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WiiMote, Move or Kinect?

This is a discussion on WiiMote, Move or Kinect? within the Technology forum, part of the General Chit-Chat; I looked and couldn't find a forum on this and I was curious, which do you prefer? My opinion on ...

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    WiiMote, Move or Kinect?

    I looked and couldn't find a forum on this and I was curious, which do you prefer?

    My opinion on each:

    cheapest of the 3 without motion plus and in the middle if it has the motion plus.
    Without motion plus this thing just didn't work that well at all as a motion device (for me anyway). Even when I used it as a controller it would sometimes struggle to realise when I tilted it backwards or forwards (left and right were generally ok).
    With motion plus I have not tried but from what iv'e been told it works better however it still sometimes struggles with larger movements such as golf swings (of course based on what iv'e been told on what iv'e tried)
    My rating: Without plus 2/10, with plus: Can't say without trying
    Worth the Money: Without Plus: No, With Plus: Can't say without trying

    Playstation Move:
    Either cheapest or in the middle for price range
    I do not own move yet but I would like to buy it at some point however I have used it for a week when I was staying at my cousins. I found it work with well with playstation move hero's (only move game he had). it would normally do what I wanted it to do as I did it. However when I was getting much more engrossed in the game and becoming more major in my movements it started to do wrong movements or not responding.
    My rating: 7/10
    Worth the Money: Once it's 25 (currently 30) So No

    The most expensive of the 3 by far
    I do not even own a Xbox360 any more however I played this at my dad's who I was with over the last week (for Easter basically) and he only owned the carnival games thing and strangely sonic free riders. I got to say it was fun to use and worked well however it would struggle figuring out where my hands and feet were quite often and as a result about 10min of every hour was spent me trying to get the game to figure out where I was and how I was standing.
    My rating: 7.5/10
    Worth the Money: Currently No (120 is stupid for it)

    Of all the 3 Kinect is my favourite because it has potential to be amazing (maybe Kinect 2 which is rumoured to be included with the new Xbox). I wouldn't intend to get it because I'm sticking with Sony for as long as possible now and I'm sure Nintendo will charge way too much for it. But I really want to see where the technology goes
    I do also find the motion control style of PS Move and Wiimote to have potential but nowhere near as much as the Kinect
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    I've only used the WiiMote, and I get tired of the cursor moving all over the place when I only point it at one spot. Can't say I can give it a very high rating though, but it's good in some cases that I can use SIXAXIS for. (tilting the controller to move. etc.)

    I wouldn't mind trying the Move or the Kinect at some friend's house to see what it's like playing in them though, but I'd spend my money on the Move since I have a PS3 and games I can use it on, like LBP2 and the Move DLC.

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    Out of the 3, Move by far. Kinect is extremely limited in what you can do without a real remote in your hand which is why Sony moved away from the "you are the controller" effect to include a remote. The Wiimote and the wii is just outdated technology with nothing going for it.

    Move has a lot of potential. But there has only been maybe 5 games that really use it to it's ability.
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    Never played Kinect, but IMO Move is better than Wii. I never had Motion Plus on mine, but I still say the Move is better...

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    Technically, none of these devices work as intended. Wii-motes are unresponsive, Move is too (though to a much lesser degree) and Kinect is just broken.

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    Hovering pattern

    why no option for none of them?

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    I hate gimmicks

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    I own all 3. While I my Wii hasn't been turned on since Feb (I only bought it Xmas) Wiimote+ is only a pointer really but would work better with shooters than Move as you only have to move 1 inch on your seat and have to reset it. Not good! The software is not good on any of these. Kinects camera is very good at picking you up in the little software I've played in but then there's Kinect Star Wars UGHH! Podracing is great and very responsive but then the Lightsaber is pure and utter s*@& and as why they added dancing to it ugghh. I still not seen any decent software that utilise any of these as of yet so none of them but on the hardware side it's Kinect.

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    normally itd be neither but for the sake of this thread ill go with move. tried them all out at gamestop and move was fun for me

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    Move is the best.Tried all of them.Kinect cant handle you in the screen and wiimote has unplayable graphics
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