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Who am I ?

my name is Osama, am from Iraq, computer engineer, graduated from college in 2009, now am working in company as computers maintenance, i began my addiction to games when i was 6 years old I've got my first console "NES" in Iraq we called it ( Micro ) i don't know why really i love it, i spend whole 6 years later playing with NES then i bought SEGA Gensis then in 2001 i played my first game on PS1 it was Metal Gear Solid and from that time i obsessed with MGS series then bought PS2 then in 2010 PS3 came to my home with first game Resident evil.
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[top]Trophy Case

First Trophy

Completed Chapter 1 - 1 From RESIDENT EVIL 5


Proudest Trophy

Star 69 From Modern Warfare® 2


Easiest Trophy

VIP From Call of Duty®: Black Ops


Most Boring Trophy

Card Sharp From Mafia II


Never Again Trophy

I’ll Take the Physical Challenge From God of War®


Long Time Trophy

Demolition Man From Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2


My 500th Trophy

Just Beginning From LittleBigPlanet


Fastest Platinum

Platinum TrophyFrom The God Father II