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Dro2020's Fresh Checklist

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    Dro2020's Fresh Checklist


    Current Stats
    LEVEL 15...1,634 trophies...26 platinums (as of 1-15-13)

    Goals for 2013
    Reach 30 Platinum Trophies

    What's goody everybody... let me start off by introducing myself. I'm Dro2020 and i've been a trophy hunter since 2010. Feel free to post replies on what you think of my trophy list and anything else you might wanna chat about. By the way, this is my first started thread so it's not anything too fancy! enjoy...

    Date Earned - 9/12/2010
    Difficulty - 2/5

    Madden 11 is not a terribly difficult platinum. A few of the madden moments may cause you some headaches.

    Date Earned - 9/14/2010
    Difficulty - 3/5

    Heavy Rain is an excellent platinum to own in my opinion... seeing all of the replays can be a pain and the kamikaze trophy will make you want to possibly break your controller.

    Date Earned - 9/27/2010
    Difficulty - 2/5

    Uncharted 2 is my favorite game of all time! crushing can be hairy at times, but nothing a gamer can't handle...

    Date Earned - 10/2/2010
    Difficulty - 3/5

    Tiger Woods 11 would get a 1 out of 5, but i think everyone who has the platinum knows how tough it can be to get 24 players online at once!

    Date Earned - 11/6/2010
    Difficulty - 2/5

    I think everyone and their mother has this platinum, but still an awesome game! the 100 feathers gets pretty irritating!

    Date Earned - 12/7/2010
    Difficulty - 4/5

    AC Brotherhood picks up where the awesomeness of AC2 leaves off... some of the MP trophies are VERY brutal!

    Date Earned - 12/26/2010
    Difficulty - 2/5

    Mafia II is not a terribly hard platinum at all... the collectibles are a pain although the playboys are nice!!

    Date Earned - 12/31/2010
    Difficulty - 1/5

    Nothing too hard about the Sly games... just an awesome game with a cool platinum.

    Date Earned - 1/4/2011
    Difficulty - 1/5

    Pretty much the same for Sly 2... easy plat, awesome game!

    Date Earned - 1/22/2011
    Difficulty - 3/5

    Fallout New Vegas has one of the best trophy lists around! a must have for any true RPG fan.

    Date Earned - 2/24/2011
    Difficulty - 4/5

    LBP2 is a tough plat! you have to have lots of patience and some good online buddies.

    Date Earned - 3/25/2011
    Difficulty - 2/5

    Nothing too hard about the Killzone 3 plat... although some sections of the Elite difficulty can be pretty cheap.

    Date Earned - 4/9/2011
    Difficulty - 3/5

    Mass Effect 2 plat comes down to strategy... must play the game the right way in order to achieve all the trophies.

    Date Earned - 6/5/2011
    Difficulty - 2/5

    LA Noire has a pretty straight forward trophy list, although finding all the cars is a royal pain.

    Date Earned - 7/31/2011
    Difficulty - 3/5

    InFAMOUS is an awesome game! i got it for free on the PSN after the hacking and it didnt disappoint. Getting the blast shards are a pain, but not too bad.

    Date Earned - 8/21/2011
    Difficulty - 4/5

    LBP is pretty much like LBP2... a tough plat which requires some good friends online.

    Date Earned - 11/4/2011
    Difficulty - 5/5

    The mother of all my plats, MORTAL KOMBAT... enough said.

    Date Earned - 11/18/2011
    Difficulty - 2/5

    Uncharted 3 is a great game, but an easy plat... Crushing is only tough in a few spots.

    Date Earned - 12/9/2011
    Difficulty -2/5

    Revelations is pretty much like all the other AC plats... some collectibles here and there, but pretty straightforward...

    Date Earned - 2/6/2012
    Difficulty - 4/5

    Batman: Arkham City is one hell of a game! I did not get too into the first batman but after platinuming this one, i may go back and give it the time it deserves. The trophy list is pretty demanding, but if you focus on one thing at a time it isn't too terribly difficult. The hardest trophy is by far Perfect Freeflow 2.0... however once you get a rhythm and pattern that you like, you should get it in no time.

