Players: Co-Op (1-4 players online)
Online Trophies: 2
Estimated Time to 100%: 45 minutes (add 24 hours if you haven't built a forma yet)
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: Zero
Missable Trophies: Zero
Glitched Trophies: Zero

[top]Tips & Strategies

No strategy necessary for these trophies.

Pick a weapon, sentinel, kubrow, or warframe you know you want to keep to do these trophies with, otherwise you're jus wasting a forma.

Warframes take the longest level up, so keep that in mind if your only goal is to get the trophies.

When you apply a forma to a piece of equipment, it polarizes the mod slot you choose, halving the mod points used with mods of the same polarity and doubling the mod points used for mods of any other polarity. Keep this in mind when choosing your polarity and have a particular mod in mind when you make your choice.


1) If you haven't already done so, get a forma. There are a few ways to do this. As your daily random log in reward, as an alert or void mission reward, or build it after acquiring a blue print.

2) Apply for a to the weapon, sentinel, kubrow, or warframe of you choice.

3) Level the item you applied the forma to back up to rank 30.


Polarize This
Polarize a Weapon, Sentinel, Kubrow, or Warframe

This is a pretty simple trophy to get. Start off by acquiring a forma. There are multiple ways to do this. You can use real money to buy platinum, and then use the platinum to buy a forma from the market. The cost 20 platinum. Alternatively, there are several ways to get one without spending a dime. They are sometimes offered as rewards for alert and void missions. More often though, a forma blue print is the offered reward. If you get a blue print, you'll need to simply build it in your foundry once you have all the required materials. The forma and the forma blue print also have a chance of being given to you as one of your daily login rewards.

Hint: Doing void missions is the best way to farm for forma and has the added benefit of working towards the Into The Void trophy in update 13.

In addition to having a forma, you need to have the item you wish to upgrade at rank 30.

Once you meet these two requirements, go to the arsenal. You'll need to equip the item you wish to upgrade with the forma if you don't already have it equipped. Hit the up and down buttons until you are on the item you want to upgrade and hit . This will open up the screen where you equip mods on your equipment. Now hit and select to apply the forma to the selected piece of equipment. Select the mod slot you want to polarize and the polarity you want. This will reset the piece of equipment to an unranked state and pop the trophy.

Polarize That
Reach Rank 30 with a polarized Weapon, Sentinel, or Warframe

Once you have applied a forma to a piece of equipment, it will reset from rank 30 to unranked. Simply keep it equipped and run missions to level it back up to 30 and you will pop this trophy.

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