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October GDT R.I.P. Official Entries

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    October GDT R.I.P. Official Entries

    Awesome Banner Worked On By The Great stupot00

    Every Month I reveal all the entries from the previous Month's Competition,
    along with who posted them, so you can have a look at who posted what & in
    what order they entered.

    Feel free to make your own top 5 list from the entries, ridicule me for the choices
    I made or post what you would have said if you had entered the competition.

    You can also leave your thoughts here about what you think of the competitions good/bad/otherwise

    If you could be a NPC Character in one of the Borderlands 2 DLC packs
    Explain what mission would you have the player complete & what you would name the trophy

    Entry #1
    My Borderlands NPC would give this mission:

    Strip-Club Mayhem

    (In a creepy, pedophile-type voice)
    Hey, Vault Hunter. I've a job for you, it requires some straight shooting.
    Go to the West End Strip Club and bag me a few, will ya?

    X/5 Strippers captured

    Strippers brought back

    Entry #2
    here is my entrant for this month's contest

    Duke Nukem
    Hey Vault Hunter, get over here I got a damn mission for you. You see Gearbox released my game last year and now no one gives a crap. I see you are all about the guns and kicking some alien ass. Well that used to me my job, but 14 years on the shelf has left me a shell of my former glory. I need you to get me some things so that I can go back out there and be the king.

    • 1 pack of bubblegum, because I am all out
    • 6 pack of beer
    • A pair of twins
    • The biggest, baddest gun you can find

    Hail To The Former King Baby
    Entry #3

    The Greatest Movie Ever Made
    Hello there, Vault Hunter! I'm the world-reknown movie director Steven, director of classic like "You can Psylocke my Sword anyday", "One Night in Pandora" and "Eat My Rooster". I came here to shoot my greatest and most ambitious film ever. Sadly, I'm short on actresses, so I wanted you to hire some for me. Here are the most talented (and buttalicious ) actresses I've heard about, so I want you to hire one of 'em (or both, if you can) for me:

    Hire Lilith .
    Hire Moxxi .
    Optional: Hire Lilith and Moxxi.

    Two Actresses, One Movie.
    Finalist #1
    Entry #4

    Release me I'm glad you found me stranger, i've been magically chained to this rock, and every night a dozen ridiculously beautiful nymphos come and have sex with each other right in front of me, this is torture since i'm not able to move at all. In order to break these binds and be rid of this 'awful' curse, i need you to wait for nightfall and kill their queen, she uses a whip for a weapon and is 'somehow' truly skilled with it so watch yourself.

    Finalist #2
    Entry #5

    Lady Mama is name of NPC

    "Well hello there my fellow Monster! I hear you're a famous Vault Hunter! Good, because I have a job for you. I need some new costumes for my dancers, as those filthy Skags ate our meat outfits.... should have known better than dressing up in midget entrails... I'll show them!

    Back on point. I need you to find me the following:

    10 alpha skag skulls
    10 vials of skag blood
    1 God-liath skull
    1 Loader frame

    I'll give you a nice shiny outfit I "borrowed" from Moxxi when we had our date last night... What do you say???

    Upon completion, you will receive a Bronze Trophy entitled "Born This Way" and the trophy image is and you'll receive the custom skin "Little Monsters" which will be full on black latex outfit... Imagine Gunzerker wearing it! LEGENDARY!!!!
    Entry #6

    Lilith: A Girl's Best Friend (Collectible Mission)

    I need your help, vault dwellers. My favourite ahem 'toy' broke and I can't go letting people know my business around town. I have an image to keep, you know? Just get me the following items, and be a good boy and don't ask why. I'll make it worth your wild.

    3x Shock guns
    1x Any shield
    10x Stalker's 'appendage'

    Even Bad Girls Have Needs
    Entry #7

    What a Pain in the ass!
    Hello,weary vault hunter.I was in the midst of my research on the mating habits of the creatures of Pandora when I was injured in the line of duty by some damn buzzards.Would you aid an old scientist?There'll be a fine reward for ya if your successful.

    -Avenge me my destroying 10 buzzard units.
    -Kill and return the sexual organs of 50 rabid stalkers.
    -Kill and return the sexual organs of 100 black hole threshers.