    Date Earned - 4/15/2012
    Difficulty - 3/5

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an awesome game! I repeat an AWESOME game! The sheer size of this game makes it one of the best and most important titles of this generation of consoles in my opinion. You could literally play this game for 300 hours and not see everything that it has to offer. With that being said, the platinum is not all too hard to get. There are a few trophies that are just a pain to get (100,000 gold, master criminal, 50 skill books), but most if not all of them will come with natural gameplay. There is 1 trophy however, that can cause people to give up on this platinum. Oblivion Walker requires lots of attention to detail and most likely a trophy guide. All in all, if you are willing to put in the roughly 100 well deserved hours, this plat will be yours!

    Date Earned - 7/17/2012
    Difficulty - 2/5

    Mass Effect 3 is a pretty great game. It's fun and difficult at many parts on Insanity. That being said it's not a terribly hard platinum at all. You will need to put in a little work on the multiplayer and the 5,000 kills trophy can be a bit of a grind. I'm not as disappointed with the ending as everyone else is either. Although i'm not a huge ME fan so i dont care too much. Still a great game and plat to own!

    Date Earned - 8/15/2012
    Difficulty - 2/5

    I had a blast playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. I played Arkham City first and was completely blown away by it. Although this game is nowhere as sick as Arkham City, it is still awesome to play. This platinum isn't too terrible at all. Actually it's pretty easy. I got the hang of the combat challenges pretty fast, and the only thing that caused me some headaches were a few of the predator challenges. Overall, a great game and platinum to own!

    Date Earned - 8/28/2012
    Difficulty - 4/5

    Let me start off by saying that Red Dead Redemption is an AMAZING game. It is something that should be in everyone's collection in my opinion. I'm not gonna lie, this was a hard platinum for me to get. It took me over 2 years before i finally went back and went for all the online trophies. Thank god there are so many great boosters out there that helped me to get this coveted trophy! The grind to level 50 is a PAIN even if you use the LAN method and get more xp. However, the trophy that cost me hours of sleep lost was the redeemed trophy. Getting 100% completion is no easy task and i'm proud of it... not to mention all the other crazy online trophies that require tons of attention to detail. This is a platinum i'm proud to own. Can't wait for Rockstar's next game!

    Date Earned - 12/29/12
    Difficulty - 3/5

    Assassin's Creed 3 was an absolutely amazing experience. The story of Connor is nothing short of phenomenal. The game is beautiful from start to finish, and i'm glad i gave it the time it deserved. Although some of the side quests and mini games are a complete pain in the ass, it all seems to work well in the end. There are definitely some trophies that will cause you some grief and force you to look online for help (Original Gamer i hate you!). For me the most annoying thing was traveling through the underground tunnels. After a while though, it becomes fun to search for each one. Overall this game is a great platinum to add to your collection. It was 60 hours well worth it.

    Date Earned - 1/14/13
    Difficulty - 1/5

    The Walking Dead was a very gripping and emotional game in my opinion. As you all know, there is no difficulty for this platinum. You receive it as soon as you finish the story. So sit back and enjoy a great experience. I felt a real connection between Lee and Clementine throughout the story and I'm pleased with the decisions made througout the game. The only problem that i have is that the frame rate was absolutely HORRIBLE! The game would skip and freeze at very pivotal moments which took all of the anticipation and excitement out of key moments. If it weren't for this, the game would get a 9/10 from me. But for this reason it drops into the 7/10 range. With that being said, it's still a fun, short, and easy platinum to add to your collection.


    There you have it... My checklist as it stands right now! I'm going to be taking a little hiatus from platinum hunting, as i don't really have any games on my radar besides GTA5 and The Last Of Us. My wife will be happy to get the much needed attention she deserves! Thanks for Taking a look!
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    That's a good start man, keep it up!

    I say your checklist needs a banner up top next. There are plenty of people who can make one for you if you let them know what you want on it.

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    Your checklist is coming along nicely. I have some experience with making them myself so if you need any help or tips on how to make an awesome one just let me know.
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    Always nice to see a new checklist welcome..and keep up the good work.

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    Isn't this like your third one?

    Regardless, looks decent and keep up the good work.

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