Players: Co-Op (1-4 players online)
Online Trophies: 2
Estimated Time to 100%: 30 minutes (depending on party size and quality)
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: Zero

[top]Tips & Strategies

While you can try these solo, you will have a much more difficult time earning either trophy unless you are in a group, so party up with at least one other person for these two.

The Hijack mission requires the draining of your shields as a part of the mission, so your best bet is to use a Rhino warframe for its Iron Skin ability to keep protection while you have no shields or the Frost warframe to keep the core/vehicle protected. You can also build shield restore gear to take to assist with recharging your shield if you so desire. Alternatively, you can take a sentinel with a guardian mod equipped to help recharge you shields as well.

For the easiest chance of success in these, and any other mission trophies, choose the mission/planet with the lowest level enemies.


1. Complete a Hijack mission.

2. Complete an Interception mission.

(You obviously need to accomplish the additional requirement for each mission while completing them a well)


Without a Hitch
Complete a Hijack mission without allowing the payload to travel backwards.

There are currently three Hijack missions available in Warframe: a Corpus mission on Europa and two Grineer missions on Ceres.

In Hijack missions, you must move a Formorian Core or a cargo vehicle, depending on the faction, to the extraction point. You first have to move through the map to a control console and hack it to open the door to the core/vehicle. From this point on, the core/vehicle is powered by your shields. Move near it and it will automatically start draining your shields to move it along its track towards the extraction point. You will have to fight your way past attackers who will attack both you and the core/vehicle. If the core/vehicle health reaches zero, you fail the mission.

If you move away from the core/vehicle for too long, it will stop and then begin to move backward on it's track as the Grineer/Corpus begin to regain control due to its lack of power. In order to pop the trophy, you need to keep the core/vehicle from moving backwards on your way to the extraction point.

There are several ways to accomplish this; I'll tell you the two ways I think are easiest.

First, if you have the Frost warframe and it is ranked up enough to use the Snow Globe ability, then you can just jump on top of the core/vehicle and ride it to the extraction point casting snow globe on it as you go to protect it from enemy fire. You will have to step way from it, use shield restore kits, or have a sentinel equipped with the guardian mod to keep powering it from your shields though. This is probably the easiest way to solo this mission in my opinion.

The second way is to equip a Rhino warframe. Maintain the Iron Skin ability to keep you protected while the core/vehicle drain your shields. This provides no protection for the core/vehicle though, so you're going to have t keep killing the enemy as you go. Try to stay within range of the core/vehicle though so that it keeps moving while you fight.

Control Freak
Complete an Interception node and extract with the enemy capturing 40% or less territory.

Interception missions are on almost every planet. In this mission, the player(s) must capture control points in order to decipher enemy transmissions. The enemy will be trying to stop you by taking these same control points from your control. As you control these points, you will be earning "points" towards completion. If your enemy gets to 100% before you do, you fail. When you get to 100%, the enemy will stop spawning and you will be required to finish killing the ones that remain on the map.

To pop the trophy, you need to hit 100% before the enemy reaches 40%,and then finish off the remaining enemies as mentioned above.

Earth is the easiest place to do this as it has the lowest level enemies.

There are some players who report that this trophy popped for them despite the fact that the enemy had gotten as much as 60%, but at this time, I can't confirm if that glitch has been corrected with more recent updates.

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