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Biiiiiig question

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    Biiiiiig question

    So, after a month, I decided to go online in SSF4. I wasn't able to win a single match with Ryu so I switch to Akuma and I finally started to win and I was able to again about 260 BP/PP then I saved and went to bed.
    An hour ago I went again online and my BP/PP were again at 0, like I never played this game before :stare:
    The same happened just a moment ago: I played, won 4 matches in a row (gained about 280 BP/PP) then I went back on the mený to check something and, when I returned online, I only had 60 PP and 122 BP with Akuma. WTF? :stare:

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    Haha that happened to me as well, on Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Went online for the first time ever, on any fighting game. Won 5 ranked matches in a row, and ended my session with an 11win-3loss ratio (by this time I was thinking to myself, ''wow, I must be a natural '').

    Logged in the next day. Was getting matched with people who had like, 90 wins, 10losses. My 11-3 ratio turned to to an 11win-11loss.

    Never played online again.

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