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The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

This is a discussion on The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread within the Sonic Generations forum, part of the S; (banner image pending) This thread is first and foremost a discussion thread , but it also has a poll. Please ...

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    The Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread

    (banner image pending)

    This thread is first and foremost a discussion thread, but it also has a poll. Please do not vote in the poll until you have earned the platinum trophy for this game. That being said, we invite you to post below and discuss the difficult aspects of the game, even if you do not yet have the platinum trophy in your collection.

    When you post, give more than just a number. Give reasons why you feel the game is easy or hard. What parts of the game are easy or hard? Were there collectibles? Were they a pain? Is there a required online component? How easy or hard is the online portion? What is the most frustrating part about the game?

    Once you have obtained the platinum trophy, feel free to return to this thread and post your official vote. Say something to the effect of "I give this a 2 because there was only one tough spot and the collectibles were easy to find". At this point, you may also add your vote to the poll.

    The poll is public, meaning everyone can see how you vote.

    Obvious spamming will not be tolerated. Moderators will take action against obvious spammers as necessary*.

    *NOTE: This Official Platinum Difficulty Discussion Thread and others like it constitute an Official Site Feature here at Misuse of this thread or this poll may count as an abuse of a site feature which is expressly forbidden in the site rules. Moderators will give punishments as necessary.

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    I voted Moderate. Not getting hit by Time Eater is a bitch. The boss isn't all that tough but all of a sudden a Homing Missile can come to close to you and hit you.

    Getting S class on everything was a bit of a challenge, but they were pretty lenient on what classified as an S class.

    Finally the game glitched on me, but luckily the glitch fixed it self (I guess ) and the trophy still unlocked.


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    2 easy best thing to do is if your going for the S ranks on later levels to use the Time Break to slow everything down and it makes the game a breeze other then that damn Time Eater and that one this one wont give you too much trouble

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    I voted moderate.

    Mostly, it's all about completing/collecting everything in the game. Nothing was generally challenging except beating Time-Eater without him hitting you and the S ranks. I would say even the S ranks are not bad because you have to play the levels so much anyway and got used to the levels. And while they were fun, there were A LOT (45) of challenges. Some of the challenges were trickier than others but none of them too hard.

    The trophy set was great fun.
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