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Spec Ops: The Line Dev Diary

This is a discussion on Spec Ops: The Line Dev Diary within the Spec Ops: The Line forum, part of the S; 2K Games the company behind the shooter Spec Ops The Line which is set Dubai after it gets hit by ...

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    Spec Ops: The Line Dev Diary

    2K Games the company behind the shooter Spec Ops The Line which is set Dubai after it gets hit by a massive sandstorm and has you playing as the character Captain Walker who is sent there with his team to go and find survivors and evac them, little does he know that he is in for more than he bargained for when he finds out that the city on the grasp of war. His mission then becomes to find the one man that started it all and stop it.

    But enough of the details let's get on to what this thread is really about.....the developer's diary that 2K Games has posted. In this video the developers of the game talk about the setting of Dubai and how the environment plays a huge role in the game specifically the sand.Other things they talk about in the video are the story and the trouble that Captain Walker and his crew must face. Now may I present you with the video.

    Source:My First Source-->Go Behind The Line With New Spec Ops' Developer Diary - News -

    Hope Everyone Enjoys it. Comment Please and Thank You

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    Can't wait, all looks good so far. Hope the campaign lasts much longer than all other shooters.

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    Looking forward to the game, I just don't know if I'll even have enough time to play it with all the other games coming out.

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    In my opinion the game doesn't look like anything special at all, at least that's the impression the demo left with me.
    And the whole thing about questioning your own morals when making choices.... I bet it doesn't.

    Here's Angry Joe playing the demo, he doesn't think much to it either...

    I'm looking forward to his full review, but I'm sure I'll probably rent it at some point down the line.

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