Players: 1.
Online Trophies: None.
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20+ Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, with a replay of Chapter 1.
Collectible Trophies: 7: All that glitters, The lives of others, Heart of gold, Secrets revealed I, Secrets revealed II, Secrets revealed III, Secrets revealed IV.
Missable Trophies: None, all chapters may be re-visited with Chapter Select.
Glitched Trophies: One is definitely glitched (fixed in a later patch), but in a good way! Über hero may be earned without completing the entire game on Über. For this glitch to work, you can't have the latest patch installed. After completing the game on any difficulty, simply replay Chapter 16 on Über to unlock the trophy.

There are also reports of players unlocking the perk in-game, yet not earning its respective trophy. If this happens to you, I recommend reloading an earlier save from the Cloud if available and try to re-unlock it. If this does not fix the issue, you may need to delete your save and restart for said perk. Make sure you have everything else done first, unless you wan to lose all of your other progress to that point!


"Well, crazy AND dedicated. Welcome to the war."

Cpt. William "BJ" Blazkowicz
Welcome back Blazco, you jammy bastard. A lot has changed, all of it for the worst. Nazi Germany survived the Allied assault on Berlin in 1945, allowing its inflated war budget to advance at a ridiculously fast pace. It's now 1946, and the Allied powers are nearing defeat. Our last hope is to mount a bullheaded final assault on the heart of the Nazi war machine, Deathshead's castle. Naturally, such a facility is heavily guarded and may well be a suicide mission. Lace 'em up lad, you're in for a hell of a ride.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Always use cover. Minimize the target your enemies have and you'll live longer.
  • Use all of your weapons. You won't always have ammo for your favorite gun, so use each weapon regularly to get a feel for them.
  • Pick up armor and health packs whenever you see them. The more health and armor you have, the harder it is for enemies to kill you.
  • Sleep in the bed at the Resistance headquarters to earn a 10% health increase after each nap.
  • You can farm the perks by reloading the most recent checkpoint. This can help with trickier kills and timed objectives.
  • Have fun! The game is over-the-top action for a reason.


Step 1: Play through the story on any difficulty.

If you chose to ignore all collectibles and perks, this step will earn you:
  • Gunner
  • Fergus/Wyatt saved
  • Vive la resistance!
  • Power to the laser
  • Hidden in the deep
  • London uprising
  • Deliverance
  • Super hero (if you play on "I AM DEATH INCARNATE!" or "Über")
  • Über hero (if you play on "Über")
  • Liberation
Step 2: Collectibles

This step will involve backtracking to any level that still has collectibles. Step 2 will net you:
  • All that glitters
  • The lives of others
  • Heart of Gold
  • Secrets revealed I
  • Secrets revealed II
  • Secrets revealed III
  • Secrets revealed IV
Step 3: Perks

As perks and collectible carry over from previous playthroughs, this step is a good chance to unlock any remaining perks. This is made easier by the fact that you are able to farm the perk requirements. By reloading checkpoints (or even being killed) you can continue to work towards the perk's requirement. This step should earn you:
  • Scout I
  • Knife throwing
  • Knife sheath +
  • Knife sheath ++
  • Silent shot
  • Vampire
  • Scout II
  • Deadeye
  • Quick draw
  • Quick regeneration
  • Gun magazine +
  • Shotgun magazine +
  • AR magazine +
  • Marksman magazine +
  • Double reload
  • Endurance I
  • Scavenger
  • Bullet feeder
  • Endurance II
  • Autopanzer
  • LKW battery +
  • Throwback
  • Grenade pouch +
  • Grenade pouch ++
  • Bullseye
  • Rocket magazine +
  • Vaporize
  • Sentinel
  • Assassin
  • Quick reload
  • Dual-wield expert
  • Hardened
Step 4: Über

If you have chosen to play through the game on a lower difficulty the first time through, you'll now need to tackle Über mode. This step will earn you:
  • Super hero
  • Über hero
Step 5: Cleanup

At this point, you should have all of the perks and collectible completed. Now would be a good time to replay chapter 1 and make the opposite choice on who to save (Wyatt if you saved Fergus and vise versa).
  • Fergus/Wyatt saved
  • Wolfenstein master


Wolfenstein master
Collect all trophies

You've scoured the globe (and then some) to collect every treasure. You worked hard to hone your skills to earn every title. You landed a deadly blow to the heart of the Nazi war machine and are one step closer to finally over-throwing this hellish regime that is the future. Congratulations soldier, you've earned this.

Save allied planes

This is the first trophy you will earn. When you first gain control of Blazkowicz in the bomber, your conversation will be interrupted by one of your engines catching fire. You'll have to crimp the fuel line to prevent the entire plane from going up in flames. Use the tools provided in the locker to put out the fire, then proceed to the cargo bay door. Once it opens, you will be tasked with cutting the 6 straps to jettison the cargo. When you are finished, head back up the steps for a quick brush with death (it happens a lot) and make your way back to the cockpit. Upon arriving, your pilot will notify you of the incoming Nazi aerial attack. Hop in the gun turret and start shooting at the unnaturally advanced Nazi fighters. After shooting down a handful of these craft, you'll hit a checkpoint and the trophy should unlock.

