Players: 1 offline, up to 4 online, no splitscreen
Online Trophies: 7: I'll Teach Ya How To Shoot! Guts and Glory Got Your Back A Friend In Need Got the Killshot! You're So Dead, You Don't Even Know It Down But Not Out
Estimated Time to Platinum:
Minimum Playthroughs: 2: 1 for the campaigns, 1 for the Horde Mode maps
Collectible Trophies: 2: Just In Case We Make It They Must Be Destroyed On Sight!
Missable Trophies: none because of chapter/level select
Glitched Trophies: Just In Case We Make It


[top]Tips & Strategies

- If you're playing the campaigns for the first time, save yourself some time and play on Sniper Elite difficulty, and try to play with as many people as possible. If you're the host, set the game to Sniper Elite difficulty, but have the enemies set for 1 player only. If you're playing with 4 players this way, you can complete each level as if it were on Cadet difficulty within 45 minutes each level.

- Find a loadout that works for you and your play style. I use the Lee Enfield MkIII with the Shotgun and Webley MkV, with 4 grenades and 1 land mine. For secondary weapons, the shotgun is the best weapon for keeping your combo, as all the SMGs aren't really that accurate, especially the glorious PPsH. The downside of the shotgun is that it has a very long reload time and only 6 slugs at the ready, with 24 spare, whereas the highly inaccurate PPsH has 71 rounds in the drum and 355 spare.

- On Cadet difficulty, wherever your crosshairs are aiming, that's where your bullet will go. For Marksman difficulty, bullet drop is active, but not wind. If you press to enter Focus Time, a red diamond will appear to show you where your bullet will go with bullet drop. On Sniper Elite difficulty, there is bullet drop, muzzle velocity and wind compensation that all will affect your bullet trajectory. Focus Time helps, but no diamond will appear. Keep an eye on your wind meter on the top of your scope when zoomed in to know where the wind is, and compensate int he opposite direction

- On Cadet difficulty, you start with max ammo for your rifle, secondary and side arm. On Marksman difficulty, you start with about 80% of your ammo for your rifle, and about 60% of your ammo for your secondary, but full ammo for your side arm. On Sniper Elite difficulty, you start with about 60% of your ammo for your rifle, only about 20% of your ammo for your secondary, but still full ammo for your side arm. Be sure to loot as many corpses as you can to refill your ammo.

- For most progression trophies, like Sever 10,000 limbs, Get 5,000 Kills, etc., when you reach a certain progression point, an orange-ish yellow popup will appear on the right side of your screen notifying you of your progress.



You have no reason to fear the dead
Platinum Trophy

Don't mention the Z word!
Successfully complete Village of the Dead

***Note*** This is where you meet a Zombie Sniper for the first time, just after exiting a safe house. This level is also where you will face a Super Elite for the first time as well. Both of these enemies spawn near the end of the level. Watch towards the end of the video to see where the Snipers spawn, as well as what a Super Elite looks like, or see the trophy Good, Bad, I'm the Guy With the Gun below.

Resurrection Day
Successfully complete Cathedral of Resurrection

***Note*** This is also where you can earn the trophy You Want Me To Salute That Pile of..? ********for the first time. Watch to the end of the video to see how to kill the Occult General. IF PLAYING IN CO-OP, whoever get's points and credit for the kill will get the trophy Please see the video or trophy below for what the first Occult General looks like.

Play it Thule
Successfully complete Labyrinth of Death

The pen is mightier than the sidearm
Successfully complete Library of Evil

No more room in Hell
Successfully complete Subway to Hell

Hell on earth, that's it
Successfully complete Purgatory

Into the fire
Successfully complete Gateway to Hell

Descent into Hell
Successfully complete Crucible of Evil

This is going to be a bumpy ride
Successfully complete Terminal

Code Red
Successfully complete Tower of Hellfire

I think we'll start with a reign of terror
Successfully complete City of Ashes

You got rid of those stiffs yet?
Successfully complete Freight Train of Fear

There's something in the mist!
Successfully complete Forest of Corpses

Broadsword calling Danny Boy
Successfully complete The Keep

Taste some of Mama's home cookin', Adolf!
Successfully complete Army of Darkness

This calls for divine intervention!
Successfully complete all Chapters on Sniper Elite difficulty

Sniper Elite difficulty isn't that bad. The biggest things that'll annoy you is severe bullet drop and wind adjustments

Don't get all stingy with your bullets
Kill 5000 enemies of any kind

The head bone's connected to the...oh, wait
Kill 500 Skeletons

Naughty little boys get what they deserve
Kill 100 Zombie Snipers

We don't need a stretcher. We need a mop!
Kill 50 Suicide Zombies

Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun
Kill 50 Super Elites

Super Elites are the Brutes of this game. They're big, they have a portable MG, they have a helmet protecting their head, which is the only place you can damage them. Takes about 12-16 bullets to down 1 Super Elite, depending on the rifle you have. Kill 50 of these guys and the trophy is yours.
BE WARNED: While Super Elite kills in co-op count towards this trophy, they count ONLY if YOU were the one who killed the Super Elite, not your partner. See the trophy Got the Killshot! below for more details.

