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eSports Thread

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    eSports Thread

    What is eSports?

    Digital Sports. Instead of kicking a ball, driving a car really fast, or punching people in the face, you use a keyboard & Mouse/controller to compete with others in a video game for a chance to win fame and $$$.

    eSports has recently grown a major trend in recent years due to major pushes from Valve, Blizzard, Riot, MLG, ESL, EVO, and many other big organizations dedicated to the sport (including recent newcomers like Nintendo, Sony, and others.)

    "eSports is not real sports. this does not belong in the sports section. blah blah blah"

    The US Government and the Korean Government Recognize eSports players as Professional Athletes. eSports players from outside the US can get Athlete Visas now. Korea has literally ingrained eSports into their culture for a decade now thanks to Starcraft and other games. eSports is a huge fucking deal.

    eSports Tournaments also have a bigger prize pool than other major official sports. A recent example was Dota 2's TI4 which had a prize pool of 10 Million dollars (Beating the NFL Superbowl at 8.5 Million) . ESPN also Streamed the Dota 2 TI4 and X-games Austin 2014 had a Call of duty tournament.

    For a Better view on eSports, i recommend watching the Documentary "Free to play"

    would also recommend the Documentary "The Smash Brothers", which is a Documentary for SSBM:

    Notable Games for eSports

    ARTS/MOBA Games (Dota 2, League of Legends, etc.)

    ARTS Games (also known as MOBA Games/DOTA-Styled games, etc.) are the most well known type of eSports right now, it's like the Soccer of video games. A Team of 5 Players have to destroy another team's base. They do this by picking from a huge roster of 100+ Heros/Champions then leveling up/getting gold to buy important items they need to succeed. One of the teams win by destroying the main base building on the enemy side (Known in DOTA as a "Ancient", Known in LoL as a "Nexus".) You really can't sum up the gameplay of this in a few sentences due to the massive depth the gamestyle has. It is also has a high barrier of skill required for entry due to teamwork and individual skill.

    Game links to play:
    Dota 2 (Free to play):
    Dota 2

    League Of Legends (Free to play):
    League of Legends


    the 3rd Biggest eSports Game behind the Big two.

    RTS (Real Time Strategy) games are games designed around controlling a gigantic army to fight another gigantic army. You win by killing the player's army. This requires tons of mental tactics, the ability to control dozens of units individually, and reflexes.

    Try Starcraft for free and then buy it if you like it here:
    Buy Starcraft II - StarCraft II

    Fighter Games

    How can you not talk about eSports without talking about fighter games? Two People beating the shit out of each other with flawless combos and bad attitudes. There are too many popular fighter games to list so ill only list the main ones:

    • Street Fighter
    • Marvel VS Capcom
    • Super Smash Bros Melee
    • BlazBlue
    • Tekken
    • etc.

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    The Newest Iteration of CS is currently a recent popular game in the eSports Arena. You and a team of players fight against the enemy FPS-style. You only have one life per round and must kill off the CTs (Counter Terrorists) or Ts (Terrorists) As soon as possible.

    PS3/360 Versions are not accepted as eSports material.

    Buy CS:GO here:
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Steam


    A suprising big newcomer in eSports, A Blizzard made digital trading card game. Make a deck and kill your opponents with your deck!

    Free to play, get it here:
    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Official Game Site

    These are the main notable eSports games. There are a ton of more big-ish eSports games (WoW PVP, CoD, etc.) but they arn't huge enough to make any gigantic impact.

    Notable eSports Places/Tourneys/etc.

    Team Liquid

    Team Liquid - StarCraft 2 Pro Gaming News

    Team Liquid is one of the biggest eSports communities worldwide. They keep track of everything eSports related and have a eSports wiki for almost all the major games.


    MLG is a American focused eSports league, along with the big eSports games they also run a CoD as a tourney game and other various small games too.


    Happens every Summer and winter, Dreamhack is a big LAN tournament for all the major eSports games. They also do Dreamleagues for various eSports games

    ESL - Electronic Sports League

    ESL: United States of America - ESL - The eSports League

    ESL Is a Major Worldwide Tournament holder, They Hold ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters, and many other big tournaments all year long for many various games.


    Evo 2014 Championship Series | Official Website of the Evolution 2014 World Championship Series

    EVO is the E3 of Fighter games. Major Fighter tournaments, Major Fighter unveils, Just a giant Fighter lovefest.

    IeSF - International Esports Federation

    Hosts many notable game tournaments for various games

    And thats basically eSports in a nutshell, there is way more to talk about but this is the basics of whats happening currently.

    eSports is fun to watch. Recommend it to anyone.

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    I've been in a few mid-level leagues over the past 20 years, but nothing with a pool like this. Can't imagine getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helyx View Post
    I've been in a few mid-level leagues over the past 20 years, but nothing with a pool like this. Can't imagine getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a game.
    Then there's The International, where you're paid millions for winning .

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