Fergus saved
Choose to save Fergus

Pilot Fergus Reid

At the end of Chapter 1, you will narrowly escape death by incineration only to be captured in the next room. Just can't catch a break can you? Upon regaining consciousness, you see your squad bound in the middle of the incinerator room from before. Deathshead himself plans to experiment on one of your squad mates, but isn't quite sure who to choose... He decides to leave that happy decision up to you! For this trophy, look toward Wyatt and pick him, saving Fergus. The trophy should pop right after the subsequent cut-scene.

*Note* Saving Fergus will create a new story timeline where you can use hot-wiring to unlock certain doors. This skill will not affect trophies, but can unlock new health upgrades.

Wyatt saved
Choose to save Wyatt

Pvt. Probst Wyatt III

At the end of Chapter 1, you will narrowly escape death by incineration only to be captured in the next room. Just can't catch a break can you? Upon regaining consciousness, you see your squad bound in the middle of the incinerator room from before. Deathshead himself plans to experiment on one of your squad mates, but isn't quite sure who to choose... He decides to leave that happy decision up to you! For this trophy, look toward Fergus and pick him, sparing Wyatt the agony of the "treatment." The trophy should pop right after the subsequent cut-scene.

*Note* Saving Wyatt will create a new story timeline where you can use lock picks to unlock certain doors. This skill will not affect trophies, but can unlock new armor upgrades.

Vive la resistance!
Locate the resistance

After sneaking your way into Eisenwald Prison, make your way past the Panzerhund and into the main prison chamber. Take out the two guards in the central structure and take the elevator up. Once you reach the top level, advance along the catwalk to Cell B2. Knocking on the door causes it to open, revealing Fergus/Wyatt (whomever you decided to save) along with a few other prisoners and a guard. Silence the guard and free the prisoners with your new laser cutter to trigger a cut-scene and unlock the trophy.

Power to the laser
Find the Laserkraftwerk

While on your mission to steal the new helicopters from the German base, you will eventually drop down into a lab with a larger containment unit in the center. Pressing the button in front of it will test a prototype laser cutter. If only you could get to it... Thankfully, there is a ladder nearby that will allow you to reach an area behind the enclosure in view of some chains holding up the large steel plate. Shoot both chains to drop the plate, then press the button again. Enter the newly formed hole to claim your new toy. And get rid of that dinky little cutter you were using before, okay?

Hidden in the deep
Locate the underwater stash

Welcome to Rapture... Oops, wrong game. You've made your way to an ancient underwater base that has shockingly advanced technology. After making your way into the main room, you will be tasked with activating the stairs so that you can power up an elevator to the armory. Once done, you'll take a quick ride up and be greeted with the game's best imitation of Iron Man/Isaac Clarke. Shortly after this scene ends, the trophy will pop.

London uprising
Defeat the London Monitor

Portable laser weapons in 1960's? Check. Nazis on the Moon? Check. Giant mechanical tripod bristling with rocket launchers, chain guns and a flamethrower? You bet. You've managed to rile up the Nazi's secret attack unit by blowing up a large portion of their aeronautics headquarters in London. In order to escape, you'll have to take this behemoth down. It has numerous attacks that must either be interrupted or avoided altogether.
They are:
  • Giant electrical blast from it's "eye" that deals massive damage. It will start to glow red as an indicator.
    • This can be interrupted by shooting the eye with your LKW before the attack is finished charging.

  • Rocket launchers on its sides release a torrent of explosive fury in your direction.
    • These can also be stopped by shooting the opened launchers until they explode, rendering them unusable for the rest of the fight.

  • Chain guns at the base of the machine that should be avoided.
  • Flamethrowers that protect its underside from attack.
You must follow the above steps to destroy all 6 rocket pods to open up the exhaust port on its underside. Once open, you must make your way underneath and fire straight up into it. Repeat this step two more times to bring it to its knees.

Release friend

Remember the choice you made way back in chapter 1? The soldier you picked to undergo the doctor's sick "treatment" is back... Sorta. The procedure forcibly removed the recipient's brain and implanted it into a jar for later use. Now that brain jar has been plugged into a new robot body and given orders to kill you. Turn around and open the door before he can blast you and you'll be thrown outside. Once there, use a tesla grenade to stun his robot form, quickly running up to him and pressing to remove his exposed brain. You will be treated to a final moment of closure and the trophy will be yours.

Complete game on any difficulty

Fairly simple. Pick any difficulty and play the game however you please. After defeating Deathshead the game is over and you will earn the trophy/trophies corresponding to the difficulty that you chose.

Super hero
Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or ÜBER)

See Über hero for details.