    -Reward: Dahl Pistol and $43.

    Seriously,That's All I Get?

    Not too good but it's best I could do without playing the game and me not having a imagination.
    Finalist #3
    Entry #8

    To Overcome Evil
    NPC character name: Dreylock


    The darkness that dwells within. Vault hunter! Psst! Over here.... i need your help. I was nearly killed trying to save my sister from an entity known as 'Gerak'. This entity dwells in a location that can only be entered with a relic that protects the wearer from Gerak's mind control and deceptive powers. You will firstly need to find this relic which resides in deathmoor caverns. You will need Maliwan elemental weapons of all types to be able to defeat the many deadly creatures that reside within. Once you obtain the relic, bring it back to me and i will increase the relics protective effects for you. Once we have the relic, i will show you to Gerak's domain. My sister and many others are prisoners of Gerak and you will need to use the relic to break the mind control Gerak has over them. Handsome Jack lost hundreds of constructors and mercenaries to Gerak trying to mine the Eridium that resides within his lair. Now go Vault Hunter....

    Locate deathmoor caverns.
    Retrieve the Sha'kar relic
    Increase the power of the Sha'kar relic
    Enter Gerak's domain and defeat Gerak
    (Optional) Save Dreylock's sister
    (Optional) Save 20 of Gerak's prisoners
    Entry #9
    Well howdy there stranger! You think you could help me with something? I seemed to have lost my gun to a scag. Seems that while I wasn't looking one of them there scags ate it up ... yep they'll eat just about anything. You think you could look through that pile of scag poo and find it fer me? There's a warm beer in it fer ya! :wink:

    Anyone got some hand sanitizer?
    Entry #10
    "Oh, hey there, you must be that Vault guy person... hold on a second... HEY! STOP IT YOU STUPID CLAPTRAP!... sorry, my Claptrap robot doesn't really wanna work the way I want it too. You see, I implemented this radar mechanism that makes the stupid bot more keen on the surroundings so I can easily find costumers for my shop here. The problem is, that something is jamming the signal. I backtraced the signal and figured out, that it came from radioactive crocodiles in the sewer. But since they became radioactive by the dump from the Lawnmower factory, you've got to shut that down too, but the problem is that there is always being build more by the Quick-Fix working crew. So to shut them down you have to take out the Leader of the working crew John Goodies. The problem with that is... I SAID STOP IT CLAPTRAP... sorry, the problem is that John is in his mansion highly secured with lasers and sensors. To find out how to defuse them, you'll have to ask my evil twin brother, but he wont help you unless you've killed the leader of the local vampire cult. The only way to do that is becoming a trusted member of the vampire cult. To become that you'll need to face the vampire challenges. You'll need to defeat the high mountain imp, the deep sea octopus and the Savannah Mutant Elephant, but before you can do any of that you.... THAT'S IT CLAPTRAP YOU SHUT IT OR I WILL BEAT YOU WITH A STICK.... you will need to get my van fixed to transport the creatures to the vampire cult, you can probably get some tools from the local engineer, but you'll probably need to vanquish the evil ghost that's haunting him, by getting the cross, that's on top of the church up the hill, that has been captured by bandits. Please hurry, this rotten piece of machinery is annoying the crap out of me."

    [] Retrieve Cross
    [] Get tools from engineer
    [] Fix van
    [] Kill Mountain Imp
    [] Kill Sea Octopus
    [] Kill Mutant Elephant
    [] Become Vampire Cult member
    [] Kill Vampire cult leader
    [] Get help from evil twin
    [] Kill John Goodies
    [] Stop Quick-Fix
    [] Destroy Lawnmower Factory
    [] Kill all sewer crocodiles

    Well, That Escalated Quickly
    Entry #11
    You Remind me of the Babe

    -Helped David find his baby in the labyrinth.Name of mission: Labyrinth RescueLocation: David's HutDifficulty: ChallengingRewards: $1,000 + David's MicrophoneDescription: David lost his baby! What baby? Don't ask, but he wants you to go with him to the Labyrinth to find him. Pray that he doesn't sing the entire way there...

