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The only trophies that appear difficult to obtain are the quest ranking related ones. All others just look like a lot of grinding. Is my impression correct? Can anybody confirm that it's possible to get the quest ranking trophies entirely offline?
It's possible, but it's really, REALLY difficult.

If you're playing WKC1 (from its disc), you're going to have an incredibly difficult time with the S ranks of the high-level quests because they're really that difficult with just your solo character. Beyond that, you'll have an even harder time if you can't unlock the quasi-DLC quests (e.g. Sprog Cleaning) -- and I don't know if you can do that now that the servers are down (and haven't tried) -- because there are barely enough quests to hit the trophy without them.

There are enough reports regarding players getting the WKC1 platinum trophy completely solo/offline that I won't discount the possibility. It's just going to be a lengthy slog, and the quest ranking trophies are by far the hardest part of WKC1's group. On the other hand, I imagine the most difficult part of the WKC2 trophies (solo/offline) will be defeating Vellgander's Apex without a full party because I doubt the AI is going to be particularly adept at that one.