Über hero
Complete game on ÜBER

This is the big one. Uber difficulty is a huge step up from Hard mode, with enemies killing you in just a few shots (no armor) and soaking up your bullets like sponges.
  • Take your time, aim straight, and conserve your ammo when possible.
  • Armor and health packs will be your greatest ally during this run.
  • Use the lean/peek out feature often. It allows you to fire at the enemy without presenting your entire body as a target.
  • Grenades can save your life. Don't be afraid to use them.
*Helpful Über hero Glitch* For those that want to earn the plat in as little time as possible, there is a beneficial glitch that allows you to bypass almost an entire playthrough on Uber. For starters, you will be unable to perform this glitch if the latest patch is installed. If you haven't installed it yet, simply start the game and refuse the patch. If you have already downloaded it, go to game data and delete Wolfenstein The New Order, then restart the game. From this point, your task is simple: simply complete the game on whatever difficulty you want. Once you are done with this, go to chapter select and choose chapter 16, setting the difficulty to Uber. Play through the chapter and defeat Deathshead again to earn Über hero and Super hero (if you hadn't previously completed the game on Hard.)

All that glitters
Collect 25 gold items

See Heart of gold for Info.

Heart of gold
Collect all gold items

There are 50 gold treasures hidden throughout the 16 chapters of the game. See Secrets revealed IV for Locations.

The lives of others
Collect all letters

There are 10 letters to be found over the course of the game. See Secrets revealed IV for Locations.

Secrets revealed I
Solve the first Enigma code

To solve this Enigma code, you will first need to collect the 18 Enigma code fragments from the 1.1-1.9 and 8.1-8.9 sets. See Secrets revealed IV for Locations.


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Secrets revealed II
Solve the second Enigma code

To solve this Enigma code, you will first need to collect the 18 Enigma code fragments from the 2.1-2.9 and 7.1-7.9 sets. See Secrets revealed IV for Locations.


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Secrets revealed III
Solve the third Enigma code

To solve this Enigma code, you will first need to collect the 18 Enigma code fragments from the 3.1-3.9 and 6.1-6.9 sets. See Secrets revealed IV for Locations.


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Secrets revealed IV
Solve the fourth Enigma code

To solve this Enigma code, you will first need to collect the 18 Enigma code fragments from the 4.1-4.9 and 5.1-5.9 sets.


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Of course, these solutions are next to useless if you don't already have the necessary Enigma code pieces or golden items. Below you will find a chapter by chapter walkthrough of each item location. If you prefer a visual guide, check out the videos in the spoiler tags.

Chapter 1

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  1. Enigma Code 1.1: After working your way through the trenches, you'll tasked with blowing open a large door with explosives. After doing so, turn right after walking over the now destroyed door to find this code sitting on a box up some steps.
  2. Gold Medal: From here, follow the rails all the way into the back of this room. on your left will be an open vent that you can crawl through. You'll find this gold item on a table in the back of the morgue.
  3. Enigma Code 1.2: After taking out a flak cannon, go through the now open door and up some steps to the right. In this new room are 3 switches that must be pulled in a specific order. Pulling Left>Right>Middle will cause a bookcase to open, revealing a new room with this code on the desk.
  4. Oskar's Letter: From there, leave the previous room and turn right twice. Ahead of you will be two sets of steps. Upon ascending the second set, turn right into a red-lit room to find this letter on a bunk bed.
  5. Gold Goblet: From here, go back the way you came and turn right up a set of stairs. Turn right again to see some soldiers near a mounted gun. Clear them out and proceed through the door to the left of the gun. Once inside, you will see a crate covered with a tarp. Crouch and look beneath the tarp to find this gold item.
  6. Enigma Code 1.3: After being attacked by a Panzerhund, Wyatt will offer you a lift up the hillside. Ignore him for now and continue towards where the mechanical beast came from. Inside you will see the code sitting on a crate.
  7. Gold Chalice: Once inside the castle, head straight down the hallway and make a left. Follow this hallway until you reach a small dining area for the officers.This gold item is on a shelf in the back.
  8. Enigma Code 1.4: From here, turn around and make your way to the end of the hallway you just came from and turn left. You'll be greeted by a hole in the floor covered by some boards. Fall down to the next level and this code will be on a crate to your left.
  9. Gold Sword: Eventually you will come to a wooden spiral staircase with a portrait to its left. Move past this painting to find a suit of armor holding a golden sword in between the curtains.
  10. Enigma Code 1.5: Now head back to the painting and interact with the statue to its left. The sword will move, opening a secret tunnel. Follow it to the end and you'll find a Nazi Commander and this code on his desk.
  11. Gold Floorball Trophy: Later on you will see a mounted gun in the hallway near some soldiers. Take them out and turn around. To the right side of the hallway are a couple crates stacked up. break them open and you'll find this gold item.
  12. Enigma Code 1.6: After shooting all of the soldiers surrounding the downed plane, head towards it. to the right will be a broken brick wall with a code on the other side.
  13. Enigma Code 1.7: When tasked with finding a key to escape the incinerator, look in the drawer closest to the locked door to find this code.

Chapter 2

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  1. Enigma Code 1.8: When you reach the large staircase, turn left and go up the blocked off section to find the code at the top.
  2. Izabela's Letter: From here, go back down the stairs to the ground floor. Make a right, then a left to go through a room with pipes on the walls. Follow this room until you pass an open closet door then turn right. Part way up the steps, you'll see one of them is broken. Aim through the opening to shoot a chain on a door. Once done, go back to the previous room to find a secret passage is now open. Crouch through the opening to find this letter on a crate behind the mattress.
  3. Gold Hood Ornament: After the battle outside, look to the front of the squad car to find this gold item laying on the ground under the front bumper.

