Well, I only posted one of them on gamefaqs, But now I think its time I make the rest public.

Glitch 1:
Free Georama Upgrading.

--Connection to the internet

Start off by saving your game, So you do not lose anything.
Next, Head to the world map, then go to Edit Georama.
Use your items to create some things for your georama that you want, Dont hold back.
After that, Go ahead and sell off all your remaining items and equipment.
Use the money you gained to upgrade and expand your georama. Then add in the items, And alter it until it is to your liking.

Now, Log into the geonet, And in your hometown, Go to -Upload Georama- And then when it is finished, Immideately log out of the geonet, And when you arrive on the world map, Pick return to title screen.

From there, Reload your data, Connect to the geonet, And visit your town. And bam! Free upgrades!

Glitch 2:
Free Paid Georama Items.

--Connection to the internet
--A friend who has purchased items for their Georama

Save a copy of your data to a flashdrive.
Copy the savedata to your friends PS3 who has purchased georama items.
Now. Have him log into your PSN account, and load up the save data, Upgrading and altering your georama, Adding in all of the paid items to the georama, And when the georama is cosmetically and statistically to your liking, Log into the geonet, And upload it.
Now whenever you log in, It should have all of those paid items that your friend added to the georama!

Glitch 3:
Easy binding trophies and gold star trophy.

No requirements.

Yet another exploit save!
For those of you like me who are looking at the big picture and dont want to waste all of their harvested materials and money for a trophy when you have even bigger ones to get in the future.
So why dont we fix that...
For those who want to get their binding trophies without going poor and being unable to have the 10,000,000 guilda trophy by the time they hit GR12, Every 3 GR`s, Head to your georama, And talk to mister toad guy at the binding post, Bind EVERYTHING you possiablly can, Odds are. You will get a trophy, For me, I got the bind 50 at GR5, And the bind 200 at GR10, And I still have all the items and ect and didnt lose them.

Now, For an easy full skillset, You may not want to have to rebirth again and again and again.
So, When you are on your last rebirth needed for the trophy, Simply save over a new slot, And play through, putting skillpoints into the ones you need until you get the trophy, Then go ahead and reload your data before you did all that so you dont have to get to level 50 all over again, and rebirth again to get your final build.

Glitch 4:
Shortcut through the lagnish desert

No Requirements

On certain ledges in the lagnish desert. you can do circle manuevers in a counterclockwise motion, and if you make contact with the wall at the right time in a wider circle you can glitch your way up the ledge and over big gaps in the map or to get into areas not allowed during your quest.

Hope these help some people. Since WKC 2 is coming out next week and they wont have time to change it, Figured it should be public info now. If you know somemore, Feel free to post them.