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(READ FIRST!) Member Thrown Competition FAQ

This is a discussion on (READ FIRST!) Member Thrown Competition FAQ within the Site & Member Thrown Competitions forum, part of the Headquarters; We want to spur community activity, one way of that is to have members actively participate with one another in ...

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    (READ FIRST!) Member Thrown Competition FAQ

    We want to spur community activity, one way of that is to have members actively participate with one another in Member Thrown Competitions. Below I will answer general questions you may have regarding these competitions and what you need to know to start your very own! So take your time reading through this and familiarizing yourself with the concept.

    [top]What Is a Member Thrown Competition?

    It can be anything that members compete with one another in skill-based challenges and one victor comes out above the rest. The competitions can be game based or non-game based, but should be open enough so that a handful of members can compete with limited requirements.

    Examples of Game based competitions:

    • Deathmatch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    • Dueling Tournament Bracket in Demon Soul's
    • Trophy point competition over xx number of days

    Example of Non-game based competitions:

    • Forum signature design competition
    • NCAA brackets tournament
    • Fantasy football competition

    [top]Can My Member Thrown Competition Get a Site Award for the Winner?

    Of course! But you must follow a couple guidelines that we have in place to prevent rigging and site feature abuse.

    1. Your competition must have a minimum of 5 members competing.
    2. Your competition must be open for ALL members to join.
    3. Your competition must have some sort of skill involved for a member to win.

    If your competition meets the above criteria, PM Submerge asking for the winner to be awarded with the site award. Please include the winner's username and a link to the competition's thread for reference. If you have any question on if you're competition is legitimate for a site award, PM Submerge with your concern.

    [top]Can Multiple Members Receive a Site Award from the Same Competition?

    Yes, but you you will need approval from Submerge to throw a group competition. We don't like throwing too many group competitions, only a couple are granted per year, so don't be surprised if yours is turned down. Please stick to one winner per competition unless you feel a group aspect would really make the competition amazing.

    [top]Can I Provide Other Prizes in My Competition?

    Yes, if you would like to provide the winner of your competition with more than just a Site Award, feel free to do so. Many competition holders provide other prizes such as games, PSN cards, PS+ Subscriptions, and PRO Memberships to this site as ways to give back to those that join their competitions. And we encourage it if you are able to do so! Everyone loves winning stuff, ya'know?
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    is there going to be another member thrown compition soon cos i would love to join as long as its one i can do

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    Thanks for the info Submerge, it's nice to see a breakdown like what you have above

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    well i have no game comp. its a trophy comp.

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