Chapter 3

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  1. Gold Watch: When interrogating the Nazi officer, you'll find this on the table to his left.
  2. Roman's Letter: In the same drawer as the goggles.
  3. Enigma Code 1.9: Walk up the road until you see a large pothole with a broken sewer line below. Crawl through this and make a right to find this code.
  4. Enigma Code 8.1: From here, make your way back out of the pipe and turn left. Head to the back of the area with a tool shed. On the side is the code held to the wall by a knife.
  5. Gold Egg: On the other side of the shed there are some loose boards. Look between them to find this gold item.
  6. Enigma Code 8.2: From here, turn around and head into the barracks. Go upstairs and you'll find this on the desk in the back.
  7. Enigma Code 8.3: Once the car moves up, you'll need to make your way inside to open the gate. Make a right at the first room and look to your left. This code is sitting on a wooden spool.
  8. Enigma Code 8.4: In the big room with a truck diagram, look left and check locker #43 to find this.
  9. Enigma Code 8.5: From here, walk into the garage area. Check the car without doors for this code.
  10. Gold Medallion: In the next area, clear out the enemies, then take the mounted gun from the bunker on the right. Go to the left side and shoot the section of metal wall covered by crates. This will punch through, granting you access to a secret room. This is inside on a table to the right.
  11. Enigma Code 8.6: From here, head back to the center barracks and go inside. All the way in the back is a desk with the code.
  12. Gold Door Knob: On the train, you'll be stopped by a Nazi officer and questioned. After you regain control, head back to your cabin, making a left after the second doorway. This gold item is inside the cabinet with the swinging door.

Chapter 4

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  1. Erdmann's Letter: After exiting your apartment, run along the rooftops until the next balcony. Head inside and you'll find this on a table.
  2. Gold Plate: After getting the laser cutter, use it on the chain-link fence before heading up the stairs.
  3. Gold Frame: Once up the stairs, cut your way into the next room and approach the window. Look you your right to see this gold item behind yet another fence.
  4. Enigma Code 8.7: After entering the main Nazi building, turn right into a red-tinted room and look at the filing cabinets along the right-hand wall. A file is on top of this. Take it. Turn from here and head to the front of the room. There is an open cabinet that will slide sideways when closed. Do so to open the secret path and find the code in a briefcase on your right.
  5. Enigma Code 8.8: Before heading out of the next window, look to your left to see this code sitting on the desk.
  6. Enigma Code 2.1: After sneaking through the first part of the prison, you'll see an open pipe in the corner. Crawl through it and run away from the Panzerhund. After dropping through the grate, cut through the fence to your right and drop down again. Head up the stairs to your right to find this.
  7. Enigma Code 8.9: After making your way into the guard quarters, kill the guard sitting in front of the security monitors and take the code on his desk.
  8. Gold Nugget: In the same room that gives you the laser cutter upgrade, go to the bottom level and check the large coal pile for this.
  9. Enigma Code 2.2: After prying open a door to escape, you'll be in a caged-in room. This code is on one of the desks in the middle.
  10. Gold Helmet: From here, go upstairs and make a left into a room with bunk beds. This is in the cabinet on the bottom shelf.
  11. Enigma Code 2.3: From the helmet, continue down the hallway and up the stairs to your left. It's in a case on the first desk to your left.

Chapter 5

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  1. Gold Urn: Go upstairs in the hideout to find a crowbar, then make your way to Max's room. Once there, pry back the board to retrieve the file. Instead of returning to Anya with it, duck inside the now open room with a pin-up poster. Examine this to reveal a hidden passage. Turn left and climb up through a vent and follow this path until you see another open air duct. Here you will find the gold object.

Chapter 6

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  1. Enigma Code 2.4: Go all the way to the right side path to find this in the rubble.
  2. Gold Statue Plate: After the statue falls, look at its feet to find this.
  3. Enigma Code 2.5: A giant guard mech will attack you. Turn around from where you land and take the path back to find this.
  4. Enigma Code 2.6: As you enter the museum, turn left to see this sitting in a chair in the first room.
  5. Gold Carafe: from the code, go back to the main hallway and look to the shelf in the middle of the wall.
  6. Gold Knife: From here, turn around and head up the stairs. Make a right and move all the way to the back where you'll see a vent entrance above you. Climb up and make two left turns. Follow the vent to the end for this item.
  7. Enigma Code 2.7: In the large round room with catwalks, on the console in the highest part of the room.
  8. Enigma Code 2.8: When you drop into the room with the LKW, look on the other side of the work bench to your right.
  9. Gold Pocket Flask: After getting the LKW, use it on the metal panel to escape, then climb the ladder to your left. Turn around and cut the panel behind you to open the path to this item.
  10. Enigma Code 7.1: In the main hangar, on a crate under the bottom-right chopper.
  11. Enigma Code 2.9: From here, go up the stairs on the right to find this behind some consoles.
  12. Enigma Code 7.2: After destroying the giant mech, climb the ladder and you'll see the code in the back of the control room.

