Players: Co-Op (1-4 players online)
Online Trophies: 2
Estimated Time to 100%: 30 minutes or less
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: Zero

[top]Tips & Strategies

For the Alchemist trophy as there is but one way to do it, which I'll explain in the guide below. You can't pop this trophy right away if you are a new player. You will need to play for a little while and stock upon mods and credits by running missions first.

For the No Witnesses trophy, it is best to set your game to solo and run exterminate missions until you complete it.


The Alchemist trophy should take all of about 3-5 minutes to complete and is accomplished in your ship.

The No Witnesses trophy can potentially take less than 10 mine if you are good enough, but will likely take closer to half a hour if you concentrate on doing it as described in the guide below. Simply set it to solo and run exterminate mission until I pops.


Complete 10 successful Mod Transmutes

This is one of the easiest trophies to acquire in the game, however, it does require a little back work in order to accomplish. First off, you need to accomplish enough of he beginning story to unlock the mod station in your ship. Second, you need to run enough missions to sock up a supply of mods that you don' want to keep as well as a stash of credits (at least 150k).

A mod transmutation is when you convert 4 mods into a new one. This means you will need to have four mods that you are willing to give up for every transmutation you do. Each transmutation will yield one new mod, leaving you with a net loss of 3 mods. This means that in order to complete all 10 transmutations, you'll need a minimum of 30 mods that you are willing to part with. Additionally, transmutations cost credits. Each transmutation will cost around 12k credits I they are all common mods. However, the price does vary a little each time depending on the mods you use. If you only use common mods, the 150k should be slightly more than you actually need.

Once you have the necessary mods and credits and you have unlocked the mod station, you are ready to go. Access your mod station, select he 4 mods you wish to transmute, and chose the transmute option from the 3 choices at the top of he screen. It should be the middle option. The transmute option is not accessible until you have selected your 4 mods. The game will ask you if you are sure, choose yes. At his point, you will lose you 4 mods and the credits required and a new mod will be created. Do this ten times and the trophy will pop.

Please note hat there is no way to affect the mod you will receive, and it is entirely possible that you will receive the same mod as one of the mods that you selected to transmute. I received no mods that I didn't already have, and none of the ones I got were more rare or valuable than the mods lost in the process.

See this video with commentary by BoneSickle for a visual explanation on how to get this trophy.

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No Witness
Successfully perform 100 stealth kills

This trophy can be earned through normal gameplay but will take quite some time. However, if you concentrate on it for around 30 minutes, you should be able to pop it in short order. This will be easier if you have high level weapons and are doing low level missions. This makes it much more likely that a single attack will kill the enemy. Additionally, quiet weapons, like throwing daggers, melee weapons, and bows are less likely to alert other targets in the area, allowing you to get more stealth kills without being noticed.

First, set your gameplay to solo mode. This prevents two things from happening: 1) no one else can steal your kills, 2) no one else can get noticed and alert the enemy to your presence, drastically reducing your chances of getting stealth kills.

Second, start an exterminate mission on any Grineer or Corpus controlled planet. While it is possible to get stealth kills on infestation enemies, it is very hard and is almost always a result of luck, not skill. Run the mission and get as many kills as possible without being noticed.

There are a few way to get stealth kills. The most common way is to sneak up behind an enemy and perform a stealth kill when the option appears on the screen. Using silent ranged weapons like bows or throwing daggers, as mentioned above, will allow you to kill more enemies before being noticed. To do this, you have to be careful of your targets line of sight. For example, if you see two enemies standing one in front of the other, kill the back one first, as killing the front one will alert the one in back as he see his comrade fall, preventing you from getting a second stealth kill on him. The third way is using warframe abilities wisely. Loki and Ash have a stealth ability that will allow you to kill multiple enemies without being seen. Other warframes like Rhino or Ember, that have area of effect abilities can kill enemies in adjacent rooms without being seen. These abilities can result in upwards of 40+ stealth kills in one moment on some missions (other than exterminate). Lastly, on Corpus missions, you will notice a number of cameras located through out the map. Destroying any of these cameras before they spot you will also give you a stealth kill. Even if you are with a group and the camera sees one of them, you can still get a stealth kill on it if it hasn't actually seen you specifically.

Get 100 stealth kills and the trophy will pop.

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