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Killzone: Shadow Fall Free Multiplayer Week March 3 - 11, 2014

Guerilla Games will be making the Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer available for free for one week, March 3 - March 11. PS4 owners in North/South America as well as Europe will be eligible to participate, and PS+ will not be required. The free Multiplayer week coincides with the release of new, free maps. As an added bonus, there will be special Warzones where you can play just those new maps, and compete on global leaderboards for Capture and Team Deathmatch game modes.

To participate in the free multiplayer, you’ll need to download the Killzone: Shadow Fall client from the PlayStation Store (out now in Europe, coming on the 3rd in North/South America).

The free multiplayer week will begin at 5PM PT/8PM ET on March 3rd, with the event then ending on March 11th

Source: PSLS, Killzone Site.

Indie Sci-fi Title forma.8 Coming to PS4 and PS Vita

Indie developer MixedBag is working on a game two years in the making, forma.8. forma.8 is an action-adventure game that follows the classic Metroidvania formula.

In the distant future a small exploration probe, forma.8, is stranded alone ... on an alien planet. it was parted from its companions ... and has a life or death mission to accomplish: it must find and recover a powerful energy source deep under the surface before its too late.
You take on the role of forma.8 and explore the plant, dealing with its hostile natives, searching for clues to unravel the story. The game has no verbal coummunication, rather, everything is conveyed to the player via images, sounds, or gameplay itself.

Physics will apparently play a huge role in the game.
Physics is a big part of forma.8, too; everything in the world is physics based, with plants, ropes, liquids, enemies, rocks, and all the moving elements interacting and reacting in a realistic way, offering unexpected twists to the game.
From a technical standpoint, the game will be visually-brilliant. Everything was rendered at the highest resolution possible, resulting in no pixels, only smooth lines. The game will look stunning at 1080p, and will run at 60 fps. The soundtrack is being dome by Qubit.

TL;DR version -
•an expansive world
•everything is physics based
•secrets to uncover
•an intriguing and mysterious story
•lots of enemies
•lots of BIG enemies
•some even BIGGER enemies
•...and all the power-ups you need to take care of them and to avoid all the nasty stuff you’ll face on a remote, alien planet
•60 frames per second of superfluid action
Source: US Playstation Blog

Follow-up to Popular Indie Platformers N and N+ coming to PS4

The follow-up to the cult classic platformer series N and N+ is set to release for PS4 in the near future. The EU PS Blog has an extensive article which details what N++ is all about, and provides some nice details on what people can expect when the game's released. Again, the article is quite detailed, so I'll give some highlights.

  • The levels in N++ are also a bit different from traditional platformer fare. Instead of just boxy square tiles, there are many angled surfaces and smooth curves. This is no accident – the ninja’s momentum-based movement means that hills and slopes can be used as ramps to launch off, and learning how to use the environment to your advantage is a key part of playing the game. The ninja can jump up walls almost as easily as running along the ground, which opens things up vertically and leads to a very dynamic and diverse range of levels.
  • Each level is contained within a single 16:9 screen, which makes the game feel a bit like a puzzle-platformer. The question of each level is: can you figure out a safe route to the exit? More importantly, can you actually perform/execute this route? In order to beat a level, you have to first touch a switch which opens the exit, then get to the exit alive. Sometimes the switch is behind locked doors, and usually it’s guarded by several inadvertently homicidal robots. Occasionally the path to the switch is long, so you’ll need to collect gold along the way to add to your timer – the clock is always ticking, and running out of time means game over.
  • N++ will also feature several multiplayer modes which let you cooperate or compete with your friends.
  • Co-op sees two ninjas helping each other to reach the exit alive; these levels tend to be fairly devious and often involve traps and tricks which players must figure out together.
  • Race mode is, as the name suggests, a four-player race to the exit. The rules encourage some risk/reward excitement, and you’ll have to decide whether it’s better to just bolt for the exit or to grab some gold on the way.
  • We’re also introducing a new Deathmatch mode, inspired by one of our favourite classic freeware games, Jump n Bump
  • We’re still in the process of making levels, but so far it looks like there will be over 1000 new levels in the game, which will all have global and friend leaderboards.
  • There’s also a level editor, so should you ever get bored of the built-in levels, you can create your own and share them globally (these will have leaderboards as well).
Metanet Software will have a playable demo that they'll be showing at BitSummit and GDC.

Source: EU PS Blog.

Latest screenshots of Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes

Konami has released a new round of screen shots of the upcoming game, Ground Zeroes. In them, we see the "return" of Psycho Mantis as part of one of the game's bonus missions, Deja Vu, which features Liquid Snake. The mission Deja Vu will be a PS4 exclusive and will feature low-poly models of the original Metal Gear.