Chapter 7

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  1. Bobby's Letter: Turn around at the beginning to find this under a pillow.
  2. Gold Ashtray: After you fall into the sewer, you'll see a large pit with water flowing into it. Go to the break in the railing and aim for the small platform on the other side. Sprint and jump to land on this and then crawl through the pipe. Once through, take the steps on your left to find this sitting on a yellow barrel.

Chapter 8

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  1. Enigma Code 7.3: After dropping into the lab, walk to the back to find this on a crate.
  2. Enigma Code 7.4: Escape from the incinerator and head up the stairs. Cross the catwalk and make a right into a clinic. This is on the table on your right.
  3. Enigma Code 7.5: From here, make your way to the wash room where you'll find this up on a shelf.
  4. Enigma Code 7.6: Continue towards the exit and turn right into a room before you leave. This is in a filing cabinet here.
  5. Gold Dagger: Exit the building and turn left to talk to the prisoner. She'll give you the Gold Dagger as payment for killing "The Knife."
  6. Christa's Letter: Head into the barracks to find a sick man and his wife. You need to find medicine to save him. Head back into the Medical facility and make your way to the clinic where you found Code 7.4. Grab the bottle and make your way back to the barracks. Unfortunately, you're too late, but fret not, you still get the letter.
  7. Gold Pistol: After climbing the scaffolding, open the first door on the right and open the desk drawer. Now interact with the painting to reveal a safe and the gold item.
  8. Enigma Code 7.7: Turn around and this is in the file cabinet in the next room over.
  9. Enigma Code 7.8: Head downstairs and this is in a locker near a desk.
  10. Gold Bust: Continue down the stairs. This is directly in front of you.
  11. Enigma Code 7.9: Turn around to see this on a cart.
  12. Enigma Code 3.1: Continue down some stairs into a garage. In a locker near the battery you need to steal.
  13. Gold Mask: After getting off of Herr Faust, run back into the garage and into the office on the left. It's in a desk drawer.

Chapter 9

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  1. Charlotte's Letter: As you start, look towards the bed to see this on a stack of papers.
  2. Gold Vase: Talk to Anne to get a side mission to find her ring. Go upstairs and you'll find it near the toilet. Bring it back to get this item.

Chapter 10

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  1. Gold Book: After cutting through the first door, return to your mini-sub and continue into the next large area. On your right is a small tunnel that you need to swim through. Follow the tunnel until you come to a small camp. It is an a spool near the mattresses.
  2. Ingrid's Letter: From here, walk to the other side of the mattresses. You can find it on the ground here.
  3. Enigma Code 3.2: From here, walk behind the shelves to find this on the desk near the hole in the ground.
  4. Gold Ladle: After flooding the tunnel, run back and to the left through the fan. This is on a ledge to your right underwater.
  5. Gold Lantern: From here, go thorough the pipe nearby into the large flooded room. This is in a room to your left.
  6. Gold Snake: From here, turn around and head through the pipe that's farthest away (in the corner). It's sitting on some rubble.
  7. Enigma Code 3.3: Return to the switch you used to flood the tunnel. From here, go through the door to your left and take the ladder down. Swim to the room on the right side of the switch an go up.It's on a box up here.
  8. Enigma Code 3.4: After jumping into the pool with the mines, cut the chain on the one in the center. Follow the newly opened pipe until you see steps to your left. Go up them and take a right to see this on a box.
  9. Enigma Code 3.5: Return to the other mine and cut it loose. Follow it to the end of the tunnel and through the opening it creates. At the end is another set of steps with this on a broken metal shelf.
  10. Enigma Code 3.6: From here, go through the door to your right and through the hole in the grate on the floor. Walk through the pipe in the side wall and climb a ladder to see this near another broken shelf.
  11. Gold Lunula: From here, go through the door to your right and you'll see this on the ground to your left.
  12. Enigma Code 3.7: When you first see railroad tracks, follow the set to the left. You should see this under the steps to the platform.
  13. Enigma Code 3.8: From here, head into the central control building to find this on a shelf.
  14. Enigma Code 3.9: From here, work your way to the upstairs part of this same building to see this on the control panel.

Chapter 11

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  1. Gold Letter Opener: After clearing out the enemies and taking the steps up, follow the path until it branches left and right. To your left are two doors that can either be opened by picking the lock (saved Wyatt) or hot-wiring a lock (Fergus). If you saved Wyatt, pick the lock and then cut the metal plate to open a path to the other room. If you saved Fergus, hot-wire the lock to find this on the table.
  2. Enigma Code 6.1:From here, turn right and you'll see this on a bed.
  3. Enigma Code 6.2: From here, exit the locked rooms and head down the corridor. Enter the first crew quarters on your right to find this on a bunk.
  4. Enigma Code 6.3: Turn around and advance down the corridor until the next room to your left. Inside is a box with the code on top.
  5. Gold Tray: Turn around and go to the next room to your right to see this sitting on a box.
  6. Enigma Code 6.4: In the center of the catwalk above the green monitors.
  7. Enigma Code 6.5: From here, jump down and look to the room with the radio beacons chained to the floor. In the room to the left, you'll find this on a desk.
  8. Gold Skull: In the room with the big golden staircase on the island. This is on the left wall at the water line.
  9. Gold Robot Toy: After taking the elevator up, this is on a shelf in front of you.
  10. Gold Chamber Pot: Across from the last item on a shelf.
  11. Gold Crown: To the left of the last item on a pedestal.

