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UC3 Legacy Info

This is a discussion on UC3 Legacy Info within the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception forum, part of the U; so i heard of this prestige mode for UC3 MP which is actually called legacy and decided to dig for ...

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    UC3 Legacy Info

    so i heard of this prestige mode for UC3 MP which is actually called legacy
    and decided to dig for some info on it since i was interested and maybe some of you were wondering what it is and what it does

    basically once you hit level 75 you are given the option of going legacy which means starting all over and your badge looks different
    now i have seen and met those who have done this but i wanna give you a link in which explains it best for everyone to understand and read up on

    Legacy Discussion - Naughty Dog Community

    heres a vid

    so will you go legacy?
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    Does that mean you lose all stuff you unlocked so far if you select this option? And you only get 4 clownmasks + fatt Talbot?

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    What you lose:

    - Booster levels (e.g, if you got cloaked to level three, you'll have to do it all over again in Legacy, including Co-op boosters).
    - Boosters (You have to buy them again when they unlock at the corresponding level, including co-op boosters)
    - Kickbacks (You have to buy them again when they unlock at the corresponding level, including co-op kickbacks)
    - Money (all your cash is reset to $10,000, so spend it all before you Legacy. This also resets your leaderboard cash total).
    - Weapon Mods (You have to level up and buy them again, including co-op mods).

    What you keep:

    - Treasures (completed sets and non-completed sets, this includes co-op treasures)
    - "Special Weapons" (unlocked via treasures or codes). But you have to wait to reach the level it unlocks at to use it. E.g, Marlowe's M9 unlocks at level 16, so you have to hit 16 to use it.
    - Taunts (you keep the one's you've bought and you can use them at any level).
    - Skins (you can use any skin you've already bought at any level you want when you Legacy, but you'll (obviously) have to buy skins you haven't bought yet, and you'll have to reach the level the skin unlocks. E.g, if you legacy before you buy Marlowe, then you'll have to rank up in order to buy the skin - if you already bought her previously, then you can use her at any rank during your Legacy).
    - Emblems (You keep all emblem unlocks that you've already bought)
    - You keep all medals, personal stats, and leaderboard stats (except the 'total cash' leaderboard stat).

    Anything I've missed off or got wrong, please correct me.
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    Can you only legacy once? Or is a multiple times thing like COD?

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    U can do it 3 times for now

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