The screenshots also reveal new vehicles. Click the source link for the screen shots. As a small note, they aren't high-resolution. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is set to release for PS3 and PS4 on March 18, 2014 (NA) and March 20, 2014 (EU).

Source: vg247, Dualshockers.

Castlevania Dev Speaks Out on Work Conditions

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has released to mix reactions from the gaming media. In light of this, a Mercury Steam developer has come forward and puts the blame on the studio director, Enric Alvarez, for the lackluster quality of the game as well as poor working conditions. While the dev has remained anonymous, there's no question he has a distaste for Alvarez and his management style.

The dev goes on to say:
The vast majority of this team is aware that the game we’ve done is a real piece of shit that has nothing to do with the first one’s quality and production values ... Nobody is surprised by the low reviews we’ve got.

If there’s someone to blame here, that’s Enric Álvarez. He is the person who has led a broken development based on his personal criteria, completely overlooking programmers, designers and artists. Despite his nice look to the press, often considered as some sort of creative ‘visionary’ in the looks of David Cage and Molyneux, this guy has serious problems. He is a mean and naughty guy, and since the ‘success Lords of Shadows 1′ his ego has grown to the point of not even daring to say ‘hello’ when you meet him in the hallway.

His distrust to his own workers is enormous. Most of the development team often found out features of the game through press news, rather than from the studio’s head – unbelievable. And there is no corporate culture here at all… this is just a handful of people working blindly and at the disposal of an alleged visionary
He goes on to say that the founders of the studio have "zero abilities for running a studio". He cites the game's art direction as "erratic and beheaded" and that the QA department is "treated like cattle, with shameful wages and almost everyday bullying".

The dev also reveals that since the release of Lords of Shadow 2, the studio has laid off 35 employees and more are expected to come in the near future due to the poor reception of the game; Konami isn't happy.

For reference, here are some review scores the game has garnered
•Polygon – 5/10
•Edge – 4/10
•IGN – 6.5/10
•Strategy Informer - 7.5/10
•Xbox Achievements – 60/100
•GodisaGeek - 7/10
•Joystiq – 4/5
•Videogamer – 6/10
•GamesVillage – 5/10
•PlayersLink – 7/10
•OXM - 8/10
•Xbox-Schweiz – 8 /10
•NextGenGamingBlog – 7/10
• – 76/100
•Expansive DLC - 6/10
•DigitalSpy – 3/5
•PushSquare – 7/10
•Eurogamer – 5/10
•3rabgamer – 8.5/10
•Game Informer – 6/10
•CVG – 8/10
•ShopTo - no score
Some of you may recall that stories like these aren't all that rare. The Ukranian development studio, A4, responsible for Metro: Last Light, also faced harsh conditions while developing the game as was reported in the gaming news.

Source: vg247, vg247.

"Fourth-Person" Puzzler, Pavilion, Set to Arrive on PS4 and PS VITA in 2014

Some of you may have caught sight of a game by the name of Pavilion that was announced at last year's Tokyo Game Show by Visiontrick Media. Little is known about this intriguing puzzler that's set to be released sometime this year for the PS4 and the PS Vita. In particular, what is meant by "fourth person" isn't entirely clear, so Visiontrick Media figured it'd be good to provide a bit of an explanation. From what they describe, it seems like an interesting and novel concept not typically found in gaming.

Let’s talk a little bit about the term “fourth-person,” which is something we’ve used over the past year to describe the way you interact with the main character. Basically, the character is not your avatar and you are not in control of him. Instead, you have to find different ways — mostly through environmental interaction — to guide, influence or even force him to explore and fulfill the purpose of the world. This indirect control is what we refer to when we say fourth-person.
Visiontrick promises to keep providing updates as they arise. You can follow their Twitter feed or their Facebook page for upcoming details.

Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog.

Starbreeze Studios Finally Turning a Profit

StarBreeze Studios, the publishers of titles such as PayDay 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, has had their share of financial hardship, claiming a net loss of $14 million in the 15 years it's been in existence. Recently, though, the company has seen a complete turnaround, with the past 6 months netting the company a record-setting $16 million in profit.

Starbreeze CEO, Bo Anderson Klint says:
To put the past six months in perspective, I would like to highlight that Starbreeze historically, from 1998 to June 2013, accumulated a total loss of SEK 94 million ($14.43 million). Thanks to our new business model, reorganization and a focus on our own brands, we have - in only two quarters - generated a profit before tax of SEK 104 million ($15.97 million). I would like to think that is what they call a turnaround.
Additionally, it seems as though Starbreeze will continue support for Payday 2, having signed a contract with publisher 505 games to continue developing Payday 2 over the next two years.

Payday 2 isn't the only hit for the studio. Brothers has sold well for the company as well, thanks in part to its inclusion in Steam sales, as well as being regarded as one of the better games of 2013.