Chapter 12

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  1. Enigma Code 6.6: Starting on the bridge, run into the first train car to your right and walk to the end. Go through the door to the left and into the next car. Follow this car the end and exit onto the bridge. To your right is a narrow beam that you must walk across. Once across, shoot down the briefcase hanging from the soldier to find this.
  2. Enigma Code 6.7: Go back across the beam and up the horizontal train car. Jump across to the bridge and turn left into the first room. Head to the top of the stairs to find this.
  3. Enigma Code 6.8: From here, jump back across to the train car and turn left. Go back up the horizontal car and drop into the one below it. Follow the path to the end and crouch beneath a wall. You'll see this at the other end.
  4. Enigma Code 6.9: From here, make you way out of the car and look to your right. It is in the far corner near some steel beams.
  5. Enigma Code 4.1: Head back to the train and turn right. Inside, you'll see a beam that you must cross to reach the next car. Do so and once inside, look near the hole to the left, it's sitting on the floor here.
  6. Gold Army man: Continue from here out the front of this car and run to the next one across from the exit. Climb up the part towards the edge of the bridge and follow it onto a concrete slab. Near the edge of this is the item.
  7. Gold Compass: From here, head back onto the train and go upstairs. Once there, you'll see a vent to the roof you must climb to. Walk across the beam to your left and cut the fence. Turn left again and jump up onto some boxes to find this in the corner.
  8. Gold Rabbit: After the heavy gunner is dead, check the room he came from to find this.
  9. Enigma Code 4.2: From here, move up the bridge and turn around. Walk across the fallen concrete pillar and jump onto where the heavy came from. Follow the metal beam up to the section of concrete. Drop down onto another beam to the right side of this and follow it until it turns right. Follow this to the end and jump up onto the next slab to find this code near a steel girder.
  10. Enigma Code 4.3: Back on the main part of the bridge, turn right into the pillar with a 2 on it. Follow the stairs up an walk all the way to the edge with the mounted gun. Cut open the floor plate and drop down into the room full of enemies. After clearing them out, break open the box in the far left corner to find this code.
  11. Enigma Code 4.4: After exiting the chopper, turn right into the small room to find this on a file cabinet.

Chapter 13

Toggle Spoiler

  1. Gold Cane: Crouch through the baggage conveyor to find this on the other side.
  2. Enigma Code 4.5: After getting access to the main facility, turn left into the first crew room to find this on the toilet. Nice.
  3. Enigma Code 4.6: After dropping down, you'll see two labs in front of you. Go to the one on the far left and you'll see this under a desk as you walk through the door.
  4. Gold Face Mask: Continue out of the lab and through the scanner door. This is near a bed in the center of the room.
  5. Dieter's Letter: From here, head upstairs into the lab. This is in the second room on a desk.
  6. Enigma Code 4.7: From here, make your way through the red duct and drop into another lab. Walk forward then look right to see this on a desk.
  7. Gold Meteor Rock: When on the lunar surface, you'll meet a few drones on patrol. This is behind a boulder in this area.
  8. Enigma Code 4.8: After entering the yellow room, this is on a desk in the glowing cubicle.
  9. Enigma Code 4.9: In the room with the circular catwalks, this is on the center ring near the edge.
  10. Enigma Code 5.1: In the room with the large round table, this is on the side facing the exit.
  11. Gold Bottle: After going down an escalator, turn right and look behind a suitcase to find this.

Chapter 14

Toggle Spoiler

  1. Enigma Code 5.2: After swinging through the window (and a Nazi soldier's face), look into a box to your right to find this.
  2. Gold Bangles: From here, go past the statue and drop through the hole in the floor. Drop down to a lower level and walk across the 2nd plank BEFORE shooting the chain. It's on the ledge near a drain pipe.
  3. Enigma Code 5.3: From here, shoot the nearest chain and jump across to the next section. Head right and go through the door. Go up the steps and make a right into a meeting room to find this on the table near a projector.
  4. Gold Football: Look to the wall across from you and notice one painting is crooked. Tilt the straight painting to open a secret room with this on a shelf.
  5. Enigma Code 5.4: After taking down a chopper, look on the left side of the top room to find this in the rubble.
  6. Enigma Code 5.5: Head down the makeshift ramp and walk towards the wall covered in blue tarp. It's on the floor in the corner.
  7. Enigma Code 5.6: Drop down to the next floor and walk to the wall with a bunch of monitors. It's on a file cabinet to the left.

Chapter 15

Toggle Spoiler

  1. Gold Shoehorn: Go upstairs to find this in a room on the right.
  2. Max's Letter: Go to Max's room to find this on the floor. You should earn The lives of others here.

Chapter 16

Toggle Spoiler

  1. Gold Trowel: Swim toward shore, it's near the ladder underwater.
  2. Gold Armor: At the base of the brick pile you go up.
  3. Enigma Code 5.7: From here, climb up and make your way across the hall. Turn left to see this in a file cabinet.
  4. Gold Teapot: In the round room with the shotgun troopers. Hidden inside a cart.
  5. Enigma Code 5.8: On a bench in the next room.
  6. Enigma Code 5.9: In the room with all the human spines, on a table under an xray screen.
  7. Gold Pot: During the final boss battle. In a metal crate on the left side of the arena.

