I finally created a FB account (again) because people keep asking me if I have one. I think some aspects of FB are cool, but I'm not into the whole "social everything" lifestyle, so it's been pretty easy to live without it.. Although the main reason I don't have one is because of people I don't want to see ever again. I finally remade one and added 1 person to it.. now it started recommending me a bunch of people who I believe would be their friend. I've yet to see anyone I don't want to see since I made a new account, but I would rather not get to that point.

I've spent time googling it, but the only thing I can find out is that if you click X next to the persons name, it will remove them from that list.. the issue with that is I don't want to get to that point where they show up on the list and I don't want that feature on my profile, period. Everything else I've found about this is about the FB phone apps.

Does anyone know how to either delete or disable this?