Hi All,

The save file in this game is glitched and for me personally glitches after 96 consecutive days (I have completed the requirements 3 time now all glitch at exactly the same point, it doesn't matter which patch is applied), I think this may also make quite accomplished glitched too.

I have logged a call with THQ who have replied several times and deny all knowledge of it being an issue despite threads being full of issues, including a response from a THQ tech admitting that there is a problem & the test team are aware of it. I keep chasing them to make sure they have at least to keep on answering my questions.

If you have this game please log a call with THQ complaining that the save is glitched if they get more complaints maybe they will do something about it.

Here's the link to the support page :- http://support.thq.com/thq/consumer/...n.asp#question

Click the "view all" link and select UFC personal trailer to get to the title.