Scout I
Unlock stealth perk 1

Stealth Kill an enemy commander.

This is fairly easy to accomplish. Throughout the game you will come across numerous commanders (identifiable by their more formal attire, rather than the standard military fatigues.) When you spot such an enemy, crouch and sneak up behind him, killing him with an melee to unlock this perk.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Knife throwing, Silent shot, Scout II, and Assassin perks.

Knife throwing
Unlock stealth perk 2

Perform five silent takedowns.

Similar to Scout I, but this time you can kill any enemy using stealth. Either melee them silently from behind or dispatch them with a silenced pistol to unlock this perk.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Knife sheath + perk.

Knife sheath +
Unlock stealth perk 3

Perform five stealth kills with thrown knives.

Again, quite similar to the others. Once you find a second knife, you will be able to throw it at an enemy (a one hit kill early on). You must take out an unaware enemy in the manner five times. If you don't wish to farm this by restarting from the most recent checkpoint, don't worry about finding a knife. You are able to retrieve any thrown knives, whether they are tossed at a wall or Nazi soldier's head!

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Knife sheath ++ perk.

Knife sheath ++
Unlock stealth perk 4

Perform 20 stealth knife kills.

Again with the stealth kills. This time you can either toss the knives from a distance or get up close and personal to finish them off with a quick click of . Once again, there are countless places throughout the game to earn stealth kills, but this is easily farmed by reloading the checkpoint.

Silent shot
Unlock stealth perk 5

Perform 10 kills with a silenced pistol.

A silenced pistol can first be found near the end of chapter 1 in Deathshead's castle. Use this silent mode of killing to wipe out ten enemies without alerting them.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Vampire perk.

Unlock stealth perk 6

Perform five stealth kills with overcharged health active.

To overcharge your health, you must use a health pack while you are already at full health. Once you do this, perform a stealth takedown on an enemy. Do this five times to unlock the perk.

*Note* The easiest way to do this would be to find a larger health pack, as having more health gives you a longer window of opportunity to strike.

Scout II
Unlock stealth perk 7

Stealth kill five commanders.

Continuing on from Scout I, you will need to silently dispatch 4 more commanders to unlock this perk. Stealth melee, knife throw, or silenced pistol will all work here.

Unlock stealth perk 8

Perform 50 stealth kills on guards.
Perform five stealth kills on Kampfhunds.

Your first order of business is taking out 50 enemy soldiers by means of stealth. The standard fare of knife throw, melee, and silenced pistol all work for this. Next you'll want to focus on five Kampfhunds (the armored German Shepards). I recommend only using ranged attacks on these enemies as they are difficult to sneak up on. There is always one that will attack in the second area of chapter 3 that you can farm with the checkpoint reload trick.

Unlock tactical perk 1

Perform 3 headshot kills with the assault rifle.
Perform one headshot kill with a pistol.

I suppose you could complete the game without earning this, but it's extremely unlikely. In any case aim to complete this perk before you exit the trenches in chapter 1. All normal soldiers carry assault rifles, but only commanders use pistols. Kill one of them and use his weapon against his friends.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Quick draw, Quick regeneration, Gun magazine +, AR magazine +, and Quick reload perks.

Quick draw
Unlock tactical perk 2

Perform 40 headshot kills while aiming down the sights.

For players that are familiar with first person shooters, this perk will be a breeze. In fact, if this does cause you trouble, you may want to pick a game from a different genre . Look down the sights and aim for the head. Boom.

Quick regeneration
Unlock tactical perk 3

Overcharge your health to 200.

As you play the game, you may notice that picking up a health pack when at full health, it gets an overcharge. To earn this, you're going to need a lot of extra health packs. A good spot is in the last big section of chapter 3. There is a secret panel that can be destroyed by shooting an un-mounted chain gun at it. Inside are a bunch of health packs hidden in crates. There should be just enough to make you reach 200 Health.

Gun magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 4

Perform 15 kills from cover with a handgun.

When crouched behind cover or behind a corner, you can use to peek over/out and shoot at enemies. Simply kill 15 enemies with a pistol using this method.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Shotgun magazine + perk.

Shotgun magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 5

Perform 10 indirect kills with the shotgun's shrapnel fire.

At the start of chapter 11, you will be given a shotgun with secondary fire mode that launches shrapnel at enemies. While this is extremely deadly by itself, firing next to an enemy will cause the shrapnel to bounce off of walls until it hits something. Kill 10 enemies in this fashion to unlock the perk.

AR magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 6

Perform 80 assault rifle kills from behind cover.

Like the pistol perk, peek out from behind cover to kill enemies without completely exposing yourself. Defeat 80 enemies in the manner to unlock the perk.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Marksman magazine + perk.

Marksman magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 7

Perform 3 kills with the Marksman rifle without scoping out.

Whenever you receive the marksman, simply look down the sights (a fancy sniper scope) and kill 3 enemies before zooming back out. This is much easier if you can find 3 enemies fairly close together.

