Hey there, shazmo here. I'm sure we all know about the issue with the crashing in this game but I'll re-issue it to those who have recently bought it. Okay, appears that the Vita and 3DS version has a game/SAVE crashing glitch in it if you decide to save during the escape rooms in the PEC and Crew Quarters. It happens after the Escape and usually crashes during the novel scenes. It happened to me and I found a way to bypass it, even when I saved in the PEC. Ok, it may not work on most versions but for me, this is what I did. AFTER clearing the Escape (So it shows up in your flow chapter log), IMMEDIATELY PICK THE NOVEL SECTION YOU ARE ON OR ANOTHER SECTION. I performed this numerous times to see if this was a viable solution and it is GUARANTEED to work. The PEC crash happens RIGHT BEFORE the part where Sigma and Clover go to the Infirmary. I even saved right before they did go in and I reset the Novel chapter, skipping all the text and lo and behold, no crash. You guys can give it a shot and input your own solutions as well.

NO ONE, should be limited to enjoy this great game and I believe we should all work together to help each other out to solve this...Or at least til the patch comes out, lol.