collect all 8 Burner Phones

Remember Maurice? He's left 8 disposable cellphones around Chicago after each of his "excursions." Their locations are marked with flame symbol on the map. When you find one, hack it to receive a short message detailing the events leading up to the moment that haunts Aiden to this day. The more you find, the more you'll start to feel sorry for the guy, even knowing what he did. Upon finding his eighth phone, you'll hear his final message, followed by the trophy.

Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation

There are 16 QR codes hidden throughout the city. In order to find them on your map, you must have that area's ctOS tower unlocked. Once this objective has been met, you must then look through the various security cameras in the area until you find one with a decent view of the code. After finding all 16 codes, the QR code Investigation mission. Upon completing this mission, the trophy will unlock.

*Note* This Investigation Mission is required for They Call Him The Vigilante

Powerpyx has been kind enough to provide a video walkthrough of each code as well as its required security camera.

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Darkness Looms
Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation

Missing Person mission can be found on your map as a magnifying glass symbol. Simple enough, you go to the location, search around for a body bag and scan it. After finding the 7th missing person, the Investigation mission will be unlocked. By completing the mission, the quest line will conclude and you will earn the trophy.

*Note* This Investigation Mission is required for They Call Him The Vigilante

Check in at every Hotspot

In and around Chicago, there are 100 i-fi hot-spots designated with a white check mark on the map. You will have to travel to each of these and login to them when within range, normally about 10m away. When you are within range of the wi-fi signal, a prompt to press will appear. Doing so will log you into the network and unlock that location, which will now show as a greyed out check mark. Repeat this at all 100 hot-spots to earn the trophy.

Disk Space Full
Unlock every song with the SongSneak app

The in-game phone app SongSneak allows you to find and download 23 additional songs to listen to . Most songs will be found via profiling. When in profile mode, random citizens will be highlighted in blue and be marked with a music note rather than a credit card symbol. When you see these civilians, hack their phone to earn the song. Another way is to go to as many different shops and news stands as you can. Most are playing music, leaving you with increased chances of finding a new song. Outside of random people walking down the street or checking in shops, you'll also earn a few automatically by completing story missions, so it would be a good idea to finish the story before seeking out the remaining songs. Once you have downloaded all 23 tracks, your trophy will unlock .

Social Lubricant
Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents

The drinking mini games can be rather frustrating if you aren't careful. In fact, this will likely be the trophy that prevents many people from earning the platinum. Each level entails 7-8 rounds where you down a shot, and a reticle will appear on-screen. In your alcohol induced stupor, the reticle has a nasty habit of drifting around randomly, but you must keep it focused on the proper icon. The worst part is when you fail. You'll black out, waking up somewhere in the neighborhood nearby a few hours later. You may want to get used to fumbling your way back to the bar after a botched attempt. There are 3 variations of this mini game that all have increasing levels of difficulty the higher level you reach. They can be found in:
  • Industrial District: You must hover the reticle above the face-button icons, and press the correspond button. In later rounds, the buttons will begin to move, be replaced with "?" icons hat only reveal as you hover over them, and even begin to blink between the four different buttons. Even later rounds include link buttons, where pressing one may cause 1-4 new buttons to appear.
  • Downtown: This one made me dizzy. You must keep the or centered within the reticle until the round meter around the icon fills up. When it does, you must quickly press the corresponding trigger (/). Like the Industrial challenge, the analog stick icons will begin to move in later rounds and also be replaced with a "?" icon. Even worse, eventually you will have to center BOTH sticks in the reticles at the same time.
  • Pawnee: This is the "Advanced Drinking Game". The worst of the three, this combines the previous two challenges' methods, alternating every level. To make matter worse, sometime the sticks will be inverted, the targets will be smaller, and your time limit for each "round" will be shorter. You will need ultimate precision to finish him off. The difficulty reaches its peak in Level 6 of this challenge. If you can manage to pass this part, Levels 7-10 will seem much easier.
Upon clearing level 10 of all 3 drinking challenges, the trophy will unlock. It may also be wise to consider AA at this point.

*Patch 1.03 Note* Gives you more time to complete each wave of the drinking games. Download it if you are having considerable trouble with these mini games.

Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy Fixers in Online Hacking

The core of WATCH_DOGS is the ability to hack people. The best use of this ability is naturally to be able to hack other players. Unlike the citizens of Chicago however, the people you hack are notified of it, and will do all that they can to find you... And kill you . To avoid this unpleasant end, there are steps that must be taken. First, you obviously need to initiate the hack. To do this, you'll need to get close enough to your target to profile him. Once done, moves as fast as you can to a different part of the city and press to start the data transfer. Once this process begins, the other player will be given the "You are being invaded" message and be pointed towards a search area to find you. Hopefully your initial distance can waste enough time to complete at least 25% of the download. Once in your vicinity, the player will begin looking everywhere for you. Now it's time to evade. Some methods are:
  • Hiding in cars: When you enter a vehicle, you can press to slouch down in the seat and hide.
  • Hiding in bushes: Some shrubbery in Chicago allows you to stand in the middle of it, almost completely invisible to another player.
  • Finding a secluded rooftop: Normally they don't attempt to look on the roofs of buildings, instead searching at ground level.
  • Hide behind a vehicle: They are unlikely to see you crouched behind a truck or van, and you can even move around it if needed.
Remember to stay out of their line of sight. If they profile you, you fail the initial objective and be forced to escape. Whether or not you succeed in escaping, you will miss out on progress towards the trophy. Upon successfully completing your tenth hack, the trophy will unlock.

Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy Fixers in Online Tailing

A little less frenetic than Online Hacking, Tailing drops you into another player's game with the sole mission of observing them. The best part is, they will be completely unaware that you're in their game (unless they try to start a mission). You have one job only in this mode, find and profile your target. Once profiled, you must keep them in your line of sight until the percentage at the bottom reaches 100%. But be careful, if the other player manages to profile you, you'll fail the tailing and have have to escape to avoid losing all of your points. Unlike in an Invasion, your opponent won't begin a seek and destroy mission once you begin tailing, but even then:
  • Stay hidden: Crouch behind walls, vehicles, or even trash cans. If they can't see you, you can't be profiled.
  • Try to blend with the crowd: In crowded city areas, it may be a good idea to hide among the other people in an attempt to remain hidden.
If you are discovered and fail, don't be discouraged. The person you were tailing likely noticed you doing something out of the ordinary. Keep trying and you'll get it eventually. After successfully completing your tenth Online Tailing, you'll earn the trophy.

Complete 10 Public Online Races

Ah, online trophies... Gamers really love dislike them. Thankfully this isn't as demanding as most of the other online trophies are, simply requiring you to finish 10 public races. Upon completing your tenth public race, the trophy will unlock. So buckle up, put the pedal to the metal, and have fun!

System Mangler
Complete every ctOS Breach

Throughout the city you will find 16 instances where you can access new parts of the ctOS using brute force. These ctOS breach missions are designated by a an image of a file folder with an arrow pointing at it. Upon starting the mission, you will see 4 other ctOS boxes appear on the map. You must hack all of these before time runs out. Keep in mind that many of these boxes will be on top of buildings, requiring you to climb or get a good view from a security camera. Some boxes will even be underneath piles of garbage/stacks of wood that must be destroyed to gain access. After completing the 16th breach, the trophy will pop.

Video guide of all 16 locations

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Stealth Cookie
Complete an Online Tailing without being detected

Tailing an opponent isn't quite the same as Invading. See Piggyback for details, as you will earn this along the way.

Unlock every Skill in the Skills Tree

This will be fairly time consuming, as unlocking all of the upgrades will cost you 137 skill points. Skill point are earned by gaining XP, which can be earned in a number of ways such as:
  • Completing story missions
  • Playing city games
  • Preventing crimes
  • Finishing side missions
  • Combat skills (headshots, vehicle takedowns, etc.)
Note that some Skills can only be purchased once you meet a secondary requirement. These skills are:
  • Critical Focus: Finish at least one Criminal Convoy.
  • Maximized Focus: Complete 10 Chess Puzzles to unlock.
  • Offensive Driver: Complete 5 Fixer Contracts to unlock.
  • Quick Switch: Prevent a street crime.
  • Rapid Reload: Will unlock after you finish 5 Gang Hideouts.
  • Auto Weapons Expert: By reaching Level 5 in the AR phone game.
Upon unlocking the final upgrade, this gold trophy will finally be yours.

Get tailed 5 times

Being tailed is different than being invaded. Rather than being notified of an invasion, you are left in the dark, so to speak. Your only clues are that you'll be unable to accept new missions and that when you pause, the world still moves around you. Now that you've come to the realization that you're being followed, what do you do? Though it may surprise you, it's best to do nothing. By simply allowing the other player to complete his/her tailing, you move closer to a new trophy. Tailing is a fairly random occurrence, but there are steps you may take to speed up the process.
  • The easiest method is to simply let the game idle un-paused for a while in the hopes that a player or two decide to drop in for a quick tailing mission. While this requires you to do the least amount of work, it still is not very reliable.
  • Seek out a Blume Executive among the citizens of Chicago. If you hack their phone, they will call for support soon after, placing an online bounty on you. However, this is somewhat unreliable as it mostly sends invaders after you.
  • The most reliable way to force a tailing against you is to successfully tail another player first. Upon completing the Tail, you will often be paired up with another player within minutes!
Once you have been tailed successfully 5 times, the trophy will unlock.

Clear Signals
Unlock every ctOS Tower

Throughout Chicago are 13 ctOS towers that you must find and hack. Doing so not only reveals nearby locations and more importantly, sidequests, they also serve as fast travel points, so unlocking them early can severely cut down travel times across the map. Before you get to towers however, you will have to take over a few ctOS Control Centers (marked with a hollow red icon on the map). Once you gain control of it, the various ctOS towers in the vicinity will begin to show up on your map as solid red icons. Now comes the fun part: getting to the towers. Most towers are situated on top of buildings, requiring you to climb over obstacles and look around for a way to unlock gates.

For those who would like a bit of visual aid, Powerpyx has a great video walkthrough of all 13 locations.

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Video guides by Powerpyx

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