    David: You remind me of the baby.
    You: What baby? Is he okay?
    David: My baby. Can you help me find him, the one with the power?
    You: What power? Is he in the tower?
    David: Power of voodoo! He's in the labyrinth.
    You: Who do? Are you coming to see it through?
    David: You do! Of course I'll be there too.
    You: Do what? Is it safe for you to leave your hut?

    David: Remind me of the baby! And don't worry, I'll be dandy.
    Entry #12
    vettes 4-ever
    Jack to the Future

    You're walking through Sanctuary when you find yourself, literally.
    You need to Defeat Jack early and help yourself return home.

    Part 1: Meet at Scooter's Garage
    Find parts to repair damaged Tym Runner

    Turn in! Receive Plasma weapon and explosives

    Part 2: Go to Hyperion facility
    Fight your way to the coreKill Jackplant explosivesTurn in! Receive 500 Eridium and Angel AI disc

    Part 3: Return to Scooter's for departure
    Choice: Give self 500 Eridium for powering time jump or overload it with a shock weaponMeet Lilithgive her the Angel discTurn in! Receive 10,000 Exp. and 3 Orange rated gear of varying type.

    Future Shock

    Entry #13

    Tharrrr She Bloooowwwws!

    The mission is started in Sanctuary when you come accross a haggared and beliguired old pirate named Cap't Xavier The Dense.

    The crew of his ship, The LadyBreaker, have mutinyed and removed him.

    The mission is to re-claim his ship and the serious treasure on board.
    Entry #14

    Hey Kid I have a job for you. I just ran out of my favorite chewing gum, Skag Chew, and need some more. I need it for when I go kill Bully Mongs. Bring me 10 cases of Skag Chew and I'll gladly repay the favor.
    I Came to Kick Ass...
    Finalist #4
    Entry #15


    My mission...

    Merchant: Howdy. You have come a long way, you have spent countless hours to get to this point. Now there is just one more small task.Now to face your final foe you need this key.... But before I can give it to you I need a favor. I need for you to collect 120 Claptraps which are scattered all over the wasteland. I don't need them for any particular reason just to drag gameplay out more and to annoy people with pointless collecting missions.

    Player: MOTHERF#%KER!

    So Close But Yet So Far
    For wasting your time with pointless collectables
    Entry #16

    Dude, Where's My Car?

    Help Brick and Marcus Kincaid find an Outrunner and Go Meet Crazy Earl On Time.
    Entry #17
    Mysterious Stranger - "I heard you 4 are the ones to talk to get things done. Well, I have this playbook that needs delivering to Dukino's mom. You can find her at the Gunslinger Saloon in Lynchwood. Give her the book and she will give you a very nice reward (wink, wink)...but don't let Dukino know!

    "The How I Met Your Mother"
    Finalist #5


    We got a real problem here, son. We got a creepy psycho runnin' a scag fighting ring right here in our own beloved Dust region and we don't take too kindly to that kind of abuse in these here parts. We gotta make an example of this no here good, lowlife, yellow-bellied scumbag. Here's what we do, Go on in there and kill all of this man's associates, free those poor critters, and leave Vicky alive. I want you to melee him unconcious, string him up to the back of this here runner, and drag his ass into the scag gully. It's right around their feedin' time...

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    Some of these that were not finalists are pretty good.

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    Congrats to all the finalists, there are some well thought out pieces in there and thanks to you GDT as ever, for running this shit. Nice one mate and good luck for your next comp. I will of course try to enter

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    Lasombra and Javro's are hilarious. Thanks again for an awesome contest GDT!
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    Alot of good entries but i think i liked Nagflar's the best.

    Congrats on the win Reiner.

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    Thanks to GDT and everyone that voted. This is a fun Comp with awesome prizes so everyone should get on board.

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    Congrats on win Reiner

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    Congrats Reiner! It's fun to win, isn't it?

    Entry 3 and 4 also made me chuckle. I guessed entry 3 wrong though, I thought it was from Shelyx.. From Envious I didn't expect anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feral View Post
    Congrats on win Reiner
    Quote Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
    Congrats Reiner! It's fun to win, isn't it?
    Thanks guys.

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    Huge congrats to Reiner x 100

    And a huge shout out to GDT, or course none of this would be possible without his efforts...looking forward to the next one

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    I have just tweeted Randy the link to this page, so lets see if he likes what you guys entered as much as I did


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