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Guffyjon's Progression List

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    Guffyjon's Progression List

    Guffyjon's Classy Checklist

    Some Nujabes For You All

    Who is GuffyJon???
    I have been gaming since I was a wee lad with an orange NES gun in my hand blasting away at ducks. As I grew older gaming became a larger part of my life. While console gaming has always been a past-time of mine, the launch of World of Warcraft changed my life drastically. I consumed that cocaine for eight years, leading raid group progression. I have just recently quit the game and now focus on building my Trophy Collection.

    Game Rating 8/10

    My first platinum. When I purchased my PS3 I grabbed the GoW collection. The franchise was one I enjoyed immensely on the PS2. The first game of an awesome series with great combat and enjoyable plot.

    Trophy Difficulty 4/10

    The trophies in this game are pretty straight forward collection and difficulty based trophies. The Challenge of the Gods was slightly frustrating due to that you must complete all 10? challenges in a row without quitting the game. The final challenge took a bit for me to knock out but other than that challenge the game was fairly simple to plat.

    Game Rating 8/10

    Huge fan of the Ratchet and Clank series. The space missions were a nice break from the ratchet adventure levels, and the addition of the Clank puzzle levels was refreshing.

    Trophy Difficulty 2/10

    It has been awhile since I obtained this platinum but from what I recall the game was very easy to complete. All of your upgrades and guns stay with you on new game+ which makes Challenge Mode easy to complete.

    Game Rating 7/10

    A fun adventure game where you play as a guy who from what i recall stumbles upon a castle which has been take over by some sort of corruption. You free a giant friend and use him as a companion as you make your way through a Ocarina of Time style campaign. The combat is simple yet very fun and the puzzles were very nostalgic to Zelda games.

    Trophy Difficulty 2/10

    The trophies for this game were simple and did not take me much time to complete. Maximizing your companions abilities and collecting all treasures are the majority of the trophies in this game.

    Game Rating 5/10

    In a world destroyed where humanity is pretty much extinct; robots now roam around the globe. The Combat is fun and story is fairly well structured. An action adventure game with RPG upgrade elements common in most games these days. You play as a man named Monkey who is captured by the controlling 'corporation' but luckily breaks free and stumbles upon characters on his way to put an end to their reign.

    Trophy Difficulty 2/10

    The trophies in this game are fairly easy. The only noteworthy trophy is collecting all the Tech Orbs in the game. This was a pain in the ass. Tech Orbs are the currency used to upgrade your character in the game and are placed at static locations throughout the game world. Some areas of the game are completed on your Dragon Ball Z cloud which allows you to hover around at faster speeds and across water. There were certain timed chase events that had to be completed multiple times just to obtain all of these Orbs.

    Game Rating 9/10

    Amazing survival horror game. The thrills within this third-person shooter are brilliant. Slowly making your way through corridors of necromorphs on a dead ship drifting through space. The weapons are very well designed and cause massive destruction to enemies trying to rip your face off. The weapon upgrade system was fun and allowed you to customize your play style. The limited number of upgrades acquired in a play through forced you to think about your choices before tossing upgrades on random weapons.

    Trophy Difficulty 5/10

    This game was a fairly easy game to platinum. New Game+ made the hardest difficulty play through a walk in the park. The trophies are well constructed and require you to kill necromorphs in certain ways and succeed in mini games.

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    Another CL started, seeing alot lately. I would usually say nice & awesome work but there is nothing here yet, but in saying that, I can tell it's be a great CL when your done because you have 68 . That's awesome.

    I look forward to seeing your future CL progression mate


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    A lot of CL's being made recently. Good luck with your Ballerium, looking forward to seeing it! I think I might consider making one soon.

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    good luck with your cl, 68 plats that's a lot of work.
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    A nice start to your CL keep up the good work.

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    Very nice start to your CL and good luck with it...loads of work to do

    Nice set of s too

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    Great start, keep going

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