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June Spotlight Interview

This is a discussion on June Spotlight Interview within the Site & Member Thrown Competitions forum, part of the Headquarters; Note - There is no special this month as I am leaving for Vacation Spotlight - Ac3dUd3 1. How does ...

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    June Spotlight Interview

    Note - There is no special this month as I am leaving for Vacation
    Spotlight - Ac3dUd3

    1. How does it feel to win MotM?
    Pretty amazing, I am honored to know so many people here think i deserve it let alone win it. There are so many good people on the site that deserve recognition, its the public that make me want to come back each day and see whats new in their life

    2. How did you come across the site?
    I used to be an admin of a gaming clan site for FPS multiplayer so like CoD and BF, The site used ranks in the military and i worked my way up from a recruit to a admin/ Corps Commander in charge of the whole of CoD. I had a few friends on there that had these gamer cards and I had never seen them before, i was just starting to get into trophies so I came to the site that the cards came from, and here I am over a year and a half later.

    3. The crash is almost a year old (I think), you think it's coming back to normal?
    PS3T will never be the same as it was before Zero Hour. I believe we have taken a different path after the site reset and in doing so we all lost 6 months of our lives, some lost more than others, some left and some stayed. Though what happens in the past should stay there, its what we decide to do now that will keep the site alive and active

    4. Why do you stay around on the site? Like what are some perks about it and some negatives?
    I stay because of the friends I have met here, They are an important part of my life and I wish to keep it that way. Some perks would be to meet diiferent people from all over the world and learn their ways and new cultures, I think its a great opportunity for all of us to understand the world we live in.

    5. You've wrote a few guides, plan on doing anymore, and wich ones?
    I love writing guides, it feels awesome to know what you have written something for the world to see and help them. I plan on writing as many guides as i can. I dont really gun for a specific guide, If i like the game and its not called i will try and get it. There are a lot of AAA games coming out near christmas so i would like to land one of them either solo or co-op.

    6. What do you do off the site?
    At the moment my life is pretty much work, I am a roof plumber apprentice so i install gutters, gutter/leaf guard, fix cracked tiles, leaks etc . The money is pretty awesome and I enjoy what I do. I plan on buying a ute(truck) soon and then my boss will send me off to my own jobs and I will keep all the money from them. To be a contractor is my goal, where the big bucks are
    Apart from work I go out to my nanna's farm which has 90 acres of property, its not huge but we have tracks running through it to drift and take the bush basher round. We have 15 cars out there so their is pleanty for me to choose from, half the experience is if the car isnt running, fixing it yourself so you can drive.
    We are also building a motorbike course with a bobcat/escavator for us to ride and use the jumps for some FMX/ Supercross mixed in with some endruo and motocross. It is very expensive to hire the earth movers though so this has been a 2 year long project so far.
    The bikes we have are Yamaha WR450F Enduro, a YZ250F Race bike(mine) and we just got a little Suzuki 80cc for no apparent reason lol

    7. What games are you looking forward to in the near future?
    Almost all of the games line up at the end of the year, I am finacially comfortable at the moment so i will most likely buy all of them haha, Im not quite upto ant1th3s1s game's collection level but i will beat him one day

    8. Out of the games you have played, what is your favorite game, and genre and why?
    I like most games really but if i had to choose it would be FPS and RPGs, I love CoD series and yes i know you guys hate me and yes i know the series in milked but still the online is solid and i enjoy it. For the RPG side of things I love the open world and just doing whatever you want. You pour hours of your life into it and become really attached to your character and the world you are in. Nothing is better than saying you have clocked 100+ hours into the game and still not even halfway into the main storyline.

    9. So you live in Australia I think, can you really ride Kangaroos?? (before anyone thinks I am dumb, i know you can't >:F)
    lmao, the picture of us riding the kangaroo that is on the internet has angered us autralians for years. Everyone knos you ride in the pouch for gods sake!!
    But seriously, the cool kids ride emu's.......
    I love living in Australia and we are one of the most diverse countries in the world for the sheer amount of enviroments. You can have a lifeless desert and just over the hill is a full blown rainforest and if you walk past that tree you get smashed in the face with a wave from the ocean. I went around the whole of australia when i was 12 for a year and it is i life changing experience that i will never forget. I believe you should tour your own country before going overseas, like why go all halfway around the world when you havnt even looked in your own backyard?

    10. Shoutouts to anyone??
    shoutouts... i guess i can say a few words,
    First of all id like to thank myself. I have survived in Australia for 19 years and ive not been killed by one of our 14,000+ species of dangerous/poisonous animals
    Ive had a few close shaves though, nothing quite like randomly waking up in the middle of the night and you grab your phone light and there is a spider on your bed, or walking along a river bed and a crocodile being 10 feet away from your sister hidden under the water..... ( it was a hard decision but i did warn her and she is still alive )
    In no particular order,
    DSLuckay: he is one of my best friends on the site and we talk everyday, he is an awesome mate and a very talented artist, his unicorns are un-matched in quality
    Kid_Loser: My brother from another mother, we 1st met arkwardly when he came and nervously asked if he can co-op a guide with me, we hit it off and been great mates ever since
    Feral: That bastard somehow keeps finding my grog cashes hidden around the country, and for that, I salute you
    Ant1th3s1s: I Highly respect him and his views and opinions and he is always willing to help me with whatever i ask.
    Chambers: Most likely my distant cousin from across the pond, we have great chats and he is an all round good guy
    DaRe_xLw: I admire his determination to try and catch me in a pokeball one day, he keeps trying even though i am too awesome to be caught
    Hitman, Helyx and Wargazsem: Fellow defenders, they can insult with the best of the aussies and im happy to call them my friends
    Apokolypz and Auburn: they made my sigs and avys and they are the best material that has ever been produced on the site
    Compalicious: She still helps me even though i bug her all the time with questions
    Neroradec707: He started the PROgrade and let me join him with my ideas for the PSN card givaways, keep stealing those souls man!
    The rest i will shout out in my CL otherwise we will be here all day haha
    K? Thanks

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    Nice read buddy, and congratulations on winning MotM

    Oh and thanks for the shoutout

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    That was a good read guys

    Quote Originally Posted by Compalicious View Post
    DSLuckay: he is one of my best friends on the site and we talk everyday, he is an awesome mate and a very talented artist, his unicorns are un-matched in quality
    I'm glad you thought my unicorns were of high quality

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    Finally learned a little more about Ac3

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    Congrats on winning mate,well done and a great read too.You and my mate would get on like a house on fire since you like your bikes and driving.Sounds like a very interesting life you have too.Keep on earning them bucks mate and like you say,to the future

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    Nice interview, congrats again on the win Ac3. Mate, you make Australia sound so cool I'll have to go there.......wait I live here lol

    Thanks for the shout out mate, you know I'm like a Bloodhound when it comes to grog

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    Straya ****!

    Quote Originally Posted by Schismalicious View Post
    Finally learned a little more about Ac3
    if you learn any more id have to kill you unfortunatly

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    Congrats Ac3 on the spotlight. And here i thought Australia was a terrible place to live.

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    Great read. Nice to know you live near me, too

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    Good read, congrats bro!
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    Nice to know a bit more about this Aussie bastard Thanks for the shoutout brother

    Thanks to Bladia for the amazing Sig and Avy.

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    nice win buddy you deserve it

    @everyone else Australia is the best place on earth to me & anyone that hasn't been here should come visit & say G'Day


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