Players: Online Co-Op (1-4 players per mission)
Online Trophies: 2
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: zero

[top]Tips & Strategies

Warframe is designed as an online Co-Op game, so the best way to play it in most cases is to play it set to public, or set to friends if you have friends that play too.

- Whenever possible, equip gear that is not yet at rank 30 before you log out. Once day, there is a login reward and many times that reward is exp for one of your gear slots. Only gear that is equipped and not maxed out will benefit.

- Exp earned towards a rank 30 piece of gear is wasted, so try to plan ahead. Building weapons and other gear takes time, so unless you are spending real money to purchase gear from the market, you'll need to buy blueprints ahead of time, gather the necessary materials, and start production before you are finished ranking up your current gear so you'll have it ready to immediately switch out your equipment and get the most out of your exp.

- Play in groups as often as possible. Whenever a team member kills an enemy, you get exp from the kill, provided you are close enough to them divided between all your equipped gear.

- Complete event missions often. You are rewarded with credits, manufacturing materials, blueprints, mod cards, and boosters. All of these have their benefits, but affinity boosters double your exp gain, drastically cutting time off from ranking up your gear to get the proficiency trophies.

- You can skip most planetary missions if you group with someone that has already defeated the boss for that planet. Simply have your partner pick the boss mission for the planet and vote your agreement. In this way you don't have to beat any missions on a planet besides the boss before unlocking the next planet.


The trophies in this update require a short grind. To that end, go out and kill things!


Angel of Death
Get 100 kills in a single mission.

This trophy is pretty easy to get and doesn't take long.

There are two ways to go about it. The first way is to run survival or defense missions with at least one or two other people. There are plenty of enemies in these mission types, so just keep knocking them down until you hit 100 kills in the mission. The nice thing about these missions is that you can choose to keep fighting or to evac, so if you haven't hit your 100 yet, then you can keep going. There is no pop-up counter for this, so you can try to keep a count, but that can be difficult, or you can hit the options button and check the mission progress. Kills by your sentinel do not count towards the trophy, but they do count towards your in game stats. Remember that and if you check the mission progress and it shows you have 105 kills and still no trophy, it means that your sentinel has gotten at least six of those 105 kills. Be sure to let your teammates know that you are trying to get to 100 kills so they won't steal your kills by attacking enemies you've already engaged.

The second way is to switch your match-up setting to solo play, remove your sentinel, and do an exterminate mission on Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn. Exterminate missions have a set number of enemies to kill. This number is semi-random based on the planet you are on, but over 100 targets won't show until you have at least reached Mars; I have never seen 100 enemies in an exterminate mission on Mercury, Venus, or Earth. By doing it solo with no sentinel, you are guaranteed the 100 kills, provided you complete the mission.

The trophy will pop as soon as you hit the 100 kill point, so you don't have to finish the mission after getting your 100, just don't expect to keep any rewards or loot.

Field Medic
Revive 100 allies.

This trophy is a grind, with two possible routes of completion.

First, through normal game play, revive 100 allies. The same rules apply as with the "Healer" trophy from the initial Warframe trophy list you must be in a party of at least 2 people. Revive 100 teammates that have fallen and are bleeding out before their timer reaches zero. The count is cumulative, so you can do one revive per mission for 100 missions, or you can do all 100 revives in one mission.

If you try to revive an ally that is already being revived by someone else, called a shared revive, they will revive faster. This is helpful to reduce the amount of time your team is vulnerable, but shared revives will not count towards your trophy even though they may be reflected in your game profile stats.

The second way isn't as much fun, but it is faster. You'll need to team up with a buddy who won't mind letting himself get killed 100 times. Your buddy should remove any mods that increase health or shields before loading a mission and you both should remove your sentinels. What you want to do is stand behind a corner while your buddy stands right at the corner where enemies can see him and will shoot him. Every time your buddy goes down, revive him until you get to 100 and your trophy pops. This will not work with Infestation enemies as they are almost all melee attackers and you will not be safe from them while you are reviving your buddy. You may need to thin the herd first if there are too many enemies and they start to swarm you once your buddy goes down.

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