Source: Eurogamer, Joystiq, NextGenUpdate.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Trophy List

South Park: The Stick of Truth is an upcoming RPG modeled to look exactly like the TV show. This is done exceptionally well, looking more like a normal Wednesday night episode than a video game. As is expected, the classic South Park humor abounds in this title, with quite a few trophies for farting on people, shitting your pants, and even dressing as a certain Admin/TGT member and killing Kenny (you bastard). The Stick of Truth releases on March 4 in North America and March 6 in Europe.


South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ Platinum Trophy
Collected all South Park™: The Stick of Truth™ trophies.

New Kid On The Block
You have joined the KKK.

First Day in South Park
You completed your first day in South Park.

KKK Hero
You defeated the High Jew Elf Kyle in battle.

Elven Hero
You defeated the Grand Wizard Cartman in battle.

You befriended the Goths, like everyone else playing this game.

Gingers have bitten you 3 times without you blocking.

Day Walker
You defeated the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing freckles.

Made This for You
You flung a turd of your own creation at an enemy.

Inside Joke
While inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave.

Are We Cool?
You found Jesus while playing as a Jew.

You opened all of the garages in South Park.

For the Hoarder
You completed the game without selling any items.

Face Hoff
You defeated Princess Kenny while looking like David Hasselhoff.

Truth to Power
You farted on four major authority figures.

Irritable Bowels
You shat your pants during a boss battle.

You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself.

Dog Whistle
You've farted on a dog while in gnome form.

Dragon Wrath
You knocked out 3 or more enemies with a single fart outside of battle.

Two Girls, One Stick
You defeated Princess Kenny in your girl makeover disguise.

Just Saying Hi
You've farted on every buddy in the game.

You interrupted 5 channel attacks by using a fart.

You defeated the Meth Tweekers while wearing the Evil Cartman goatee and bald cap.

You defeated Princess Kenny while living with Dire AIDS.

You watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds.

You successfully blocked every enemy attack in a single (non-tutorial) battle.

Stay Down
You farted on 10 enemies in the world that were knocked out.

You defeated 3 enemies in one battle while your buddy was knocked out.

No Child Left Behind
You completed the game and never ended a battle with your buddy knocked out.

Poco Chinpoko
You collected 5 Chinpokomon.

Chinpoko loco
You collected 15 Chinpokomon.

You collected all of the Chinpokomon.

Daddy Issues
You befriended your father.

More Popular Than Jesus
You made friends with half of South Park.

More Popular Than John Lennon
Everyone in South Park is your friend.

Junk Peddler
You sold 300 junk items.

Stick Savior
You defeated Princess Kenny and recovered the Stick of Truth.

Ass of Fire
You defeated 20 enemies using Cartman's Ass.

Canadian Handshake
You've farted on people 100 times.

Animal Cruelty
You've farted on animals 25 times.

Pulling Mud
In three separate battles, you've taken a shit in your pants.

You have collected half of the available costume sets.

Clothes Whore
You've collected all of the available costumes.

Too Far
You farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie fetus.

Friends in Strange Places
You befriended both crab people and gnomes.

Weapon Proficiency
Over the course of the game, you've scored 100 perfect attacks.

Skilled Defender
Over the course of the game, you've blocked 100 attacks.

You bastards!
You've let Kenny die in combat 10 times over the course of the game.

You've unlocked all of the upgrades for a New Kid ability.

Make it Rain!
You've spent $500.

Full Arsenal
You own all the weapons and costumes available in the game.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

When Telltale wrapped up its take on The Walking Dead in late 2012, it was hailed as Game of the Year by numerous outlets for its intense story and character development. The episodic series allowed for multiple choices to be made that affected the outcome in Episode 5, but I cannot give details without spoiling anything for newcomers. The runaway success of The Walking Dead has pushed Telltale to begin releasing Season 2 in the same episodic style.

In usual Telltale fashion, the gap between the first two episodes is the most eagerly awaited, as it normally sets the release tempo. Well the wait is nearly over, as Sony has confirmed that Episode 2 will release for PS3 on March 4 in North America. The European release date will be "confirmed shortly" and the Vita version is on pace for "late March". Until then, here's a quick look at Episode 2 .

Source: Joystiq

Call of Duty Elite Service to be Shut Down

When Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 launched in 2011, it also spawned a new stat-tracking service known as CoD Elite. This service was available with a subscription and all members received DLC packs as well as weekly challenges and tips to win. It continued to support Call of Duty Black Ops 2 in 2012, holding nearly 10 million subscriptions.

If you were a fan of the service, you may be sad to hear that it will be permanently shut down as of February 28, 2014. Activision claims that the new Call of Duty app that launched alongside CoD Ghosts is the right way to go. With it, you keep track of stats, customize characters, and manage clans on the go. So if there's anything you might want to do with Elite, you've got until Friday.

Source: PlayStationUniverse

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