Quick reload
Unlock tactical perk 8

Perform 100 assault rifle kills.
Perform 50 handgun kills.
Perform 25 marksman kills.

Simple enough. You'll be using the assault rifle more often than not, so 100 kills will go by in a flash. The pistol kills will be somewhat less common as you won't find as much ammo for it. The same can be said for the marksman, and it is even more unlikely that you'll find its ammo. You may be better off farming kills with it by reloading checkpoints.

Double reload
Unlock assault perk 1

Perform 10 dual-wield kills.

Early on in the game, you'll pick up a second assault rifle and be given the option to dual-wield. This mode's main advantage is sheer rate of fire. Simply kill 10 enemies while dual-wielding to unlock this perk.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Endurance I, Bullet feeder, Autopanzer, and Dual-wield expert perks.

Endurance I
Unlock assault perk 2

Perform 3 sprint-slide kills.

This one is fun. Begin with a running start towards an enemy. when you get within range, press to slide for a few feet. While sliding, take aim at the enemy soldier and light him up. DO this 3 times to unlock the perk.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Scavenger perk.

Unlock assault perk 3

Perform 3 dual-wield kills without releasing the trigger.

This is fairly simple if you can get a group of enemies together. Once you do, begin dual-wielding and let it rain. Kill 3 enemies to unlock the perk. An easy spot to do this is in chapter 1. There are a ton of enemies running through the trenches, so lining up 3 should be too much of a problem.

Bullet feeder
Unlock assault perk 4

Perform 20 mounted turret kills.

This one is much easier than it sounds. Near the end of chapter 1, you'll see a crashed plane on the other side of a large pit. In front of you will be a mounted turret just waiting to be used against the 20+ enemies that are attacking your allies.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Endurance II perk.

*Note 2*If you reload the checkpoint here, you can also get the aforementioned perk in this same location by un-mounting the gun.

Endurance II
Unlock assault perk 5

Perform 5 kills in 10 seconds with a detached turret.

In the same place as the last perk, simply hold to detach the turret, then go to town on those Nazi bastards. You should easily be able to rack up 5 kills in 10 seconds.

Unlock assault perk 6

Empty a full powered LKW without missing.

Less difficult than it sounds. During chapter 6 you'll fight some giant mechs. Use the fully charged LKW and take your time firing each "round" and hitting the robot. If you haven't missed, the perk should unlock when the battery runs out.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the LKW battery + perk.

LKW battery +
Unlock assault perk 7

Perform 5 indirect kills will the LKW reflector.

This alternate fire mode should be found in the sewers section of chapter 7. With it, shooting at walls has a chance to reflect off and hit enemies. Be lucky enough 5 times to unlock the perk.

Dual-wield expert
Unlock assault perk 8

Perform 100 dual-wield kills.
Perform 25 LKW kills.

Those dual-wield kills really add up, huh? By this point you should be well on your way to 100 kills. Then focus on finishing enemies with the LKW to unlock the perk in this category.

Unlock demolition perk 1

Perform 2 kills with one grenade.

If you use grenades often, this will come by just playing the game. Just in case, toss a grenade into a group of enemies. They normally won't be able to retreat in time, killing at least 2 and unlocking the perk.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Grenade pouch +, Vaporize, and Hardened perks.

Grenade pouch +
Unlock demolition perk 2

Perform 10 grenade kills.

Like the previous perk, this should come from normal play. Just use grenades on enemies whenever you find some.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Grenade pouch ++ perk.

Grenade pouch ++
Unlock demolition perk 3

Kill a commander with a grenade.

There are numerous commanders placed throughout the game. Simply take one of them out using a grenade to unlock this.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Bullseye perk.

Unlock demolition perk 4

Perform 5 grenade kills on mechanical enemies.

Similar to the other grenade perks, this requires you to only kill mechanical enemies. These include the little drones that fly around, as well as Panzerhunds and the giant mechs. The drones are easiest to kill, as they grab the grenade if you throw it near them.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Rocket magazine + perk.

Rocket magazine +
Unlock demolition perk 5

Perform 5 kills in 10 seconds while dual-wielding rocket launchers.

You won't get the rocket launcher attachment for your assault rifle until chapter 12. Once you do, activate its secondary fire with (left gun) and (right gun) and look for a large group of enemies. Open fire and hope the splash damage kills 5 enemies within the allotted time.

Unlock demolition perk 6

Perform 10 kills by making enemies drop their grenades.

As you play the game, you will notice some enemies will pull out a grenade and prepare to throw it. If you shoot them before they complete their throw, they will drop the grenade and kill any nearby enemies. Do this 5 times for the perk.

*Note* Earning this perk will allow you to start on the Sentinel perk.

Unlock demolition perk 7

Perform 5 kills by tossing back enemy grenades.

This time you actually want the enemy to complete his throw. When he does, press near the grenade to quickly pick it up and throw it back at him. Do this 5 times for the perk.

Unlock demolition perk 8

Perform 50 grenade or rocket kills.

Very simple, though slightly misleading. Rather than getting just 50 grenade kills or just 50 rocket kills, you must simply attain 50 kills between the two methods. You should earn this final perk late in the game when you discover rockets.


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