This is what a Super Elite looks like:

Snuff them out
Kill 25 Fire Demons

Headache relief
Kill 25 Summoners

You want me to salute that pile of..?
Kill an Occult General

Explosive personality!
Pick up a Panzerfaust

The first time you can pick up the Panzerfaust is in Campaign 1 Chapter 1: Village of the Dead. Once you clear the area and your objective switched to "Investigate the Mysterious Skull", go up the stairs to refill your ammo, and on the couch to the right as soon as you enter that room at the top of the stairs is the Panzerfuast. Pick it up for the trophy. You don't have to use it, so if you want to switch back to your previous secondary weapon, simply hold

I kick arse for the Lord!
Pick up the Preacher

The first time you can pick up the Preacher is in Campaign 1 Chapter 1 "Village of the Dead" near the very end, when you try to survive the horde in the church. The Preacher will be near the podiums on the first floor, as well as a bunch of ammo. Hold :square: to pick it up for the trophy. It's a double barrel shotgun with 2 in the chambers and 14 spare shells, but i can easily take out up to 6 if they're all grouped in a line or really tightly together.

***Note*** If you missed the Panzerfaust from earlier, you can pick it up in this are as well. Simply go up the stairs on the left side when facing the first floor openings for zombies to enter through and it'll be in a box.

Every bullet counts
Get a 5-for-1 kill with any sniper rifle

We got this by the ass!
Reach a total shot distance of 50km

It's just a flesh wound!
Sever 1,000 limbs

Leave the limbs you've lost
Sever 10,000 limbs

Elite pickpocket
Loot a Super Elite's corpse

As soon as a Super Elite is killed by blowing its head off, you need to run to it in as little time as possible because as soon as the corpse drops flat on the ground, you have about 2-3 seconds before it despawns. Run over to it, hold

Burning a hole in your pocket
Loot a Chainsaw Elite's corpse

These guys are first encountered in Campaign #3, chapter "Forest of the Dead". This level is really really long with very few moments of breaks in the action. You're almost constantly being overrun by hordes throughout this level, so be sure to have your best loadout selected, and loot as many corpses as possible for ammo.
Below is what a Chainsaw Elite looks like:

Give me something to shoot
Kill a Zombie Sniper in mid-air

We all go a little mad sometimes
Get an unbroken 10-headshot streak

Like a drunk who's lost a bet
Kill 20 enemies as they revive

Got you, didn't I, you little sucker!
Kill a Suicide Zombie by hitting his grenade

Somebody's got to survive!
Get at least 10 for 1 with an explosive kill

My family's always been in meat
Get at least 15 for 1 with an explosive kill

Come and get it! It's a running buffet!
Get at least 20 for 1 with an explosive kill

Your blood pressure is zero over zero
Headshot a Heavy Armour Zombie without removing his helmet

Headshots are the very best
Defeat 500 enemies with headshots

And stay down!
Kick 50 enemies down

Resurrect this!
Score 5,000 with a single sniper round

I will not negotiate with the Undead!
Reach a Chain Count of 10

Scourge of zombiekind
Reach a Chain Count of 20

You've got red on you
Reach a Chain Count of 30

Zombies, man, they creep me out!
Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode Waves of Despair

You're going to meet Death now...
Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode No Sanctuary

You're going to have to work for your meal
Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode Flood of Tears

I'll teach ya how to shoot!
Reach at least Wave 10 with the highest score in any Horde Mode map

Guts and glory
Reach at least Wave 10 with more gold medals than your companions

Got your back
Kill 50 enemies that are actively attacking other players

A friend in need
Revive other players 50 times

Got the killshot!
Kill 20 Elites in co-op

You're so dead, you don't even know it
Complete any Campaign chapter in 4-player co-op at any difficulty level

Down but not out
Kill a total of 20 enemies while incapacitated

Man, you sure know a lot about monsters
Complete every Survivor sidequest

We have a Judas in our midst!
Kill a Survivor

Gratuitous violence from the lot of you
Complete levels as every playable character

This trophy is really easy. Play 8 levels of the campaign with a different character each time, as there are only 8 characters. You'll get the feel for each one and then you can decide which one you like best.

The characters are:
Karl Fairburn

Beth Coleman

Just in case we make it
Collect every Gold Bar


There are 75 gold bars to collect over the 3 campaigns, 5 per level.

They must be destroyed on sight!
Find and shoot every Bottle of Blood

There are 60 blood bottles to find and shoot, and almost all of them are incredibly hard to find without using a guide.

You have...death around you
Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode Dead End

They're coming to get you, Barbra!
Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode Dead Man's Bluff

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