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November MotM Interview and special

This is a discussion on November MotM Interview and special within the Site & Member Thrown Competitions forum, part of the Headquarters; Spotlight Interview - antoniosbandana 1. How does it feel to win MotM? It feels great! 2. There has been a ...

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    November MotM Interview and special

    Spotlight Interview - antoniosbandana

    1. How does it feel to win MotM?

    It feels great!

    2. There has been a lot of changes on lately, how you liking them?

    It's nice to see the site getting closer to it's former glory, but I'm still hoping for the return of site trophies and rep.

    3. Being TGT, you need to make sure everything is in order, how are you hadling said responsibilities?

    Well there's always room for improvement. For example, I seriously need to update the Banner Team threads and probably post up some new ones.

    4. You've written several guides lately, how to do you find the time to do so?

    I do have a day job and sometimes it's pretty demanding, but other times we get into a kind-of lull period, especially around holidays since we follow the Academic calendar. So I'd say more often time finds me.

    5. Change your staff color for a day, what color, why and what would you do?

    I'd switch to red and be admin for a day. Who wouldn't? Top of the food chain. I'd like see behind the scenes of this site some more.

    6. What do you do in your free time?

    Play PS3, write guides, or do TGT stuff. I also like to watch Family Guy and action movies.

    7. You play a mixture of games, what's your preference?

    Well clearly my preference is for easy games, since that's what just about every game I've platted is. My favorite genre (or sub-genre, or whatever) is third-person-shooter or action adventure games that feature a big ol' sandbox (or open-world...I feel like some Review Team member is gonna slap me for my poor use of industry terminology) for you to play in. The Assassin's Creed Series, inFamous and inFamous 2, Saints Row: The Third, and a few others come to mind.

    8. A new year, means new games, which are you looking forward to?

    Right now just Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed III. Those are going to be epic.

    9. Cause I can't think of anything else, how did you and BMJ decide to do them graphs?

    Ah there was a thread I started a while back (bmj, jump in here any time if I mis-remember or forget something) where I ranted about not being able to see a full set of my trophy stats. All I wanted was a spreadsheet with every trophy on my PSN account along with info like date earned, trophy level/color, description, name, and the game it was associated with. That way I could get more stats and info about my collection than what the Statistics feature on this site offered (which was cool, but given my mathematics/engineering background, I wanted more).

    Well a little while later I get a PM from bmj14772 where he says "hey, I think I can do that". I was pretty surprised, but he succeeded. He was able to get all that info by working some of his magic. From there we traded a long series of PMs discussing what all we could do with the stats he was able to compile and on and on (skipping over a bunch to save space and because it's difficult to remember the finer details) and eventually we opened a shop.

    10. Want to give thanks to anyone or shout outs?

    I love everyone

    Special Interview - bmj14772

    1.What was your reaction when you found out that you found out that you were picked for the Special Interview?
    Flattered honestly. I don't know how I was chosen but, it's pretty cool regardless.

    2. How did you find
    Google... I was playing Red Dead Redemption at the time and looking for help on some of the online trophies. I did a google search and wound up here. I kept coming back because the guides were awesome, there was a ton of information in the forum, and people were quick to answer questions. I have been frequenting the site ever since. RDR was my first experience with boosting.

    3. You do the gadgets with Google and help people out with their trophy lists. What made you come up with something like that and the willingness to help out the community?
    It started with an interest in my own stats. I liked the Statistics page but, wasn't completely satisfied; I wanted more! I started out by manually compiling my trophy info and playing around with sorting, dates, calculations, etc. I was spending way too much time gathering my info and not enough time crunching the numbers so I wrote a program to do it for me. My intention was to distribute the program to the community but, it was never finished. In fact I'm still using a very rough Beta version myself to fulfill shop requests. That's when I met antoniosbandana; he came up with the idea of opening a shop and providing stats as well as charts. I was slightly terrified and totally thrilled at the same time. This may sound cheesy but, I really enjoy helping others out here. I suppose it comes down to wanting to "pay it forward" for all the advice and help I get here from the community.

    4. How did you come up with your name, bmj14772?
    I never imagined the PSN online community to be what it is today. I originally signed up to connect with close friends so I used my initials and my zip code; I figured that would be easy to remember. Now I regret it and would love to change it. The problem is I have no idea what I would change it to, haha.

    5. With all the different changes going on the site, which one did you like and if there is anything that you would change, what would it be?
    My favorite new feature is the Platinum/100% Difficulty Threads/Polls. I find it very helpful to see how others rate a game in terms of difficulty.

    I miss Site Trophies but, I believe I read somewhere that they will eventually make their return. I'm pretty big into trophy statistics (big surprise, haha) so If I could change something it would be a major expansion of the Statistics page.

    6. When you're not helping people on the site, what do you do at home or wherever you go?
    I have a ton of hobbies/likes; probably too many. I enjoy playing guitar, drums, PS3, woodworking... the list goes on. I also work full time and have a wife and 2 kids so I stay pretty busy.

    7. With Christmas just around the corner, you have any plans to pick up any games or receive any from Santa Claus?
    I'm in some sort of super hero phase right now and am looking at Captain America, Green Lantern, Iron Man 2, and both Batman games. I also have my eye on a few more recent releases like Uncharted 3, L.A. Noire, and Saints Row the Third.

    8. There were tons of releases this year. What is your Game of the Year?
    My absolute favorite this year has to be Assassin's Creed: Revelations. I loved the story and thankfully the MP was toned down from Brotherhood.

    9. What genre of gaming do you prefer to play?
    I'd have to say third-person Action Adventure. Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, and InFamous are among my favorites and are the kind of games I like best.

    10. What is your gaming snack that you sit down with when you play?
    I'm not much of a snacker while playing. I do however, have a drink standing by. The type of drink usually depends on what I'm playing. If I'm in my comfort zone enjoying a SP storyline it's Coke. If I'm grinding out MP trophies or in online competitive play, it's alcohol (usually beer).

    11. With those questions out of the way, is there anyone on the site that you like to give a shout out to?
    I've been a member here for over a year now. This is the first forum I ever joined and 1 of 2 that I now frequent. I have made several acquaintances and love to chat with them on the site. Additionally, I have made a great friend... Without a doubt I have to shout out to andoniosbandana

    I was pretty green when he and I teamed up to run our shop and he taught me the ropes of forum life. We've had the opportunity to boost, play online, share tips and much more. I can't say enough about the guy... he's
    K? Thanks

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    Awesome interviews, and congratz for being MotM ant. You and bmj do an awesome job with graphs, charts, and spreadsheets.

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    Congratulations antonio, definitely deserved it. Nice interviews, it was cool to learn about the 2 partners in crime

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    New Crackpack series :D

    Quote Originally Posted by DaRe_xLw View Post
    Awesome interviews, and congratz for being MotM ant. You and bmj do an awesome job with graphs, charts, and spreadsheets.

    and great interview bmj14772, you deserve it. kinda feel bad i didn't give you a shout-out in my interview. was trying to be omnibenevolent
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    Quote Originally Posted by antoniosbandana View Post

    and great interview bmj14772, you deserve it. kinda feel bad i didn't give you a shout-out in my interview. was trying to be onmibenevolent
    No worries man great interview! I feel as though I rambled a bit, haha.

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    Finally Tony gets the proper recognition he deserve! Also, It was nice to see bmj14772 get the special interview as well Two of the nicest guys on the site who are always giving back.
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    Both interviews are extremely from even r people.

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    No idea how I missed these

    Congratulations on the win antoniosbandana, definitely deserved it

    Great read both of you, nice team interview!

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    Great read, guys. Well done on the interviews.

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